Building The Big Board: Wide Receivers

If the Patriots decide to draft a Wide Receiver this year, what exactly will they be looking for.?

If the Patriots decide to draft a Wide Receiver this year, what exactly will they be looking for?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

With the fourth installment in my Big Board series, I take a look at the final skill position on offense. It is an interesting position, both from a prospect and a team specific point of view. In my opinion, the draft will answer a lot of questions regarding how the team feels about the guys on the current roster. I could see the team pass on the position all together and I could see them take a guy early and maybe even double dip at the position. If they do not draft anyone, it shows the team still has some confidence left in Aaron Dobson and are comfortable keeping Danny Amendola even with his bloated salary. On the other hand, it will speak volumes if the team does draft a Receiver early. It could mark the end of one or both of the guys mentioned above. This made it hard to determine how many prospects to keep on the Big Board. I had to make some tough decisions and leave some guys off this list that I really liked. Here are the guys who I think are good fits for the Patriots and could represent value.

POSITION: Wide Receiver

PRIORITY: Medium to Medium/Low


Julian Edelman (age 29, signed through 2017)

Danny Amendola (age 30, signed through 2017)

Chris Hogan (age 27, signed through 2018)

Keshawn Martin (age 25, signed though 2017)

Nate Washington (age 32, signed through 2016)

Aaron Dobson (age 24, signed though 2016)

Chris Harper (age 22, signed through 2016)

Deandre Carter (age 22, signed through 2016)


We, as fans, have been spoiled by the talent at the Wide Receiver class in the past couple of years. While this class may not have the top end talent that those previous classes had, there are some interesting players that have the chance to be difference makers in the NFL.  When this process started all those months back, I thought Receiver would be a much bigger need, so I put a lot of tape time in on these guys. I didn’t find a lot of guys that have #1 Receiver traits, but I found a lot of guys with good skill sets to be solid contributors at a variety of different roles. As I stated above, this is an interesting position to predict. The Patriots current roster has talent, but age, injury, and contracts could mean they add a young player to the fold. Edelman, Hogan, and Martin are really the only guys who are truly safe going into next season. For Amendola, it is not about talent or fit, it is about his contract. As for the rest of the guys, they all seem to be fighting for the last couple of spots at the position. Here are the guys I think the Patriots could bring in to add to that competition or replace Amendola if the team decides his contract is too large and he won’t restructure.

Wide Receivers with draftable grades:

Sterling Shepard-Oklahoma (5’10”, 194 Lbs.): Shepard is one of my favorite players in this entire draft. While he may be a bit undersized, he has shown the potential to be a threat at all levels on the field and can line up anywhere as well. Hands down, Shepard is the best route runner in this class. He has a great combination of balance, foot quickness, and agility. He can stop on a dime and get back to full speed in an instant. He uses that quickness and foot speed to beat press coverage consistently. He plays bigger than his size, winning contested catches and high pointing the ball well. He has reliable hands and tracks the ball well on deep routes. Shepard also has experience in the return game and could be a real weapon on special teams. Shepard’s only real issue is his size. I think he is maxed out physically and he can struggle when physical defenders do get their hands on him. His size also limits him as a blocker, but he does put effort into it. Size may limit him to the slot, but I think with his physical traits, he could play outside. (2nd round grade)

Braxton Miller-Ohio State (6’1″, 201 Lbs.): I have been all over the board with Miller throughout this process. On one hand, his physical gifts are so intriguing that I could see a team taking him in the late first round. On the other hand, he has one year of experience at Receiver and 26 career receptions.  He is the definition of a projection. He has good size and strength for the position and a wonderful combination of speed, agility, explosiveness, change of direction and balance. Those traits right there are hard to find in any one player. Even in his limited time at the position, he showed the ability to set up defenders with his footwork and to create separation in a variety of ways. Miller’s QB background gives him some position flexibility as a teams emergency backup or in the wildcat. He is a very confident player with the swagger and attitude that comes with the position. Miller’s lack of experience is the major issue. He is raw in just about every aspect and it will take him time to be counted on as a consistent contributor. He still needs work as a route runner. He tends to try and make too many moves, rather than getting into his route quickly. He will lean with his shoulders at times, tipping off defenders to where he is going. He is tentative going over the middle and had some concentration drops.  He had some fumbling issues and injury issues earlier in his career when he played QB. He is such an intriguing prospect, and if teams are patient with him and teach him, he will be special. (2nd round grade)

Rashard Higgins-Colorado State (6’1″, 196 Lbs.): I wrote up Higgins earlier this year, and my opinion has not really changed on him since I filed that report. If you would like to read it, follow the link: I think Higgins would be a good fit for the Patriots system in a role similar to Brandon LaFell, but he does need to add strength to succeed.  (3rd round grade)

Leonte Carroo- Rutgers (5’11”, 211 Lbs.): Carroo is another guy I think would be a great fit in that #2 Receiver role. He is NFL ready from a physical standpoint and has great hands to make tough catches. His off field incident with his girlfriend will have to be looked at and could take him off the board completely if the results of that investigation are not good. Here is a more in depth report on Carroo from earlier this season: (3rd round grade)

Malcolm Mitchell- Georgia (5’11”, 198 Lbs.): As I said earlier, I watched and wrote up a lot of these guys because I thought it was a position the Patriots would target. Mitchell has the speed, hands, and athleticism to be a dynamic receiver at the next level, but injuries are a huge concern. Looking for more on Mitchell? Here is my report on him: (3rd/4th round grade)

Charone Peake-Clemson (6’2″, 209 Lbs.): For those Patriots fans who want a deep threat on the team, Peake just might be your guy. He is a large target that uses his frame to his advantage when running routes. Peake is an aggressive runner, getting on top of defenders quickly. A true deep threat that uses that to his advantage, setting up defenders and then stopping and giving his QB a big target to throw to. Peake has a great combination of size and straight line speed. He was used all over the formation for Clemson and could be a versatile tool in the NFL. He shows a good ability to block downfield and is physical with defenders both as a receiver and as a blocker. He can get in trouble at times for being too physical. Peake was limited as a route runner and had his fair share of drops. Has a history of injuries that are a concern. (4th round grade)

Mike Thomas- Southern Mississippi (6’1″, 197 Lbs.): Many felt Thomas was one of the biggest combine snubs, and if you watch the tape, you can see why. Thomas has excellent footwork and route running ability. He sets up defenders well and sinks his hips, getting in and out of breaks smoothly and quickly. He can create seperation with his footwork and his subtle movements. He shows great body control and hands to make tough catches consistently. He tracks the deep ball well and attacks the football with his hands. He is known as a hard worker and competitive nature. He is thin framed and needs to bulk up to handle the physicality of the NFL. Lack of experience and level of competition are a concern and there will be a big learning curve for Thomas. Thomas has dealt with some injuries over his career due to his lean frame. (4th/5th round grade)

Keyarris Garrett- Tulsa (6’3″, 220 Lbs.): Garrett is another Receiver I did a more extensive report on. (see here: Garrett is like a post player in basketball out on a football field. He is well built and uses his large frame to box out defenders and high point the ball. He has good size and a huge catch radius that allows a QB to just throw it up to him. Garrett is tough to defend because of his size and his speed. He is stiff and does not always play up to his physical strength. He allows defenders to disrupt him too much which led to drops. He does have an injury history and that could be a concern. (5th round grade)

Daniel Braverman- Western Michigan (5’10”, 175 Lbs.): Another small slot receiver? Yup! And he is a good one. Of course he is going to get compared to Julian Edelman and Wes Welker because of his size and his race. This time, however, it is a perfect comparison. When I first watched Braverman, it could have been Edelman out there, right down to the head fake. He has ultra quick feet with no wasted movement or loss of momentum in and out of his razor sharp cuts. He is a great route runner who gets open with quickness as well as toughness. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and will surprise defenders with his physicality. Undersized blah blah blah…. Honestly, the best way to highlight Braverman’s positives and negatives is just to think about Julian Edelman. He will succeed if put into the right situation like the Patriots offense. (5th round grade)

Chris Moore- Cincinnati (6’1″, 206 Lbs.): Moore is a good sized athlete with long arms and a large catch radius. He is a good route runner with good awareness to read a defense and find openings in the coverage. He tracks the ball well and consistently wins the contested catch because of his aggressive mentality. Moore is not a burner, but he mixes his speeds well to create separation. He was a playmaker for Cincinnati, averaging nearly 20 yards per catch over his career and 26 touchdowns. He has some value as a kick returner. I would describe Moore’s hands as inconsistent. He tested well at the combine, but tape showed a lack of balance in and out of cuts. Moore would be a nice #2 fit for the Patriots if they decide to wait on drafting a Receiver. (5th/6th round grade)

Marquez North- Tennessee (6’2″, 223 Lbs.): North is a big bodied receiver with excellent body control and hands. He plays with a lot of physicality and makes defenders earn each tackle. He shows good burst at the snap and enough long speed to be considered a deep threat. He is an above average run blocker. North has long arms and uses his body to consistently win 50/50 balls. He is more of a one speed runner that does not play as fast as his 40 time would indicate. He looks a bit stiff in his lower body and does not show great change of direction skills. His route running needs refinement. His injury history and lack of production are concerning, but his physical traits are intriguing. (6th round grade)

Ed Eagan- Northwestern State (5’11”, 192 Lbs.): Eagan is another slot receiver in the mold of Julian Edelman that just belongs on the Patriots. Highly productive player with an intriguing combination of quickness and speed. He is a great route runner with reliable hands. Eagan is another player who plays with a chip on his shoulder and gives everything he has on every play. He is an ultra tough competitor who will go over the middle and will not shy away from contact. Eagan could most likely make it in the NFL on his return skills alone. He averaged over 23 yards per kickoff and nearly 9 yards per punt. Eagan played at a low level of competition and will need time to adjust to the speed and physicality of the NFL. Eagan has developmental Patriot written all over him. (7th round grade)

Interesting UDFA Prospects:

Ricardo Lewis- Auburn (6’1″, 215 Lbs)

Cayleb Jones- Arizona (6’2″, 209 Lbs)

Robby Anderson- Temple (6’2″, 180 Lbs)

Cody Core-Mississippi (6’2″, 205 Lbs)

Demarcus Ayers- Houston (5’9″, 182 Lbs)

Jakeem Grant- Texas Tech (5’5″, 165 Lbs)

Byron Marshall- Oregon (5’9″, 201 Lbs)

Stephen Anderson -California (6’2″, 230 Lbs)

Demarcus Robinson- Florida (6’1″, 203 Lbs) His tape probably warrants a 3rd/4th round grade, but his off field issues are extensive to the point he was kicked off the team 4 different times.


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121 Responses to “Building The Big Board: Wide Receivers”

  1. td says:

    As Rick Pitino might say; Randy Moss is not walking through that door. This offense is not built to need a WR to “blow the top off” the defense. Defenses have adjusted to the Pat’s by; inside pressure, press corners and flooding the middle of the field.

    The Pat’s are adjusting by; adding another pass catching TE, multiple pass catching RB’s, another slot option and wider bodied OG’s. Denver and others are slowly losing their interior rushers and pass coverage LB’s. We may see multiple TE’s and/or RB’s and even Hogan coming out of the backfield to create mismatches on LB’s.

  2. Big w says:

    Need a deep threat like Charon Peake and a Slot up and coming in Braverman. Other guy fit the bill like Sheppard and Braxton but it will depend when available.

  3. GM-in-Training says:

    Blount is back.

    They still need another between the tackles RB, preferably one who can block well, catch better than Blount, and grow into the role of the ultimate hurry-up offense RB.

    Then you’d get a 12 Offense with versatile-every-down-back-to-be-named-later, Gronk, Bennet, Edelman, WR2 (Hogan?), and you can really mess with mismatches by not letting the defense off the field.

  4. Tmoney says:

    The best move is for Pats to go with OT and Braxton Miller with first two picks. The Jordan Howard and Artie Burns with the 2 3’s they have.

  5. steve earle says:

    I’ve been tweeking my last mock around trying to get it to a better spot but find it hard to gain anything one place without losing in another. I’m still convinced the best bet would be for Bill to trade up as high into the 2nd rd as possable without trading both 2nds. I’d also like him to trade up to get a 5th. Thus I have only minor changes to my last try but thought it worth putting it up.
    Trade 2#60 and 3b to get a mid 2nd later trade 6a and 2 x 7ths for a 5th.
    2 mid) Vernon Butler DT or Adolphus Washington DT if Butler was gone
    2#61) Jerald Hawkins OT
    3a) Eric Murray CB
    5 trade) Jatavis Brown LB/SS
    6b) Devin Lucien WR
    6c) Antwion Williams OLB
    6d) Devon Johnson RB/FB
    6e) Jakeem Grant WR
    Not much differance but it covers a lot of needs with decent prospects who can create problems for opposing teams via match ups.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Good work Steve E.

    • Kevan says:

      Hey Steve I’ve been looking at teams with multiple picks in rds 2-5. The Rams have picks 43,45 in the second, I think that’s best case scenario if you want to trade up and still keep one 2. Pats could trade down into the third with philly, they have picks 77,79. The Bears have picks 106 and 127 in the 4th round. 49ers have 2 early 5ths 142,145. Lions also have two 5s with picks 151,169.
      No details here on how the deals get done, but it is always easier to trade down then trade up. Maybe trade up and down a couple times to get picks in rounds 4,5. I don’t kno but I think these teams could potentially offer what pats could be looking for.

      • steve earle says:

        Your right Kevan, Rams might turn out to be a good trade prospect and if that happened I wouldn’t rule out Bill trading back around a lot but like you I don’t know how the details would play out. Would have to expect some of all those 6th picks would be involved. That would make sense if Bill wanted to fill out holes in 4th and 5th and that would suit me fine. Won’t even try to invent a mock to attempt to cover those possabillitys but fun to consider a couple possable targets.

        • Kevan says:

          Absolutely. And I agree the two tradeable 6ths will be used, I just know BB is not gonna go 100 picks without getting a player.

        • steve earle says:

          @Kevan, Yea it does make sense plus I just rather have a 4th and 5th then 5 6ths and Bill is just the guy to work the draft to fix that.

        • td says:

          I expect him to pick up some for 2017 as we are short a 4th and will likely have few or no supplemental picks.

  6. EdgeX says:

    Boy, Mike your dream of the Pats drafting Tyler Higbee is dying the death of a 1000 cuts – no? Teehee! 🙂

    On point: I know you’re trying to get your draft board down to 75 players but c’mon man no mention of Tyler Boyd! You know in reality he’s got to be on the Patriots board!

    • steve earle says:

      I don’t know Edge to get Boyd BB would have to trade up and it’s generally agreed that the WR position has been reenforced enough so that it’s unlikely he would make that move but add another one or two WR’s day 3. Could be wrong just saying.

      • EdgeX says:

        Eh you have just as good a shot as me predicting who the Pats will pick – it’s all a crap shoot at this point – although if I had a choice I’d definitely take a hard look at this guy

    • Mike Gerken says:

      Sadly, yes.
      It took me a few days, but I have come to accept that my binkie may actually will not be on this team. After reading some 2nd hand accounts of the incident, if they are true, I wouldn’t even want him on the team as a UDFA. If, and that is a big if, the situation is not as terrible as what substandard’s are saying happened, then it could be an opportunity to get him with a 7th round pick, similar to the corner we took a few years ago out of nebraska. It is 530 am and I am too tired and lazy to look up his name at the moment.

  7. J H TARBORO says:

    Patriots release RB Tyler Gaffney

    • steve earle says:

      Wow that’s a surprise. Wonder if it’s a medical thing?

      • J H TARBORO says:

        Not a medical thing, a good bye thing. Steve E, we are on the cusp of a roster turnover year and many of the vets should be nervous ie Ninkovich,Logan Ryan, etc. The Pats like to do this a year early, than a year too late.

        • Ryan says:

          Can’t see them cutting Nink or Ryan this year. There would have to be off-the-field issues for that to happen.

        • steve earle says:

          So what is your thinking JH, is this pointing toward BB drafting a RB early? I think Ninkovich is safe because he’s a real BB kind of player unless his years are catching up to him?

      • GM-in-Training says:

        As soon as the Pats know they’re not keeping a player, especially one with no trade value, they tend to release them so they have time to catch on with another team, clear the roster spot, etc. I suspect they decided Gaffney’s chances of making it through training camp intact were not to their liking, but maybe later on he could make it somewhere else. Power RB in particular have to be pretty robust.

    • EdgeX says:

      Wonder if they bring back Blount or does priority just go up that much more in the draft? Decisions, decisions….

      Only 18 more days until we find out!

  8. Russell says:

    Sleeper pick by the Patriots in the 3d round; OL Joe Dahl 6’5″ 310 lbs ,Washington State.

  9. Jose Marques says:

    My mock draft:

    2: Carl Nassib DE Penn State
    2:Braxton Miller WR Ohio State
    3:Jalin Marshall WR, Ohio State
    3:Jordan Jenkins DE/OLB, Georgia
    6:Kyle Murphy OT Stanford
    6:Cassanova McKinzy ILB Auburn
    6:Jonathan Jones CB Auburn
    6:Keenan Reynolds QB/RB/WR
    6:Glenn Gronkowski FB Kansas State
    7:Cody Kessler QB USC
    7:CB LeShaun Sims CB Southern Utah

    • Jose Marques says:

      I did not put any RB, because I think the only one that would make a difference would be derrick henry, and I think it will not be within reach

      • steve earle says:

        I think your right about Henry and the rest not making much differance. I like your mock. I’m having trouble putting together a full mock without trades just cant seem to cover what I think should be covered. Ah well!

    • J H TARBORO says:

      I like the mock Jose, Jalin Marshall too high on your list.

      • Jose Marques says:

        I think the Patriots will not choose a BB in the first rounds, maybe on the third day, because Blount re-join with the patriots. but bill you never know what will happen.

  10. Ryan says:

    Tyler Gaffney cut. We’re drafting a running back on Day 2, people.

    • acm says:

      Very unlikely the two to be related. Any RB drafted on day 2 will be more of a long-term-plan pick and will redshirt in 2016 (as a depth option in the rotation), with or without Gaffney on the roster.
      More than anything else, Gaffney’s release means the Pats will be looking to bring in another vet RB (Blount, maybe)

    • Stephen J says:

      I have to do more research on RB’s but the one I seem to be drawn to is Kenneth Dixon

      • Yohy says:

        Saw Dixon in his bowl game and was impressed. My fear is that he will be sitting there and the Pats will take a QB or long snapper that they rated very highly.

        Sorry, I’m still mad about the 2nd round reaches the last few years.

        • steve earle says:

          Those reaches drive us all crazy and it’s not just the past couple years either. Almost every year Bill comes up with a head scratcher at the expense of some kid who goes elsewhere and does well. Not always in the 2nd rd but somewhere. I wasn’t happy with Easley a couple years ago in the 1st and am still not. Those darn injury prone guys Bill grabs high neve seem to pan out, Gronk excluded but how often does that happen?

    • Jim R says:

      would be very surprised if they took a RB or WR in rounds 2/3.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        Ditto. There are usually a lot of UDFA RB floating around in May, or veterans to be had come August or September.

  11. GM-in-Training says:

    If you were the Cleveland Browns with the #2 pick, and needs everywhere, how many times would you trade down in the 1st round to get more picks? says the #2 overall pick is worth 2600 pts. The chart doesn’t do a good job estimating points for future-year picks, and usually trades just seem to give you one round better next year than you traded this year. This is a big moneyball opportunity.

    Pick #2 = 2600 pts.
    = Pick #4 + 800 pts. (800 pts could be Pick #21 this year, or a #2nd rounder this year and a 1st rounder next year)

    Pick #4 = 1800 pts.
    = #8 this year + 400 pts (400 pts could be Pick #50 this year, or potentially 1 round higher, 1st rounder, next year).

    Pick #8 = 1400 pts.
    = #10 this year + 100 pts (100 pts could be Pick #100 this year, or potentially a 3rd rounder next year)

    Pick #10 = 1300 pts.
    = #16 this year + 300 pts (300 pts could be Pick #60 this year or a pair of 3rd rounders next year)

    Pick #16 = 1000 pts.
    = #21 this year + 200 pts. (200 pts could be Pick #78 this year or a 2nd rounder next year)

    Pick #21 = 800 pts.
    = #29 this year + 160 pts (160 pts could be Pick #86 this year or a 2nd rounder next year)

    So, if the Browns went crazy trying to exploit the trade chart’s weakness for valuing future year picks and always went for the future year picks, they could potentially end up converting a 2600 point 2016 #2 pick into…
    2016: #29, #35,
    2017: 2x 1st rounders, 3x 2nd rounders, 3x 3rd rounders

    They would in effect more than triple their 2017 draft class, and still have 3 picks in the top 35 of the 2016 draft.

    How could Depodesta not go for something like that?

  12. GM-in-Training says:

    Who are your favorite sleepers to be available at pick 91, 96?

    • Ryan says:

      1. Devin Lucien
      2. D. Lucien, WR
      3. Former UCLA and ASU wideout Devin Lucien

      All joking inside, I also like Connor McGovern, Spencer Drango, Matt Judon, Charles Tapper, Maurice Canady, James Bradberry, DeAndre Houston-Carson, and Miles Killebrew as guys that don’t get discussed a ton.

      • Stephen J says:

        Here is a fair scouting report on Devin Lucien that goes into why he is a late round pick to undrafted

      • Stephen J says:

        This is the 2nd time today that Maurice Canady came up today. His versatility is what stood out but how good is he. Is he a jack of all trades and master of none.

      • Russell says:

        Sleeper with a 3d round pick; OL Joe Dahl , 6’5″ 310 Washington State.

        • Stephen J says:

          As a sleeper I like Joe Dahl 3rd seems a little high to me but I could never really figure the rounds out. He is one that I don’t love but don’t hate either. Intriguing in that he seems to be moldable and with Scar back he could work out well with a year of guidance before possibly taking over.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        Ryan, you made me take notice of Devin Lucien-UCLA I like his skills, thanks Ryan.

  13. uknepatsfan says:

    Mike Loyko reckons they like Chris Moore, Cincinnati WR.

    Probably best to leave WR pick till day 3. Sheppard will be long gone by 59. I like Caroo but he had behaviour issues.

    • Stephen J says:

      The one thing with Chris Moore is his inconsistent hands and we all know how Brady feels about that he won’t put up with it for long and then just stop throwing to him. Not sure at this point that is an issue that can be corrected although I’m no coach/scout so I can be wrong. I like what Rich Hill posted about Devin Lucien has the best hands in the draft and comes from a pro-style offense and can run all the routes. Yes he has his weaknesses but they seem like they can be corrected. One draw back at this point is his ST’s value doesn’t appear to be great at first glance.

  14. Todti says:

    I think the Amendola thing is way overrated. If they cut or trade him the WR corps will look like this: Edelman, Hogan, Martin, Washington, Harper, Rookie. No way the Patriots would go into the season like that, especially after seeing which impact injuries had last season. So far, Amendola is the only dependable WR apart from Edelman. Call me crazy, but I’d rather pay $2m too much for Amendola than see Brady sitting there in the pocket without sure-fire options around him again. That said Shepard is probably the only WR who could contribute to some degree right away, and they will probably have to trade up to get him. Thus, I think Amendola will stay and the Patriots could go after (slot) WRs depth late: Braverman, Reynolds, Eagan. I could even see them double dip considering their pile of 6th and 7th round picks. And I really hope that’s what they do.
    On another front, the recent stock-piling of DTs makes me become anxious. I know the Patriots aquire depth to not be constrained on draft day but apart from Brown and Easley they don’t have young quality players, and there only seems to be one roster spot left at the DL. I’m gonna cry once they have skipped DT to draft Keenan Reynolds at the end of the 3rd.

    • Russell says:

      I agree how can BB possibly draft Reynolds in the 3d round? DT is the strength of the draft, and the Patriots need youth at that position. A lot depends who falls out of the 1st round, and where BB can trade up, to early in the 2nd round to get a guy.
      Very much like DT Vernon Butler, DE Jonathan Bullard, DT Jarran Reed, and alittle later in the draft, DT Austin Johnson, and Maliek Collins.
      However, if OL Cody Whitehair falls into the 2nd round, or OT Jason Spriggs, I look for BB to get him if possible.
      We can only hope Todti’s crying can be eliminated with a great pick like DT Vernon Butler!

    • steve earle says:

      Maybe Amendola thing is over rated, don’t know what BB thinks, just that many of us believe something will be done on that front. It could be a restructure or trade or even release, who knows? But you are right there is no shortage of late round WR prospects thing is which of them would be the best fit. Lucin is getting lot’s of intrest so maybe Bill is looking too. Don’t know that either, we are all at the mercy of unfolding events, hang on, enjoy the ride.

  15. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft.
    2 Jaylon Smith OLB Notre Dame
    2 Germain Ifedi OT Texas A&M
    3 Leonte Carruo WR Rutgers
    3 Dean Lowry DL Northwestern
    6 Derek Watt FB Wisconsin
    6 Mike Matthews C Texas A&M
    6 Romeo Okwara DE Notre Dame
    6 Ted Karras G Illinois
    6 Peyton Barber RB Auburn
    7 A.J. Zuttah DT Dartmouth
    7 Antonio Glover S Georgia Southern

    • Dan Sullivan says:

      Sorry thought it didn’t go thru first time.

    • Todti says:

      Boy, if the Patriots get Smith at the end of the 2nd I won’t know what to feel. Getting a player that versatile, with that all-around quality, would be like Christmas and Easter together, however, it would also mean that his medicals are so concerning that no team would want to get him for a reasonable price. Considering the stacked mid-section of picks and BB’s sorcery of getting production out of mid-level talent, I think it would be the right decision, though.

    • uknepatsfan says:

      Getting Smith would be virtually getting Mayo back. Won’t happen though and the one big question is whether he’ll ever be the player he was pre-injury.

      Any Patriots mock that doesn’t have Keenan Reynolds in it has to lose major credibility points, I’m afraid. At this stage, can we just call Reynolds to the Patriots a lock and be done with it!?!!

  16. Dan Sullivan says:

    Draft is very close. Patriots Mock Draft.
    2 Jaylon Smith OLB Notre Dame
    2 Germain Ifedi OT Texas A&M
    3 Artie Burns CB Miami (Fla.)
    3 Charone Peake WR Clemson
    6 Derek Watt FB Wisconsin
    6 Romeo Okwara DE Notre Dame
    6 A.J.Zuttah DT Dartmouth
    6 Ted Karras G Illinois
    6 Mike Matthews C Texas A&M
    7 Antonio Glover S Georgia Southern
    7 Aaron Wallace LB UCLA

  17. steve earle says:

    I really like all the ideas coming out here regarding trades and mocks and stuff but I have to ask has anyone heard or read anything that actually gives us some clue if Bill is leaning toward any trade or are you all just going on gut feelings like me? My got is saying unless some top 20 guy slides into the 2nd Bill isn’t going to trade more then one 2nd and then only enough to get to a mid 2nd choice. That’s because there is only four guys I see who would be happy going up for. Vernon Butler DT, Jason Spriggs OT, Sterling Shepard WR and Adolphus Washington DT. It could be none of them we slide low enough even so but that’s my best hope list.

    • acm says:

      That’s something I doubt even Pats front office knows right now. Trades like that would depend on who’s still on board in real-time fo the draft, so not something you can plan for, imo.
      One thing I can tell you with certainty, though – BB is not trading up in the 2nd for a WR. And you can take that to the bank 😉

      • steve earle says:

        Probably right about about not going after WR It’s just that the guy is on my short list of the four prospects I like. Saying that doesn’t mean BB agrees with me, jmo.

    • Russell says:

      Very doubtful DT Adolphus Washington, his “motor” runs hot and cold. I would add OL Cody Whitehair to the list of trade up for guys.
      I agree with acm, hard to see the Patriots drafting a WR in the 2nd round.
      My gut says BB makes a trade up, and a trade back, but again it will depend who drops in the first round.

      • steve earle says:

        I know you like Cody thing is most scouts think he will be an OG in pros. Yea they could be wrong, I liked what I saw of him at the Combine and it wouldn’t be the first time the scouts got it wrong, still as I told acm, it’s jmo.

    • GM-in-Training says:

      BB plays his cards too close to the vest, so there are no reliable rumors.

      What I think you can use for prediction is need, opportunity and value.

      – A blue chip OT,
      – CB depth
      – A future Edelman/Welker guy who can be an understudy for a year or two. I don’t think anybody on the roster right now fits the bill
      – 2017 Draft picks
      – A 220# feature back

      Teams that would rather have the Pats 60,61 or 3rd round picks than their 32-40 pick.
      Teams that would rather have Pats 6th rounders than 2017 5th rounders
      Teams that would rather have Cannon or Amendola’s salary cap hit than a mid-round 2016 pick or slightly higher mid-round 2017 pick.

      All other things being equal, younger players make for a cheaper roster
      Pats don’t like to overdraft, so if they think they can move back 10 spots and still get their guy, they tend to do so.
      The Pats like to accumulate future draft picks because the draft point value chart doesn’t really quantify the value of future draft picks very well, so usually it’s just one round earlier for trading into the future.

      Put it altogether and I think the Pats trade 60,61 for ~38 and 110.
      Maybe the Pats trade one of their 3rd rounders for 4th and a 2017 6th.

      It’s all just trying to figure what’s smart because that’s what they tend to do…just with more variables in the equation than everyone else.

  18. acm says:

    Reports that Navy’s Keenan Reynolds has had multiple visits and workouts with BB and several Patriots position coaches.
    At this point in time, I guess the question is not if Pats will draft him but how far will they reach for him.
    Fifth round or earlier, Bill Belichick will have his midshipman and that’s that.

    • Stephen J says:

      Does this mean BB’s like for Keenan Reynolds would rule out the possibility of drafting a receiver. As for me I hope not but time will tell.

      • acm says:

        Not necessarily. I think, at this point, Reynolds is a development project w/o a clear NFL position (my best guess is he ends up being a mix of a change-of-pace RB and slot WR aka a “gadget” player and a Punt/Kick-off returner). That is, players like Reynolds should not affect a team’s draft board at other positions.
        And the have a ton of 6-7 rnd picks where they can take a flier on WRs and RBs and I for one think that’s where the sweet spot in terms of value at those two positions is in this year’s draft.
        I just hope they are not unreasonable in reaching for Reynolds. For me, talent-wise and NFL potential-wise, Reynolds is a 7th round pick, at best. This being said, I fully expect BB to take him as early as the 5th (possibly trading back from the 3rd and picking up a 4th and a 5th in process) … I mean he took a Navy LS in the 5th just last year.
        As long as it’s not any earlier than the 5th, I guess we’ll be fine. 🙂

  19. Ryan says:

    Bad news (maybe good news?): Tyler Higbee was just arrested and charged with second-degree assault and 2nd-degree evading police while intoxicated. His draft stock is going to drop, for sure.

    • steve earle says:

      If he drops to our top 6th rd’er I would grab him as a value pick for sure. But given the full slate in our TE dept and his oft injured history I see the door surly closing no matter all the maybes and what if’s. Just the way I feel about it.

    • acm says:

      Well, the odds of Pats spending a 7th round pick on him just went thru the roof of Alfonzo Dennard’s house.
      Good news, if you are Mike Gerken 🙂

    • Russell says:

      Doubtful Patriots touch him now… not smart… what’s wrong with these guys??

  20. Stephen J says:

    Mike Loyko posted on twitter Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio personally worked out Southern Miss CB Kalan Reed on Friday. Here is a great breakdown of him here

    and here

    Seems like he could challenge for that 2nd starting corner spot. If so it from the comments and the articles we would likely need to take him with a second round pick. Hey here is a thought what about the compensation pick we got for D Revis.

  21. Stephen J says:

    Great job Mike
    The receivers I like are
    Sterling Shepard
    Malcolm Mitchell
    Mike Thomas
    Keyarris Garrett big but gets pushed around to much

    The thing that concerns me about all of them is their injury history. The other thing is their IQ/smarts how fast can they pick up and learn our offense. I’d be surprised if Sterling Shepard is still around when our 1st pick in the 2nd round comes. That would leave Malcolm Mitchell and Mike Thomas as that next tier in the 3rd round personally I would like Mike Thomas just slightly more than Malcolm Mitchell

    With that said I ask myself where would these guys fit in with who we already have. It would be difficult surprising if anyone cracked the top 3-4 spot in the 1st year without any injuries.

    The only receiver that is not listed here but has been receiving some notice recently is the German Moritz Boehringer he might be an interesting late round pick since we have so many of them.

  22. Jack says:

    I think Tajae Sharpe would be a good Day 3 pick. Kid isn’t the fastest, isn’t the biggest, but he is just a good football player.

  23. Ryan says:

    I’m sure that everyone knows by now, but Devin Lucien and Mitch Mathews are my two favorite sleepers this year. They’re on my board for the sixth round.

  24. acm says:

    Sign me up for Mitchell and Braverman on day 3 of the draft.

  25. Russell says:

    Patriots MOCK TRADE;
    Cleveland needs an OC, and has cap space for a slot receiver.
    OC-Byan Stork, WR Danny Amendola, and two 6th round picks, to Clevelands for 2nd No.32

    2nd- (No. 32)- OL Cody Whitehair or DT Vernon Butler, or Jason Spriggs
    2nd- (No. 60)- LB Joshua Perry
    2nd- (No. 61)- CB Cyrus Jones
    3d – (No. 91) – CB/S Sean Davis
    3d- (No.96 ) – OL Max Turek

    6th- OT Nick Richter
    6th- LB Aaron Wallace
    6th- WR Tevaun Smith
    7th- QB Jason Vander Laan
    7th-WR Alex Erickson

    • acm says:

      Cleveland already drafted their new OC last year, in the first round.
      Stork had a very forgetable 2015 and Amendola is already 30 yo. A franchise like the Browns, which is in complete-rebuild mode, needs that 32nd pick a lot more than an average OC, a washed-up WR and two 6th round picks in a poor draft class.

      Sorry, Russ, but you got lazy there 😉

      • Russell says:

        You could be right, however all I’m hearing in Cleveland is Cameron Evring (last years 1st pick you talked about) will be playing ROT, with the loss of their ROT. Erving was unable to get in the starting line-up at OG, as he is a much better OT than OG or OC.
        I disagree about the 6th round. I believe there are lot of great prospects in this years class at very affordable cost (6th round picks).

        • acm says:

          One of the best things about Erving when he was coming out of FSU was his versatility, playing all over the OL. This being said, he had his best days at OC, which makes me think the Browns will (eventually) play him there.
          One way or the other, the meat of that trade is still not good enough to make it a reasonable one, imo – at this point in time, there is no reason to believe Stork is anything more than an average OC, while Amendola brings a rather large cap-hit for a player who will be 31 later in the 2016 season.
          As for 6th round picks – they always carry the allure of potential and hitting gold at a low cost; that’s the case with any draft and this is no different. Very rarely, however, all that hope and projection lead to really meaningful results. For every Brady and Edelman, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of 6-7th round picks who are out of the NFL within 2-3 years. Realistically, one cannot and should not expect anything more than a decent depth player and a ST-er out of those picks and that’s the 6-7th round picks that actually work out.
          All in all, I don’t see how this trade-proposal gives the Browns anywhere close to fair value for their 32nd pick, where they can still find an impactful player. Or, 32nd pick is valuable enough for them to trade back in the 2nd, pick up a 3rd for their trouble, and still end up with two very valuable picks.

    • tes says:

      You have got to be kidding me.

      amendola, stork and two 6’s for pick #32.

      What are you smoking russell?

  26. steve earle says:

    Great brake down Mike and I fully agree with you on Shepard. He is one of only four guys I thing Bill should even consider trading up for and the only WR.

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