2015 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Shaq Mason (OL, Georgia Tech)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

After exciting their fans with two picks that college football fans are familiar with, the New England Patriots found themselves back on the clock for the third time in the fourth round. After adding Tre Jackson with one selection, Bill Belichick added another guard by selecting Shaq Mason (OL, Georgia Tech).

Even though Mason is only 6’1″ and 300 pounds, he is one of the most powerful blockers in this draft class. He fires off the ball with perfect pad level and doesn’t stop dominating the opponent until the referee is reaching for his flag.

Mason excels in the run game and is balanced enough to work down the field and dispose of second-level defenders. He uses his hands well and can move laterally when needed.

He wasn’t asked to pass block all too often for Georgia Tech, but he has shown the ability to mirror. He occasionally gets a bit too aggressive and will get beat after getting knocked off-balance by a more patient defender. His short arms and lack of height won’t help him either.

Mason projects as a left guard or center in the Patriots scheme, able to pull across the formation and to the edge on outside runs.

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11 Responses to “2015 NFL Draft: Patriots Select Shaq Mason (OL, Georgia Tech)”

  1. acm says:

    Well, at least the long-snapper situation has been settled with a 5th round pick.
    With Cardona being from Navy, BB probably broke an ankle there running to hand in the card.
    First Navy player drafted in 20 years LOL

  2. Kevan says:

    Look for the pats to draft Joe cordona long snapper with one of these last picks.

  3. Russell says:

    AAAHHHH, Davis Tull to New Orleans, after trading our 5th pick to G.B. For What????

  4. Ryan says:

    Well, we may not have gotten a strong cornerback, but the fourth round was a resounding success. Two strong O-linemen and a strong D-lineman. After questionable picks at best on Day 2 Belicheck’s fourth round has totally redeemed him.

  5. KNOWLEDGE says:

    If we can grab Ekpre-Olomu this late, he could end up being great but I don’t know if he can help the weak crop of CB’s in comparison to last year. Revis is the most valuable non quarterback in the NFL. I would have let McCourty walk, and pay Revis $45 million guaranteed. Free Safety is much easier to replace in comparison to the best corner since Deion Sanders

    • Ryan says:

      The Pats offered Revis a lot and he didn’t bite. He wanted back in the Meadowlands after he won his championship. Also, the Revis v. McCourty debate isn’t that simple. Revis is the best in the league at his position but there are many other players who could give us a strong level of play at his position. As for McCourty, he was unrivaled on the market this year as a free safety and perhaps only Damarious Randall could’ve matched him. We would’ve had to trade up to grab him, so there’s hardly an abundance of McCourty’s out there. Seeing as Talib did great things for our defense I find it likely that another great CB could make our defense work. To me, retaining McCourty made more sense because it is harder to obtain a player able to do his job than it is for Revis and McCourty cost us significantly less money to keep.

  6. KNOWLEDGE says:

    Great Day 3 picks, but this could have been an AMAZING draft if they grabbed Tevin Coleman at 64 and a CB in the 3rd. Here comes Stephon Diggs or possibly taking the risk on Ajayi

  7. Daniel R. Martin says:

    I like this pick. Perhaps I shouldn’t, but I really do. I think Shaq Mason, Stork and Tre Jackson will make for a very physical, aggressive and potentially dominate interior line, especially in run blocking. I’m very perplexed and disappointed by the 2nd round safety selection, and I think the 3rd round pick could have been better. But, I had Jackson in my early mock and I think BB found great value there. I’m not sure why he feel so far. I believe he was projected to go second to early 3rd. I don’t see a way to regain the quality secondary we just lost prior to next season. Hopefully some team(s) will be willing to deal away a cover corner or two. Don’t see an upgrade over what is already on the roster in this draft.

  8. MM-II says:

    Still a half-dozen good RBs and probably 8-10 good WRs left to select from.

    Not to mention TE Jesse James.

  9. MM-II says:

    And there ya go, again.

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