2016 Patriots Undrafted Free Agents

After the UDFA frenzy dies down a bit, we’ll have a breakdown of the Patriots pickups here. For now, check out the full list of 2016 Undrafted Free Agents.

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  1. Joey NL says:

    “Disappointing” is the first thing that’s come to mind when I think of this draft class.

    The Patriots have a loaded roster so there won’t be many rookies making the roster anyway. But when you look beyond next season, there are some serious issues ahead of us. There are many, many contracts that will expire and we cannot and will not extend all of those players(some might retire). This draft should also have been about picking players who can step in after this season. I feel the Patriots have failed doing this in this draft.

    No problem with the Cyrus Jones pick. He might not have been there in the bottom of the 3rd so if they were locked in to him I’m fine with spending a 2nd round pick on him.

    The rest of day 2 was just crazy. Wasting 2nd and 3rd picks have become a habit in Gilette Stadium I suppose.

    I like Joe Thuney, don’t get me wrong, but he is more a guard and we have a boatload of guards already. We need a good developmental tackle! The inside of the O-line will be bloodbath in training camp. You just can’t keep all those guys on the roster. Hopefully he is a fit a the right tackle position.

    Adding a QB in the 3rd round was a surprise to me. Now you have to carry him on the roster.

    The Valentine pick was the worst of them all in my opinion. Haven’t read much positives about him. A nose tackle that can only bench press 17 times and is described as lazy and out of shape? Realy?

    What makes it worse is that this draft was loaded with defensive line talent. Mike Mayock said before the draft that there would 1st round talent to be found even in the 4th round. We came up with a 7th round talent in the 3rd. Not good.

    Especially when you think of all the expiring contracts after this year on the defensive line: Pot Roast, Branch, Ninko, Sheard, Long. Most, if not all, of them will be gone after this season. You need to plan ahead for that by adding talent, not just bodies. Replacing those guys with kids like Grissom(last year) and Valentine won’t cut it.
    In the first 3 rounds you need to find starter material, not career back ups.

    Day 3 is for ‘nice surprise picks’, special teamers and camp bodies.

    I like the Malcolm Mitchell pick. Great value in the 4th.

    Flipping some picks into a 4th round pick in 2017. Good deal.

    For the rest of the picks I can be short: just enjoy training camp kids and hope you can secure a place on the practice squad. They won’t make the roster.

    Overall grade: C

    I think we need to be happy that we didn’t have a lot of holes in the roster before the draft because this class will not produce many players that will be around a few years from now.

    • acm says:

      I should be suing you for plagiarism, right about now 🙂

    • Matt says:

      Well Valentine can bench press doing 17 reps is wonderful. However running after a QB is a lot different then laying there moving your arms up and down plus he carries 329 lbs on a bad knee. If they wanted an NT couldn’t they find a healthy one? Plus you have Brown and Po Roast to play that spot but who will play at easley’s spot Branch hes older and has one year left any way. Just like Chris Long at DE.

      • steve earle says:

        Wonderful, 17 is wonderful for a huge DT? Hope you kidding a guy his size at his position should do 25 min. And bad knee to boot, geeze.

        • Matt says:

          Yes Steve I am kidding. I really do wish they drafted Day to line up next to Brown would have been a good combo. But like I said they blew the Valentine pick . I think Valentine will last no more then 4 seasons if that.

        • steve earle says:

          Glad you were kidding, Ive lost some sense of humor I guess, just a grumpy old man until this fades away. Geeze I hope some of that smoke their blowing about some of our picks is more then it seems. As for Valientine I doubt he will last longer then Easley.

  2. Todti says:

    Regarding the UDFAs, I think Jonathan Jones has a chance to make the roster and D.J. Foster is obviously going to be either the next Edelman or White’s replacement. Ok now seriously, Foster had the 9th best 3 cone drill (Cyrus Jones was 6th, by the way) and the 12th best 20 yard shuttle of all players at the combine. His 40 time at the Pro Day was also pretty good so he has the athleticism and should get the time to develop into a solid contributor. With Edelman and Amendola both being 30 by the start of the season I think Mitchell and Foster are the first steps towards a transition. What’s more, White’s and Lewis’ contracts end after next season so Foster could replace White down the line so that they have depth going into talks about Lewis’ contract.
    Jonathan Jones has similar physical traits to Jason Verrett (although a notch below), however, his 3 cone time is abysmal and that worries me.

    Regarding the Valentine pick, the patriots apparently targetted big DTs in this draft. The only other players resembling this type that were available at 96 (and drafted later on) were D.J. Reader, Andrew Billings, and maybe Hassan Ridgeway. Billings and Ridgeway slipped pretty badly and there are reasons for it. So it’s not like the Patriots passed up a vastly better player, they just hadn’t much of a choice for this role. Valentine has potential and I think they kind of took a flier on him there. So I don’t really have a problem with the player and trust the coaching staff to unlock his potential, I just think a different position could have been picked there.

  3. Dan Sullivan says:

    I think a good amount of Patriots fans will like De Runnya Wilson,DJ Foster
    C.j.Johnson and Jonathan Jones Pats free agents as much as draft picks. I myself
    like what they did with free agents.
    Here are my grades for Patriots draft.
    Cyrus Jones A-
    Joe Thuney A-
    Jacoby Brissett A+
    Vincent Valentine B
    Malcolm Mitchell B+
    Kamu Gruger Hill C-
    Eldon Roberts C-
    Ted Karras A-
    Devin Lucien B

    Overall all free agency and draft I give Patriots B+

  4. steve earle says:

    Well I’m less then impressed. Now we can wait for all the thumbnails and sportswriters to try and blow sunshine up ouy @$$ about the potential of all these bland new additions to the team. Horay????

    • nomar says:

      See below.

      None of us know how any of these guys are going to turn out yet. Even the Pats don’t know yet what’s going to happen with any of these kids they’ve taken this weekend.

      For me it’s not about blowing smoke up anyone’s tush or ‘rimming’ BB, it’s about not sweatng it and just reserving judgement until we’ve had enough time to see how these guys pan out.

      The number of times in recent years teams like the Raiders have ‘won the draft’ and still finished picking back inside the top 10 is a good indication of why you don’t rush to judgement hours after the draft ends.

      • acm says:

        I don’t think people are pissed about the UDFA class. They are pissed about the draft and taking their frustration out on the unfortunate UDFAs.

        You are right, we don’t know how the UDFA class will turn out. When it comes to it, one guy making the roster is a success, so the bar of expectations isn’t set very high to begin with.

        But the draft? Well, we kind of know how that one is gonna play out – we have a rich history of similar draft experiences to look back on and form realistic expectations based on that.
        I doubt people are pissed about the Jones pick, or the Mitchell pick, and even not so much about the Thuney pick. They are pissed about the rest and they have rich history of “Pats being too cute with valuable picks” to lean on, so expecting a lot of waste to come out of the 2016 class is the safe bet, any day, any way.

        What you are implying is to go against the grain of history and expect that somehow Valentine would turn out to be a pro-bowl level player and not just another Tavon Wilson.
        What you are suggesting is equivalent to doing the same thing over and over again and, for some reason, on the 15th attempt, we should expecting different results … I think they have a word for that.

        • macspak says:

          it does often seem BB thinks he is the smartest man in the room when neither he nor anybody else is

        • steve earle says:

          Thank you for that clear and acurate sumation acm. As usual you say it far more clearly then I ever could.

        • nomar says:

          You know how the players the Pats drafted in the latter rounds are going to pan out already?

          That’s an amazing gift you have there, acm.

          I have no idea how they will end up performing, but past draft failures aren’t necessarily indicative of what this particular set of players will do.

          I agree that the Pats have missed on a fair amount of these picks in the past, especially WR, but no one knows yet how good or bad any of these guys are going to be 24 hours after the draft.

        • acm says:

          @ nomar

          yes, I do know how the late picks will most likely turn out – I have a history of 15-16 years to lean on. So, here it is: 1 maybe 2 of those guys make the roster/practice squad and are no longer with the Pats (or even in the NFL) 2-3 years from now.

          I am sure you’d love to throw in Brady and Edelman as “proof” of how great BB’s evaluation process is but let me stop you right there – the fact that those two got drafted in late 6th and late 7th, respectively, should tell you Pats more lucked out than anything else. That is, if BB had any idea how Brady/Edelman were going to pan out, he would have drafted them way earlier, it’s not like he lacks history in reaching for no-namers in the early rounds.

          I understand that the late picks are very much a lottery but if you look at Patriots history with those picks, it is abysmal even for that area of the draft. They should be getting a lot more production out of their 5-6th rounders than they actually have been during their last 15 years of history.

          But I am not even mad about that, as I am sure all the others here who are “bitching” about the draft. What I am mad about is the rather high %-tage of missing out on early, valuable picks in the 2-4 round area, often because BB is being too cute with those picks wasting them on inferior talent, often because he takes players projected to go there but misses wildly on his evaluation of talent and system fit … something he is supposed to be a genius at according to popular legends and narratives … never mind that it is actually said narratives and legends that go against the record of history.

      • macspak says:

        Agree. Most of us fans and draftniks, including here, get very hung up on names that greatly are driven by the media – the same “ignorant” media who then grades the draft the day after and gives those who disagree with their expertise failing grades. Does anybody ever track how successful the media names become? The media is certainly not held accountable. Would be a good exercise. Yes, the draft stumped me, as it most always does. Let’s now hope for the best.

      • steve earle says:

        For crying out loud nomar did you just arrive from another planet? Bill has been doing this for years with the drafts. The rest of us can just imagine how many more Super Bowls we could have won if Bill had not drafted Easleys, Wilsons, Ebners, medical disasters and assorted talent challanged low round prospects up in the first three or four rounds year after year, what it could have been with a QB like Tom Brady all these years. Yea were frustrated and angry, Tom is coming to the end of his run and we will never see his like in NE again. So stop with the sunshine at least until you have something to show to say any of these guys are going to be anything but foot notes in some old sports magazine will’ya?

        • steve earle says:

          Sorry guys, what with everything I’ve got to take a break from all of this. Appoligies to nomar, I’m just to frustrated to deal with my feelings just now, nothing personal ment my frustation talking.

        • nomar says:

          No offence taken, Steve Earle.

  5. Stephen J says:

    Here is a few things I came across that you maybe interested in

    V’Angelo Bentley Senior Year Illini Special Teams Player of the Year
    Career Highlights
    Only player in Illinois history with KR, PR, INT & FUM returns for TD in career
    Illinois career kick return yardage record holder (1,860)
    Fourth on Illinois career punt return yardage list (550)
    Third at UI in career punt return average (11.0 ypr)

    Cre’Von LeBlanc

    Averaged 22.4 yards on his 30 college kick returns, 4.8 on his 8 punt returns
    Here is a good overall assessment link http://www.steelersdepot.com/2016/02/2016-nfl-draft-player-profiles-florida-atlanta-cb-crevon-leblanc/

    Jonathan Jones

    Another great breakdown link http://www.steelersdepot.com/2016/03/2016-nfl-draft-player-profiles-auburn-cb-jonathan-jones/

    From an article by James Crepea Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said He’s a tough guy. He’s a great competitor.

    “He’s that guy in the fourth quarter, when the game is on the line, he’s telling everybody ‘you got to get it done.’ He was a true blessing to coach. He’ll make it. He’ll be very successful. He can run, he plays bigger than he is. He can tackle (and is) a great special teams player.”

    DJ Foster
    Here is a decent article on him

    and another ok one highlights his film study and an exclusive club


  6. John Snow says:

    Does anyone else feel as though this was an odd draft? Draftniks, and scouts, analysis of players seemed to be inconsistent in regards to where players were taken. There were lots of odd selections, reaches.

    Hats off to the Jags, Vikings, and whoever executed the Cyrus Jones pick. Also, liked the first two picks for the Skins. One pick that a lot of people don’t really agree with is the Karl Joseph pick. If he can stay healthy, and sustain his style of play for his size, the Raiders got a winner.

    • steve earle says:

      Well John here in NE with the Pat’s, fans feelings are mixed. There is the Belicheck can do no wrong side and then there is the what the heck was he thinking side. I’m of the latter, it seems ever draft Bill just trys to make things as difficult to put together anything resembling a dominate team. I don’t know if his compulsion is to make everything something that must be an uphill, harder the better exercise, or what? This should have been a draft where he could have put together good quality young talent able to contribute this year and take over starting positions going forward. As I see it we may have aquired three players that will fit that description. All the rest are at best sp-teams or pratice sqd or early releases. JMO.

      • John Snow says:

        3 starters? I see one. Jones. Even he is situational, depending on the scheme you are going to run. To be fair, I think he’s awesome. I’ve watched him, he makes plays. He’s reminds me of Tyrann Mathieu, to a degree. Actually, probably a little more aggressive. To a fault, at times.

        Thuney is best suited for the interior. I’m not sure he’s better than Tre’ Jackson or Shaq Mason. They seem to be married to Stork at center, who I think New England fans tend to overrate.

        Valentine is a rotational DT. He’s a space-eater. He’s apparently a fine space-eater when healthy, but you could have had him later.

        The Brissett pick is irrational. Same with Valentine and Thuney. No issue with the players, but you could probably still have these guys and have another an additional, superior talent as well.

        In a few years, depending on the Bortles and Bridgewater developments, I think the Jags and Vikes are going to be forces. Have drafted extremely well over the past few years.

        • matt says:

          Mr Snow I agree with you. The Valentine pick was a joke. Hes fat lazy and has bad knees. They do have Pot Roast and Brown to cover the middle of the line. They needed someone to fill easley’s spot someone that can help stop the run and get after the QB. Sheldon Day would have been perfect for that spot. They also needed a DE someone for Jones old spot . I understand they have Chris Long but hes older and only signed for a year. I think they messed up with 3rd & 4th rounds. And honestly I think BB has way to many Yes men around him.

        • steve earle says:

          John I said 3 players, not starters. Three who I give a chance to make the roster, maybe see spot duty here and there. Three who can perhaps develope into in a year or two but starters, no?

        • steve earle says:

          Well You were right I did equate 3 to possable starters but I should have been clearer that I didn’t think it would be now. When I get frustrated I’m not always clear in what I say or mean. Sorry to be confusing or confused.

    • nomar says:

      John Snow,

      One of the things Kerry J Byrne of CHFF used to say is that teams grade players very differently to how the pundits and mock draft “experts” grade them.

      Its the reason why the get their mocks so spectaularly wrong, often even not being able to get the first pick right unless the guy is signed and announced before the draft.

      The truth is that most of us get annoyed because our teams don’t pick the guys that the ‘mock experts’ tell us we should take. Yet, how much do we really actually know about the players we’re now steamed about our teams for not picking?

      • John says:

        If the Patriots draft record suggested otherwise, I would feel differently. An excellent QB and coach can mask a boat-load of problems. Look at the Colts. Division leaders to scraping by because of a QB injury. These first 4 games without Brady will be a good litmus test for the rest of the team.

        • acm says:

          Doubt we could use the first 4 games as a test for anything as the roster roster right now is loaded, with very few deficiencies. And rookies from the 2016 class won’t play much of a role, if any, to begin with.
          This draft class will be tested next year when Pats are likely to lose a lot of players, especially on defense, and the Valentines of the world will have to come in and contribute.

        • John says:

          I wouldn’t say they are stacked defensively.

          Malcolm Brown is still young, and Knighton is older. Love Long, Sheard, Nink, but at some point the wheels have to come off for Nink and Long has been admittedly beaten up over the past couple years. An injury to two, or even one, of these guys could put the DL at a disadvantage.

          LB is their strongest position. But that position has absolutely no depth.

          Hopefully Butler remains consistent, and it wouldn’t be fair to expect the same season from Logan Ryan. McCourty is the true non-worry for all the DBs, IMO, though Butler did play exceptional last year.

          My point is that you can have quality depth now, if you haven’t wasted picks over the last couple of years. You can still have your Tavon Wilson’s, Jordan Richard’s, Vincent Valentine’s of the world, and still have additional players. Good players help no matter what stage of the season, situation.

          We’ll see.

  7. nomar says:

    D’Runyan Wilson was high on a lot of experts rankings. Not that that means a lot, but he has some potential.

    I actually like the 2 WR’s they drafted. I wasn’t sure if Lucien would be the type of player they’d go for but I mocked him in fanspeak with one of their many 6th rounders early on this week. Mitchell, Caroo and Chris Moore were the ones I thought realistically they would go for either witha late 3rd or in the 6th.

    PFF loves Joe Thunney and leading up to the draft most Pats experts felt that Cyrus Jones was a solid fit for the Pats.

    Most mocks I did I got OT and CB or DT with the first 2 picks and I took a QB (usually Hogan) late on.

    Derrick Henry was the only RB I was interested in early and I never felt he’d be a realistic shot for the Pats.

    Bb just really doesnt value the position that much.

    • Yohy says:

      I liked RB Dixon from La. Tech. Saw a game or two including his bowl game where he was productive.

      The typical Bill draft day shenanigans were on full display this weekend. But I’m not going to waste time worrying about it.

      I just hope that Valentine kid turns out to be something because Bill passed on Dixon and Booker at that spot. Two guys I felt could help this offense.

      We shall see in two, three years

      • steve earle says:

        The Valentine pick could give creedence to the idea that BB is looking to go back to a lot of 3-4 def. He has the NT size but not the quickness often looked for at the position if you believe the scout reports. Other then that I’m not impressed with his future.

      • nomar says:

        That’s the thing, yohy, we won’t know for sure for a while yet how good any of these kids are going to be.

        None of them have played a single snap in thr NFL yet and the truth is that some of them never will. Some of the names people on here are shaking their heads at the Pats for not drafting are also going to be huge disappointments to the teams that drafted them too.

        Ranking a draft hours after its happened is like trying to predict the scores in the English Premier League every weekend. We all thnk we know what’s going to happen, but what actually happens in reality is often quite different.

        There’s guys that didn’t get drafted this weekend and have been signed as UDFA’s that are going to have far better careers in the NFL than some of the guys that flew off the board in the first two rounds.

        Don’t sweat it, man.

        • Yohy says:

          I think it is human nature to wonder “What if?” What if Welker caught the ball, what if Gostowski makes the PAT? Etc

          I agree that a draft can’t be fully evaluated just days after its completion. However with all the random factors in football, i.e. Injuries, weather, and things like the schedule, the draft is the one thing that can be controlled.

          To consistently chose players well ahead of their ranking is like buying your 14 year old son a new car. He can’t drive it for years. That rookie QB will ride the bench this year and if he does play then the season must really be bad.

          As far as the Valentine guy, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I just hope he doesn’t turn out like Dobson, who was picked before Keenan Allen. Ouch!

          When the season starts I will root for all the new Patriots , but I will keep an eye on Ken Dixon and Booker and Day and wonder ” what if?”

  8. acm says:

    Seems the first wave of UDFA is pretty much over with and I can’t say I am particularly impressed with this years’ class.
    The only bright-ish spots in there for me are WR DJ Foster and CB Jon Jones (no, not that Jon Jones), both of whom seem to fit as slot guys.

    I think at this point Pats are at or very close to 90-men roster limit too. I am sure there will be some movement due to cuts and new additions over the next several weeks but so far, so not that good on the UDFA front.

    Can’t say I am surprised after a rather lukewarm haul from a rather average draft class.

  9. Brian says:

    Keith Marshall please. Was quite surprised we didn’t grab any RB in the later rounds

  10. acm says:

    So far, DJ Foster (slot WR, ASU) seems like the most intriguing UDFA signing for the Pats, imo.

    • acm says:

      They just added CB Jon Jones (Auburn) too. Another interesting addition at slot CB.

    • Woosta says:

      DJ Foster a local kid from Phoenix. Watched him at ASU. Great addition to the Pats. Versatile as a RB and has great hands.

    • steve earle says:

      We can hope one or two guys surprise but this whole draft exercise was just bland. Bill did far better in the vet FA’s he signed it looks like to me. To bad there looked to be real potential there.

    • John Snow says:

      Jonathan Jones and CJ Johnson for me. CJ Johnson has to go back to DE. He started at DE for years. There is no way he’s playing MLB in the pros. He’s got good aggressiveness and decent athleticism. I do, however, see the DE position being somewhat cramped at the moment. Which could hurt him.

  11. Ravi says:

    DJ Foster – Arizona State
    Steven Scheu TE Vanderbilt
    CJ Johnson LB Mississippi
    V’Angelo Bentley CB Illinois

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