Scouting Report: Jason Spriggs, OT

With injuries and age becoming an issue at the Tackle position, could the Patriots look to add one early in the draft?

With injuries and age becoming an issue at the Tackle position, could the Patriots look to add one early in the draft?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

I have taken a break from my film study of the Corners and decided to look at another position that I think the Patriots should consider addressing early in the draft., Offensive Tackle. I am glad I did as I really enjoyed what I saw on tape from Indiana’s Jason Spriggs. Here are my thoughts on him.

I was not planning on writing any more reports this week since I figured fans would be focused on the game coming up on Saturday. Living in the KC area, it has been tough to deal with the barrage of Chiefs talk. Although I worry about the injuries, offensive line play, and the uncertainty of some of the Patriots key players, I have confidence they can win this game.  They must not turn the ball over and they must force Alex Smith to make some plays with his arm. If the Patriots can do that, then I think the Patriots go to their 5th consecutive AFC championship game. Anyways, back to my report. I enjoyed watching Spriggs so much that I couldn’t wait to get my thoughts down on “paper” for you all to read.

Name: Jason Spriggs (#78)

School: Indiana (Sr.)

Height: 6’7″

Weight: 305 Lbs.


Spriggs has prototypical size for the position. He has a thick lower half that allows him to anchor and long arms to keep defenders off of his body.  He has great athleticism for his size. He shows good burst out of his stance when run blocking and shows a good combination of balance and footwork in pass protection.  Spriggs uses his athleticism to his advantage when pulling and taking on defenders at the second level. He does not lumber and is smooth in his movements, showing enough speed and quickness to get down field on screens.  Spriggs is not a mauler in the run game, but shows a good demeanor to lock onto his defender and play through the whistle.  He shows good awareness in space and keeps his eyes up to find someone to block.


The most important think Spriggs needs to improve on is his upper body strength. He can struggle to keep his arms locked when facing players that win with power and strength. When run blocking or taking on a player at the second level, he tend to lung when he tries to punch them. This leads to his shoulders getting in front of his feet and he can get off balance. Spriggs will need to work on his overall hand work and hand placement.


If you cannot tell, I really like Spriggs. I think his issues are minor and easily fixable. He has the traits that both Vollmer and Solder possess and if the Patriots want to continue with that type of Tackle, then Spriggs has to be high on their list.  I really like his combination of quickness, agility, and aggressiveness.  After watching his tape, I don’t see any way Spriggs makes it to the Patriots at the end of the second round. For me, Spriggs has the look of a late Day 1/early Day 2 guy.




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  1. J H TARBORO says:

    Good call Mike Gerken, Spriggs has been talk of Senior Bowl practice.

  2. Russell says:

    Hi Steve Earle ! I have seen CB James Bradberry, and seen tape (tho limited) good prospect at 6″205 lbs. Tracks the ball well, good ball skills, not as fast 4.56 40yd. Like Sean Davis (tho not the tackler) a S/CB type player. Plays for a small program, I think he’s playing at the Shrine or Senior Bowl game.
    I feel the Patriots will draft a True LB with the second pick this year. Prospects I like if on the board; Josh Perry 6’4″ 254 lbs 4.65 40yd, and Antwione Williams 6’3″ 245 lbs, 4.74 40yd.
    It’s still early but S/CB Sean Davis could be in the mix 2nd or 3d round.

    • steve earle says:

      Agree, if Perry comes down to us in the 2nd Bill should grab him. We could use the added depth at the position without a doubt. I saw some highlights on Bradberry the other day. Man against boys was the look I took away. He also played WR and RB at times. Could have been the level of competition but could a mid round pick be far wrong?

      • Russell says:

        I agree CB Bradberry is a 4th-5th round guy. His buddy S Trartt was a solid prospect drafted by the 49ers in the 5th in 215, if memory serves.

  3. J H TARBORO says:

    The largest and most underrated O line is Arkansas Razorbacks.
    They’ve got a front line weighing 1200lbs and that’s larger than the biggest NFL front line. RB Alex Collins and RB Jonothan Williams runs behinds these hogs.Look out for OG Sebastian Tretola 6’5 322 and OT Denver Kirkland 6’5 340.

    • steve earle says:

      Hay J H, If we were looking for OG’s this year your two brutes from Ark would be high on everyones lists but it’s more likely Bill is going to look more to OT then guard. Plus Tretola is likely an early round pick and most mocks seem to have us taking a skill position ( CB, WR, RB ) with the second rd. pick. Never can tell with Bill though as we know. Still I’ll add these two to my board and wait and see.

  4. John says:

    3 FA’s that I think we should focus on:

    OL Kelechi Osemele
    DL Jaye Howard
    WR Marvin Jones or Brian Quick

    Anyone’s thoughts would be appreciated..

    • rolando strada says:

      Dont think Osemele be going elsewhere, he´s probably the main name on Baltimore´s o line

    • Jeff says:

      The Pats probably don’t have a lot of money to spend on free agents as a relatively high percentage of their roster is under contract, and the free agents to be don’t have large contracts, so I’d rule out anyone that’s going to command a large contract. At wide receiver, I wouldn’t be surprised to see both Lafell and Amendola dropped for cap savings, which would leave Edelman, Martin, Dobson, Slater, and perhaps a draft pick on the depth chart. The Pats would likely want to add a vet – I think Mohamed Sanu might be an option, as he’s a good route runner who may come cheap on a short contract.

      For D-Line, they do need a DT as Branch is likely to be let go, and contracts for Hicks and Siliga are up (though Siliga is restricted). I don’t know much about Howard, but I’d look again for someone on a 1-2 year deal for small money, perhaps an older vet looking for a final run at a Superbowl. Think like when Kevin Williams went to the Seahawks. Maybe Mebane?

      On the O-line, I’d set your sights lower. At this point I think they just need a reliable guy, not necessarily a world-beater, in case their young guys don’t develop. With Solder, Stork, and Vollmer, you have some strong pieces, so you just need guys that don’t suck while you see if Jackson, Mason, and Andrews can develop or if you need to go back to the draft again.

      I could also see cornerback and running back being targeted in free agency, though perhaps on one-year flier-type contracts.

      • steve earle says:

        I generally agree with your thinking but I can’t see why we would keep Dobson around, the guy can’t stay healthy and on the field. Amendola might be open to an adjusted, cap friendly new contract, who knows. LaFell must be the most vunerable WR now on the active roster and if Bill takes a WR in the draft LaFell had better have one heck of a camp, if he gets that far. (Sterling Shepherd WR Okla might be a strong possability.)
        I wouldn’t be shocked if we hear the name of an OT called with our 2nd rd pick. Not predicting it just saying. Agree if our three rookies inside need to make that second year jump and I expect them to, so we’ll be set there for a while. It’s OT I worry about. Cannon was supposed to be that swing guy and he’s just adequate, an upgrade is badly needed imo.

        • Jeff says:

          I’d love to see Amendola back on a smaller contract – he’s a solid slot receiver and punt returner, but we’ll have to see what the interest in him is like from other teams after a couple of relatively healthy seasons. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Dobson off the roster next year – I think most agree his ceiling is not as high as we’d initially hoped, and the injury bug has shown up with him consistently. However, he was having a quietly productive year, making catches when he did get his chances. I think if he was healthy he would be at least as productive as Lafell and Martin have been. If he’s healthy through training camp, it’ll be hard for the coaches to preemptively cut the guy from a fear of injury. We’ll see! No matter what, it’s hard to imagine the Pats not contending again next season with the glut of talent on the roster.

        • steve earle says:

          @ Jeff, You make a good point about Dobson and as I recall Edelman was being injured a lot in his first couple years with us so it’s really out of our pay grade to say yes or no on him. Bill and the coaches should have a solid read on the guy by now so all we can do is wait and see. A sign on which way those winds blow may be how Bill choses to draft with the 2nd rd. A wr might make Dobson expendable, who knows though?

        • Jeff says:

          Always fun talking Pats with you Steve!

        • steve earle says:

          @jeff, You got me thinking Jeff, if Amendola isn’t resigned after the playoffs to a friendly contract drafting Sterling Shepherd WR Okla with our 2nd would be a good move. (Heck even if he is.) Shepherd was an impact receiver at Okla though small he is fast. As we have seen with our offense with motion and stacking Eddelman and Amendola there is no troublr getting these sm guys off the line. Shepherd’s speed will get him seperation nearly every time. That would give Bill the leverage to sign Amendola or let him go and our offense remains dynamic. Add to that Lewis comming back and we have the makings of a really exciting 2016.

        • Jeff says:

          I certainly like the look of Shepherd – he sounds like a guy who would have success with the Pats. Only question is if the Pats are willing to spend a 2nd round pick on a slot guy or if they think they can find a quality guy in the third or later. Gronkowski, Edelman, Shepherd, a free agent WR (or Lafell if he’s still on the team), and Lewis could be very difficult to defend.

  5. steve earle says:

    Well we got past KC now that we are getting healthy again. ? on Collins now though? About Denver, Manning isn’t the QB of old so if we’re still healthy going into mile high we have a good chance imo.

    On the draft, anyone think if Goodell’s appeal on Brady’s court lifting his suspension is rejected the Pat’s could get our draft picks back? Any lawers out there with any opinions?

    • Jack says:

      No chance on getting the picks back. That boat sailed long ago.

      • steve earle says:

        Probably right but just have to think if the courts conferm the investigation was bogus what grounds does the league have to punish? Would seem arbitary.

        • td says:

          The beauty of Goodell justice is that the original evidence is never brought into the light because of the CBA process. The only thing being challenged now is the process that the NFL uses in setting punishment and arbitration.

          IMO, the reason the NFL did not hesitate to reinstate the Deflator and the other guy is that they could possibly take the NFL to court and then the Wells Report and all of its circumstantial evidence and junk science would be scrutinized.

        • steve earle says:

          @td, That has been the thinking behind my question on matter. A law suit could do no good for Goodell or the NFL as if it hasn’t had enough bad press the past couple years. If Bob Kraft decides to push the issue things could really get interesting. Nothing like an off season dog fight to brighten up a winter night.

  6. Russell says:

    Please check-out my articles on, …..thanks!!

  7. Ryan says:

    Some of the top O-Linemen I’m targeting are Kyle Murphy and Spencer Drango in the 2nd, Joe Haeg in the 3rd and Tyler Johnstone and Joe Dahl in the 6th. Tackle does feel like a need, but its important to remember that we had Josh Kline playing for us at the guard position. Ideally, I’d like someone with the flexibility to play either.

    • steve earle says:

      I have a couple other OT’s you might take a look at. LaRaven Clark Tex Tech 6-6 315 LT and a small school guy Willie Beavers W. Tex. St. 6-5 312 (invited to the Sr. Bowl) also a LT.

      • steve earle says:

        Correction Willie Beavers is from W. Mich not W. Tex St. sorry about that guys.

      • Ryan says:

        Yeah LeRaven has come up as an interesting name. He would have to transition to an NFL offense coming out of Mike Leach’s Texas Tech scheme, but he will probably be a very good player if he can make that leap. I wouldn’t be unhappy if we drafted him, but I’d say I’m only moderately interested because as a team we are looking for players who can immediately produce.

        • steve earle says:

          I hear what your saying but expect Solder back for 16 to rejoin Volmer as starters so I would think there is time to develope and fit into the system. What I read is they think he has the ability to be a LT in the pros and has the size necessary plus we already are getting by without Solder already this year. Wonder do you have concerns that he couldn’t make the transition? Anyway if everyone is looking for early starters I might think he could slide to us as far down as our pick in the 3rd. What is your thinking on that, and would that be a good spot?

  8. Russell says:

    I look for the Patriots to close-up the Oline gaps, with Vollmer back in the line-up. I also look for TE Mike Williams at the FB spot on one side or the other of Brady. I also look for more down field plays with Eldeman, with Gronk staying in the more “Eldeman ” type areas. Scott Chandler needs a big game.
    Chandler Jones sits the first half, but has a big second half.
    Patriots 27 Chiefs 20

  9. Russell says:

    I like Spriggs as well, not sure Coach Belichick would take an OT at #2nd round but maybe. He also has a TE back ground much like Nate Solder.
    I’m watching Tyler Marz also 6’7″ 315lbs. Played mostly left tackle, his foot work is not as good as Spriggs, but he looks stronger, stopping bull rushers. Marz was also academic All-Big Ten ; 2012,13,and an intelligent prospect.
    My feeling is Marz is a late 3d round guy.
    There is a great group of OT this year with; Tunsil, Stanley, Decker, Conklin, Spriggs , Ifedi, Murphy, and Marz.
    My thoughts are to draft Max Tuerk 6’5″ 295lbs and “groom’ him as the Patriots next right tackle. With his knee injury rehab he could miss training camp. Turek needs strength, but has GREAT foot work, and also a TE back ground. Intelligent prospect playing OC at USC.

    • Russell says:

      academic all-big ten, 2012,13,and 14.

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I have not really sat down and scouted Conklin yet, but I watched enough games for me to think Spriggs is going to end up higher on my board. Conklin is less athletic and more passive, which has not worked out for guys in the past.
      Tuerk is an interesting prospect because he has versatility. Marz is on my “to watch list” because of his size, but I have not seen much of him to give any quick thoughts right now.
      It is difficult to gauge what the Patriots look for in Oline right now because the guys they have drafted recently are not in the same mold of guys they have typically had in the past. I prefer the Solder, Vollmer types myself, but we will will see if they continue to go for the bigger mauler types going forward.

      • Russell says:

        I have 3 Olineman on my Patriot draft board, Tuerk (depending on rehab) Marz and maybe the best fit, Parker Ehinger. Ehinger is 6’5″ 320lbs, and played at Cincinnati, mostly at OG but some ROT. Very good foot work, uses hands well, stays balanced, mauler type, intelligent, team captain, great body of experience. Ehinger is a 4th round guy, right in coach Belichick’s wheel house for Olineman!!
        Patriots saw something in OT Waddle to grab him off the wire from Detroit. I don’t see Wendell going back next year.
        So I agree an OG/OT type is more of what they may be looking for. Check out Ehinger!

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