NFL Combine Discussion Thread: Day 1

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

I thought it might be nice to have a dedicated thread to the Combine for each thread so people can discuss their first impressions of these prospects and their workout performances. I will be watching on a slight delay but will be chiming in periodically.

72 Responses to “NFL Combine Discussion Thread: Day 1”

  1. EdgeX says:

    Darn did you guys hear what happened to Reuben Foster?!

    He was sent home from the combine because he got into an argument with hospital staff.

    Supposedly he was tired of waiting in line for his medical checks and pulled the “Do you know who I am?” card, and he told a male medical staff member he would put his hands on him if it came to that. Thus he was sent home once officials found out.

    Also reading that he had bad week of interviews at the combine.


    He’s gonna drop down some boards.

  2. Turbo says:

    Darboh and Zay Jones ran better than i expected. Jones’s going to be a solid mid 2nd round pick.

  3. John says:

    Here’s my update mock (my favorite to date):

    1.) Jarrad Davis LB
    2.) Tarell Basham DE
    3.) Cameron Sutton CB
    3.) Dalvin Tomlinson DL

    I know that it’s coming out that Jimmy G. isn’t going to be traded, but there is so much depth and talent around 32/early 2nd round picks. Lots of good players to be had around then, this year.

    • macspak says:

      I like your emphasis on defense and the positions you targeted, and players. Not a bad idea to keep it to the first three rounds. Even that is next to impossible but the entire 7, impossible. Too many players and too many variables.

      • D. Martin says:

        Picking what the team will actually do through seven rounds is certainly impossible, but I believe many people compile mock drafts as a statement of who they would like for their favorite team to pick in each round. That is more fun I believe.

    • EdgeX says:

      Only 1 person is saying that Jimmy G isn’t going to be traded: Adam Schefter.

      The Patriot’s organization hasn’t come out and said. Bill Belichick hasn’t come out to say that.

      Complete smokescreen!

      Honestly right now believe Schefter is being paid under the table. Of course he won’t admit that.

      • steve earle says:

        Oh, oh a conspiracy theory, lol. But really when has Bill ever announced his intentions beforehand? At this point it’s a 50/50 guess if JG stays or goes. You know on the one hand it’s possible TB wins one more SB then retires which credits the idea JG stays. On the other TB plans to keep going until the wheels fall off which leans toward the trade of JG. Only Tom and Bill know the plan and we have to wait and see.

      • John says:


        To be fair, Schefter is one of the most reliable sources in the league. He doesn’t tweet, or divulge information that isn’t normally true. I think he’s had one gaff in his whole career (JPP medical divulge), and he was still trying to show the truth. He breached the HIPAA laws, but anyone not in the medical field could do that by accident especially if you aren’t familiar with them.

        • steve earle says:

          Very true John but with all the theorys flying I’m content to wait and see especially sense I really have no choice.

  4. Russell says:

    Don’t be surprised when Garoppolo is traded to the Bears, for their 2nd,& 3d this year, 2nd, & 3d in 2018 and 2nd (OR) 4th based on playing time during 2018, in 2019.

    • John says:

      As much as I’d hate to see Jimmy G. be traded, I wouldn’t mind that. That’s a lot of picks, in good value areas. The early 2nd/late firsts this year are gold.

    • macspak says:

      I don’t want to call it a smokescreen but I think discussions and offers have been made that were relatively paltry as if JG was being marketed. So, BB turns around and says we are not trading this guy. We are not marketing him. So now if teams want him they have to come up with a strong offer. The multiple you propose or theorize is a value that would be hard to walk away from. This years draft seems to be overall strong with a couple weak spots and would be a good draft to pick up a couple extra early picks.

    • macspak says:


      what’s the latest on Odrick?

      • Russell says:

        Patriots WILL SIGN DE Jared Odrick, that’s what I’m hearing, not sure why the wait. He past his Patriots Physical, contract must be the issue.

    • steve earle says:

      Actually I will be shocked, shocked if a first Rd. pick and more isn’t part of any trade of JG. The QB class this year is pitiful and teams in need are abundant. Draft a QB this year and maybe one will be ready to start next year. No, I would be shocked.

      • macspak says:

        I think, as is the case almost every year, that teams are convincing themselves of the star potential of the top 5 to 6 draft eligible college QB’s. Self deception – seeing what you want to see – is easy.

  5. Russell says:

    Interesting prospect OT/G Ben Braden, Michigan 6’6″ 329 lbs, ran a 5.04 40 yd!!!! 34″ arms, but did not get a great scouting report. (4.88)

  6. Stephen J says:

    Could McCaffrey be selected/drafted by someone not as a RB but as a WR/KR/PR instead, since his catching ability was so smooth and effortless today

  7. EdgeX says:


    Jimmy Garoppolo just updated an interesting picture on instagram in the last hour.

    Does he know something we don’t!?!?

    (cough – what a tease – cough)

    • Stephen J says:

      For those that don’t know or have not seen it here is the link

      Ok Going for 2

      2 Draft picks

      2 Teams left in the running

      2 Year Extension

      2 Player trade

      2nd overall pick

      2nd QB on Pats next year

      • td says:

        The Patriot’s keeping him for an extra 2 years until Brady retires is the longest of long shots. Why would a guy who could start for a bunch of teams tomorrow end up sitting the bench for 6 years before playing for Pat’s? The second question is why would the Pat’s pay him what it probably would take to keep him $15-20 million/year, along with Brady’s $20+ million? They probably will restructure Brady in order to get some more cap space which means extra years.

        It seems like a ploy to force a team at the last second during the first round to pony up a king’s ransom to get him.

      • EdgeX says:

        Actually, I took that image to say he is giving the peace sign to Pat’s nation aka La Famiglia in the hash tag (Family first). Peace sign as in saying his goodbyes.

  8. GM-In-Training says:

    So I’ve been tracking the long-armed OT at the combine trying to gauge if any of them have the foot speed and power traits a starting LT would need.
    JULIE’N DAVENPORT – 6’7″, 318#, 36.5″ arms, 18 reps bp, 5.45 sec 40, 7.57 sec 3-cone.

    Roderick Johnson – 6’7″, 298#, 36″ arms, DNP in drills.

    JERRY UGOKWE – 6’6″, 321#, 35.4″ arms, 18 reps in bp, 5.61 sec 40, 8.35 sec 3-cone.

    Cam Robinson – 6’6″, 322#, 35.5″ arms, 5.15 sec 40, no bp, 7.81 sec 3-cone.

    For Comparison,
    Nate Solder – 6’8″, 319#, 35.5″ arms, 21 reps bp, 5.05 sec 40, 7.44 sec 3-cone.

    • EdgeX says:

      Few “starting” LT prospects this year. Ryan Ramczyk and Garett Bolles only two I see right now.

      Plenty of guys could develop into that position though, including Julie’n Davenport and Adam Bisnowaty, who could be high on Pat’s radar.

    • steve earle says:

      Of these OT’s which would be your pick and when?

      • EdgeX says:

        Adam Bisnowaty – I wouldn’t mind picking him in the 3rd round – would be great if they could get him in the 4th.

        Kid plays with a means streak at time which is a big plus in my book. Julie’n Davenport has some nice traits but I’m thinking he’s going to take more time to develop.

  9. EdgeX says:

    In some other fun news/rumor I hearing today the Jet’s have a full blown fire sale going on, info came out Brandon Marshall being cut yesterday, but supposedly the Jet’s aren’t done with the cuts with possibility of Marcus Gilchrist, Calvin Pryor, Eric Decker, Buster Skrine, and Sheldon Richardson (prob trade for picks to Dallas) being cut in the future.

    I guess the Jets are trying to lock up the #1 pick for QB Sam Darnold next year – cause if they cut all these guys they’d be lucky to win 1 game in this upcoming season.

  10. Turbo says:

    Btw it’s amazing how NFL network is going for commercial before every drill and beacuse of that we can’t see any of the top RB prospects.

  11. EdgeX says:

    Initial impressions so far:

    For a weak OL class like what I saw from Forrest Lamp, Dion Dawkins, Jermaine Eluemunor, and Adam Bisnowaty. Too bad most of those guys are guards, which I don’t think is high on the Pat’s priorities.

    Surprised at the 40 times for the RB’s – most running slower than I thought would.
    Kareem Hunt 4.62
    Samaje Perine 4.66
    Both I thought would run closer to 4.5 which is too bad.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Sorry I haven’t been on in awhile. Saw Hunt run and immediately got on the phone. Former Toledo coach told me that his footwork looked all off, especially in the 1st 10. Way too many steps.
      I look at this as a good thing. Let him drop so the Patriots can get him in RD3.

      McCaffrey is dominating the Combine so far. Has been the best in every drill so far. Probably goes earlier in RD1 now.

      • EdgeX says:

        The combine is such a small piece of the puzzle – especially 40 times. Still…I like Hunt more since I’ve watched more tape of him in the last few weeks. I didn’t think much of Samaje Perine before I started looking closer at him – hits so many boxes the Pat’s look for. Definitely think both these guys are on Pat’s radar for 2nd or 3rd round pick.

        I really like McCaffrey, he was my binky earlier in the year before Solomon Thomas took that spot. But with Lewis and White on the roster, plus other glaring needs that need to be addressed hard to see the Pat’s using a pick on him….unless maybe the Pat’s see him as future replacement for Edelman/Amendola who can get extra playing time in the slot as well as RB….still I think that’s a long shot.

  12. D. Martin says:

    Donta Foreman interviewing with the Patriots. He’s already as heavy as Blount, an inch taller and looks to be faster as well. Has had fumbling issues, but that can be coached up in Foxborough. He runs faster than Kareem Hunt, is bigger than Kareem Hunt and has faced much higher level competition. However, Hunt can catch passes out of the backfield. But with Dion Lewis and James White already on the team, that skillset is a bit of a redundancy.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Do not discount the fumbling. His fumble rate is bad. Also, I think Hunt plays with better contact balance and wiggle. That might be my binkie goggles talking, but I still have Hunt head and shoulders over Foreman.

      • steve earle says:

        Mike, what do you think about DeVeon Smith DNP in the 40 and shuttle? His jump numbers were kind of iffy also. I moved him down on my board, was I right to do so?

  13. Turbo says:

    I liked Dawkins, Lamp, Cooper and maybe Bisnowaty from the OL prospects.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Bisnowaty looked smooth today in the drills. He really struggled at the Senior Bowl, but I liked his tape (see my report on him). Needs to get stronger in his lower half, but has the look of Solder.

    • steve earle says:

      Ethan Cooper had a decent day for sure. I liked his Performance enough to move him up to my 5th rd list on my board where I had Lemon but Lemon was a DNP for most of the day, not sure why. Have to do some research on that.

  14. Mike Gerken says:

    Early impressions from me from the first group of Olineman:
    Dion Dawkins continues to impress me. I put Davenport in my list of guys to watch. His size was very impressive, but he has looked sluggish in the drills.
    Elflein looks like a technician out there.

    • steve earle says:

      Dawkins, Lamp, and Picoc all did pretty well. Big name guys mostly DNP. Kind of stinks imo.

  15. Turbo says:

    It was painful to watch Davenport. Right now i wouldn’t pick him before late 5th.

    • EdgeX says:

      He’s never been a starting caliber prospect out of the gate. He needs to be developed – but even with that said – I only heard Mike Mayock say positive things about him.

      • Turbo says:

        I know he’s a developmental prospect, he’s raw as hell, you can see it on tape. That’s why i hoped for above-avarage athletic abilty to compensate that, but i was disappointed. The only reason i would even consider drafting him is because his rare size.

        As for Mayock, i think he’s only saying positive things about everyone 😀

        • EdgeX says:

          Eh…he’s made a few comments of prospects doing poorly – such as OL Damien Mama

  16. Jeff says:

    Alright, here’s a pre-combine mock. I’m all about Taco in the first round, but if the Pats really hold onto Jimmy G, I don’t think he lasts to 32. The draft strategy is mainly to take advantage of the strongest position groups that the draft has to offer, relying on free agency to fill weaker spots like DT and LB. If you manage to snag a couple of picks for Jimmy, I’d say safety, linebacker, or maybe a receiver could use reinforcements. At the back of the draft, a developmental QB or OT would help as well.

    Draft (no trades):
    1) TE – David Njoku
    2) DE – Tarrel Basham
    3a) RB – Kareem Hunt
    3b) CB – Fabian Moreau
    4) TE – Jordan Leggett (I think Shaheen is shooting up too much to be available here)
    5a) DE – Daeshon Hall
    5b) RB – De’Veon Smith
    7) DT – Josh Tupou

    Free agency:
    Lock up Hightower and Butler to big 5-year contracts
    Sign Kyle Williams, Alan Branch, or Jared Odrick
    Sign Datone Jones to a McClellin-esque deal.
    Pay cut for Amendola.
    Bring back Cam Fleming, James Develin, and Floyd (only if he’ll sign cheap).
    Extend Solder if you can.
    Sign a few other FAs with low guaranteed money at TE, WR, RB, FS,
    Get comp picks for Harmon, Ryan, Bennett, and Sheard, while Blount, Long, Mingo, Bolden, and Branch cancel out your free agent signings.

    • steve earle says:

      I think Shaheen still needs to do well in the 40 and most specifically in the shuttle. If either of these are off he fits where you likely have him bet even if he does do well the”level of competition” factor could play a part.

  17. EdgeX says:

    Ok Mike, I think I might have found a RB the Pat’s may favor over your binky Kareem Hunt – for those wondering, no I didn’t think this was possible!:

    Samaje Perine measurables from Combine:

    Height: 5110
    Weight: 233 lbs
    Arms: 30 3/8
    Hand size: 10 inches
    Carries to Fumble = 120.8 (Anything above 100 is good – so again another box checked)
    Bench Press: 30 reps (looks like leading all RBs)

    So Perine checks a lot of boxes I think the Pat’s like in their RBs – plus I hear he’s a pretty good pass protector.

    • Stephen J says:

      Here is my concern with Perine.
      It was outlined well here in an RSP film room 3 weeks ago.

      This section sums it up well

      Perine was the first player I studied to kick off my 2017 RSP research…. I picked the big back because he caught my eye when he was a freshman.

      I couldn’t have been more disappointed. The 2015 game I chose featured a sluggish runner who didn’t use his enormous power to the potential that was clearly there. When I watched a game from his 2016 season months later, it wasn’t better.

      Riddle’s analysis of Perine begins during this sluggish and uninspired era of the Sooners’ career and works chronologically back to his freshman year. As we watch Perine get younger, his performances get better.

      Hopefully the combine will alleviate this concern and not confirm it.

      • Stephen J says:

        Basically the bigger he got the more sluggish he got. I am waiting to see how he tests at this size.

      • EdgeX says:

        Define “sluggish”?

        He’s projected to run 4.5 to 4.6. If he runs a 4.6 I think that will be enough. Blount ran 4.59, Lewis 4.57.

        And, if that’s the only mark against him – still hard not to like him as a prospect.

        • Stephen J says:

          Let’s see if I can explain this.
          2 types of sluggish

          Lets start with this, now that he is bigger he still has good straight line speed but takes him a little bit to build up to that whereas when he was not as thick and lighter he would reach that top end speed quickly and burst through openings. Now that it takes him a little bit to build up to that and it either makes him 1 second guess/be indecisive as to weather or not he get through that hole/opening which causes him to hesitate or be sluggish then 2 he isn’t being patient enough to allow for a hole to open up because he is trying to get to that top speed to get through an opening. That does 2 things neither of which is good. 1 it doesn’t allow him to see have good vision of the play unfolding/opening up which is a missed opportunity or 2 He slows himself down by running into others and the whole closes with nowhere to go.
          Now the great part of him being thick is in short yardage or goal line situations he excels at that because he just gets low and uses those thick legs and plows through and carries people with him. He actually reminds me of Blount in that regard.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I have seen a lot of Oklahoma games, and Perine just doesn’t do it for me. I will be surprised if he test well in the agility drills. He was more dynamic when he was smaller and I see a guy who needs some space to get started. Maybe today will make me go back and watch more, who knows.

  18. Mike Gerken says:

    Sorry, this was not supposed to post until tomorrow morning, but obviously I did something wrong (not a big surprise there). Glad to see there has been some traffic already. Tomorrow should be fun. Looking forward to watching the drills.

  19. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriot Predictions and Mock Draft. 8.0
    Patriots signed.

    NFL Free Agents
    Daniel Sorenson S Chiefs
    Kendall Reyes DE/DT Chargers
    Lorenzo Alexander DE Bills
    Dion Sims TE Miami

    Big year for Patriot Players.
    Glenn Gronkowski FB
    Geneo Grissom DE

    Patriot Mock Draft.
    1 Teez Tabor CB Florida
    2 Samaje Perine RB Oklahoma
    3 Jarron Jones DT Notre Dame
    3 Isiah Ford WR Virginia Tech
    4 Conor McDermott OT UCLA
    5 Greg Pyke G Georgia
    5 Preston Brown TE Oregon
    7 Hardy Nickerson ILB Illinois

    • EdgeX says:

      I’ve heard nothing but bad things with Teez Tabor – scouts/personel at Florida – won’t stand up for him. May have talent. Doesn’t stand out as a leader. Doubt the Pat’s would be interested with his character concerns.

      His counter part tho Quincy Wilson if he’s available he could be a pick at #32.

      I have no hope for Glen Gronkowski amounting to much on the Pat’s roster.

    • John says:

      No way to Teez Tabor. He’s off the list.

    • steve earle says:

      Dan, once again your throwing names against the wall to see is any stick. Probably better to watch the combine unfold and actually see who stands out and who does not. You could then try to match prospects to Pat’s needs by a value estimation from your observations. Just a suggestion.

  20. Brian says:

    Hey fellas. Going to be an interesting next couple of months. who knows what’s going to happen with a potential Jimmy trade and Hightowers upcoming free agency. Really hope we bring him back as the man brings it in the postseason, injuries and all.

    Here’s my first mock which can obviously change after Bill dips into free agency.

    1. Jarred Davis LB Florida ( this is my sure bet of the draft. Praised for his leadership on and off the field)
    2. Traded for Robert Quinn
    3. Jake Butt TE Michigan ( needed depth if Bennett leaves)
    3. Eddie Jackson S/CB Alabama ( bill values versatility)
    4. Adam Bisnowaty OT Pitt ( developmental tackle)
    5. Jamal Williams RB BYU ( great at protecting the ball)
    6. Ryan Switzer WR North Carolina
    7. Nate Lese FB UCLA

  21. D. Martin says:

    I cut the cord on pay tv….Well, sort of. I started this directvnow thing where I can stream some channels. I have access to ESPN. I am trying to find out if ESPN will air the draft, or if it is exclusive to the NFL Channel.

  22. D. Martin says:

    MOCK 4.0

    This is a lot of optimistic (even wishful) thinking, but is based on our conversation from the other day concerning the myriad interesting trade opportunities presented by the reported interest of the 49’ers in not only Garoppolo, but Hightower as well. As always, I welcome any feedback you guys might have about the players I’ve selected, as well as recommendations for replacements. Thanks guys.

    Trade Jimmy Garoppolo and Dont’a Hightower to the San Francisco 49’ers for their 1st round (No. 2 overall) and 2nd round (No. 34 overall) picks this year and their first and third round picks next year. Then Trade No. 2 overall to Panthers for 1st round (No. 8 overall), 2nd round (No. 40 overall) and 3rd round (No. 72 overall) draft selections. Finally, trade the No. 8 overall pick received from Carolina to the cardinals for their 1st round (No. 13 overall) and 3rd round (No. 77 overall) picks.

    Round 1, Pick 13: Reuben Foster ILB – Alabama
    Round 1, Pick 32: Dave Njoku TE – Miami
    Round 2, Pick 40: Jarrad Davis LB – Florida
    Round 2, Pick 64: Caleb Brantley DT – Florida
    Round 3, Pick 72: Obi Melifonwu SS – Connecticut
    Round 3, pick 77: Kevin King CB – Washington
    Round 3, Pick 96: Pat Elflein C – Ohio State
    Round 3, Pick 103: Joe Mixon RB – Oklahoma
    Round 4, Pick 137: Donta Foreman RB – Texas
    Round 5, Pick 163: Connor Harris ILB – Lindenwood
    Round 5, Pick 183: Zane Gonzalez K – Arizona State
    Round 7, Pick 239: Brendan Langley CB/WR – Lamar

    • Jesse says:

      How can we trade Hightower if he is not under contract? We did not franchise him.

      • D. Martin says:

        That is a very good point. Seems like we were just discussing this a couple of days ago. Is there a deadline to franchise? Just because we have not doesn’t mean we will not, right? He might even be a more attractive trade option if the pats negotiate a reasonable deal with him prior to trading him to San Francisco.

    • steve earle says:

      In order to trade Hightower Bill would have to resign him.

      • D. Martin says:

        Yeah, I wish I had realized that a day or so sooner. LOL. I will modify it and repost later.

  23. Mike Gerken says:

    Also, as you all know, I am very high on RB Kareem Hunt. Yesterday he checked the weight box for me when he weighed in at 215. Today, if he runs like I have been told he will, look for Hunt to start getting Top 50 prospect talk. I think after today, if the Patriots want him, they may not be able to wait until the end of round 2.

  24. Mike Gerken says:

    Couple of things: Remember, don’t count things twice. What I mean is, if you thought a player was fast and then they run fast, they don’t get a bump for being fast. We are looking for things to be confirmed or things that need to be rechecked.

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