Now Available: Mike Loyko’s 2015 NFL Draft Guide

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NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

My 2015 NFL Draft Guide is finally finished! 289 full page, full color scouting reports in an easy to read format. Without a doubt the most comprehensive NFL Draft book on the market today. You simply can’t find full-page, comprehensive scouting reports on many of the players I included in this book. Follow along with the draft guide as the draft goes on and when your team picks that obscure player you don’t know much about, chances are he’s in this book…


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All 280 Scouting Reports look exactly like the one above. The scouting reports are easy to read and not filled with a bunch of information found on their school biography page. Each one is a breakdown of what the player can and can’t do. It will be a great resource to keep and look through in the future.

How to purchase: The book is available in full color PDF format. There are two ways to purchase. The first option is to send the payment via Paypal. I will attempt to fill the orders as quickly as possible. All orders will be filled by the end of the day.

Price: $16.00

Payment: I accept payments through paypal. My paypal address is Please send payments as a “gift” so I am not charged a fee and please include the E-Mail address you want me to send the draft guide to. As soon as I receive notice of payment I will e-mail you the link to download the guide.

Second Option:

Due to the interest received last year you can now purchase the guide through a host site called “Gumroad”. By using this site you can download the link directly and pay with any debit/credit card you have. Please note that if you use Gumroad the price is $1.00 ($17) more because they charge me a small tax on each unit. Here is the link:

I appreciate all the support and feedback I receive from my readers. I’ve worked extremely hard the last four months to get this guide complete and I’m thrilled with the final results. I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I’de be happy to answer any other questions or suggestions. Please feel free to email me: or hit me up on Twitter.


Mike Loyko

8 Responses to “Now Available: Mike Loyko’s 2015 NFL Draft Guide”

  1. Russell says:

    I have BB tradeing back out of the 1st with K.C. Patriots #32 to K.C.for thier #49 and # 80 . K.C. use’s #18 for OL Eric Flowers, and #32 for WR Jalen Strong.
    Patriots draft;
    #49 CB Eric Rowe
    #64 OL Laken Tomlinson
    #80 OLB Lorenzo Mauldin
    #96 DE Henry Anderson
    #97 WR Kenny Bell
    #101 OLB Davis Tull
    #131 S/CB Adrian Amos
    #177 DT Kristjan Sokoli
    #219 OL Brey Cook
    #253 OL Shaquille Mason

    • acm says:

      Can’t say I am a fan of this one. You take only one quality prospect at OL and Pats lack depth in talent at the position beyond the 5 starters from last year (and that’s assuming Connolly comes back). Will Cook and Mason change that? Very much doubt so … this year would not be the time for such experiments considering 3 of the top 5 DLs in the league now reside in the AFC East.

      You take two very similar players in Sokoli and Anderson, while you don’t take a bigger DL-man to help with the run in a draft deep at the position. That’s just poor allocation of resources, imo.

      Similar issue goes for Mauldin and Tull – relatively similar player with the latter being the more versatile of the two. I like Mauldin as a college prospect but he isn’t athletic enough to fall back and play off-line LB, while probably not explosive and maybe even big enough to be a game-changer at full-time DE. I see him fall in teh draft due to lack of a well defined role.
      I wouldn’t hate the Pats taking Mauldin just think there would be considerably better ways to spend that mid 3rd round pick – in the late 4th-5th round one can argue he’d be good value, not the case with an early-ish 3rd round pick, though.

  2. Ryan says:

    Apparently the Patriots have met with WR Nelson Agholor. I don’t think that we should go WR in the first round, but if we could work out a trade back and pick Agholor up close to pick 40 that would work well. The Pats could trade picks 32 and 96 to the Giants for picks 41 and 73, also moving up in the third to give the Patriots a shot at a falling second-round talent. Here’s what the mock would look like:

    Pick 41: WR Nelson Agholor
    Pick 64: CB Alex Carter
    Pick 73: OG Tre Jackson
    Pick 97: OLB Lorenzo Mauldin
    Pick 101: DT Gabe Wright
    Pick 131: CB D’Joun Smith
    Pick 177: OG/T Sean Hickey
    Pick 219: DT Tyeler Davison
    Pick 253: ILB Trey DePriest

  3. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots Mock Draft
    1 Jaelon Strong WR Arizona St.
    2 Kevin Johnson CB Wake Forest
    3 Mitch Morse G Missouri
    3 Henry Anderson DL Stanford
    4 Jalston Fowler RB Alabama
    4 Daryl Williams OT Oklahoma
    6 Zack Wagenmann OLB Montana
    7 Tyler Heinicke QB Old Dominion
    7 Anthony Jefferson S UCLA

    • Jeff says:

      If the Pats land Strong and Johnson, I’ll be pumped, but I think Johnson will be going much sooner. I also like the QB you picked, though I’m not sure the Pats will be using a pick at that position.

      How about this draft, assuming the Pats trade picks 96 and 101 (3rd and 4th) for picks 82 and 152 from Houston (3rd and 5th):

      1: Kevin Johnson (CB)
      2: Ali Marpet (G)
      3 (Houston): Tre Jackson (G)
      3 (compensatory): Jeremy Langford (RB)
      4: Ben Heeney (LB)
      5 (Houston): Leterrius Walton (DT)
      6: Shaq Mason (C)
      7: CJ Uzomah (TE)
      7 (comp): Zach Vigil (LB)

  4. howie horvath says:

    Hi Mike – I enjoyed the ’14 guide last year and will be getting it again for ’15. In the meanwhile how about some feedback on this mock?

    1. Eddie Goldman DT
    2. P.J. Williams CB
    3. Stephone Anthony LB
    3. Josue Matias G
    4. David Johnson RB
    4. Tyler Lockett WR
    6. Max Garcia C/G
    7. Jamon Brown G/T
    7. Tyler Varga FB/ST

  5. Mike Gerken says:

    This is a must have folks. As soon as I get back from this god forsaken work trip, I am running to my computer and getting this.
    I only hope to continue to learn from Mr. Loyko and that I can put out as good of content as he does someday.

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