Scouting Report: Sean Davis, CB/S

Davis brings impressive size to the position, but is he a good fit for the Patriots?

Davis brings impressive size to the position, but is he a good fit for the Patriots?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

As we patiently wait for the Patriots playoff game, I continue my look at the Cornerback class for the upcoming NFL draft. Over the past few weeks, I have given you my thoughts on a half dozen or so Cornerback prospects, but today’s prospect is a bit unique. Read on to find out more about Maryland’s Sean Davis.

When will I learn? This will be the second time I write this report because I underestimated the destructive power of a three year old. I should have known better and saved my work, that is computer 101 and I payed the price for it. So here I am, now a day later retyping this and hoping I can duplicate the masterpiece that was the first draft. Anyways, on with the report.

Name: Sean Davis (#21)

School: Maryland (Sr.)

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 202 Lbs.


Davis possesses ideal height and length for the Cornerback position. He has long arms and thick shoulders. Davis is an aggressive downhill player that can fight through blocks to make tackles.  He keeps his head up and is very good at squaring up the ball carrier and making good open field tackles. He shows quick feet and good closing speed. Davis has experience at both Safety and Cornerback positions, giving him a lot of position flexibility entering the NFL. Although inconsistent, he shows a natural ability to turn his head and look for the ball, and this improved as the season went on. Davis shows the ability to make plays on the ball as well, with 3 interception and 5 forced fumbles his Senior year.


Right now, Davis plays better with the ball in front of him and when he can come downhill.  He needs to work on his footwork and technique in coverage. He can get turned around and lose his man on combination routes.  He tends to get high in his backpedal and is struggles in his transition, but more from a technique standpoint rather than stiffness.  In coverage, Davis can get too aggressive with his hands which lead to penalties.  Not necessarily a negative, but he might be better suited as a Safety rather than corner, at least to start his career.


There is a lot to like about Davis. He has great size and although he is raw, you can see the athleticism to play corner down the road.  He is very aggressive coming downhill and is a very good open field tackler.  On tape, you can see his lack of experience at corner as his footwork and his awareness get him in trouble at times, but there was marked improvement over the course of the season. I think Belichick would love his versatility and his size, speed combination.  Davis reminds me a lot of Eric Rowe from last years draft. For me, he is a fringe day 2/day 3 guy. He will be one guy I am very interested in watching at the Senior Bowl in the drills and might move up a little more after his testing.




13 Responses to “Scouting Report: Sean Davis, CB/S”

  1. steve earle says:

    Starting to look at the draft and seems to me we are in a position to take a best player available. I suggest a skill position player might not be that guy and when I do my mock I will reflect that thinking I believe. Not quite ready yet though.

  2. kevan says:

    With reports that its a strong possibility that McDaniels gets the HC job in Tennessee, I have a hunch. With Mariota in place and the 1st rd pick its an enticing opportunity but let’s look at it through the patriots lens. Best case scenario the pats win the superbowl, and with their 32nd pick being stolen from them, how about trading for the titans 33rd pick! Would that not be a great F u to goodell! Just an idea

    • steve earle says:

      hi kevan, steve earle here, finaly have a new pc. anyway like to askwhat you think would be a good deal in your trade up plan? would love to stick it to that overblown goodall.

    • Jeff says:

      Unless you’re planning to trade the Pats entire draft for that one pick, you’d probably need to either trade next year’s 1st for it or one of the Pats studs not on a crazy contract: think Edelman, Chandler Jones, Collins, Hightower, Butler, maybe Sheard. Probably only worth the trade if you know you’re going to let one of those guys walk after this season and you have a prospect who’s a pretty sure thing. A trade like that won’t make your team better next season, but it could work out in the long run if you were going to lose the player anyways. Just remember you could end up with Ras-I Dowling at that pick!

      • Todti says:

        I’d throw in the combination of Jimmy G and a single pick. It’s essentially a swap/trade up combined with a downgrade at backup QB since Brady is not going to retire soon. On the other hand, the whole D-Gate aftermath is not over, if I remember that correctly.
        It’s certainly not going to happen but in my opinion still more probable than trading Collins, Hightower, Butler, or Edelman.

    • Russell says:

      Who would you draft at #33? Trade DE Chandler Jones and 2nd pick #63


  3. Russell says:

    Mike another CB to look at is CB LeShaun Sims Southern Utah, 6′ 200lbs, 4.45 40yd, best time 4.34. He will be playing in the East West Shrine Game. 60+ tackles last two years, ALOT solo.
    Sims tracks the ball well, turns well with good hips, make-up speed, good size. The level of competition is an issue, tackling looks good breaks down well in the open has a lot of solo tackles last two years.
    Worth a look!

  4. Russell says:

    Bob Quinn’s hiring in Detroit as GM, will likely have an effect on the Patriots draft board. Quinn had been targeting players for the Patriots, and well, a good player is a good player for what ever team. So I would think some players Quinn was watching will be high on the Lions draft board. This could effect the Patriots interest in a player, who now could get drafted by the Lions before the Patriots get a chance.
    The Patriots do draft in a different “slot” then the Lions, however, finding talented players for your roster, in most cases, is not always the high profile guys.
    Also I would not be surprised to see Quinn look at Mike Vrabel as a Head coaching possibility for the Lions.

  5. Russell says:

    Nice job Mike (sorry you had to do it twice) could be a good sign! Their is no question Davis needs work as a CB. The guy just has that something extra that’s hard to put your finger on. He is very smart as well, 3.87 GPA if memory serves, and sees things on the field very well.
    He plays well on special teams as well.
    I compare him some what to Devon McCourty, and I think the Patriots could get him with one of their two 3d rounders. (1 a comp. for Revis)

    • Mike Gerken says:

      The McCourty comp is a good one. I think you are right on that something extra too. I saw a lot of improvement from his early games to his late games which makes me think he will have the ability to continue his progress. It will be interesting to see where he goes. Right now, I think you are right, that is where I roughly project him to be drafted as well, but we have seen in the past couple of drafts these type of guys get pushed up as the process goes. If he does well at the Senior bowl and test well, I think he might end up closer to the 2nd round than the 4th.
      When will you start putting out draft stuff on your website?

      • Russell says:

        Getting my draft stuff going on my page. Have done some QB stuff already, just finished projecting the Cowboys first 3 draft picks.
        Look for Davis to play SS at the senior bowl and play well. I don’t see him testing off the wall, like my prospect last year, LB Davis Tull (5th round draft by Saints, on IR this year).
        I also think, that Davis strengths have most teams looking at him as a S and with Cash, Kearse, Joseph, and Bell, on the draft board ahead of Davis, I think end of the 3d round is a fair spot for him to go to the Patriots.
        As you said Davis early tape shows he has gotten better, each year, another positive in the Coach Belichick evaluation.

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