Combine Chat: Cornerbacks and Safeties

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

We have come to the last day of the Combine and so far I think we have seen that this draft has some good talent and depth. The nice part is, that talent is at positions the Patriots are going to need to add players at. This, along with free agency, should make for an exciting time for Patriots fans. Keep a close eye out today, because I think one or more of these guys will hear their name called when the Patriots are on the clock.

57 Responses to “Combine Chat: Cornerbacks and Safeties”

  1. Stephen J says:

    Here is another comparison this time at DB Devon McCourty and Gareon Conley

    Here is Devon McCourty

  2. EdgeX says:

    So…guess I was right Pat’s want 2 x 1st round picks for Jimmy G.

    Not that crazy when think about it.

    None of the guys coming out this year in the draft can start right away. And no Mike Glennon is not worth 14 to 15 mill per year. So that tells you how bad the free agent market is.

    Browns, 49ers, Bears…someone is going to step up.

    • Todti says:

      I agree to some extent, when looking at those past deals for rookie QBs Garoppolo is better right now than any QB coming out of college. However, one of the advantages of rookie QBs are their contracts. Garoppolo has only one year left and as a 2nd round pick cannot get the additional 5th year. So, any team has to pay him from next season on, which diminishes his value to some degree adding to the general uncertainty. Personally, I would take the Browns 12 and 33 with an additional conditional future pick. Belichick could either draft a high-impact player or trade down and further strengthen this draft class. Just imagine 32, 33, 64, 96, 103 and whatever the Patriots can get for 12. That would make FA a lot easier in my mind.

      I think there are two hearts beating in Belichick’s chest right now. On one hand, trading Garoppolo right now would be the best decision in terms of roster management. On the other hand, he never puts the team’s success at risk and having a safety net at QB, independent of who and how old your starter is, might be too valuable to abandon. It’s pretty clear that next season’s team would not get to the Super Bowl with Brissett as a starter, whereas it certainly could with Garoppolo even if there were less high draft picks on the roster.

  3. Stephen J says:

    I’m liking Tyus Bowser as ILB instead of DE to take that Jamie Collins role
    I compared Jamie Collins combine with Tyus Bowser combine measurements/numbers
    here is Jamie Collins

    here is Tyus Bowser’s

    what do you think

    • EdgeX says:

      Oh ya really impressed with his combine performance – would be shocked if he isn’t on Pat’s radar.

  4. Russell says:

    Free Agents the Patriots maybe interested in;
    I expect the Patriots to sign, Jared Odrick D-lineman
    1st- DL Lawrence Guy 26, 6’4″ 305 A guy who played all along the D-line as a run stopper for Baltimore. Should come at an affordable contract.
    2nd- RB Rex Burkhead, 26, 5 10″ 210 lbs, A good back who is very strong in Cinny’s passing game. Stuck playing behind RB Hill, And Brenard at Cinny.
    3d – OG Kevin Zeitler 64″ 320 llbs. Protecting Tom Brady and improving the run game blocking. Zeitler will be costly if signed.
    4th- S/CB Micah Hyde Best player on Green Bay’s backfield.

    • EdgeX says:

      Do you think the Pat’s will make a run for say Brandon Williams DT from Ravens or RB Adrian Peterson?

      I don’t think Pat’s would go after another Olinemen considering they are getting Tre Jackson back from injury this year and have Ted Karras as back up. Plus Shaq Mason played at nearly Pro Bowl level this past year – and Pat’s are really high on him. I’m just not sure where another Olinemen fits on the roster?

      • Turbo says:

        You can always put Thuney in C and get a better guard from the draft, i wouldn’t mind Lamp with 1/32 if he’s there.

        • Stephen J says:

          To me it seemed Andrews was the weak link this year and caused Thuney to struggle but I could be wrong and Thuney just had growing pains. I am intrigued by the idea of putting Thuney at C then have Tre Jackson at left guard

      • Russell says:

        I think there is less than 10% chance Adrian Peterson signs with the Patriots. His contract would need to be small.
        DT Brandon Williams is interesting, but again will be costly. Lawrence Guy is very interesting, has a learning disability, but a solid player who could come at very fair cost.

  5. Jeff says:

    Trying to read up on Daeshon Hall – this guy seems like he was projected as a 5th rounder some places, but I would bet he’s more likely to go in the 3rd. Lots of tools, but needs some seasoning to become a reliable starter. A year or two of development needed isn’t unusual for a 3rd round pick at a premium position, and if he is able to do it, he’s got a high ceiling. He and Tarrel Basham are my personal favorites at the position due to their size relative to some of the other guys projected to be available between pick 32 and the 3rd round.

  6. Stephen J says:

    Here is something interesting a quote from BB eight months ago.

    Wonder what that was in context too. Us not having a 1st round pick to choose from or actual interest in the player

    • EdgeX says:

      Yeah I saw that too – if not a complete smokescreen – Pat’s could probably get him in later rounds if they really are that interested in him.

  7. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriot Predictions and Mock Draft. 8.0
    Patriot Free Agents to be signed.
    LeGarrette Blount
    Alan Branch DT

    NFL Free Agents for Patriots.
    Jack Doyle TE Colts
    Bradley McDougald SS Tampa Bay
    Larry Warford G Lions
    Gerald Hodges ILB 49ers

    Patriots Mock Draft
    1 Cordrea Tankersley CB Clemson
    2 Marlon Mack RB South Florida
    3 Derek Rivers DE Youngstown State
    3 Julie’n Davenport OT Bucknell
    4 Eddie Vanderdoes DT UCLA
    5 Isaac Rochell DE Notre Dame
    5 Artavis Scott WR Clemson
    7 Connor Harris ILB Lindenwood
    7 Xavier Woods S Louisiana Tech

    Stay Aggresive Patriots and Best of Luck in Free Agency.

  8. EdgeX says:

    Dream draft post combine:

    Pat’s trade Jimmy G for Cleveland’s 12th pick overall and 33rd pick overall.

    1st – OJ Howard TE
    1st – Quincy Wilson CB
    2nd – Evan Engram TE
    2nd – Jordan Willis DE
    3rd – Joe Mathis DE
    3rd – Tyus Bowser LB
    4th – Kareem Hunt RB
    5th – Dalvin Tomlinson DT
    5th – John Johnson S
    7th – Trevor Knight QB (Changes position to WR)

    • Jim R says:

      Would be great although I would rather a Bigger back James Conner than Hunt. Great mock. If it falls this way It would be awesome.

    • Jeff says:

      Pats fans would certainly be happy with that haul. Do you think they’ll play 3 TE sets or trade Gronk? It would seem a bit unusual to draft a part time player in the first 2 rounds, though both TEs appear worthy of the selection. The Pats seem to have some WR interest in free agency – if they strike out could you see them shocking us with a highly drafted WR?

      • EdgeX says:

        No they keep Gronk. You have to understand with the way the Pat’s use their TE’s they are walking targets for punishment even if they aren’t in on every play. See Gronk this year, Bennett also. Walking wounded. They need depth at the position, and with 3 good TE’s they can rotate guys which will keep them fresh. That’s my thinking.

        The reason I’m focusing on the TE position is because of it’s talent level is higher than the WR position overall. This TE class has the makings of being historic. Where the WR class is probably just average to good. So if they miss out on the TE’s they’d probably go Defense instead of WR.

        But recent trade rumors for Brandin Cooks sometimes has me thinking otherwise – so who knows! They keep their cards so close to the vest.

    • Stephen J says:


      I would of guessed your dream draft would of included Solomon Thomas lol

  9. Russell says:

    OT Will Holden had a good, but quite Combine, 28″ Vertical, 111 BJ, 4.72 shuttle. #1 O-lineman on my board, Pat Elflein #2, Eric Magnuson #3
    TE/Slot Evan Engram is #1 on my board at the position; 6’3″ 234 lbs and runs a 4.42 !!!
    EdgeX’s .. Edge/LB Jordon Willis is #1 at the position on my board, With Tyus Bowser #2.
    CB Fabian Moreau is #1, with Chidobe Awuzie #2, Gareon Conley #3
    DT Dalvin Tomlinson is #1 , Chris Wormley #2

  10. GM-In-Training says:

    What do you make of the TE class?

    There are 10 TE who tested below 4.70 in the 40-yard dash. You start thinking Njoku or Shaheen could be available in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    None of them are perfect. Some of them have great traits. I think it makes the possibility of getting some really good traits or great college production in the 3rd round.


    • EdgeX says:

      The best TE class I can recall in in my life time.

      I really would love it if the Pat’s could trade Jimmy G for say Cleveland’s 12th pick and 33rd – and then draft OJ Howard at 12 and Evan Engram at 33rd.

      Gronk injuries be darned – wouldn’t have to worry about that position – is this guy or that guy going to be healthy – for a good 5 years with that depth.

      • Stephen J says:

        Oh come on EdgeX you know they are going to pick Jake Butt because of his ACL tear which will move him down the board and the Pats will pounce because he is just to much value for where ever he falls too. Jake said he is due to be cleared to start playing around June.

  11. Turbo says:

    I mean Josh Jones. If somehow he’s still there in the 3rd (i really doubt it after today) i would pick him without a second thought.

    I was high on Conley as well and he showed some solid numbers.

  12. EdgeX says:

    Wasn’t Russell high on Fabian Moreau? And Adoree Jackson?

    If so, good eye Russell those guys look like future Pat’s.

    • Stephen J says:

      Have to look at Fabien Moreau more but at initial glance seems like he could be a Logan Ryan replacement if he leaves. Waiting on 3 cone 20 and 60 yard shuttles. Also heard he is more of a cover 3 corner than man so not sure about his fit.

      • Stephen J says:

        Here is athletic measurement snap shot

        Mind you that is secondary or just a piece of the puzzle to the traits the Pats look for in their DB’s

        That being as Mike Loyko described it recently
        Can play press and at the line
        Willingness to tackle
        Special Teams capable

    • Russell says:

      Fabian Moreau helped him self today. I had him going to the Patriots at #64, NOT anymore!!

  13. EdgeX says:

    Tyus Bowser – possible replacment for Collins?

    Trevor Knight – possible replacement for Edelman?

    There are too many good prospects coming out this year – I can’t keep track of them all.

    Hey where is that Jordan Willis scouting report!?!


    • Mike Gerken says:

      LOL, on its way

    • steve earle says:

      Your not kidding about all the good prospects. My board is overcrowded already.

    • Matt says:

      How is this years draft for slot WR? I read that the Pats where one of the teams trying to get cook from the Saints but they wanted a higher first round pick then what the Pats have.

      • EdgeX says:

        I think it’s looking pretty good – definitely someprospects I think the Pat’s could take a shot at – but not sure if they will.

        Off the top of my head: Cooper Kupp, Zay Jones, Chris Goodwin, Taylor Taywan, Robert Davis, Shelton Gibson – not all of these are just slot guys – but definitely a few the Pat’s could look at to draft at the WR position if they wanted to.

      • Russell says:

        Look for the Patriots to sign undrafted OR 7th round pick WR/Slot.
        A name to watch? Jordon Westerkamp 5’11” 194 lbs. Nebraska

        • Matt says:

          I saw his highlights hes fast and has great hands so with any luck the Pats will pick him up like you said either later in the draft or as an undrafted player.

  14. hdpaulie says:

    Obi’s drills and 40 time will have him rising highly on draft boards.

  15. Mike Gerken says:

    Tight End thoughts:

    I am not a toot my own horn kind of guy, but I believe I wrote a report on Adam Shaheen over a month ago, well before he was getting talked about by the media. I said in that report to just wait until after his combine performance and everyone will know his name. He did not disappoint. His size/athleticism combo is so intriguing and I think he goes Day 2 for sure.

    Was disappointed that Eric Saubert didn’t do all the testing, but he looked smooth in the drills.

    If the Patriots want to get back to that Aaron Hernandez type TE, there are some real intriguing options: Ingram, Hodges, and Everett all performed well I thought

    The last thing I want to do is watch more Iowa tape, but I need to give a second look to George Kittle

  16. Mike Gerken says:

    Few thoughts from the WR group:
    Carlos Henderson: Thought he did well, bought was surprised by his 3 cone time

    Robert Davis: Looked great at everything. Have not seen any tape, but will go on the hunt for some now.

    Chad Hansen: Numbers fit a Patriot WR. Would be a Danny Amendola type, just like I thought.

    Chris Godwin: Ran faster than I thought, but other numbers right where I thought.

    Huge group of WR that fall in the same group that could go anywhere from RD 2 to RD 4. Some real talent there, teams will get to pick and chose depending on what they are looking for.

    • Stephen J says:

      Personally I am looking for a WR that can be not just a slot receiver but can also take it deep to team up with Chris Hogan to keep Defenses guessing. Who is the Best Hands Catcher that you’ve seen in the WR group. Best Route Runner. Best combination of the two. To me the best combo of those is Zay Jones and Chris Godwin. The Best Hands catcher is Zay Jones. Can Zay be more than just a slot guy to you. He doesn’t seem to get separation. The best to take it deep would be Taywan Taylor. My issue with Taywan is concentration drops. Seems to take off before making sure of the catch. From what the small sampling I’ve seen Godwin from a value and overall point of view would be my choice right now. He seems to create that separation because of his route running even against good corners like Adoree Jackson of USC. Also his hands and concentration doesn’t seem to be an issue that I’ve seen. He also high points the ball well.

      • Stephen J says:

        I must say I am coming around on Chad Hansen he is not pretty meaning sharp and precise but he sure can catch and knows how to use his body and frame effectively

      • Stephen J says:

        Another WR that’s not getting as much love as his counter part(Amara Darboh) is, is Jehu Chesson of Michigan. He is not as high on my list as Zay Jones, Chris Godwin and Chad Hansen but higher than Taywan Taylor who has fallen down if not off my list. As I watch his game he may double clutch the ball and body catch the ball more than I like but at least he doesn’t drop them he is consistent, reliable and is a swiss army knife of sorts plus he meets quite a few of the criteria the Pats look for. With Good combines and post seasons Zay Jones and Chris Godwin will probably not be value plays and go off the board early so if the Pats are looking for a receiver in say the 4th round area Chad Hansen may be there late in the 3rd but Jehu Chesson will probably be there late 3rd and in the 4th. Then after Jehu Chesson would be Robert Davis.

  17. Russell says:

    I’m watching several guys. S Tedric Thompson looks like a special teams guy. Would like to see below 4.55 speed, and three cone drill 6.7 .

  18. Jim R says:

    There is an enormous amount of speed in this years draft

  19. Mike Gerken says:

    I plan to be more active on here today, especially this morning, so if you have any questions, please ask and I will try and answer them. I have not seen all the linebackers yet, but will circle back to them later today.

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