Post Draft Scouting Report: Malcolm Mitchell, WR

By far, my favorite pick for the Patriots, I think Mitchell can come in and contribute immediately.

By far my favorite pick for the Patriots, I think Mitchell can come in and contribute immediately.

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

When Day 2 of the draft ended, I was down on the draft. I was confused and angry with the direction the Patriots had decided to go with their first 4 picks. Day 3 of the draft in Chicago started out cold and rainy, which fit my attitude perfectly. As the Patriots first pick was about to be announced, the rain had let up and there was a small glimmer of sunshine. Maybe it was foreshadowing, but when the name Malcolm Mitchell was announced, a smile came over my face. Why you ask? Read on to find out.

Mitchell was my favorite pick of the draft for the Patriots. I had pegged Mitchell as a possibility for the team fairly early in the process. I wrote about him in my pre-draft reports ( and I think it covers his skills really well.

I think Mitchell could have a decent role even as a rookie in this offense. He has easy speed and while he was not used as a stretch the field receiver all that much at Georgia, he could be a big play threat. He is such a smooth mover and really is a threat with the ball in his hands. When I first watched Mitchell, I had no idea what his height was, but I wrote down in my notes that I thought he would be around 6’2″. When he measured in at just under 6′, I was shocked. He plays so much bigger than that. He has huge hands and really long arms as well. I envision him in the LaFell role. I think the routes that he ran in college work perfectly for the Patriots offense. He could be that drive starter that LaFell was 2 years ago, running slants, comebacks, back shoulder, and outs. The nice thing is, with his speed and athleticism, every once in awhile they could set a defender up for a stop and go or just a straight 9 route. If you have not watched him, I recommend you do. He makes some spectacular catches that go unappreciated. In the Missouri game this past year, he made a great catch on an in route on 3rd and 8 to get the first down. He had 2 guys all over him and the pass was high and he just snagged it out of the air. You find it on any highlight tape, but he made so many of those type of catches last year.

I think Mitchell will be what we all hoped Dobson would be. While he may not be a true deep threat that fans have wanted, he has good enough speed that defenders will have to respect it. He has very reliable hands and is a good route runner. I think he can come in and contribute early. One thing I know for sure, with the weapons the team had and the new ones they have brought in, this offense is going to be fun to watch.


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  1. Matt says:

    Projected 53 Man Roster

    QB (3)
    Brady * (Suspended 4 games)
    J. Brissett

    RB (5)
    DJ Foster

    WR (5)
    M. Mitchell
    K. Martin

    TE (3)
    C. Harbor

    OL (9)
    J. Thuney

    DE (5)

    DT (4)

    LB (5)
    Rufus Johnson

    CB (5)
    Cyrus Jones
    D. Roberts or J. Jones

    SAF (6)

    Specialist (4)

    • Jeff says:

      Looks good Matt – I think based on the lack of additions at OT that Cannon may be likely to be back for another year. It seems like a lot of folks are high on Foster – I hope he can crack the roster, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Brown can show that he has any spring in his step that he might make the roster as a reliable veteran who can pass protect be consistent. I also wonder if Tre Jackson might get another kick at the can with Dante as coach, but one of these interior linemen has to go, so he’s certainly a fair cut.

  2. GM-in-Training says:

    Easely signs 1-year deal with Rams…could save Pats $1,083,959 salary cap…not sure that would credit this year or 2017t.

    • Todti says:

      Phew, that’s great news.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Mr. Easley will be humbled in training camp with Rams, with all the former 1st round picks and athletic players there, Aaron Donald can show him how its done.

      • Jeff says:

        It’s a great opportunity for him to learn behind the best player with the same physical mold in the NFL. Hopefully he can take advantage, stay healthy, and emerge achieving his potential.

        • steve earle says:

          Lot’s of IF’s and Maybe’s with Easley. I’m not one to wish anyone ill but seems he has a hiil or two to climb.

  3. Ryan says:

    Way-too-early 53-man roster projection:

    QB (3): Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brisset
    RB (4): Brandon Bolden, Legarrette Blount, Dion Lewis, James White
    WR (6): Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Devin Lucien, Malcolm Mitchell, Matthew Slater
    TE (4): Martellus Bennett, AJ Derby, Rob Gronkowski, Clay Harbor
    OT (4): Nate Solder, Sebastian Vollmer, Cameron Fleming, Marcus Cannon
    OG (4): Jonathan Cooper, Ted Karras, Tre Jackson, Shaq Mason
    OC (2): David Andrews, Bryan Stork
    DE (5): Chris Long, Rob Ninkovich, Jabaal Sheard, Geneo Grissom, Trey Flowers
    DT (4): Terrance Knighton, Vincent Valentine, Malcom Brown, Alan Branch,
    LB (7): Jamie Collins, Dont’a Hightower, Rufus Johnson, Jonathan Freeny, Kamu Grugier-Hill, Shea McClellin, Elandon Roberts
    CB (6): Cyrus Jones, Logan Ryan, Malcolm Butler, Darryl Roberts, Justin Coleman, E.J. Biggers
    S (4): Patrick Chung, Devin McCourty, Duron Harmon, Brock Vereen

    IF Amendola goes on six-week PUP: Nate Washington (WR) takes his spot.
    IF Brady is suspended: Tyler Gaffney takes his spot.

    First few out: Joe Vellano, Joey Iosefa, Cedric Thompson, Cre’Von Leblanc, Keshawn Martin

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Why do you like Brock Vereen over more-highly-drafted Jordan Richards, or special teams standouts Nate Ebner & Brandon King?

      Why do you think Joe Thuney will not make the roster?

      Would it be too much to ask to keep our Kicker, Punter, and Long Snapper? 😉

      I think you need to subtract Fleming, Karras, Grissom, Biggers, and Vereen…then add back in Thuney, Richards, Cardona, Ghostkowski, Punter Ryan. AJ Derby will have a hard time beating out Devlin for the FB/TE spot.

      • Ryan says:

        Well, you’re right. If I could delete a post, I would do so. I made A LOT of dumb mistakes there, and if you weren’t counting I probably would’ve missed more.


    • Todti says:

      Ok, while we’re at it, here’s my best-case roster projection:

      QB (2): Brady*, Garoppolo, Brissett
      RB (4): Blount, Bolden, Lewis, Foster
      WR (5): Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, Martin, Mitchell
      TE/FB (4): Gronkowski, Bennett, M. Williams, Develin
      OT (4): Solder, Vollmer, Cannon, Waddle
      iOL (5): Stork, Thuney, Mason, Cooper, Kline
      DT (4): Brown, Branch, Knighton, Valentine
      DE (5): Sheard, Ninkovich, Flowers, Grissom, Long
      LB (5): Collins, Hightower, McClellin, Freeny, Grugier-Hill
      S (5): McCourty, Harmon, Chung, Richards, Ebner
      CB (5): Butler, Roberts, J. Jones, C. Jones, Coleman
      ST (5): Gostkowski, Allen, Yount, Slater, King

      White gets traded because he actually produced last season in a prominent role after Lewis went down, White and Lewis’ contracts end at the same time, Foster is too promising to try to get him on the PS, and Foster is still more productive as a receiving RB while making the transition to RB.
      Andrews gets traded after a promising preseason because he’s just on a great contract, the Patriots could actually afford to keep him, and Thuney, Mason and Kline can all switch to C in an emergency.
      Ryan gets traded due to an injury to another team’s CB in preseason and Roberts, J. Jones and C. Jones show enough to warrant consistent snaps.
      [Cardona has to serve in the Navy which is why Yount takes his spot this season.]

      After Brady comes back the Patriots either have already an injured player or try to sneak Grugier-Hill on the PS or, in case Grugier-Hill is already ahead of schedule, cut Freeny since he’s in the last year of his contract.

      • Todti says:

        Of course, that should be “Foster is … while making the transition to WR”.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        That looks pretty plausible.

        I think Amendola spends the first 6 weeks with a red cross on his shirt, and somebody else gets to be part of the team. My guess is an extra RB like Brown or Gaffney or an RB they pick up at beginning of September. If Logan Ryan gets traded, it might be after 5 or 6 weeks to give the rookies a chance to be battle tested.

      • Jeff says:

        Nice prediction – gives a great snapshot as to what the team could generally look like in the fall, and there’s a lot to be excited about. I’d bet that Brown beats out Foster at RB, Harbor beats out Williams at TE, and I thought I saw that the Navy was going to allow Cardona to play, so at this point I think he’s over Yount.

    • acm says:


      bud, you were in such a hurry to pencil in Lucien that you completely whiffed that roster prediction 🙂

  4. Dan Sullivan says:

    Five players that have strong a strong year for Patriots.
    1 Trey Flowers DE
    2 Bryan Stork C
    3 C.J. Johnson LB
    4 Devin Lucien WR
    5 LeAdrian Waddle OT

    Celtics Draft
    1 Kris Dunn (Best Player in Draft)
    2 Domantos Sabonis PF Gonzaga
    3 De Andre Bemby SG Saint Joseph’s

    Bruins Draft
    1 Keiffer Bellows C Sioux Falls
    1 Charles McAvoy D Boston University
    2 Tyler Parsons G London

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Why are you high on LaAdrian Waddle?
      I mean, what have you seen that encourages you? I’d like to be optimistic, I’m just am not sure what to base it on.

      He was a UDFA, who rose up the ranks in Detroit to start at Right Tackle, had some physical problems, lost starting role, lost playing time, was waived. The Pats grabbed him for the last part of last season, didn’t use him when they needed help at RT, then gave him a 2-year extension. That suggests they like something about him. Maybe he just needed more recovery window. What’s your take?

      • Dan Sullivan says:

        I watched Waddle in a couple of the Lions games. Very much thought he had the size and talent to be a lot better than he was playing. The group around him I was not impressed with at all. So basically the great Coaching and Organization here in New England I feel will
        make him challenge to start or take over for Cannon as back up to tackles.

  5. J H TARBORO says:

    Amendola with 2 paycuts and now we’re hearing, he’s recovering from 2 off season surgeries and Edelman just having a screw re-inserted into his foot in May. Really! I’m saying it first, but the Pats will go thru a roster change this season. Amendola out! and Edelman fighting to keep his spot.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      So…it sounds like Amendola is out the first 6 games of the season, Edelman is out for much of training camp. Brady…dunno. The upside is that 3 younger players get to stay on the roster longer and develop.

      So, if Brady and Amendola don’t count against the 53-man the first month of the season, which 2 players do you think are most likely to stick around?

      • Ryan says:

        I’m gonna say both ASU guys, DJ Foster and Devin Lucien. Foster can play the slot and Lucien lines up outside.

      • Jeff says:

        I’m going Tre Jackson and Rufus Johnson. If Lucien or one of the 6th round linebackers impresses, those could be other options, but I think they’re better bets for the practice squad at this point. Rufus made the squad last year as a 6th DE because he showed too much to try to sneak him onto the practice squad, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the same thing happens this year. I also think they’d like to see if Dante can salvage the talents of Tre Jackson, who many on this site had pegged as a second/third round pick for the team last year.

    • Todti says:

      I think you’re overreacting here. By all accounts he’s going to be fine and should be ready once Brady’s back. I actually like the idea of holding Edelman and Amendola back until Brady plays. Having this trio healthy for weeks 5-21 is most important. The success during the first 4 weeks depends on the coaching staff anyway. I think a limited, play action-oriented offense in weeks 1-4 might actually be advantageous for Garoppolo, Mitchell, DJ Foster, and maybe even Hogan and Bennett. Getting those guys running and comfortable early should improve the offense long-term. Also, the OL was pretty good in the running game last season (actually 2nd best according to statistics at and a focus on that might get them going, too.
      Regarding players on the roster DJ Foster would be my choice in case Amendola misses time. I really think he has the highest probability to contribute early in his career. On the other hand cutting Washington throughout the season would be the smallest loss.
      I also like the idea of keeping additional iOLs to assess the situation under game conditions. It might be the most intense competition in preseason on the whole roster, in part because I think there’s a simple solution for the DL. Since the Patriots favour the big DTs why not keep only these 4 (Brown, Branch, Knighton, Valentine) and have an additional edge player on the roster. Grissom already rushed from the inside last season, as did Sheard to some degree in the past. So my choice for the DL would be Brown, Branch, Knighton, Valentine + Grissom, Sheard + Long, Ninkovich, Flowers, Johnson. Of course, that depends on Johnson’s performance in preseason.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        Don’t undereact, there’s a lot competition at every position and lets not forget the buisness side of things ( younger and cheaper ) This year, Amendola and Edelman are not competing against scrubs and it seems like the club is open to change, but some fans aren’t. Take a look at the CB position, Butler is due to be paid, but hold on, why did the Pats draft Cyrus Jones and 3 undrafted CBs with very similar height, weight, speed and mentality to Butler, if at least 2 of the CBs stick, a bet they won’t pay Butler.

        • Todti says:

          Maybe, but the Patriots had far more success at the CB position than at the WR position including all methods (draft, UDFA, FA), and the Patriots have no certainty at CB outside of Butler Island. It’s only reasonable to throw players at that problem and see who sticks, but it’s more difficult for the WR position. I’m pretty sure the Butler situation cannot happen at the WR position (in the Patriots’ system, at least) but hey, if Foster proves me wrong I’m all in for that.
          It’s totally plausible that the Patriots let Amendola go if another WR steps up. I’m just questioning the probability of a WR stepping up to the level of Amendola right now. I’ve written earlier that I really believe Foster and Mitchell can be the future at the (slot) WR position for the Patriots, but not right now. Which is why I think that Amendola will stay at least for this season.
          And I think you’re overreacting regarding the severity of the Amendola injury and his availability for the season, not the contract/roster situation, as well as regarding Edelman. Edelman definitely won’t have to fight for his job because a) he’s got it as safe as Brady and Gronk if he’s healthy, and b) he won’t play if he’s not healthy. It’s as simple as that. A healthy Edelman is the best slot WR in the NFL, you don’t cut him if he’s healthy or at least likely to be healthy at some point (especially considering how hard it is for the Patriots to get/create a WR like that). If he’s got serious long-term problems he’s out. No fighting for a job as long as he’s able to play.

          And by the way, can we at some point appreciate what Amendola has done for this organisation? He played through the torn groin in 2013, played through the knee injury in 2015, and en passant was one of the reasons the Patriots won the Super Bowl in the one season he was actually healthy. This guy is tough and adjusts his salary according to performance. There are a lot of players who wouldn’t do that.

        • J H TARBORO says:

          Todti, all i’m saying is broaden your prospective, i like Edelman, he’s a very good slot WR but he could lose his position and can be traded. Nick Casario talked about this scenario at a conference at M.I.T about health and availability and roster changes..

        • Todti says:

          I agree with the business site, if the position is well-stocked and they get a decent offer for Edelman he will probably get traded. I just don’t see the sport site of that happen. With all the difficulties they had in the past developing WRs I cannot imagine a WR stepping up immediately and enough so that Edelman becomes expendable. Anyway, since Mitchell and Hogan are the likely candidates for developing rapidly they would rather replace Amendola because of the similarities in playing style. The only player close to Edelman would be Foster, and I think he could replace him next year at the earliest.

  6. nice article! really informative. thanks for sharing with us. keep this blog update

  7. Liam S says:

    I believe some people are underestimating how much playing time Chris hogan will be at least given the opportunity to get. His contract is the richest among the wr’s on the roster, so I’d expect him and Edelman to exclusively take up the first 2 wideout spots. While Mitchell will be a roster lock, he will also be in a competition with amendoka, Nate Washington, and Keyshawn Martin for the 3rd 4th and potentially 5th wr spots (plus slater). It is worth mentioning also that plenty of Brady’s looks will go to the big TE duo of gronk and Bennett , plus the pass catching backs Lewis and White.

    • Ryan says:

      You’re probably right. Hogan’s contract resembles LaFell’s back when they thought he was the guy, and LaFell got plenty of opportunities. Hogan will probably be the number one outside guy early on, and his play will determine whether he stays there.

      • Jeff says:

        It certainly seems to be an attempt to replicate Lafell. A middling guy who played mostly in the slot but who has enough size to move outside. Hogan might have a bit more speed, but one would imagine that was the role they were looking to fill. I don’t expect too much from a 4th round receiver in year 1 unless injuries force him into a playing role, but hopefully he can show a little something towards the end of the season.

  8. Stephen J says:

    For those that were following WR De’Runnya Wilson. He was trying out for the Saints during their rookie minicamp

  9. Stephen J says:

    Jeff Howe had a great article on V’Angelo Bentley and his friendship with 10 yr old Colby

    And here is a video of that visit to Colby’s school

  10. Ryan says:

    Honestly, I’d like to see both Mitchell and Lucien play the outside slots this year. Injuries happen, and if Edelman goes down for any period of time I’d like to see Lucien on the outside over Keshawn Martin and Chris Hogan.

    I guess I’ll have to see Hogan in the offense first, but right now I don’t think of him as much of anything.

    • Todti says:

      I’m actually pretty intrigued by Hogan. He’s a solid route runner with low-4.4 speed and a 38 inch vertical at 6’1” and 220lbs. I like the combination of him and Mitchell as intermediate-to-deep options who can compliment the established Gronk-Edelman-Amendola troika, and neither of the two needs to contribute consistently. Add in Martin, Bennett and the RBs, and the Patriots have a well-rounded, crowded receiving corps which could finally warrant Brady looking all over the field.

  11. Stephen J says:

    Patriots rookie wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell focused on learning playbook
    Tarringo Vaughan

    Patriots receivers coach Chad O’Shea was also impressed with Mitchell during his pre-draft visit at Gillette Stadium.

    “Mentally, he did well on the things we asked him to do, and we’re real excited to begin working with him,” O’Shea told the Boston Herald. “We try to make it as realistic as we can that it would be similar to their first day. We try to give them the information they’d be responsible for on their first day here and see how they’d do with that. Malcolm did well. We were impressed with his ability to learn the information, and we were impressed with his overall character.”

  12. Stephen J says:

    Doug Kyed Scouting Report Malcolm Mitchell

    There is one thing that stood out to me in his report

    Mitchell also played four years in a pro-style offense at Georgia, where he adjusted his routes based on what the defense was showing — something the Patriots also demand.

  13. Stephen J says:

    Malcolm Mitchell (WR – NE)
    Overall Rookie Rank: #21
    “Mitchell’s path to playing time in New England isn’t a particularly difficult one. If he can beat out Nate Washington and Chris Hogan for snaps, and build a rapport with Tom Brady during training camp, the rookie could have a fantasy impact immediately. Yes, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are ahead of him in terms of the pecking order for targets, but Mitchell should be able to carve out a role for himself as a down-field option, something New England lacked last season. Ranked as the WR11 among rookies, Mitchell is an under-the-radar option who could surprise a lot of fantasy enthusiasts this season.”
    – Matt Franciscovich (

  14. Stephen J says:

    Rookie to Watch By Daniel Szalma

    Malcolm Mitchell- WR

    Mitchell gives New England something they haven’t had in awhile; a threat on all three levels of the field, and represents a clear upgrade over the incumbent Danny Amendola, and free agent addition Chris Hogan

  15. Stephen J says:

    It would be nice if this happens

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