Weekly Musings: 7/5-7/12

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Sorry I didn’t get one of these posted for last week. I got called out of town until yesterday and had limited access to a computer. We have hit the slow period when it comes to NFL news, so there may not be a ton to talk about, so if anyone has any questions or other topics they want to discuss, feel free.

Right now, I am working on my college watch list and hope to start posting those positions soon, maybe as earlier as Friday. I am also still working away at my draft project that has become the ultimate time suck. Why do I start these things?


13 Responses to “Weekly Musings: 7/5-7/12”

  1. Russell says:

    I believe the Patriots will carry 10 O-line on the 53 man roster this year. Injuries to this area are harder to cover, except QB.
    Solder will likely not be resigned next year, and a trade may be forthcoming. By moving Solder the Patriots can invest in younger cheaper talent, now. Garcia, Fleming, & Rich ? OT’s to make the roster. A player to watch is OG/T Chase Farris . I studied Farris at Ohio State ROT, for the 2015 draft, and the guy has skills. Maybe better as OG but moves very well.

    • macspak says:

      I can see 9, not room for 10. Picking up a veteran to bolster the interior line in late summer cut downs is likely while relying upon the PS to protect against injury. I also don’t see Solder being re-signed though trading him this year would be a shocker.

    • steve earle says:

      Wow! Ten OL? That may be a stretch I thought eight sounded right with a couple on the PS in case of injury. How would you fit ten, do you have a roster projection to share?
      Can’t see trading Solder this year unless someone steps up really big time in camp. But if that happens what could you see Solder’s value to be?

  2. GM-In-Training says:

    Mike the Pats brought in 4 athletic rookie OT that are all too light and stringy to start any time soon. I’d be interested in your thoughts on how the Pats will try to develop them, how many will be on the 53 and how many will be on the PS. I assume Waddle is gone. What would we need to see from the rookies to trade Fleming?

    • Jeff says:

      GM, as it stands now I’d think Fleming is the top backup at either tackle position. It would take Garcia or one of the other rookies showing that they can play despite their smaller frames in their rookie seasons at a high level. I would imagine that Garcia and any of the other young tackles might be more suited for a redshirt-type season with limited live action. If Garcia proves he can fill in as a starter if needed, Fleming could be expendable with Waddle and others waiting in the wings for the 4th OT spot on the roster.

      • steve earle says:

        Again here I agree with you Jeff. Barring any early injury I can’t see Bill keeping more then four OT’s and Flemming is a proven swing tackle. Looks to me that McDermott is the odd man out. Hopefully he clears wavers and is on the PS.

    • macspak says:

      I agree Waddle is gone but see no way any of the rookies displace Fleming who played well last year, better than I expected. My hope is Garcia replaces Solder the year after.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Let’s start with what we know:
      1. Nate Solder- Solid player, but has not played consistently well since Scar left the first time and his bout with cancer. I could see him gone next year or get an extension this preseason. I think others were brought in as insurance and long term replacement if a team friendly deal cannot be worked out.

      2. Marcus Cannon- The man everyone wanted to get rid of 2 years ago, and then the light went on. Now we have to hope after signing the contract it stays on. He was the teams best Tackle last year.

      3. Cameron Flemming- For a guy who was cut and then brought back, he played well last year as the swing tackle. Barring an injury, I think he makes the team yet again.

      4. LaAdrian Waddle- Waddle has shown very little in his time here and I think his time with the team will come to an end this preseason. In fact, I think he will be one of the early cuts to give him a chance to grab on with another team.

      Now for the newcomers:
      Antonio Garcia- One of the players I am most excited to see/hear about this preseason. I think his role is more long term, but if he can show enough this preseason, it gives the team option/flexibility. The talent is clearly there and with Scar, I think his improvement could be swift. I think by mid year he should be the swing tackle.

      Conor McDermott- Alot of people are writing him off and while I agree his chances of making the team are a long shot, lets not forget he was highly rated before his senior season and despite a horrific game against the #1 pick last year, he was solid the rest of the year. He needs to add bulk and strength, but he is very similar to Solder coming out of college. Tackles are tough to come by and if he shows any promise in the preseason, he will be a tough cut to get through to the PS.

      Max Rich- Of the PFA’s the team brought in, I liked Rich the best. Again, he has the size and athletic traits that Scar seems to prefer. The problem is, he was not out there for mini camps for some reason. That hurts his chances.

      Cole Croston- Croston is one of those Iowa farm boys that doesn’t look the part athletically but is country strong with an attitude. He fought through a foot injury last year that made him look bad at times, but could be a diamond in the rough if healthy. Again, I do not see a scenario where he makes this team this year, but a year on the PS might show the team if he has what it takes long term.

      Andrew Jelks- Jelks is a guy I know very little about but again, has the same mold as Rich and McDermott, tall and athletic, but lacking power.

      I think these 4 are fighting for 2 spots on the PS with McDermott the wildcard to make the team.

  3. steve earle says:

    Mac’s right Mike. You do it one, because you love it and two, because we out here do faithfully follow, and I’d say depend on your insight. If you sometimes get bogged down, hey life happens we’re still going to be here even if we have to resort to talking about, hug, basketball. (Just joking guys) Celts made nice acquisition though.

    • Jeff says:

      Gordon Hayward!!! Adding the best FA on the market was a great move. Now to trade for a big. Any power forwards that could be available for 2 of Bradley, Crowder, and Smart? I think Faried might be available at that price, but is there anyone else they could make a move for? Is there anyone worth using the mid-level exception on?

      • steve earle says:

        Right Jeff, great move but if your asking me who else, I have no idea. I never played basketball so only have mild interest in the NBA. What I know is only from the news segments on TV. I wish the Celtics well, would love for them to win a championship again but that’s it.

      • macspak says:

        I don’t know the current NBA well enough but certainly a true power forward is the primary need. I just was watching some clips of Tatum. OMG is he skinny. He may add some early offense but it will be a couple years before he rebounds and defends at an NBA level. The greatest hope for a significant improvement next year will be who is traded, for what, the addition of Hayward and the improvement of Brown. I think significant title contending improvement is not this upcoming year but the year after.

  4. macspak says:


    You do well for your faithful following.

    Create a project list with and end goal and a step by step breakdown, with due dates, of what needs to be down to reach the final goal. Break it down into defined achievable steps.

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