Post Draft Scouting Report: Antonio Garcia, OT

While Garcia may need some time to develop, he has all the traits the Patriots look for in their Tackles.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

I think if you did a poll prior to the draft on what the Patriots biggest needs were, the two most popular answers would have been a pass rusher and an Offensive Tackle. Well, with their first two picks, the Patriots addressed both. In what was considered a weak class overall at the Offensive Tackle position, I never would have dreamt that Garcia would still be on the board for the Patriots to take. I think the team felt the same way and that is why they made the trade up to get him. Lets take a deeper dive into what Garcia brings to the table.

Name: Antonio Garcia

School: Troy

Drafted: 3 round (#85)

First off, here is what I wrote about Garcia pre-draft:

Antonio Garcia, Troy (6’6″, 302 Lbs.): Garcia is an athletic Tackle with smooth footwork. He is a former basketball player and he moves like one. He plays with good footwork to handle speed on the outside. He transitions his weight well and plays with balance, allowing him to handle inside pass rush and spin moves. He plays with a strong upper body and hands, showing the ability to control his man and take them where he wants to go. He does a nice job of keeping his hands inside on the defenders chest. Garcia has 40 career starts at Left Tackle. He did not face much in terms of NFL talent, but did a nice job in the Clemson game this past year. There are reports that Garcia has struggled to keep on weight and that could be an issue when he faces bigger, stronger opponents on a weekly basis. He will be 24 when he enters the NFL, so frame may be maxed out, limiting his growth potential. He must get stronger in his lower half to handle the jump in competition. Grade: 2nd/3rd round

With Scar back at the helm, it is a much clearer picture on what the Patriots look for in their Tackles. Tall, athletic guys with light feet are a must if the Patriots are going to consider you at the position, and that is exactly what Garcia is. I wrote earlier that his frame may be maxed out, but looking at him closer, I don’t think that is the case. In fact, I think when he gets into a professional system that can help him put on and keep on good weight, he will be able to add 15 Lbs. easy and still maintain his athleticism. One thing that I did not note prior to the draft is his play demeanor. He definitely plays with an edge and will continue to block people through the whistle, and I like that in my lineman. He obviously needs to get stronger. Even against lower competition you could see him get bumped off his mark.


While Garcia is a work in progress, I never would have guessed he would have been available when the Patriots picked. In a weak class such as this, I assumed all the Tackles would be pushed up the draft and the Patriots would have no chance at getting a potential starting Left Tackle. Garcia has all the physical and athletic attributes to be a starting Left Tackle in the NFL, and really, all his issues stem from his lack of strength. The nice thing is, strength can be developed, while his natural abilities cannot. He will need time, but if he can add the necessary weight and strength, he could be an anchor on the left side of the line for years to come.

Post Draft Grade: A


25 Responses to “Post Draft Scouting Report: Antonio Garcia, OT”

  1. Stephen J says:

    Patriots Schedule

    Rookie minicamp: May 5-7
    OTAs: May 22-23, May 25, May 31, June 1, June 12-13, June 15
    Mandatory minicamp: June 6-8

  2. Stephen J says:

    Here is another film review of Garcia

    Now I have a question? How do you determine foot speed in regards to OT? What is looked at to determine if one has good foot speed or not?

    • Russell says:

      Mostly you look for balance/body weight control, as an effect of quick feet or not. For an OT movement (kick-step) to cover the edge while watching balance, and body weight control. Reaching, leaning, bad angle, bad balance out of a three point stance ,turning the hips instead of moving the feet, etc. are signs of poor foot movement. Upper body control is tied to it as well, the better your feet move, your shoulders will stay square, with out turning at the waist.
      Free agent Gregg Pyke, is interesting, notice his larger upper body, with a shorter base, (hips down) this should mean he has balance issues, but his feet move very well.

  3. Russell says:

    Solder counts 6.85 % of the Patriots cap hit for 2017.
    Brady— 8.58%
    Solder’s contract ends in 2018, and he will be 30 yrs. old. Garcia 24 has a year to be ready for the LOT job, at 0.22% of the cap hit 2018.
    In dollars that’s an aprox. savings of 10 mil. money needed too sign Cooks, Edelman, Butler,& Garoppolo ???
    Patriots interested in Jason McCourty for $3.5 mil. per yr. 2-3 yrs.?

    • macspak says:

      and that is a lot of money for somebody who is not an elite LT highlighted by the S Bowl debacle performance. I am hoping for performance and salary cap reasons that he does not get an extension and that Garcia or McDermott can be groomed to take over in 2018.

  4. Stephen J says:

    Leshun Daniels Jr’s way onto the roster maybe through Special Teams and beating out Brandon Bolden.

    LeShun Daniels Jr…………………..Brandon Bolden

    Career Rushing Carries..409………486
    Career Rushing Yards….1895……..2604
    Career Receptions……..10…………76
    Career Reception Yards.81…………807
    Career TD’s………………19…………33
    Career Fumbles Lost…..1…………..2

    LeShun Daniels Jr Junior and Senior seasons were the most productive by far
    Total TD’s….8…………………10

    Now lets take a look at an Athletic Comparison between him and Brandon Bolden

    Brandon Bolden………….Leshun Daniels Jr
    222 lbs……………………..222 lbs
    1.59……..10 Yard Split….1.49
    4.32……..20 Shuttle……..4.17
    6.91……..3 Cone………….6.94

    Athletically both are like clones of each other. Production wise Brandon Bolden was overall more productive over 4 years but if you don’t include the 1st two years of LeShun’s career and averaged them out he had 179 Carries/yr with 852 Yards/yr while Bolden averaged 121.5 Carries/yr with 651 yards/yr Rushing. While Receiving it was no contest Bolden was way more productive. Both took care of the ball well Bolden averaged 243 touches per lost fumble and Daniels averaged 409 touches per lost fumble.

    If LeShun Daniels wants to earn a roster spot he may have to beat Brandon Bolden out on Special Teams and be used as that Back up Runner as Bolden does now.

  5. GM-In-Training says:

    Turning talented college LT without ideal pro traits into cheap talented OG is a time-honored Pats tradition.

    Logan Mankins, Joe Thuney, and maybe this year Antonio Garcia.

  6. acm says:

    I don’t know if Garcia will develop into a starting-level LT in the Pats system but I think he was excellent value in late 3rd.
    I personally did not expect he would fall out of the top 50, considering he is a very good prospect in his own right, in a barren OT class, with so many teams needy at the position.
    Worst case scenario he will elevate the swing/depth OT position, possibly beating Waddle to a roster spot.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree he likely gives Waddle a serious challenge for a spot. Would expect his up side would be higher as Waddle is already all he can be.

      • macspak says:

        Waddle is gone. Garcia is in. Question is what to do with McDermott and Fleming? Will McDermott make it to the PS? If you think another team grabs him what do you do? How many OL and OT do/can we keep. Max probably 9. Solder, Cannon, Garcia, Thuney, Mason Andrews, Karras, Flemming and ? I think it has to be another interior OL.

        • GM-In-Training says:

          Maybe as Garcia fixes his technique and adds weight he’s groomed to be a backup OG as well. That’s often the route for athletic OT…as per Thuney. He’s light for a Tackle but acceptable for a Guard. The Pats kept 3 guards on the practice squad last year, and do any of them hold a candle to Garcia?

          McDermott looks like he can only play OT, but as project he could be very interesting in 6-8 months.

          I don’t see either of them ready for Fleming’s spot in September.

          I’m supposing the Pats keep Solder, Cannon, Fleming, McDermot at Tackle
          Thuney, Mason, Garcia, Karas as Guard
          Andrews, *Karas*, *Thuney* as Center

          9 OL.

          They can use Fleming, McDermot or Garcia as a Jumbo TE for some plays.

    • steve earle says:

      Guys, correct me if I’m wrong but I seem to remember that when Matt Light was drafted a great deal of doubt was attached to his ability to play LT in the pros. Matt proved those doubters wrong and excelled for many years. Bringing me to my point that it may be just to early to decide if Garcia can or can not play LT. Give him a year behind Solder to add strength and improve technique before making any pronouncements.

  7. kevro says:

    honestly thought Garcia going early 2nd rd with crappy oline class… soo happy as heck made trade get him in 3rd rd.. Love the nastiness Mankins style lol

  8. Stephen J says:

    DT Adam Butler (6-5, 295 lbs.), who has 106 career tackles, 27.5 TFL and 10 sacks

    Here are some highlights in an interview with

    Was a former Offensive Lineman(Center) when he started out at Vandy. He didn’t play his 1st season then he was moved to DT/DE during the spring of his 2nd season.

    When asked what stands out about you the most? My Character. This is the guy who hugged UMass kicker after he missed a game tying field goal. From an on the field point of view Being able to stop the run. He loves the challenge of destroying double teams. I will destroy a Double Team. Double Teams are non-effective on me. I love Double Teams that means it free’s up one of my guys usually Zach Cunningham to fly to the ball.

    • acm says:

      I just saw that Pats got DT Butler and RB Leshun Daniels. Watch out for these two in camp.
      I don’t know how the numbers game at the respective positions will play out, but I would love to see these two make the roster.
      An Excellent UDFA class by the Patriots, imo.

  9. Ned Ryerson says:

    The Pats make a point of saying they draft based on grade and not position but two Tackles and two Edge Rushers seems to put that belief to rest.

  10. Stephen J says:

    It looks like Mike Loyko is just getting to Adam Butler’s tape. I mentioned him a few days ago. I do agree with him though his tape is fun to watch yet he hasn’t seen or put up his best play as of yet. If you haven’t seen him you are missing out.

    Here is BB at Vandy’s Pro Day. As the tweet says who is he watching? Well I don’t know who he was watching but I do know who caught his eye/attention Mr Adam Butler

  11. Stephen J says:

    If you listen to this video posted below

    Inside the Patriots Draft Room: Round 3

    Nick says to BB what do you want to do? I think we should pick Rivers 1st. I think they were deciding between Rivers and Garcia at that point. They must of done some quick wheeling and dealing to make the trade 2 selections later.

  12. Stephen J says:

    Antonio Garcia vs Daeshon Hall Senior Bowl

    Now these clips are highlighting Daeshon Hall but the 2nd clip is with Antonio Garcia

    • Stephen J says:

      Notice as well in the 1st clip Hall beat Garcia badly but in the next clip I pointed out he rebounded and faught Hall to the whistle.

      Emory Hunt also noted at the Senior Bowl that OT Antonio Garcia has gotten better every day & has really turned in a solid week of practice.

      He may start off shaky but seems to pick things up fairly quickly or at least makes improvements.

      • Stephen J says:

        Charles Davis of NFL Network had this to say

        I was told to watch OT Antonio Garcia of Troy @seniorbowl – After a somewhat slow start, he’s come on in a BIG way-Nice feet, some punch

    • Stephen J says:

      Antonio Garcia vs Jordan Willis Senior Bowl

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