Mike Gerken’s 7 Round Patriots Only Mock

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

We are now just a few hours away until the NFL draft starts for most teams, but for us Patriots fans, the wait will be about 24 hours longer unless something crazy happens. My first round mock has been published, now its time to move onto the Patriots picks. It is hard enough to figure out who is going at number 2 this year, let alone number 72, so take this with a grain of salt. Enjoy!!!

Okay, so the top needs, at least in my opinion are pass rusher, offensive tackle, Linebacker, and Cornerback. Even at #72 there should be some guys here who can contribute right away.

3rd Round (#72): Sidney Jones, CB– The Patriots love value and Jones was a lock for the 1st round until he got hurt. The Patriots won’t need Jones this year, but can let him rehab and learn and if all goes well, maybe he can see some time at the end of the year if he heals quick enough.

Others Considered: Derek Rivers,Edge; Adam Shaheen, TE, Ahkello Witherspoon, CB; Dion Dawkins, OT/OG; Kareem Hunt, RB; Jake Butt

3rd Round (#96): DaWuane Smoot, Edge- Smoot would fill the role that Chandler Jones previously held. He has a good first step and flexibility to get after the passer, but has the size to play End for the Patriots. He needs to get stronger at the point of attack, but he would fill a role and could contribute immediately.

Others Considered: Xavier Woods, Safety; Roderick Johnson, OT; Julie’n Davenport, OT; Cam Sutton, CB; Howard Wilson, CB;Kareem Hunt, RB; Alex Anzalone, LB

4th Round (#131): Joe Mathis, Edge- While Smoot fills the Jones role on defense, Mathis would be the heir apparent to Rob Ninkovich. I have Mathis rated higher than this, but I think in reality he will still be around when this pick is made because of injury concerns.

Others Considered: Vince Beigel, Edge; Will Holden, OT; Shaquill Griffin, CB; Deatrich Wise, DE; Ryan Switzer, WR; Kareem Hunt, RB

5th Round(#183):Grover Stewart, DT- While the Patriots have some talented youth on that side of the ball, there are still some question marks with Brown and Valentine. Steward would not need to play right away, but he has rare physical and athletic traits at a position that is weak in this draft.

Others Considered: Will Holden, OT; George Kittle, TE; Mack Hollins, WR; Harvey Langi, Edge;

6th Round (#200): Dan Skipper, OT- Skipper has the size and mentality to fit right in with the Patriots. He plays with a mean streak and comes from a program the Patriots have dipped into before and found success.

Others Considered: Jon Toth, C; Trent Taylor, WR; Nathan Gerry, Safety

7th Round (#239): Ben Boulware, LB: He does not have the size the Patriots look for, but he has the intangibles and at this point in the draft, it is such a crap shoot. Despite his physical and athletic limitations, Boulware made a ton of plays. He wins with intelligence, instincts, and desire.

Others Considered: Eric Saubert, TE; Corey Levin, OG


We are now just 3 hours away. I will start a thread to update each pick tonight and talk about them if anyone is interested in talking about the picks live.




15 Responses to “Mike Gerken’s 7 Round Patriots Only Mock”

  1. Daniel Sullivan says:

    For day two and three of draft here is what I am hoping for.
    3 Traded for 3rd and 4th round picks.
    3 Traded for two 4th round picks.
    3 Ethan Pocic G/C LSU
    4 Jaleel Johnson DT Iowa
    4 Conor McDermott OT UCLA
    4 Josh Malone WR Tennessee
    5 Bryan Cox DE Florida
    6 Blair Brown ILB Ohio
    7 Andres Knappe OT Connecticut

    These later rounds is where Patriots do great work.

  2. GM-In-Training says:

    Right now in the 1st round (they’re on pick 14), the Browns have traded down to 25, and Mahomes, Watson and Trubitsky are off the board. Cleveland would rather have an extra 2018 1st rounder than grab a QB in the top 24 picks this year…unless they think Pick #25 this year might be enough to get Garropolo.

  3. Antigonus says:

    Howard Wilson and Trey Hendrickson, sure picks.

  4. Tommy G says:

    Substitute Anzalone and Shaheen for Smoot and Jones.

  5. Earl Tessimond says:

    Soooo disappointing—each year the Pats don’t even want a high draft pick-they would
    trade “Superman” himself , for multiple lower round picks! For us Patriots lovers, we would
    love to see , just once, to forget the pocketbook and draft that guy that everyone wants.
    I have bled Pats colors since 1960. I even was one of 70.800 fans in Houston this year for
    the thrill of my life. ! The draft is just a few hours away–can’t say I’m too excited.


    • matt says:

      Well the Pats have moved up in the Draft to pick Mayo, Jones and Hightower. As for the Pats drafting a player everyone wants you really won’t be able to find a player all Pats fans want. Some want a DE some a OT and some an OLB . Who do you think the Pats should draft that almost all Pats fans want in the 1st if they can move into the 1st round.

    • Antigonus says:

      You a Pats fan ??????? Well then you’re memory is as bad as it gets because the Patriots had twice two first round picks in 2004, 2012, acquired Mayo with a very high pick in 2008 and drafted Solder with the 17th pick. They made a big trade to get Cooks, didn’t give up much but Cooks was a low-20 pick. How can you call yourself a Pats fan and not know that ? This is where you know who actually watches the Patriots on TV and who doesn’t and instead listen to the radio and read ESPN. And last year they were not allowed to have a first round pick. They only traded out in 2009 and 2013, two terrible draft editions!

      • steve earle says:

        Go easy just pre-draft jitters I’m guessing by Earl. We old guys need to be cut some slack now and then. Grumpy old men you know.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      No offense, but they did get Brandin Cooks for this years first round pick. Last year they lost their first round pick.
      It is tough to get a player everyone wants when they pick in the 30’s every year. There are plenty of examples of them trading up for players as well.
      Focus on the positive.

    • steve earle says:

      My dad took me to the first Pat’s game at old Braves ( BU) field in 1960. By 1965 drafts were driving me crazy and not much has changed except sense Bob Kraft bought the team we’ve done pretty well. Drafts still driving me crazy like when ?Easley (was it) was taken in 1st. Expecting this one will too. Just have to remember the 1970’s Earl and things don’t look so bad, right old timer?

      • macspak says:

        Nice to see some other old timers here. I thought I was the only one. Having lived through the drudgery of the 1960 and early 1970 teams I truly appreciate this remarkable 16 year run. Imagine the criticism BB would take if he/we had not run 5 S Bowls? I like Mike’s advice – be positive!

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