2017 Patriots Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko 

The Patriots began Thursday’s draft with just 65 players on their current roster and 6 draft picks. NFL off-season rules allow teams to roster up to 90 players in order to facilitate mini-camps, training camps, and off-season programs, this means the Patriots are projected to sign a large and deep UDFA class immediately after the draft. At least 1-2 undrafted players make New England’s roster each year and contribute immediately, making this process another very important roster building tool. Stay tuned to this post to track of all the Patriots signings and breakdowns of those players who will be joining them.

Updated: 11:30 AM

Harvey Langi, LB, BYU
(6’2″/251/4.66/7.00 Cone)
Heavily connected to the Patriots during the draft process. Patriots were “all over him at his pro day” and also had him in for a visit to Foxboro. A highly versatile player who projects as an off-the-line LB and probably an Inside Linebacker for the Patriots. He began his career as a Running Back at Utah before transferring to BYU and converting to defense. Langi was played out of position as a Defensive End last season, but flashed NFL caliber talent as a Linebacker. Langi’s versatility, athletic traits, and size will give him a good shot at making the roster. At the very least he should be able to contribute on special teams.

Austin Carr, WR, Northwestern
The reigning BIG10 WR of the year. Carr is a player everyone pegged as a prototypical Patriots signing, as he’s tough, competitive, and has tremendous character. A former walk-on and a concert pianist, Carr has improved each year at Northwestern and shows the quickness and agility traits to be a slot receiver in the Patriots system. He’s shown good instincts working the middle area of the field and has very good hands.

David Jones, DB, Richmond

Jason King, OL, Purdue

Jason Thompson, FS, Utah

Josh Augusta, DT, Missouri

Corey Vereen, DL, Tennessee

Damarius Travis, SAF, Minnesota

Kenny Moore, CB, Valdosta State

Jacob Hollister, TE, Wyoming

Cody Hollister, WR, Arkansas

Adam Butler, DL, Vanderbilt

Dwayne Thomas, DB, LSU

Cole Croston, OL, Iowa

LeShun Daniels, RB, Iowa

D.J. Killings, CB, Central Florida

Max Rich, OL, Harvard

Andrew Jelks, OL, Vanderbilt (tryout)

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129 Responses to “2017 Patriots Undrafted Free Agent Tracker”

  1. PG13 says:

    The full list of 19 UDFA signings released by the Patriots today included Andrew Jelks (OL, Vanderbilt) who was previously reported as a tryout invitee only. It also included a new name — Arkansas LB Brooks Ellis (Twitter @brooksellis51).

    It did not include another Razorback — Arkansas CB D.J. Dean (@DJDean_2) — or Utah State LB Anthony Williams (, both of whom have been previously reported as having signed contracts.

    The Pats didn’t release a list of tryout or minicamp invitees.

  2. PG13 says:

    April 30, 2017 at 9:50 pm
    Some housecleaning…

    Scratch OL Greg Pyke off the list. He retweeted a report that he’s signed with the Bills, not the Pats.



    Replace him with Arkansas CB D.J. Dean, who retweeted numerous messages about his signing with the Patriots. Also reported by Mike Loyko:




    Also, earlier reports in this thread that Army LB Andrew King was getting a tryout with the Pats may be false. He’s been invited to the 49ers rookie minicamp weekend.


  3. Chris D. says:

    I was a Greg Pyke fan watching him play for Georgia so I was excited to y read here that he signed with the Patriots however all reports I’ve seen indicate he has signed with Buffalo???

    • acm says:

      Immediately after the draft is over, UDFA signings tend to be fluid situations, so it’s entirely possible he was first going to NE but then things changed and signed with Buffalo. Should be clear what’s what soon enough.

  4. Stephen J says:

    Does Adam Butler bulk up and stay at DT or become a DE

    • Stephen J says:

      Interesting note while watching tape on Adam Butler I noticed he sacked Jason Thompson when he was a QB.

  5. steve earle says:

    Anyone heard anything about Westerkamp, one of Russell’s favorites I think? His prospects are usually worth looking at.

  6. Stephen J says:

    Keep your eye on Kenny Moore, CB, Valdosta State

    A complete CB. Can tackle high point cover just comes from a small school. Kid with a big heart. I’m just waiting to see how he handles the jump up in competition.

  7. HBCU Draft 2017

    3.34 Chad Williams, WR, Grambling to Arizona Cardinals.
    4.13 Tarik Cohen, RB, NC A&T to Chicago Bears.
    4.38 Grover Stewart, DL, Albany State to Indianapolis Colts.
    7.13 Jylan Ware, OL, Alabama State to Oakland Raiders.
    8.01 Jessemen Dunker, OL, Tenn. St. to New York Giants.
    8.02 Ezra Robinson, CB, Tenn. St. to Jacksonville Jaguars.
    8.03 Derrick Griffin, TE, Tx Southern to Minnesota Vikings.
    8.04 Javarius Leamon, OL, SC State to New York Jets.
    8.05 Xavier Bingham, CB, Jackson St. to Baltimore Ravens.
    8.06 Brandon Barnes, TE, Alabama St. to Detroit Lions.
    8.07 Roderick Henderson, DT, Alabama St. to Tennessee Titans.
    8.08 Ronald Butler, QB, Tenn. St. to Seattle Seahawks.
    8.09 Toree Boyd, OG, Howard to Atlanta Falcons.
    8.10 Jacque Polite, OL, Winston Salem to Buffalo Bills.


  8. acm says:

    A really good UDFA class following a very good draft by the Pats. With Bob Quinn gone, it seems the days of reaching for DBs in the 2nd round are over. Yay …

    Of the UDFA class, these are the players I have hopes for making the roster or PS:

    Austin Carr, WR, Northwestern (real chance to make roster)

    David Jones, DB, Richmond (chance to make roster but some injury concerns here)

    Jason Thompson, FS, Utah (former QB and ST captain, not enough experience at SAF)

    Damarius Travis, SAF, Minnesota (chance to make roster)

    Dwayne Thomas, DB, LSU (can fight for nickle CB spot, otherwise PS)

    Cole Croston, OL, Iowa (PS)

    LeShun Daniels, RB, Iowa (PS)

    D.J. Killings, CB, Central Florida (legit shot at a roster spot)

    Max Rich, OL, Harvard (very athletic, lacks elite strength, could definitely stick on PS)

  9. Frank Coyle says:

    David Jones may be the best FA signing overall
    Great workout – projects to FS and has the AA
    to play in package defenses early
    DB Thomas of LSU is one of the top gunners in this class

  10. Frank Coyle says:

    Patriots signed Greg Pike
    great move – carries an NFL starting grade
    at both guard and RT

  11. Yohy says:

    A couple of years ago Gil Brandt had David Andrews listed as his top UDFA center.

    This year he has Harvey Langi as hid top LB. Looking forward to see what Langi can do.

  12. TheRyanKing says:

    Amazing to me that a guy like Austin Carr goes undrafted, and a guy like Cooper Kupp goes early in round 3. Looking at their measurables and statistics, they seem extremely similar, and Carr faced better competition. Can someone explain why Kupp was so hyped up and Carr gets overlooked?

    • EdgeX says:

      Or for that matter why Desmond King didn’t go until the 5th or Bucky Hodges in the 6th?

      Beats me!

      Teams have to know things the public doesn’t.

      But sometimes it just happens I suppose.

      • acm says:

        Apparently King wanted to stay at CB and not move to SAF in the NFL, which would be his ideal position in the NFL.
        As for Hodges, he is relatively raw at TE position and is not an elite route-runner for a pass-catching TE. Not much of a blocker either. In a good TE class, I guess it was easier for someone like Hodges to slip thru the cracks and to the 6th round.

    • Stephen J says:

      What is similar about their statistics

      ………………..Career Receptions….Career Receiving Yards…Career TD’s

      Austin Carr…113……………………..1649…………………………14

      Cooper Kupp.428…………………….6464………………………….73

      • TheRyanKing says:

        Guess I need to be more specific… their 2016 stats. Kupp’s stats are better, but he’s also playing against weaker competition. It’s just surprising to me that, given how similar their measurables are, that Kupp got so much hype and was drafted 69th overall (and Carr was a Big10 First team AA and the WR of the year).

        My point is, is Kupp 200ish picks better than Carr? Seems to me like the Pats got a potential Kupp clone without using a draft pick. That being said, I have no idea if Kupp’s a better route runner, blocker, etc., which is why I asked the question.

    • Ryan says:

      As far as I can tell, it’s one word: experience. Kupp has been playing at a noticeable level for 4 years, while Carr has been doing so for one. As a result, Kupp’s routes have more nuance, as he is able to use fakes and stutter-steps more effectively to move his man. Also, while Carr was able to gash NCAA defenses deep, he’ll have less room to do so in the NFL, and when it comes to short and intermediate routes Kupp is more developed. Carr needs to work on finishing those routes effectively. All of these things can and likely will be fixed with a few years on the practice squad (and maybe the roster) of the best team in the NFL, but make no mistake: Kupp is much more polished right now.

      At the end of the day, when teams compared the two receivers they saw two athletically limited players, one of whom has a much more developed game. Teams were not as willing to take a chance on a guy like Carr, who has obvious work to do in the areas where he will make a living in the NFL. But when it comes down to grabbing Kupp in the third or Carr as a UDFA, I’d take Carr every time.

      Some teams also think that Kupp can play outside, but I’m not a firm believer in his ability to scorch NFL cornerbacks on the outside. I’ll have to wait and see if he can prove me wrong on that front.

      • TheRyanKing says:

        Thanks for the thoughtful response. Definitely makes sense… I’m with you, I’d take Carr every time in that scenario.

  13. Larry says:

    This is a lot of UFA’s but the reality is there are very few openings on the team so if any of them make the roster they will be exceptional players in camp like Butler was………….However a lot of them may end up on the practice squad………….I want to see the guy from Harvard in camp he has all the tools to play tackle but he did play in the Ivy’ League so you don’t know until he is up against serious competition which he will get in camp………………………..

  14. JH says:

    Really excited about Damarius Travis, the safety from Minnesota. He led his team in tackles last year, is notoriously a big hitter, and he made PFF’s 2016 All-Big Ten second team for slot corner, so he obviously has a lot of versatility to him. He isn’t the greatest athlete but there’s alot of safeties in this league that have similar to worse athletic numbers than he does and are very successful (Kam Chancellor, Tony Jefferson). I think he has the best chance to claim the backup strong safety spot over Richards.

    • JH says:

      Other than him, I think Langi, Pyke, and Augusta have legit chances of making the roster and hopefully Carr and (Jacob) Hollister will make it to the practice squad. Killings could possibly compete for the slot corner role but more realistically he’s a practice squad candidate too.

  15. steve earle says:

    Last I heard Joe Mathus was “on his way” to Houston. Anyone know if he was signed or just a tryout?

    • Mike gerken says:

      It looks like he is going to Houston unfortunately

      • steve earle says:

        Seems shortsighted, BB signed Ealy for two yrs but so often these guys only last one and with Ninkovich closing in on the end a spot is sure to open sooner rather then later. Of the two DE’s we drafted one is likely slotted at OLB so there you go. Even if Mathus spent most of 2017 on PUP recovering he would have a decent shot of sticking. Don’t think Texans have the same, not sure?

  16. Daniel Sullivan says:

    I very much Like this Patriots draft better than last year. I thought were they
    picked they made excellent choices. The udfa list for Patriots is the strongest in years.
    They didn’t have many picks so they were very aggresive with the udfa.
    I give Patriots draft B+ and udfa A.

    • steve earle says:

      Sounds right for the draft who knows at this point for udfa’s? Really they all sound good and I’m very excited to see how camp unfolds this summer when they get the pads on. We don’t really have many spots up for grabs but some surprises could be coming.

  17. RunByFruiting says:

    2 prospects still out there?
    Ben Braden OG Michigan H:6-6 W:329 40:5.04 Be:25 3C:7.85 SH:4.9 V:28 Br:102 Arm:34 Hand:9.88

    Carroll Phillips OLB Illinois H:6-3 W:242 40:4.64 Be:23 V:30 Br:123 Arm:33.75 Hand:9.75

    • steve earle says:

      Smiling and laughing. It was a great movie. Anyway Yea Carrol Phillips would be a smart pick up. Think we may as well pass on any more OL because we drafted two OT’s who could move inside in a pinch (we being a pass first off.) plus Julian Ware OL udfa. No sense bringing in so many at one position who will be unlikely to get a decent look.

    • Lee Underwood says:

      Phillips has been signed. Braden is still out there.

  18. EdgeX says:

    So…who do you guys like from our UFA Draft Class? Who do you hope makes it to the roster?

    So far….I’m interested/hope makes it is:

    1. Harvey Langi LB
    2. Austin Carr WR
    3. Josh Augusta DT

    • kevro says:

      like them, as well as David Jones, as long can wear Gronk and Mitchell like arm protection lol.. got great size is rangy with ball skills… health the issue in my book

      • kevro says:

        Damarius Travis interesting too.. he a Chung type as S better in box, get exposed down the field.

    • rob says:

      Would have been happy if they drafted these three guys, hope they are good enough to make roster

    • Russell says:

      I did a lot of work on OL Greg Pyke last year, when he mostly played OG and liked him. Last year he played ROT and was OK. Pyke has an interesting body type, very long form the waist up, giving him powerful leverage.
      I like his chances to make the roster at OG back-up.

    • steve earle says:

      It might be that Langi would be a high hope given the lack of depth ( size wise at least) at ILB. Be interested in watching his progress in camp.

  19. Stephen J says:

    OL Andrew Wylie has signed a free agent deal with the @Ravens


  20. PG13 says:

    Mark Daniels‏ @MarkDanielsPJ 5m ago
    Patriots also add LSU CB Dwayne Thomas. He lined up everywhere in college – slot, outside and at safety


    DwayneThomas‏ @Dwayne_LSU13
    Brady & The Bunch #GodHasAPlan


  21. Stephen J says:

    Matt Breida, RB, Georgia Southern signs as UDFA with @49ers

  22. Stephen J says:

    Darnell Leslie from Monmouth has been invited to the Tampa Bay rookie minicamp


  23. Stephen J says:

    Andrew Eide

    Just to keep everyone updated: we’ve received offers for different opportunities and are still deciding which is best for my future!


  24. Stephen J says:

    Towson RB Darius Victor confirmed he’s off to Jets rookie mini-camp


  25. Stephen J says:

    JoJo Mathis looks like he is going to Houston instead of Dallas


  26. Stephen J says:

    Congrats to PSU’s Xavier Coleman in signing free agent contract with the NY Jets


  27. PG13 says:

    Mike Reiss @MikeReiss 3m ago
    Central Florida CB D.J. Killings has agreed to an undrafted free-agent contract with the Patriots.

  28. PG13 says:

    Pats end up signing a RB — Iowa’s LeShun Daniels.

    LeShun Daniels Jr.‏ @LeShunDanielsJr 21m ago
    “All I need is one shot and I’m thankful the @Patriots are giving me that opportunity”


  29. Stephen J says:

    Iowa WR @Riles_Mac83 (Riley McCarron) signs with #Texans as UDFA.


    Another one I’m happy for

  30. PG13 says:

    “Andy Greder‏ @andygreder 28m ago

    Former #Gophers safety Damarius Travis tells @PioneerPress he plans to sign with the New England Patriots.”


    The Daily Gopher‏ @TheDailyGopher 7m ago

    “REPORT: #Gophers safety Damarius Travis signs UDFA deal with @Patriots per @andygreder!”


  31. Stephen J says:

    Russell don’t give up hope on Jordan Westerkamp with his injury the Pats may want to bring him in first to check on his medicals before signing him.

  32. macspak says:

    no UDFA RB’s

  33. macspak says:

    Torgerson, Toth, Fadol Brown, Jadar Johnson – all still out there?

  34. Russell says:

    Patriots signed DT Josh Augusta

  35. Stephen J says:

    Stetson DB Donald Payne to the Baltimore #Ravens per his agent.


    Glad for him

  36. HBCU Draft 2017
    3.34 Chad Williams, WR, Grambling to Arizona Cardinals
    4.13 Tarik Cohen, RB, NC A&T to Chicago Bears
    4.38 Grover Stewart, DL, Albany St. to Indianapolis Colts
    7.13 Jylan Ware, OL, Alabama St. to Oakland Raiders
    8.01 Ronald Butler, QB, Tenn. St. to Seattle Seahawks
    8.02 Jessemen Dunker, OL, Tenn. St. to NY Giants
    8.03 Kevin Kenton, OL, Tenn. St. NY Jets


  37. Turbo says:

    Harvard OL Max Rich signing w/ #Patriots, per agent

    Some of us liked him too. BB is actually picking some of “our” guys. Really happy with that.

  38. Turbo says:

    It looks like Westerkamp is official now.

    Do we know anything about Austin Carr or Thomas Sperbeck?

  39. Billy R says:

    LB Paul Magloire Jr. Arizona. Signed UDFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  40. macspak says:

    I like our draft. Help me out here:

    1. Cook
    2. Ealy
    3. Rivers
    3. Garcia
    4. Allen
    4. Wise
    5. Gillislee
    5. O’Shaugnesy
    6. McDermott

    What did I miss?

    • PG13 says:

      Last year’s players, but they still involved this year’s picks: 6th for Kyle Van Noy, 7th for Michael Williams. Also, no longer here but a 5th for Barkevious Mingo.

    • Tommy G says:

      Great way to put in perspective

  41. Turbo says:

    Hearing Nebraska WR Jordan Westerkamp to #Patriots

    He was one of Russell’s player i think.

  42. Stephen J says:

    David Jones (Richmond) is a Patriot


  43. Turbo says:

    One of the top DBs in the #FCS , David Jones of Richmond to the New England #Patriots per @gregauman.

    Would be really nice.

  44. Stephen J says:

    Andrew King is headed for tryout with the Patriots


  45. Turbo says:

    Colts signed Dalton Crossan.

  46. Stephen J says:

    JoJo Mathis to Cowboys as a try out


  47. Geaux says:

    New Orleans Saints sign

    Travin Dural WR LSU
    Sae Tautu LB BYU
    Andrew Lauderdale OT UNH
    Devaroe Lawrence DT Auburn

  48. Stephen J says:

    John Coon reports

    Former Utah DL Hunter Dimick has signed a free agent deal with the Jaguars

  49. Stephen J says:

    Mark Daniels
    Cincinnati LB Eric Wilson is heading to the Minnesota Vikings

  50. Turbo says:

    Corey Vereen, DL, #Tennessee to #Patriots

  51. Stephen J says:

    Gabe Marks is a Seahawk according to Jared Stanger

  52. Tennessee TE Jason Croom
    Jason Croom ✔ @j_croom18
    All I wanted was an opportunity #BillsMafia

  53. Turbo says:

    List of #Patriots UFDA signings (so far):

    DT Josh Augusta
    LB Harvey Langi
    FS Jason Thompson
    OG Jason King
    TE Jacob Hollister

  54. Keith Towbridge @_unclekeef
    Proud to be a @buffalobills !!! Y’all are going to get my all I promise you #BillsMafia ✊

  55. Stephen J says:

    Jeremy Cutrer, CB, #MTSU to #Jaguars

  56. Stephen J says:

    Jason Thompson has reached an UFA agreement with the New England Patriots.

  57. Marcus Sayles @NBA_XIX

  58. Jordan Johnson (RB, Buffalo) is signing w/the Buffalo Bills despite offers from several other teams.. Great opportunity w/his hometown team!

  59. Nick says:

    Off the top of my head, I would say 3 great UDFA prospects to get immediately would be: Harvey Langi, Carroll Phillips, and Barry Sanders Jr. After that, maybe some guys like Amba Etta-Tawo and Channing Stribling. Thoughts?

  60. Andrew says:

    Josh Augusta and Harvey Langi signed, per twitter reports.

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