College Watch List: WR’s and TE’s

For the 2016 Season, the Patriots seem set at the Tight End position, but will it be a priority in next years draft?

For the 2016 Season, the Patriots seem set at the Tight End position, but will it be a priority in next years draft?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

First off, I want to apologize for anyone who has been trying to get onto the site over the past several days. We had some website issues, but hopefully those are all behind us now and we can focus on football. Because of the technical difficulties, I am behind on my Watch List series. We have already had one game, with more college football tonight and a good slate of games scheduled for the holiday weekend. It truly is one of the best times of the year.

For you loyal followers of the website, you know that I am an Iowa State graduate and love my Cyclones regardless of how many times they crush my football hopes and dreams. I guess the success of the Patriots balances out the failures of my Cyclones. I am excited for the team this year, but also realistic. I really like the direction the new staff has the team going, but I know they still have work to do to be consistently competitive. It does not help that they play the 3rd hardest schedule in the nation either. There is some talent on the Cyclone team, NFL talent, but all the pieces are not there yet. Okay, enough about my team. You probably didn’t come hear for the hardcore Iowa State football talk. Today I focus on the two remaining offensive skill positions. We have seen some very strong Wide Receiver classes in the past few years. I look at this class similarly to last years class. It may lack the elite talent we had in the class a few years ago, but there are a lot of good players that will make an impact in the NFL. Here are the Seniors I think will be names to watch for next NFL Draft.

Mike Williams, Clemson (6’3″, 210 Lbs.)

Rodney Adams, South Florida (6’0″, 190 Lbs.)

Corey Davis, Western Michigan (6’1″, 205 Lbs.)

Travin Dural, LSU (6’1″, 185 Lbs.)

Fred Ross, Mississippi State (6’0″, 205 Lbs.)

Stacy Coley, Miami (FL) (6’0″, 186 Lbs.)

Bug Howard, North Carolina ( 6’3″, 196 Lbs.)

Josh Reynolds, Texas A&M (6’3″, 192 Lbs.)

Jalen Robinette, Air Force (6’2″, 215 Lbs.)

Gehrig Dieter, Alabama (6’2″, 208 Lbs.)

Jehu Chesson, Michigan (6’2″, 196 Lbs.)

Gabe Marks, Washington State (5’11”,182 Lbs.)

Edgar Allen Poe, Army (6’3″, 215 Lbs.)

Darreus Rogers, USC (6’1″, 215 Lbs.)

The Tight End position has been one of the weaker positions in the draft for several years now. With NFL teams being so desperate for talent at the position, players have been over drafted in recent years and we just have not seen a large enough infux of talent to fullfill the needs of the NFL. That could change this year with a stronger looking class at the top. I could see one or two TE’s drafted in the first round and at least 3 in the top 50. Look for teams to move early on these guys because it may be awhile before we have this much talent at the Tight End position again.

OJ Howard, Alabama (6’5″, 242 Lbs.)

Jake Butt, Michigan (6’6″, 248 Lbs.)

Evan Ingram, Mississippi (6’3″, 223 Lbs.)

Jordan Leggett, Clemson (6’4″, 255 Lbs.)

Gerald Everett, South Alabama ( 6’3″, 225 Lbs.)

Taylor McNamara, USC ( 6’4″, 245 Lbs.)

Josiah Price, Michigan State (6’3″, 252 Lbs.)

Jeremy Sprinkle, Arkansas (6’5″, 255 Lbs.)

Colin Thompson, Temple (6’2″, 250 Lbs.)

Billy Freeman, San Jose State (6’2″, 235 Lbs.)


Again, thank you for you patience during the technical difficulties. I will be back on here regularly now, so look for lots of Patriots and NFL Draft content.

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15 Responses to “College Watch List: WR’s and TE’s”

  1. Russell says:

    Tenn. cut OT Jeremiah Poutasi the 66th player taken in the 2015 draft. he is 6’6″ 325 lbs., again worth a look…….

    • steve earle says:

      Read about that earlier but Tenn didn’t get much out of him at ROT last year and benched him mid season. Were trying him inside this year but I guess that wasn’t going well either. AS for Fragel I don’t know his situation at KC. If it was a numbers that’s one thing anything else I’d be careful, very careful. We have some pretty good prospects on board right now so I’d hate to lose one of them for the odd chance one of your two guys might suddenly become valuable.

  2. Russell says:

    K.C. just cut my guy from last year… OT Reid Fragel 6’8″ 300 former Ohio State ROT

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Reid Fragel has been through Cincinnati, Cleveland, Atlanta and Tampa, played in a few games, but mostly practice squad. After 3 years, is he even practice squad eligible anymore?

  3. Russell says:

    Baltimore just cut; Keenan Reynolds

  4. Russell says:

    I think Patriots cut Geno Grissom (to P-Squad) in favor of Kam Grugier-Hill

  5. Russell says:

    Patriots could also consider OT/G Cyril Richardson cut by Buffalo. He spent last year on the Bills P-squad. (5th round draft pick 2014 )

    • steve earle says:

      I’m surprised Richardson didn’t make it in Buff. He was highly regarded in the early pre season of his final year of collage. Still he lasted until 5th rd. that year so had to be a reason. Given our depth at the inside OL I see no reason why Bill should consider him at this time. Maybe later if we see injuries pile up which I hope doesn’t happen. Put him on the “Call in case of disaster” list.

      • Russell says:

        I see Richardson more as an OT then a G myself. If it was me I’d grab OT Chase Farris (Ohio States ROT) and see what he can do on the P-Squad. Not a fan of Cameron Flemming, just don’t see the upside with him.

  6. Russell says:

    Players cut that may be worth a P Squad spot;
    WR- Kenny Bell (cut by Tampa)
    DE- Bronson Kaufusi ( cut by Baltimore)
    DL- Justin Zimmer (cut by Buffalo)
    OG/T – Chase Farris (Ohio State RT , cut by Detroit)
    DE- Bjoern Werner ( cut by the Jags.)
    QB/TE – Jason Vander Laan (cut by the Jets)
    CB – Demetrius McCray ( cut by Jags.)
    OT – Nick Ritcher

  7. carlo strada says:

    I know that if Bucky Hodges declares himself draft elegible, he ll go relatively early in the draft, given that his physical traits are outstanding and his routes are polished (former QB)

    Of those guys up there, Leggett could be a possibility. Im aware that he´d been unmotivated, but what really calls my atention is that besides of being an overall TE, he moves quite well for a man his size, as well.

    Sprinkle is a tough blocker with some potential for becoming a threat in the short/middle passing game

    • steve earle says:

      Good prospect carlo. He would be a strong consideration early next draft if he declares for the draft but if he has another really good year he could be long gone. I suggest Bill should look to restock his OT positions given that Vullmer has been having trouble staying on the field as has Solder lately. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Bill trade down our 1st and take two OT’s in the second next May.

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