My Patriots 7-Round Mock Draft

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

Well, all that can be done, has been done. I am not sure my eyes can take staring at a computer or a TV screen any longer. I know my wife is done with this process too. I refuse to erase an entire DVR’s worth of games because I want to go back and watch the players that the Patriots pick to see how they will fit into the scheme. This may be my last transmission until after the draft as I will be there live and in person for the 3 day event. I will report back as soon as I get home, but I wanted to wish you all a happy draft weekend and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the newest Patriots. For now, I leave you with my idea of what would be a good draft for the Patriots with my 7-round mock. Enjoy!!!

Round 2 (60)-Xavien Howard, CB-Baylor: The Patriots fill one of their biggest needs with one of my favorite players, it’s almost too perfect.

Round 2 (61)- Austin Johnson, DT- Penn St.: Highly productive big man who can play the run and bring some interior pass rush. He and Brown would create a great young interior defensive line.

Round 3(91)- Trade to New Orleans for (113 and a 2017 3rd round pick)

Round 3(96 compensatory)- Joe Haeg, OT-South Dakota State: I get my developmental Tackle that can be a swing Tackle year one while he develops his strength. Long term answer at LT but could be ready to play RT full time by next year.

Round 4 (113)(from New Orleans)-Jonathan Williams, RB- Arkansas: I get a steal here with a guy I am higher on apparently than the rest of the draft community. My future bell cow can rotate with Blount this year and then be ready to take over as the lead back next year.

Round 5 (169) (from Detroit)-Keyarris Garrett,WR- Tulsa: The Patriots trade picks 196 and 204 to move up for Garrett. Garrett has great size for the position who can win at all levels. He is a body type that the Patriots do not have and while he may not be a burner on the outside, he can win jump balls down field and he uses his body to shield out defenders on slants and comebacks. He should be an ideal #2 after some developmental time.

Round 6 (208) (compensatory)- Brandon Allen, QB-Arkansas: Allen does not have great measurables, but he has “it” when you watch him. I think he will develop into a good backup who could come in and win a game or two when needed

Round 6 (214) (compensatory)- Dominique Robertson, OT- West Georgia: With this pick I get another young developmental Tackle that I can groom. He has all the athletic traits you look for, just needs some time to acclimate to the speed and power of the NFL.

Round 6 (221) (compensatory)- Dan Vitale, FB/TE- Northwestern: The Patriots bring in the “super” back to do a whole bunch of things. Year 1 he is an emergency option at TE and a backup at the FB position. His versatility will be appealing.

Round 7 (243)- Justin Zimmer, DT- Ferris State: It’s that time of the draft where you start playing the lottery. Zimmer is an intriguing prospect from a size and athleticism standpoint. He put up good production at a very low level of competition, but his traits are what NFL teams look for.

Round 7 (250)- Ed Eagan, WR- Northwestern State: Belichick and company just cannot pass up on another Julien Edelman type receiver to groom for the future. Eagan will be a practice squad player for a year or two and then we all will be talking about how we don’t need Edelman anymore because we have the younger version of him on the bench.






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  1. acm says:

    With the last pick of the draft (aka Mr. Irrelevant), the Titans took CB Kalan Reed (USM), who many had as a potential Patriots pick late in the draft.

    By all accounts, Pats were high on Reed and I think the brain trust may have miscalculated the Titans (or Lions) propensity to go after Patriots-linked prospects, expecting Reed would go undrafted.

    True that Pats could have taken Reed with one of those late picks but I have the feeling he’d have been high on their list of UDFAs had he gone undrafted.
    I know it may be hard for many Patriots fans to allow even a smidgen of doubt when it comes to Belichick’s infallibility, but in the end of the day, he is only human … well, kind of.

    Also, I think besides Kamu Grugier-Hill, Reed would have had a better shot at sticking on the roster than either one of the other 3 late picks.

    • Stephen J says:

      As much as I liked Kalan Reed I am also glad for where he landed. A place near where he lived and played pee wee ball (Nashville)

  2. Stephen J says:

    PFF ProFootballFocus

    New England Patriots: Elandon Roberts, ILB, Houston
    The Houston defense was legit, and Elandon Roberts was one of its best players, grading positively in every area last season. On 135 rushes he notched six sacks and 29 total pressures, but also had solid run grades and was 2nd in the nation in defensive stops with 74, trailing only Kentrell Brothers

  3. GM-in-Training says:

    Ok, looking at the roster as it stands today, some patterns are emerging.

    1. The Pats are no longer collecting >6’3″ and >250# LB. They are collecting ~6′ 215-235# LB that are really fast. My guess is that they decided the lighter LB were available comparatively cheap, and easy to stock up on, so they’re changing their strategy. Good for special teams, too.

    2. The Pats are collecting >6’3″ and >330# DT. They need youth behind Branch and Knighton who can rotate when playing a 3-4. They dropped a couple of fast but shorter 300# DT this offseason. I guess they knew Siliga’s ceiling or just thought they could reload for cheaper. They avoided supplementing at DE, but in a 3-4, I think they need bigger linemen and better rushing OLB. Long, McClellin, Nink, Sheard, Flowers and Grissom would be those OLB in that case?

    3. No Safeties drafted! Whew! They have a really good core of Safeties, so, glad to see they can restrain themselves.

    4. No draft-day trades for veterans. I thought there was at least a chance they’d use a 7th rounder of flip their 7th rounder for a 2017 6th rounder to use as trade bait come September…but probably they don’t have so much cap space to be doing that just now, or they’ll still do it, but with 2017 or 2018 picks.

    5. Tons of WR competition. They added Mitchell and Lucien, veterans Hogan and Washington, brought back some practice squad guys. The guys that stick should be decent, and hopefully prepare for the future.

    6. No 220# RB taken. They either assume that UDFA will do, or Blount/Gaffney/Brown/Iosefa will pound between the Tackles and short yardage plays. I don’t feel good about the proven ability and odds of staying healthy of that group…so, I wouldn’t be surprised if they wait until the first week of September and grab some RB another team waived. There should be plenty.

    Overall, the Pats have set themselves up to have a lot of options for everything (except OT). The depth is going to be particularly interesting in which positions they keep extra players in. Extra OG? Extra LB? Extra WR? Which positions get fewer roster spots? Safety? DL?

    • Todti says:

      Agree on picking up a RB at the end of preseason. The Titans’ RB situation is interesting with Murray, Henry, Cobb, and Sankey.

  4. matt says:

    Well Pats drafted Valentine a fat guy who can’t get after the QB who also has a bad knee. They needed a good DT DE & OT. But did get one. Should have drafted Day from ND.

  5. Todti says:

    I really like this 3rd day. I love Mitchell for the patriots and the trade is as good as it gets. Kamu Grugier-Hill could develop into a ST ace and maybe even a solid contributor on defense. Roberts and Karras provide depth and competition, and are both high character guys. Yes, the phrase is worn out but it’s nonetheless true. Those guys are valuable to create a culture. I’d much rather have those guys than athletes with questionable characters (domestic violence, etc.). I know a lot of people like the Lucien pick and I assume the Patriots want to broaden the spectrum of receiver types, but I would have liked them to pick Braverman and get depth at the slot WR position which is the most important apart from Gronk. However, they would have needed 2 roster slots for Mitchell and Braverman, and maybe they target Ed Eagan as an UDFA they can stack on the PS. Talking about UDFA I could see Tyler Matakevich be targeted by the Patriots, his situation reminds me of James Morris.

  6. Willy says:

    Not a single pick. I had 2 at least. LOL

  7. GM-in-Training says:

    WTF?!? The Pats take two Guards and no Tackles? They’ve now got 4 draft picks in the last 2 years at Guard, extended Jordan Devey, traded for Jonathan Cooper…and…who is going to take over for Vollmer in a year? Who is going to substitute for either OT this year? Cannon? Waddell? Player-to-be-named-later?

    How do we explain that?

    Clearly I’m just annoyed because they bypassed my draft binkie who has quick feet and 36.25″ arms, but still. Good Tackles are so expensive on the open market, drafting a developmental one just seemed like the obvious moneyball play. What up?

    • GM-in-Training says:

      Correction…extended Josh Kline.

    • Todti says:

      I assume they will try to develop Thuney into a RT. If that proves to be unsuccessful he can still be a quality OG. Great pick in my mind.

  8. EdgeX says:

    OMGGGG The Pats took a player I KNOW – Devin Lucien – in the 7th round. About time – THIS DRAFT IS SAVED – LOLOLOL

    Help, help…I’ve fallen over with laughter and I can’t get up…

    • Ryan says:



      GO DEVIN GO!


  9. acm says:

    Well, talk about a waste of time. The late round picks, except Lucien, were as much of a waste as those in the early rounds.

    4 picks I like in this draft:
    Jones, Mitchell, Thuney, Lucien

    My grim projection for the rest is they turn out to be nothing more than waste of draft capital, roster space and time.

  10. acm says:

    Pats take Devin Lucien. Finally a late round pick with actual potential.

    Was it Ryan who was really high on this guy? Well, congrats, I guess …

  11. Ryan says:

    Each year Bill’s gotta dig deeper and deeper to find players we don’t know about. Meet Kamu Grugier-Hill, the cornerback out of Eastern Illinois University whom we drafted right before Maurice Canady.

    I’ll be here scratching my head as usual.

    • Joey NL says:

      I feel they are just throwing darts to a board to deside who to pick. These guys won’t make the roster anyway. Look at all the 6 round picks they have made the last couple of years. Allmost all of them get cut after camp.

    • acm says:

      Feel your pain. This guy is a nickle LB/SS mix, who is a carbon copy of that legally-blind LB they drafted in the 6th last year. Same type of measurables, same type of player.

  12. acm says:


    Ravens just took Keenan Reynolds 🙂

    BB must be livid now.

    Good for Pats, one fewer wasted pick this year.

    • Ryan says:

      Breaking News: Bill Belicheck calls Ravens and attempts to trade entire 2017 NFL draft for Reynolds, claiming “it’s a weak year anyway.” He later committed suicide after the Ravens hung up, believing it to be a prank call.

  13. J H TARBORO says:

    Next season will not be a cake walk, every team playing us next season got better, at least on paper.

  14. acm says:

    Nice series of trade by the Pats to move capital into 2017.

    Glad they didn’t spend an early pick on a RB this year – next year’s RB class is much, much better.

    The Keenan Reynolds pick is postponed to the 6th round now.

  15. Todti says:

    Day 3 should be named Bill Belichick Day. Reliable WR (skills & character), 4th rounder in 2017, and still a couple picks left to fill out the roster. I hope Tyler Matakevich slips to the end of the 6th. He, Keenan Reynolds, maybe Dan Vitale. That would be nice.

    • Joey NL says:

      I always feel on day 3 BB has to make up for his headscratching picks on day 2. They way we have been wasting 2nd and 3rd picks the last couple of years is ridiculous.

      • Todti says:

        Yeah, I actually think the Patriots would be better off drafting only on day 1 and day 3. Their 1st round draft record is pretty strong, 2nd and 3rd round are so-so, and day 4 is solid. Maybe they should just trade out of the 2nd day and try to get as many attempts as possible in rounds 4 and 5.

  16. GM-in-Training says:

    The Pats just traded 2 6ths and a 7th for a 5th, then traded the 5th for a 7th and a 2017 4th…which gets them back the 2017 4th they lost from Deflate Gate.

    They have 3 compensatory 6ths and a 7th left this year. If I were them, I’d trade the 7th for a veteran 3-4 DE, or a 2017 6th.

  17. John G says:

    I think the 3rd on a QB makes perfect sense. Pats need to move on from Jimmy G and need to feel comfortable trading him next year. A lot of things need to go right, but if Jimmy plays well during Brady’s suspension, its a possible 1st rounder. My only gripe would be who they picked but it seems like they really like this kid.

    Best pick value pick in the draft is the Mitchell pick. Very productive and looked to be a good blocker as well. All the qualities the Pats look for in a receiver.

    I think they should pass on a RB this year. With next years class so strong and plenty of RBs already on the roster, I think there are other needs they can address. CB, LB, OT, SS

    • Todti says:

      Totally agree. It’s just a smart move for the long-term future, which always is BB’s priority #1.

      By the way, the Ravens are killing it as always.

      • Big W says:

        I am not sure why everyone wants to trade Jimmy he should the new guy and Tom is done soon thats just the way it goes. Jimmy is damn good and its time for him to play.

  18. Kevan says:

    Pats trade up to 147. Great move let’s see who it is

  19. J H TARBORO says:

    It’s an ok draft for us, the Pats will be just fine, but i personally think we have been a “sleep at the wheel” based on who was available.

  20. Kevan says:

    Look for a trade up here before the 6th rd, grab one of these rbs.

  21. acm says:

    Shockingly enough, Pats make a good pick in the 4th, a player the peeps on this site actually like and know of – WR Malcom Mitchell, Georgia.
    Good pick, the value is right.

  22. J H TARBORO says:

    Who in the hell is Joe Thuney?

  23. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots day 3 what I would do.
    4 Charles Tapper DE Oklahoma
    5 Pharoh Cooper WR South Carolina
    6 Trade for 5
    6 trade for 5
    6 Joe Haeg OT North Dakota St.
    6 Jonathan Williams RB Arkansas
    6 Jatavis Brown SS Akron
    7 Glen Gronkowski FB Kansas St.
    7 Mike Matthews C Texas A&M

    • steve earle says:

      I like this plan Dan. You hit on a couple of the guys I’d want and took some other good ones too. Nice!

  24. John says:

    Excluding the Jones pick, this was a substantially underwhelming draft for the Patriots. I hate when people try to defend BB and Co. for the way they draft. If you don’t feel like the draft has potential, or weak, doesn’t mean you start selecting inferior talents, especially when their are more talented players available who fit the profile.

    They Valentine pick is absurd, and trading back from the second when there are not a lot of roster spots available is also absurd. I like Brissett, more than most actually, but why? Especially not there. I like the Thuney pick, to a degree, but you could have had him later in the 3rd, maybe even the 4th.

    The wasted picks are wasted depth. This team does not have great depth, IMO. No offensive, but Brady and Belichick (the coach, not the GM) mask many of the problems with this team.

    • John says:

      Also, the Easley release is also ridiculous. Another wasted premium pick. Why? Even if you are moving to a different primary scheme, you love versatility? He can be a situational pass-rusher from the 1 and 3 for just another year. Defies logic, to me.

      • Todti says:

        The primary reason for the relaeas of Easley was his character and behaviour, not his performance or scheme fit. So, if you want to criticise the Patriots for the Easley issue, then you should focus on picking him in the first place. Because the Patriots either ignored the off-field part or didn’t check it very thoroughly.

    • Todti says:

      “…doesn’t mean you start selecting inferior talents, especially when their are more talented players available who fit the profile.”

      I assume you know exactly which player fits the profile of the Patriots, will strive in their scheme, and which player they should draft, even though you don’t spend any time coaching the players. That’s an amazing ability. Maybe you should ask the Patriots to hire you. 🙂

      • acm says:

        Well, considering the high percentage of reaches or late round picks that go to waste on a regular basis, that would suggest the coaches/draft evaluaters themselves don’t necessarily know what it is they are looking for or doing, at least not to the extent many Pats fans would like to believe they do.

    • steve earle says:

      Have to agree the word underwhelming is how I see it too. All this trade down for extra pick then picking guys who could be taken two rounds later is dumb. If we get three guys that can play even a little this year it will be as much as I expect.

  25. Kevan says:

    I don’t know what to think. I like Cyrus jones, I think he has some honey badger ability in the return game. I just see him as a pure slot corner, and I was looking more for a outside guy. I viewed logan Ryan as a slot corner too along with Justin Coleman. I know Ryan played well on the outside last year I’m just worried about his consistency. Being under 5’10 with a 33′ Vertical I’m terrified of jones in anything other than a slot guy. Maybe Richards takes over at the 2 spot, but I’d like to have more than one corner over 6 foot.
    I don’t have a problem with the Oline pick up. I think it puts tre jacksons roster spot in jeapordy. Clearly the pats are getting uber athletic at the guard position over size, and maybe he can be coached up to play RT in a pinch. Athletic smart player, I’m not gonna complain.
    Jacoby looks like he could be a good Qb after a couple years of development, who knows right, he could end up being really good. I just can’t get behind the pick right now. Man 91st overall, in a year the pats were strapped for draft capital. Other players I liked at the spot and would have even traded the pick.
    Valentine looks like a great pick in the 6th round. I don’t know what else to say. Obviously I was wrong about the big DT theory being a smoke screen. Again though if that’s who the pats liked them trade down or into 2017.
    I don’t hate any pick but I’m not thrilled either. It’s just Meh. Solid C grade that could be a B in a couple years.

    • matt says:

      There first pick Jones seems OK. As for Valentine not to bad for stopping the run but getting after the QB no way. I wish they would have picked up someone like Day. Hes good at stopping the run and he can get after the QB an over all good D lineman. But I think Day will get drafted early today which is a shame.

    • steve earle says:

      I think the C grade is generious. Once again Bill underwhelms and we have to hope some late rd or UDFA comes on and makes up for the rest of the draft. And a QB in the 3rd rd? Does Bill expect Brady to be retiring sometime soon?

      • Kevan says:

        I feel ya Steve. I think the qb pick really hurts the overall picture right now.

        • steve earle says:

          Thanks Kevan and what the H*** is with the fixation on OG’s for crying out loud. We must have about 6 of them on board now when what we needed was OT. Cripes!!!!!

  26. Ryan says:

    Day Two Grades:

    Cyrus Jones: B-. Undersized but very good and can return punts, keeping Edelman healthy. My third-rated corner when they took him.
    Joe Thuney: B. Very versatile O-linemen who fits what the Pats want to do. Rating is a B be has this was the wrong time to draft a guard, with so many good ones falling as other players are scooped up.
    Jacoby Brisset: C-. I like Brisset as a prospect but there are other need on the roster and Brisset is going to be a backup for four games, then a backup’s backup the rest of the way. He’s a long-term pick for an organization that should be thinking short-term.
    Vincent Valentine: D+. Valentine’s combine numbers are ugly, and while that doesn’t mean he’s bad it does mean he could’ve probably been had three rounds later. Picking him over Billings, Ridgeway, and Day is hard to understand, but it’s at a position of need so the Pats can’t fail here.

    Overall grade: C. I don’t like that the Pats traded down and they left some talent on the board, to be sure. Still, they didn’t trade up for a kicker and they filled some needs.

  27. nomar says:

    This happens every year and you’d have thought by now that Pats fans would get it.

    BB doesn’t take the sexy pundit picks. He takes no name players they scout for months and look at how their skillset fits in with the scheme they play/want to employ.

    And every year Pats fans b*tch and moan about BB messing up the draft. And every year the Pats get solid production from their players and make it to the Championship game.

    The teams that take the sexy pundits picks invariably finish with losing records and are back picking in the same spot and taking the same sexy pundit picks again.

    Forget Kiper and Mayock’s draft boards which bear little resemblance to what most NFL team boards look likein real life and trust that BB and co actually know what they’re doing.

    • acm says:

      Patriots get by thanks to Brady and Belichick prowess as a coach.

      Why don’t you look at how many, high-value picks have been literally wasted due to this “superior” evaluation approach. Go back 5-10 years in the draft and actually see the data for yourself instead of perpetuating this false theory of “BB knows it how it is and he can’t do no wrong”.

      Maybe it’s Brady’s presence, maybe it’s just pure misguided arrogance, but reaching year after year or taking risky picks (e.g. Easley) has really NEVER worked out for the Pats, contrary to popular believe among Pats fans, quick to line up to rim belichick at every opportunity. The most they have gotten out of these reaches is a Duron Harmon and that says it all.

      • steve earle says:

        Darn right acm and even Harmon has yet to be more then potential as I see it. I hope he does become a dependable link in the chain but so far I haven’t seen it. Ad as for this QB he got us, WTF is with that? Another draft where we have to hope and pray the FA’s and UDFA’s will yield us some decent players.

      • nomar says:

        ACM, the draft is a crapshoot. You know that, I know that and every NFL GM knows it too.

        The truth is that probably 50% of the players taken in the 1st round on Thursday night will end up being busts. Some of them will never make it to the end of their first contracts or be the saviours for their teams that Mel Kiper, Mike Mayock and every other talking head on TV this weekend will have you believe they are going to be.

        I did loads of mock drafts and the only players I ever took in them that the Pats actually took in real life were Cyrus Jones, Malcolm Mitchell and Devin Lucien. But I based my picks on a few minutes of Youtube™ video and several website scouting reports. in other words, I really knew jack about the players I was picking.

        I give the Pats the benefit of the doubt because they’ve been scouting these guys since early last year and in many cases have spent time working them out privately, watching them live, talking to them and their college coaches and, as a result, have compiled thick dossiers on them.

        They also have an idea and a plan about how they want to play this coming season and what skillsets fit that profile that I am not privy to. The players they take will have fit that profile.

        Will some of them prove to be reaches?


        But thats going to be true for every team in this draft and a lot of those names you and I and other people wanted the Pats to pick and didn’t will end up being huge disappointments to the teams that took them too.

        Over the years I’ve learned not to throw my toys out of the pram when the Pats don’t pick the players I wanted them too.

        And most of those years I’m still watching them playing football deep into January when 28 other teams have long packed up and headed for the golf courses.

    • Yohy says:

      I totally agree with you that Pats fans should be used to this confounding and frustrating draft process. Where I will disagree is not the player chosen but where he was chosen.

      Was there a number of teams that had 2nd round grades on Tavon Wilson or Jordan Richards?
      When ESPN doesn’t have highlight tape of a player because he is so obscure thats a pretty good indicator that he is a reach.

      of course we all respect Bill’s abilities. Nobody gets more production from less talent than he does. But after a while you have to question why 6th and 7th round overachievers are overshadowing 2nd and 3rd round reaches.

      Building a team that is good enough to lose in the AFC Championship game is not the goal.

      What can Brissett do to help this team this year? What did Mallet do to help the Pats ever?

      Another CB DE OT WR even a flyer, would be better than a QB who will sit the entire year.

      • nomar says:

        How much tape did you see on ESPN about Malcolm Butler?

        How many draft “experts” jumped up and down after the 2014 draft astonished that every NFL team had 7 go’s to pick up a shutdown corner and passed him up for overrated crap?

        You do realise there’s undrafted players from small schools who are going to end up contributing more to the NFL than some of the guys taken in the first and second rounds, right?

  28. Russell says:

    Not sure what BB is thinking with DT Valinetine, a huge reach. QB Bressett is interesting I’ve watched him, reminds me of Big Ben. Really got foot/balance/passing. CB Jones is nice pick and OG/T Tuney looked good at senior bowl.
    Wonder if they were watching Bressett tape and liked Tuney, or the other way a round.
    Look for Kenann Reynolds with the 4th pick.
    I SURELY would have taken Joshua Perry, Joe Haeg or Ioannidis over Valinetine, 17 on the bench? Easy 6th round pick.
    CB sean davis to steelers in the 2nd, early but talented.
    Joe Schobert would be nice fit.

    • acm says:

      Valentine is a bigger version of Kyle Love, a player they could have had 3 rounds later and will have moved on from 2-3 years from now.

      I really liked the Jones pick, probably more than most Patriots fans as I always had him as a very underrated player, at a position of need (Slot CB, outside CB, ST).

      I am OK with the Thuney pick, a player I thought fit the Patriots and I had him projected to them in the 4-5th round. Granted, wasn’t thrilled to see him drafted in mid 3rd but not a huge reach, after all.

      The Brissett pick is one of those picks you have to earn to live with, I guess. I doubt Brady potentially missing 4 games has much to with it, if anything at all – they will need a vet QB to back up Garappolo if it comes to that, not a rookie QB, who by all accounts needs a lot of development.
      This was a pick with the future in mind, I’d say, kind of like Garappolo in 2014. Not a pick I am excited about but they could do a lot worse, I guess – like for example picking another Valentine. At least with Brissett the value was right – he was projected as a 3-4th round prospect and that’s where they got him.

      Quite of you good prospects still on the board but we better get ready for K. Reynolds or Dan Vitale in the 4th and then a bunch of practice squad material, at best, in the late rounds.

      • acm says:

        I just realized the Brissett used to play for Florida before transferring to NC State. Well, there you go … BB and his unhealthy obsession with Gators.

        Now, we just need to figure out Valentine’s connection to Florida (or Rutgers … or Navy).

    • Stephen J says:

      My guess with Bressett is since he had previous connections with Charlie Weis at Florida that is how they came across Tuney

  29. Todti says:

    I’m quite pleased with the picks so far, even though I would have drafted different players at every shot. I understand the Jones pick. He’s solid in man coverage, coachable, and adds value on ST. The only issue I have it’s the domestic violence charge.
    I love the Thuney pick. He’s everything the Patriots look for in an OL (or their players in general) and could make Cannon expendable right away. Add the trade to it and I’m perfectly fine with it.
    I understand the Brisset pick because they need a 3rd QB during Brady’s suspension and a for Jimmy G so that they can get the most out of him. And I think Brisset it’s an interesting prospect.
    The Valentine pick is solid regarding the positional need and the draft slot. I don’t know anything about him so I can’t argue with the decision, but it they value him that high it’s fine with me. Apart from Billings and Ioannidis my probable/fitting favourites had already been picked anyway.

    Now I hope for Joe Schobert at 112 because he would replace Bostic right way due to his ST play asked her could play both off the ball and as an edge player. Then I’d like to see WR Braverman, maybe trading up for him. However, the next pick is probably going to be Keenan Reynolds.

  30. Yohy says:

    Here we go again. Not a lot of guys with name recognition. I can’t comment on guys I’ve never heard of, but why a QB? No replacement for Jones, I guess flowers and Grissom are the ones.

    Only time will tell

  31. GM-in-Training says:

    Well…we all got that 75% wrong.

    I hope those are good picks. I wanted a pure left tackle prospect, but they let Le’Raven Clark past. There may still be some more raw OT candidates later. We’ll see.

    • Stephen J says:

      Speak for yourself I got it 100% wrong Yes fist pump lol. I don’t know if I will keep that perfect record though. Keenan Reynolds may spoil it.

  32. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft day 3
    4 Joshua Perry LB Ohio State
    6 Daniel Lasco RB California
    6 Elijah Shumate S Notre Dame
    6 Mike Matthews C Texas A&M
    6 Ryan Malleck TE Virginia Tech
    6 Alex Lewis OT Nebraska
    7 Glenn Gronkowski FB Kansas St.
    7 Jason Fanaika DE Utah

    • acm says:

      Perry in the 4th makes way too much sense for a Patriots draft. Replace him with Reynolds and then you might have something closely resembling reality.

  33. ErnieAdamsLoveChild says:

    Liked or understood every pick but Valentine.

    Anybody help? Looks like a UDFA to me.

    • Stephen J says:

      Start with the negative
      Weak 17 reps on the bench those are WR numbers.
      Unproductive in 2015 but was playing hurt while learning a new system
      Had a decent 2014 season
      Big body

      Maybe red shirting/learning his 1st year he could be halfway decent Porkchop 2.0(jr)
      Trying to get excited about him but at this point the more I look the less excited I become

  34. Dan Sullivan says:

    Very much liked Patriots draft as they drafted very smart and productive players.
    Plenty of good running backs and offensive tackles still out there.
    Patriots did there homework.

  35. Ryan says:

    Pats offering up some head-scratchers here with Jacoby Brisset and Vincent Valentine. I don’t see why we need another quarterback besides depth, and that could’ve been had in the sixth. Valentine probably also could’ve went in the sixth, because he tested poorly and his production benefited from being around Maliek Collins. I like him, but not in the third.

    In their place, I would’ve taken Kendall Fuller, Andrew Billings (or Javon Hargrave if teams are aware of a serious knee injury with Billings), Joshua Perry, and then Christian Westerman. Also, Jerald Hawkins or Joe Haeg could’ve been one of the third-rounders.

    • acm says:

      A ton of good players left on the board but it won’t be a Pats draft without flushing value down the drain.
      Seriously, when have Bill’s reaching expeditions resulted in anything great? The best we can point to is Harmon in late 3rd and he is a good, depth player, that’s about it.

      Mark my words, both Brissett and Valentine won’t be on Pats roster within 2-3 years tops, replaced by other reaches.

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Yes Ryan there were more popular players out there but the picks were solid.
      Brissett I have seen play he is very good.

      • Ryan says:

        Yeah, Brisset and Thuney aren’t bad prospects at all, and I liked Valentine, just in the 6th-7th range. Still, I can’t see Brisset making any impact with Jimmy and Tom on the roster. I would get it more if the team had managed to move Garoppolo, but we still have him so Brisset is unlikely to see the field for two years. I have no doubt that the Pats are going to pick up some stars on Day 3 but boy does their Day 2 record look spotty in recent years.

        Of course, Brady’s suspension could be upheld, Jimmy could play phenomenally and we could trade him for a first-rounder, and still have a backup quarterback in Brisset. That’s the best-case scenario, though, and i think that Easley was a grim reminder that things don’t always work out.

  36. acm says:

    For f*ck sake, Bill back to his usual BS of wasting value with high picks.

  37. steve earle says:

    what happened to everyone after 10:18? Did we all turn off the TV’s?

    • Ryan says:

      I lost some of my mojo when BB passed on Hargrave and Billings for Thuney when there were plenty of good guards that would’ve made it to the fourth-round pick. I can’t say I agree with any of the third-round decisions, sadly.

    • acm says:

      No, just the Pats picks sucked that much. Tough to get excited about their 3rd round picks.

  38. Ryan says:

    If this pick isn’t Billings or Hargrave I’ll be disappointed.

  39. acm says:

    Very much like the Cyrus Jones pick – always thought he was one of the more underrated prospects in the draft and doubt he’d have fallen to late 3rd either (think Ravens would have been a team to draft him in early 3rd).

    • steve earle says:

      I’m not crazy about the pick I could be wrong of course but I think there is better CB.s on the board and sure better values. Just saying and still he’s better then Wilson or Ebner. Appears Bill traded #61 what did he get? I’m not watching just checking in time to time. Oh yea f*ck Goodell!

  40. Ryan says:

    Cyrus Jones isn’t a terrible pick here. At least we’ve heard of him. I’d rather have Kendall Fuller and Jalen Mills but that’s about it if we limit ourselves to cornerbacks.

    Still, how did we pass up Billings, Bullard, and Calhoun on the D-line? That’s where the talent fell to us but we straight up ignored it.

    • Ryan says:

      WOW the Panthers take Bradberry at 31! That’s a bit insane. I knew he wouldn’t fall to the 6th but dayum.

    • Todti says:

      I think because of the quality on the DL still available the Patriots felt confident trading down. They might still get one of those (or similar) players at 78.

      • Ryan says:

        Yeah but why trade down and risk it? We don’t need more picks. Were close to the roster limit already, so why acquire more picks that will be cut?

  41. Todti says:

    Sensable, foreseeable pick and with all the players still available the trade makes a lot of sense. Nice.

  42. Todti says:

    1) I like the Titans’ draft. Pretty Patriots-y what Robinson is doing.

    2) With the Henry pick, the Titans probably have to let either Bishop Sankey or David Cobb go, which would be interesting pickups for the Patriots.

    3) Boy, if Alexander falls to the Patriots he will make a pretty chirpy duo with Butler.

    • acm says:

      I very much doubt Pats would see Alexander as a fit from a character stand-point.

      Not sure how Henry+Murray combo will pan out in the end. Both need to have a prominent role in taht offense and I don’t see how they are gonna make it work.

      • Todti says:

        Yeah, I didn’t understand the Henry pick either. But did I miss something? What’s wrong with Alexander’s character apart from being a bit too sure of himself?

  43. Kevan says:

    I’m sorry Steve, giants of all teams too.

  44. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft
    2 Shilique Calhoun OLB Michigan State
    2 Devontae Booker RB Utah
    3 Maurice Canady CB Virginia
    3 Leonte Carroo WR Rutgers
    4 From possible trade Caleb Benenoch OT UCLA
    5 From possible trade Alex Redmond G UCLA
    6 Trade for 4
    6 Trade for 4
    6 Trade for 5
    6 Nick Kwiatkowski OLB West Virginia
    6 Connor Wujciak DT Boston College
    6 Trade for 5
    7 Trade for 5
    7 Glen Gronkowski FB Kanasas St.

    Good Luck to BB AND Staff!

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Sorry only 5 six rounders.

      • steve earle says:

        Right about the 6ths and unless I’m mistaken three of those are comp picks so can’t be traded. But the mock isn’t bad just needs a little tweeking.

  45. nomar says:

    Does BB trade up for Jason Spriggs today?

    Derrick Henry still there too. And Myles Jack.

    There are some damn good players left for BB here.

  46. Todti says:

    1) Love the picks by the Vikings, 49ers, and Panthers, very rational.

    2) Oh my, the DLs still remaining on the board. Robinson, Reed, Billings, Johnson, Dodd, Ogbah, Ward. I could see both Penn State (Austin Johnson, Carl Nassib) guys be available at 60 & 61, that would be great.
    Also Whitehair, Clark, Spriggs still available. And Sterling, Cook, Hackenberg, Boyd, Henry, Jack, Ragland, and Alexander. That’s 18 players I think will certainly be picked before the Patriots are on the clock. Leaves us with 10 picks. Those could be Henry, Howard, Booker, Thomas, Miller, Jones, Ridgeway, Bullard, Spence, Cravens, Fackrell, Jenkins, Jones, Fuller, Howard. Man, I’m so pumped. There’s so much talent left.

    • Russell says:

      Big question now do you trade no.60 & 61 for No. 32 and pick one guy? BB sure likes LB Ragland, and I like OL Whitehair, DT Reed , DT Robinson, DE Bullard.

      • Todti says:

        Nah, I think with so much quality left you essentially have to wait and pick up 2 players. It’s almost guaranteed that valuable players at coveted positions will be available.

      • Yohy says:

        You never know what Bill is going to do. I would like to see an impact player at either OT or DE. Someone who can contribute right away. Then again, the Pats got good efforts from 4th rounders and UDFA (Jackson, Mason, and Andrews)

        The draft is a crapshoot anyway with 1st round busts (Easley) and overachievers (Edelman)

        Just hope Bill gets someone to contribute now and not a project or a special teammer.

      • nomar says:

        You could trade up to get Spriggs, but I suspect BB lets the board come to him.

        There’s plenty of talent left tonight and BB has currency to trade back into the 4th and 5th.

        You just know if BB stays put someone is going to fall to him that none of us suspected would be there at that point.

        • Brian says:

          My hope is that we do a slight trade up for Jason Spriggs. Thinking we might have to jump the Steelers if he falls to that range.

          Also wouldn’t be surprised if one of the Bama DT’s is available for us at 60. Big run stuffing DT”s with a lack of pass rush are not hard to come by, hence their fall from the 1st.

          I’m starting to get excited for tonight. Lots of our favourites are still in play fellas.

        • steve earle says:

          I wouldn’t mind at all if bill traded up to a mid 2nd for Spriggs or Shepard. I think both could contribute this year and start next. But If Bill stands pat and gets a couple guys who fill needs thats okay too. just not an unknown saf. please.

        • Tim D says:

          I agree with you Nomar

        • steve earle says:

          Well both my guys Spriggs and Shepard but as I suggest if we had traded up to the 45-50 range?????

      • steve earle says:

        I really don’t think we need to get all the way up to #32. If we got somewhere around #45 – #50 I believe we could nab a real desirable prospect, perhapes even Spriggs, Shepard, Whitehair or Ragland. I’d consider that a win win.

        • Todti says:

          1) Boy, like the Titans’ draft. Pretty Patriots-y what Robinson is doing.

          2) With the Henry pick, the Titans probably have to let either Bishop Sankey or David Cobb go, which would be interesting pickups for the Patriots.

    • steve earle says:

      Yea, have to love the possabilitys. Big question is who might slip down to us we don’t expect?

  47. Matt says:

    2(60) Jonathan Bullard DE/DT
    2(61) Davonte Booker or Kenneth Dixon RB
    3(91) Traded away for a 4th and 5th round pick since Pats have suck a wide gap in between picks
    3(96) Kalen Reed CB
    4th round Joe Haeg OT
    5th round Keyarris Garret WR
    6(196) DJ White CB
    6(204) Nick Kwiatkowski LB
    6(208) Kevin Hogan QB
    6(214) Wendell Smallwood RB
    6(221) Mike Thomas WR
    7(243) Joel Heath DT (Said to possibly be converted to OT)
    7(250) Keenan Reynolds RB/WR/QB

  48. acm says:

    Laremi Tunsil, welcome to the Patriots!

    Any takes on who leaked the bong video? My money is on #PinkStripes

  49. Ryan says:

    Last mock. Two sixths and one seventh packaged for a fourth.

    2nd- DT Austin Johnson
    2nd- OT Jerald Hawkins
    3rd- CB/S Sean Davis
    3rd- RB Jonathan Williams
    4th- OG Landon Turner
    6th- DE Anthony Zettel
    6th- WR Devin Lucien
    6th- OLB Antwione Williams
    7th- CB Lloyd Carrington

    • steve earle says:

      Good one Ryan I like your picks. Have you any thoughts on getting a QB at least to cover the time Brady will be missing?

  50. Tim D says:

    Mock. No Trades. A compromise of what I want and what I think might happen. I love Fackrell, Ifedi, Perkins, Higbee and Tre Madden, but can’t have them all.

    2nd Sean Davis, CB/S
    2nd Devonte Booker, RB
    3rd Joe Haeg, T
    3rd Michael Thomas, WR
    6th Parker Ehinger, T
    6th Kevin Hogan, QB
    6th Dean Lowry, DL
    6th DJ Reader, DT
    6th Dwayne Washington, RB
    7th Keenan Reynolds, ??
    7th Curt Maggit, LB

  51. Todti says:

    So, before the madness starts I’m gonna join you with a late mock draft. I actually have 2 for you, a lucky one and a more realistic, from my perspective pessimistic one:

    1) Yay!
    trade 91, 196, 204 for 49ers’ 142, 145, higher 2017 5th (got extra pick from Washington)
    2-60 DT Austin Johnson
    2-61 DE Carl Nassib
    3-96 OT Shon Coleman
    5-142 CB D.J. White
    5-145 WR Daniel Braverman
    6-208 FB Dan Vitale
    6-214 RB Peyton Barber
    6-221 QB Ruddock
    7-243 — Keenan Reynolds
    7-250 WR Ed Eagan

    2) Nay!
    trade 61, 196, 204, 243 for Browns’ 99, 141, 176 (unlikely since Browns value mass of picks)
    2-60 DE Bronson Kaufusi
    3-91 OT Shon Coleman
    3-96 LB Joe Schobert
    4-99 CB Cyrus Jones
    5-141 — Keenan Reynolds
    6-176 RB Kelvin Taylor
    6-208 DT Anthony Zettel
    6-214 S Kevin Byard
    6-221 QB Jake Rudock
    7-250 WR Ed Eagan

  52. Jose Marques says:

    My last mock draft:

    2: Carl Nassib DE Penn State
    2: Josh Perry OLB Ohio State
    3: Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas
    3: Sean Davis CB/S Maryland
    6: Kyle Murphy, OT, Stanford
    6: Nate Sudfeld QB Indiana
    6: keenan Reynolds QB/RB/WR
    6: Moritz Boehringer WR Germany
    6: Dan Vitale, FB, Northwestern
    7: Anthony Zettel DT/DE Penn State
    7: Ed Eagan WR Northwestern State

  53. J H TARBORO says:

    2) DT Adolphus Washington-Ohio St.
    2) CB /S Sean Davis-Maryland or trade down
    3) RB CJ Prosise-Notre Dame or trade down
    3) comp LB Jaylon Smith-Notre Dame ( Best doctors in the country are in New England.
    6) DE Theiren Cockran-Minn.
    6) FB/H-Back Dan Vitale-Northwestern
    6) WR Moritz Wilhelm Boehringer-Germany
    6) WR Chris Moore-Cinn
    6) QB/RB/WR Keenan Reynolds-Navy
    7) RB Darius Jackson-E.Michigan
    7) WR Jakeem Grant -Texas Tech ( arguably the fastest WR in this draft, mistakes at his pro day had him at 4.34 in the 40yd. quite a few scouts had him between 4.15-4.21, and youtube has the footage. The Patriots run a spread offense, Jakeem was 4th in the nation for all purpose yds. and the best WR in space. We got excited by Dion Lewis as small statured RB and his ability to make plays. Jakeem has the quickest feet of any WR that have seen in years, he freezes defenses with his feet, instead of head jukes and has other teams players watching with amazement.

  54. steve earle says:

    Love the Howard pick, will he really slide to #60?

  55. Jeff says:

    If the Pats land those two cats in the second round they can draft special teams safeties with the rest of their picks and I’d still consider it a decent draft.

    Will Artie Burns or Xavian Howard be drafted first?

  56. Chris says:

    Keep dreaming, bruh. Howard will go top 50.

  57. Russell says:

    2nd Joshua Perry
    2nd Carl Nassib
    trade to –New Orleans for 4th & 5th
    3d Comp. Sean Davis
    4th Matt Ioannidis
    5th Cole Toner
    TRADED two 6th’s and 7th to Houston? for a 5th
    5th Joe Schobert
    6th Keenan Reynolds
    6th Vernon Harris
    6th Nick Ritcher
    7th Jason Vander Laan

  58. Russell says:

    Interesting group, no Reynolds? Not one prospect I picked…. Hmmm

  59. RSi says:

    I like that you agree with me, I can smell that Pats will trade with Cards again (196, 204, 250) for (167). Here is my mock.

    2. 60 (LB – Brothers, Perry)
    2. 61 (OG – Garnett, Westerman)
    3. 91 (WR – Listenbee, Carroo)
    3. 96 (RB – Howard, Perkins)
    5. 167 (CB – Murray, Smith)
    6. 208 (DE – Pettway)
    6. 214 (LB – Kwiatkowski, Norris)
    6. 221 (FB – Vitale)
    7. 243 (RB – Reynolds)

  60. Dan says:

    Where is the Kid from Navy. Everyone KNOWS he is going to get picked

  61. Todti says:

    1) Howard and Johnson slipping to the Patriots would be amazing. Probably both best players available and positions of need. If that happens BB can draft Reynolds and safeties as much as he likes, I’d be fine with it.

    2) I also see the Patriots trade #91, however, I think the best scenario would be a trade with the 49ers: 91, 196, 204 for 142, 145, and a 2017 5th round pick. The 49ers have two picks in the 5th round next year, so they can afford that. I don’t think the 49ers would trade a 3rd round pick.

    3) The problem regarding a RB is that the Patriots only have 4 spots on the roster, two of which are filled by Bolden and Lewis. White will be either on the roster or playing for another team, and since the Patriots need an alternative for Lewis (another injury, coming back from injury,…) the 3rd spot will probably be filled by either White (maybe Brown) or a drafted RB who can contribute similarly in the passing game. The latter case would only make sense if that rookie adds more value than White, which is in the running game. What’s more, both White’s and Lewis’ contracts expire after 2017 so that the Patriots have to either replace White right now or extend one contract and draft a successor in 2018.
    The 4th spot will be filled by either Blount or a drafted RB who fits that big back role, because none of the other 3 contributes in that way (so far).
    Thus, a drafted RB has to fit one of the following profiles: 1) big back who can contribute immediately so that he supersedes Blount; 2) versatile prospect so that he supersedes White and possibly Blount long-term; 3) late-round prospect which can develop on the PS. That pretty much means the Patriots have to invest a fairly high pick or wait until the 6th/7th round.
    I think Jonathan Williams could replace Blount right now, he might not be better but good enough. I think he’s one of the bigger backs the Patriots could draft early to take over for Blount, among Collins and Howard. The more interesting options could be Booker, Dixon, and Prosise. Each of them offers the versatility so that they might be ready to replace either White or Blount this season. If Lewis’ medicals are fine the Patriots would be in a pretty good position with the fixed trio of Bolden, Lewis, and the rookie plus whichever of the veterans they’d like to keep. They would also have the opportunity to keep neither of these 2 and pick up a nice prospect at the end of the preseason and keep him on the roster while he doesn’t have to contribute right now.

  62. munchkin says:

    I believe that Greg Cosell has Williams as his 2nd rated back. That is strong company.

  63. Trev says:

    Not bad at all, Mike. I love the 2nd Rnd Picks. I also like the trade idea for #91. I think they need to try to gain a 2017 pick, and I’m gald you acknowledge that. I’m not as high on Haeg, but I would understand the pick. I also like the trade-up into the 5th, but I’d go a different direction that Garrett. I’d like them to roll the dice on Demarcus Robinson from Florida despite his numerous red flags. His talent at that point (or even in the 6th) would be worth the risk, IMO. I’d also like to see a developmental DE taken on Day 3 (Alex McCallister from Florida? Belichick loves to draft those Gators. He doesn’t care if his track record taking them is bad.) All in all, good mock. Looks like a Patriots-style draft class.

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