2015 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Mock 2.0

Cameron Erving would fill a big need and the connections are obvious.

Cameron Erving would fill a huge need and the connections are obvious.

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

The NFL Combine wrapped up last week giving us a little more clarity and a lot more data when it comes to projecting potential draft picks. Even though a major mile marker is in the rear-view mirror there are sill two months remaining until the draft begins April 30th. With teams and prospects jet-setting around the country to get acquainted with each other draft boards and projections will change. As we sit today, 2 months out from the draft and roughly a week and a half away from the start of Free Agency here is what the New England Patriots 2015 NFL Draft Class could look like.

Notes: After completing this exercise it became even more clear that this is a draft where the Patriots to be very aggressive moving up the draft board. First, they are slated to have nine or ten selection (six in the top 105) and there is no way nine rookies are making next year’s roster. Secondly, the talent in this year’s draft tails off towards the end of the second round and once again around pick 100. While I didn’t project trades, because they’re impossible to predict (especially before free agency), I do expect the Patriots to package some of their 3rd and 4th Round picks as currency.

The Patriots have yet to make a single roster move as it relates to their 2015 Roster. That is bound to change any day now. Once we find out what they chose to do with Darrelle Revis, which players they chose to resign, and which areas they target on the free agent market, all of this will change. For now here is what the Patriots 2015 Draft could look like.

** Finally, I don’t want to hear “There is no way Player X will be available at Pick X”. The draft is two months away. Some of you say that every year and every year it turns out to be false.**


Round One (32) – Cameron Erving, OL, Florida State
It’s nice to be back home in the 32nd draft slot. With his selection the team can do in a number of different directions including pass rusher, wide receiver, and even offensive tackle. As of right NOW it looks like the top tier of pass rushers will be off the board and I’m not sure there is a Wide Receiver worth taking here that fits their system immediately. For those reasons I project the Patriots to go back to the well at Florida State and add another Seminole to their Interior Offensive Line. Dante Scarnecchia has a tight relationship with Florida State OL Coach Rick Trickett and I expect Scar to be making multiple voyages down to Tallahassee this spring. Erving is the most talented Offensive Lineman coming out of Florida State this year and a great fit for the Patriots.

Erving is a superior athlete that moved inside from Tackle to finish the year at Center. The Patriots Center position looks solid with Bryan Stork, but I don’t think Erving will have any issues moving to Right or Left Guard. Erving has great size, athleticism, and his mobility fits the Patriots blocking system well. Interior Offensive Linemen get devalued and pushed down the draft board each year, so there is a good chance Erving makes it to the end of round one. It’s not sexy picking an Interior OL in round one, but he checks a lot of the Patriots boxes and his versatility will be extremely attractive to the coaching staff.

Round Two (64) Preston Smith, DE, Mississippi State
Pass rush depth is a major area of need for the Patriots. Rob Ninkovich played a higher snap % than any other Defensive Lineman in the NFL and they were forced to make a trade once Chandler Jones went down. Luckily for the Patriots it’s an incredibly deep draft for Edge Rushers and they should be able to get one in the second round. After hearing Nick Caserio talk about their analytics for evaluating Chandler Jones at the Sloan Sports Conference and mentioning that his height, arm length, and agility numbers all fit their requirements for the position, two players came to mind for the 2015 Draft; Preston Smith and LSU’s Danielle Hunter.

For the sake of this mock I went with Mississippi State’s Preston Smith. The Patriots have made a concerted effort to sign at least one UDFA from Mississippi State the last four years, so they obviously like the schematic fit. Smith’s raw measurable and combine testing is ridiculously similar to Chandler Jones’s testing in 2012. Here’s the comparison:

Jones  Smith
6050     6047
266       271
35.5      34
4.87      4.78
22         24 (Bench)
10′        10’1″(Broad)
35″        34″(Vertical)
7.07     7.07 (3-Cone)
4.38     4.28 (Shuttle)

Smith doesn’t have the same upside that Jones has as a pass rusher, but he does many of things that the Patriots value. His size, length, and agility numbers are all solid indicators that the Patriots will have interest in drafting Smith. Danielle Hunter has similar measurables, but he’s younger, more flexible, and a superior athlete. I believe that both player will be selected at some point in round two and they could even make it to the end of the round with so many edge rushers coming off the board in the first round. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Patriots go after an edge rusher in round one albeit one with a higher ceiling. In that scenario they could select a receiver in round two and hold off on adding to the Offensive Line until the middle rounds of the draft.

Round Three (96) – Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami (FL)
Wide Receiver is a difficult position to project for the Patriots right, because a lot is going to change in the next three weeks. Regardless of what happens to the current roster (Amendola, Boyce, Tyms) the Patriots need more speed on the perimeter and at least he threat of a receiver that can stretch the field vertically. Dorsett is arguably the most explosive receiver in the draft class and he can impact the passing game at every level of the field. He wasn’t the most consistent receiver in college, but his speed and lateral quickness are both needed commodities on this roster. Dorsett makes the Patriots receiving corps more diverse and will open things up a little bit in the middle of the field by forcing the Safeties to respect his vertical speed. Dorsett lacks the size that most Patriots fans want, but he’d add another layer to the passing attack.

Round Three (97*) – Stephone Anthony, LB, Clemson
Linebacker depth is always a concern for the Patriots. Now with the injuries to Jerod Mayo and Dont’a Hightower coming off shoulder surgery adding another capable linebacker to the roster is imperative. Anthony has the size the Patriots prefer at the position and is in the midst of a tremendous draft season. He was named the best Linebacker at the Senior Bowl and reportedly impressed teams during combine interviews. Anthony is the type of Linebacker take some of the load off Jamie Collins in terms of run support and even play in some sub-packages. He played on the Inside at Clemson, but should be able to play on the Strong-side if needed.

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146 Responses to “2015 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Mock 2.0”

  1. Ken W says:

    Here are a couple of players that I like for the Pats:

    1st: Cameron Erving (OL), Malcom Brown (DL), Eli Harold (DE), Todd Gurley (RB)
    Wild Card for 1st: Shaq Thomson (LB) can play a lot of different positions plus plays special teams which BB values.

    2nd: Stephone Anthony (LB) he is borderline 1st in my opinion, Clive Walford (TE),
    Michael Bennett (DL), Jay Ajayi (RB)

    3rd: David Cobb (RB), Duke Johnson (RB), Byron Jones (CB)

    4th: Kenny Bell (WR), Kurtis Drummond (SS), Malcom Brown (RB)

  2. RD says:

    That’d be an amazing draft but zero chance it happens. Dorset is a borderline first rounder. No way he lasts til the end of the third. Johnson is going on day 2, possibly round two. Backs with his size, running and receiving ability won’t fall to the 4th. Ekpre-Olomu won’t likely last that long. He’ll go on day 2. Really doubt Campbell lasts til the 6th, and Bell in a weak TE class probably goes in the 5th.

  3. steve earle says:

    Looks like it’s a post Wolfolk era now in NE. All my previous mocks are in the trash so having considered it I’ll try a new approach. Trying it on for size.

    1) Jordan Phillips DT Okla
    2) Jake Fischer OL Ore
    3) Marcus Hardison DE/T Arz St
    3 comp) Xavior Cooper DT/E Wash St
    4 TB) Ali Marpet OL Hobart
    4) Austin Shepherd OL Ala
    6) Davis Tull DE/OLB Chatt
    7 )Keyshone Jarrett SS Vir Tech.

    • Dylan.C says:

      I like all of these guys but it’s pretty wishful thinking to believe that any of these players would still be available when you are taking them. One can dream though!

  4. J H TARBORO says:

    Nebraska pro day WR Kenny Bell shocked scouts by improving upon his combine number in the 40yds by running in the mid 4.3s. I like this kid, and i believe he’s a great fit for our system.

  5. Russell says:

    I think the League is moving away from “space eating” guys at DT. Teams are looking more for quicker, disruptive DT’s . I think Easley was along that line of thinking in last years draft. DT chris Jones is also that type guy. In this years draft, Michael Bennett, Xaiver Williams, Angleo Blackson, fit the quicker type DT. I’m sure there are other guys as well as these , they just seem like Ptriot type guys.

    • Philip says:

      I don’t think so… as you can see how vulnerable we were against the run.
      Chris Jones can’t handle the run.

    • steve earle says:

      Whether or not the league is moving away from or toward one successful system or not doesn’t mean that is the only way to go. The NFL is a copycat league and the smaller lighter D-lines may be the flavor of the month but so what? A D-line’s job is to stop the run and pressure the passer in equal measures and it doesn’t matter if that’s done by an army of pigmy’s or three or four Vince Wilfolk clones. The guys up front must be “disruptive” in both phases of the game regardless of body types.

  6. Dylan.C says:

    Not happy to see Wilfork go but it was definitely the right choice, hopefully they can bring him back on a 1 year deal under $2mil as the “farewell vince” tour. If that money means that we can bring back Dmac and Revis it is well worth the choice.

    Restructuring Mayo and Amendola would be nice but from I understand a good portion of their 2015 salaries are guaranteed and the Pats wouldn’t save that much money by cutting them, leaving them with little leverage.

    • Jeff says:

      With the level that Wilfork played at this year, especially given the number of snaps, I would think he could still get a 2-3 year deal, albeit for way less than 8 million per or whatever he had on his Pats contract. If it’s a one year deal, I would expect it to be closer to 4 than 2 million. Past his prime or not, he was still a stud this season, and will probably be good next year too.

      • Dylan.C says:

        I thought he was pretty mediocre for most of the regular season but he really turned it on for the home stretch. He probably played his best game of the year in the SuperBowl.

    • steve earle says:

      I’m not sure about Vince coming back a second time. More likely to me is he try’s another year somewhere else or retires. I’d love to have him back as a coach though. But time for both to move on.

  7. Russell says:

    I look for Wilfork to sign a 1yr deal 2.5 mil. and call it his last year in the NFL and stay with the Patriots.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      It sounds great but it’s not going to happen, plus if you know anything about Vince’s wife, she wouldn’t approve of that deal anyways. Vince is a class act and leaves with a lovely parting gift- a Superbowl ring!

    • steve earle says:

      I’d like to see Wolfolk resign for one yr at your 2.5 mil with agreement to become d-line coach thereafter. Would miss his name not being part of Patriots going forward.

  8. Jeff says:

    Patriots were smart to set up the contract so that they’re “declining the option” rather than cutting him. Now they’ll cross their fingers and hope he doesn’t get a big free agent offer and allow other teams to give him the reality check of the market for players at his age. Then, if he’s not blown away, they can present a more modest offer without having started a big pride battle with him. I’m hoping he’s back for another 2 years and would like to see a veteran brought in be it Wilfork or someone else. I don’t like the idea of Siliga being the most veteran player at the position. Look how Ninkovich heads up a young DE group and Mayo leads a young LB group.

  9. Philip says:

    Wilforks option has not been picked by the pats … that will change the draft and the whole FA for them.
    I hope they can get him back, but I don’t think so …sad to heard, but football is also business. And he is getting older.

    Now we need to restructure Mayo and Amendola and we would have the cap room for Revis and DMac.

    Maybe with some BB magic we can also get Suh to a Revis-like deal *just dreaming*
    Fairly or Knighton would be the capfriendlier possiblity if they decide to go the FA trip for a DT.

    I guess they go the Draft trip … now I see a possibilty of trading up for a second pick in round two … maybe our 3rd, 4th and 5th for a mid-round 2 pick.

    1st Erving/Flowers
    2nd (trade) Davis/Cooper
    2nd (our) Ecpre-Olomo / Peters
    3rd (proj. comp.) D.Smith (OT Penn) / J.Shaw (CB/SAF) / Anthony (ILB)

    Better player available.

    • Ryan says:

      If losing Wilfork means that we keep McCourty and Revis, that’s fine by me. If we want to go for Vince’s replacement in the first round then Eddie Goldman makes sense, if not we could probably grab a good player in the second. We will need to find a space-eater though, not just a smaller, fundamentally sound DT.

      • Philip says:

        in the pass-happy nfl a secondary means more .. and his play is in decline. … still sad to see him play for any other team … for heaven sake the AFC east D-Lines are strong.

    • steve earle says:

      Right, agree, if Wolfolk goes then DT becomes a priority for rounds 1 or 2. There goes my mocks! I ddd Malcom Brown and Jordan Phillips o the replacement wish list.

      • Ryan says:

        If Malcolm Brown falls to us we’d better take him. I see him going in the early 20s but he just might drop to us.

      • Russell says:

        I think the league is moving away from “space eating” DT’s and moving more towards quicker, disruptive Dlinemen. Easley is more that type DT , and in this years draft Michael Bennett is that type. Xaiver Wiliams also fits that type DT.

        • Philip says:

          M.Bennett is a Easley type … more of a pass-rusher .. we still need a big guy to stop the run. We lost / nearly lost to run heavy teams last season… we need a young mammut who is still disruptive against pass. Phillips or Brown are in my mind.

    • Matt says:

      Restructure Mayo & Amendola . Didn’t Cannon sign a some what large contract as well? Maybe they can restructure his deal to.

  10. J H TARBORO says:

    Vince Wilfolk just tweeted, the Pats aren’t picking up his option for 2015.

  11. Oppitz says:

    So Wilfork it’s probably not coming back, I’m OK with that, although he was still a good player and a important piece for the defense and specially on locker room, he’s no longer unsubstitutable.

    But that change plans for free agency and/or draft, we’re gonna need another big body on the DL. If we could sign Dockett or Ngata (if Ravens end up cutting him) I dont think we gonna miss him on the field.

    I just hope he doesnt go to Ravens, Colts, Denver or another AFC East team, it would be a sad thing to see.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Great player, and he will be missed. As far as a change in plans, it doesn’t change a thing. I’ve been a Pats fan for 30yrs + and have seen all 8 superbowls since 85′. I know what happens around here when the Pats win and lose superbowls, divisional playoff games etc.
      If you look back at mocks and older postings, i had a strong feeling who would be going and i was right.

  12. Stephen J says:

    An good read from Dane Brugler

    2015 NFL Draft: Fumble rate among RB prospects


  13. opticfanboy24 says:

    I personally don’t think Erving would be a good pick. Not saying he is bad but he is better suited to play center and we just drafted Stork. I think we will draft an FSU OLine in the 3rd however, Tre Jackson, he the only natural guard out of the four FSU players. I think the pats should take the risk on DGB because he has the potential to be a Demaryius/Dez type talent. If we don’t trade out of the first they should draft Dupree if he’s available. He’s a athletic specimen and reminds me a lot of Collins. He would take pressure of Ninkovich/Jones as well and hopefully Zach Moore continues to develop.

    The whole draft depends on FA, if we retain Revis and DMac we maybe could try for Trent Cole or a more realistic option would be Jabaal Sheard. OLB/DE’s that can rush the passer.

    I really hope the pats don’t draft Sammie Coates, very fast and tall but got Reche Caldwell hands.

    Mock Draft Pre-FA:
    Round 1: Bud Dupree-OLB/DE
    Round 2: DGB-WR
    Round 3: Tre Jackson-G
    Round 4(via TB)(2nd pick of round): Stephone Anthony-ILB
    Round 4:Kenny Bell – WR
    Round 6(via TB)(2nd pick of round):Derrick Lott-DT
    Round 7(via TB)(2nd pick of round): Ladarius Gunter-S

    This may be a dream draft without trades and compensatory picks assigned so it will change. Especially if we get a high compensation for Talib. Revis doesn’t count because he was cut not a normal FA who was signed away.

  14. matty says:

    Decent mock. We should go after best player available first two rounds, taking any top player that slides. I’d live to see shaq here, for example; I think he’ll fall to 32. But most likely we’ll take best Guard or DE/DT. I’d be fine with them cutting Wilfofk and Mayo to get some cash to sign mccourty and revis, which would mean drafting a DT in first two rounds to replace.

    • nflgenius says:

      I like revis at three years/$40 million with $30 guaranteed. And Mccourty at four years/$40 million with $28 million guaranteed.

      • dpatsfan says:

        With Revis gone and probably browner one it looks like a getting a CB early may be a priority

  15. J H TARBORO says:

    The Vikings trade QB Matt Cassell to the Bills for undisclosed draft pick. Cassell sucks!!!

    • Dylan.C says:

      I feel like he is a solid middle of the road qb/ game manager and has just ended up injured the last few seasons before really proving his worth. Solid veteran back up or starter in a run heavy offense even though I am sure they are hoping Manuel develops and they can start him.

    • Russell says:

      Buffalo gets Casel and Minn. 6th draft pick, for Buffalo’s 5th. (they have two 5th’s it would be the second one. I saw this coming and wrote about it on the Buffalo site.

      • Ryan says:

        That’s a good deal from the Bills perspectives. The only problem is now they’ll want to start Matt Cassell.

        • Russell says:

          It will be a good move as long as the Bills draft a QB to learn from a vet. guy like Cassell, and it will help QB Manuel as well.

  16. Dylan.C says:

    Here is my current List of prospects that I like for the Patriots

    DE – Odighizawa
    DE – Danielle Hunter
    DE – Nate Orchard
    DE – David Tull
    DE – Zach Hodges

    DL – Xavier Cooper
    DL – Mario Williams
    DL – Marcus Hardison
    DL – Gabe Wright

    LB – Shaq Thompson
    LB – Hauoli Kikaha
    LB – Kwon ALexander
    LB – Ramik Wilson
    LB – Terrence Plummer

    OL – Jake Fischer
    OL – Ali Marpet
    OL – Laken Tomlinson
    OL – Jeremiah Poutasi

    TE – Clive Walford
    TE – Jesse James
    TE – Nick O’Leary

    • Dylan.C says:

      There are allot of prospects who I like more but I chose to leave anyone projected to go earlier off.

      • steve earle says:

        Understand completely, good policy. Nice list, I’d add a few names though.
        DE Marcus Golden (with eye toward OLB)
        DT Ellis McCarthy
        OL Camron Irving
        OL AJ Cann
        OL Arie Kouandjio
        OL Daryl Williams
        OL Ty Sambrallo
        Not much intrest in TE’s James and O’Leary

        • Dylan.C says:

          Ellis McCarthy definitely fits the bill as a space eating NT based purely on his measurable’s but I was pretty underwhelmed when I watched his tape.

          Felt the same way about Eli Harold so I left him off the list.

          I like all those O-Linemen and Golden. There is good value to be found in the trenches all throughout the mid rounds of this draft so I will be happy if they take any combination of these players based on whoever the best player available is when their picks roll around.

          I really don’t see the need for many (any) skill players, especially at wide out. The roster is pretty crowded as is and there are so many veteran receivers available, plus we all know rookies face a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to the new england scheme.

    • Brian says:

      I especially like Danielle hunter and owa odighizawa. Hoping to come out with one of them and either DJ humphries or jake Fischer. Who could slide into guard and then take over for vollmer if and when we move on.
      Another guy I like is Quentin Rollins, however I don’t see our coach taking a guy that is so new and raw to football. I think his skills as a point guard in basketball will translate quite well to CB and think we might see this trend in the future.

      • steve earle says:

        Interesting observation Brian. Have you decided where you think Rollins will be drafted? TBO I’m not familiar with him so I’m going on a research hunt. Thanks for the heads up.

        • Brian says:

          I think Rollins goes in the mid to late second round barring some team falling in love with him. Example being DJ Hayden last year who many thought would go much later.
          Regarding the basketball skills. The guards job is to stick to the hip of the player he is guarding, use active to hands to steal the ball away and use angling to limit the drives to the hoop. All very transferable skills for a corner. So I believe that once Quentin catches up with his football knowledge and play recognition, he will be one hell of a player.

          Regarding the RB position. I think he names to keep an eye on are Jeremy Langford, Cameron artis-Payne and hopefully Todd gurley. All those guys are on the low end of the fumbling rate and are no nonsense runners. If gurley is there at the end of the 1st, I hope we take them and become a power running team for Brady’s remaining years.

          Another player I see bill drafting is Eric Rowe from Utah. The guys a team captain, versatile enough to play safety and cornerback and was said to miss all of two tackles in his entire senior year.

    • Henry says:

      Xavier Cooper’s foot speed and overall agility is unreal for his size. Has experience all over the defensive line as well.

      • Dylan.C says:

        On the film I watched he was in the backfield disrupting the play on almost every snap. Didn’t matter if he was lined up as 3-4 DE, 4-3 DT or even 4-3 DE. Versatility that the Pats usually covet.

  17. Roxy Bob says:

    Business is business and in business some hard choices must be made. I would cut Vince Wilfork and Danny Amendola and resign Revis to a 4year 56m contract(42m guaranteed). I would let McCourty,Vereen and Ridley go as free agents. I’d sign Reggie Bush for the minimum, and take a mobile DT(Jordan Phillips?) with my First pick. Phillip Dorsett could be a capable replacement for Amedola in the 2nd rd. Eric Rowe(3rd rd) may be the same type of player that McCourty is with some good coaching.

    • steve earle says:

      With Wolfolk now a big ???? Jordan Phillips and Marcus Brown move up to the top of my board. Not sure why we cant resign both Revis and McCourty or why you want to sign RB Bush as we already have three power backs?

      • Roxy Bob says:

        Sorry to get back to you so late but my computer has been acting up. I hope we can sign Revis and McCourty but Devin’s going to get a lot of pressure to join his twin in Tenn. and he is head and shoulders better than anyone else available at safety in free agency. Bush may be a cheap reliable fill in for Vereen’s spot. In our offense, a back who can catch the ball is vitale. All my suggestions were made should certain things happen. By the way should McCourty leave, don’t be surprised if the Patriots kick the tires on Palomalou.

  18. Dan Sullivan says:

    Free Agents for Patriots
    1 Reavis
    2 B.J. Raji Green Bay
    3 A.J. Hawk Green Bay
    4 Brooks Reed Texans
    5 Ryan Matthews Chargers

    1 Hau’oli Kikaha OLB Washington
    2 Duke Johnson RB Miami
    3 Henry Anderson DL Stanford
    3 Mario Edwards DL Florida St.
    4 Terry Poole OT San Diego St.
    4 Charles Gaines CB Louisville
    6 B.J. Finney G/C Kansas St.
    7 Titus Davis WR Central Michigan
    7 Antwan Goodley WR Baylor

    Great Job as a Father Curt Schilling and I know the times bringing my kids to college
    was a great experience so enjoy it very much.

    Red Sox Cole Hammels is worth the expensive price he would help staff greatly.

    • steve earle says:

      You leave our most critical need (o-line) to low/mid and low round picks. BB’s doing that the past few has resulted in the very problem we see today. I’d just as soon keep Brady alive for a couple more seasons.

  19. tes says:

    Mike L, thanks for this article. I have a question about DT since you did not touch on the position in this particular article…

    I think the team needs to look for a young run stuffer on the inside to start feeding the pipeline. If the patriots cannot get one of those top guys (Malcolm Brown, Eddie Goldman etc) in the early stages of the draft, what are some other run stuffers that have caught your eye thus far that are eligible for the draft that may be available late on day 2 or on day 3? I know those run pluggers have been devalued lately in the NFL but I see that as a big weakness of the patriots D. Thanks Mike.

  20. tes says:

    Absolutely love David Johnson. Perfect replacement for vereen if he so chooses to move on in FA. There are some top RBs (even some heavy ones like a Mike Davis) with underrated hands in this draft, but we are looking for a mismatch player on the LB and that is Johnson and Abdullah. And I think Abdullah’s fumbling and pass protection issues will drop him off the pats’ list..Johnson’s pass pro is manageable IMO, he should be their guy. I think Johnson is being undervalued in the groupthink draft media world right now but I bet teams value him pretty highly.

  21. Joe Blake says:

    Please tell me BB was not a Auburn’s Pro Day to watch Sammy Coates…he is Chad Jackson incarnate! All the skills with bad hands….

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah, hopefully Belicheck doesn’t take him in the first and someone grabs him before our second pick rolls around. Not the kind of receiver I’d like to add through the draft.

    • Stephen J says:

      Well Here is what Tony Pauline said in reference to the Patriots and Auburn Pro Day

      I’m told the Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots have shown great interest in Grant, who has sealed himself as a late-round pick.

      The Patriots have also shown a lot of interest in Auburn’s “other” running back, Cameron Artis-Payne. The fast-rising ball-carrier stood on his 40 time from the combine but ran the shuttle and 3-cone today (still awaiting times). During drills, he was quick-footed and caught the ball exceptionally well. Expect Artis-Payne to solidify himself as a top-100 pick.

      Once the group workout was complete, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick worked out defensive linemen Angelo Blackson and Gabe Wright. Keep an eye on Blackson, who ran in the low 4.9-second range today after timing a hand-held best of 4.98 seconds at the combine. He’s a large (6-4.5, 318) athletic tackle who really doesn’t get the credit he deserves in part due to the way Auburn used its linemen.

      • acm says:

        TE C.J. Uzomah also reportedly drew interest, of the disguised kind, from the Pats’ contingent at the Auburn pro-day.

        Personally, I think the Sammy Coates-related fanfares – Pats spend a lot of time with him – were just a smoke screen. Their infatuation with Coates was just too obvious.

        • Russell says:

          I think BB was watching S Brandon King, and OL Patrick Miller,as well as others no doubt.

      • Tim D says:

        Anyone know the story behind Angelo Blackson’s lack of playing time? I was able to see minimal tape on him vs LSU and he looked like a beast.

  22. J H TARBORO says:

    Bombshell: Eagles LeSean McCoy just traded to Buffalo for LB Kiko Alonso! AFC east is going to get serious!

    • acm says:

      you mean like it does every year over the past decade and a half? Typical, shortsighted Rex move.

      great trade for the Eagles – acquired a potentially great, young ILB, got rid of a RB on the way down with a ton of mileage, and freed up a mountain of cap-space in the process. And this year’s RB draft class is a both good and deep.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        A Chip Kelly move! Kelly is taking total control of his roster and building his team the way he wants, he has more control of football operations in Philly.

      • Jim R says:

        I agree, Rex still has a major QB issue there. McCoy has a lot of mileage on them wheels. Philly made out

    • Russell says:

      WHAT a BONEHEAD Buffalo move…. McCoy 10.2 mil. Cap hit, Alonso 1.1 mil. cap hit. With a strong RB group in the draft, a younger less costly, with the future in mind prospect, WOULD have been in the best interest of the team.

      Draft Grade- F Short term RB, (little future), more costly, off to a great start REX!

  23. Out west says:

    If Revis and Mcourty go then a draft might need to focus on those areas;

    32 Marcus Peters CB
    64 Gerod Holliman FS
    96 Gabe Wright DT
    3rd compensatory Stephon Anthony LB
    4th Jamil Douglas OG/OT
    4th Antwan Goodley WR
    6th Jordan Hicks LB
    7th Trey Williams RB
    Free agent Jabaal Sheard DE, Jared Odrick DT, Cortland Fiinegan CB

    • steve earle says:

      No reason we can’t resign both those guys if we restructure Mayo, Amendola and let Wilfolk go. No way can BB let both go regardless.

  24. howie horvath says:

    Agree David Johnson is a very intriguing player based on what I saw in Senior Bowl. Relative to the FTag – I thought originally that Pats decided not to franchise McCourty in order to free up more $ to sign Revis based on the fact that you don’t need an all pro FS (as they’d need to do much less) if you have Revis on one corner. Now it seems we might lose them both? Time is now…for Brady and Bob Kraft based on age.

    Would love to see Pat’s draft an inside linebacker that can cover and tackle so we can more frequently let both Collins and Hightower rush the passer with better results. Both could be All Pro rushing from the end of the line based on their talent though they’re basically unstoppable when they both come up the middle! Imagine this past years secondary with a real rush (like SHawks had with Bennett)!

  25. howie horvath says:

    Love to see this come to fruition – Nice Job!

  26. steve earle says:

    Love Erving at #32, Russell’s favorite, and would be an early starter with flexibility imo. Not nearly so happy with Smith and Dorcett at #2 & #3. Smith looks much like Anderson, a 3-4 DE not a good fit so not a value pick at all. Would like another o-line guy earlier too.

  27. Jeff says:

    Look out for Kevin Johnson as a potential first round target for the Pats if Revis walks or if they need to save on Browner’s salary in order to retain him!

    • acm says:

      KJ is not the type of CB that would fit the Pats, imo. He has the frame but lacks physicality both in coverage and especially run support, something the Pats particularly covet in their CBs. Johnson allows way too easily to be blocked out of run/screen plays.

    • Russell says:

      The Steelers are VERY interested in Kevin Johnson.

  28. Jim R says:

    IR/Practice squad players
    Buchanan, Michael

    Dennard, Alfonzo

    Dobson, Aaron

    Easley, Dominique

    Gaffney, Tyler

    Gordon, Cameron

    Mayo, Jerod

    Morris, James

    Orton, Greg

    Ridley, Stevan

    Barker, Chris

    Bequette, Jake

    Gilbert, Garrett

    Green, Justin

    Hauptmann, Caylin

    Krause, Jonathan

    Martin, Eric

    Skinner, Deontae

    Swanson, Daxton

    I think quite a few of these names will be on the active roster next year

    • Ryan says:

      James Morris interests me the most out of the practice squad group. It seemed like he was destined for the active roster before his camp injury.

  29. J H TARBORO says:

    Auburn RB Corey Grant ran unofficially 4.26 40yds, 10’7″broad jump, 37″vert. and yes Bill Belichick and Nick Caserio are in attendance!

  30. Russell says:

    Last years first draft pick DT Dominique Easley was hard to understand. My thinking is the Patriots are looking for quicker, disruptive players at DT, and moving away from the big guys like Wilfork. If I remember right the Patriots were able to get Wilfork in the draft because of knee issues, and the feeling may had been the same with Easley considered a top 15 draft pick.
    Chris Jones was the same kind of quicker, disruptive guy the Patriots wanted and ended up getting. I think the trend around the league is very similar, for quicker guys inside at DT.
    So the prospects in this years draft that I think fill that bill, are Michael Bennett, and Xavier Williams. Prospects 6’2″-6’3″ 290-310lbs. quicker inside, disruptive in the gaps, and with great hand use/long arms.
    I would not be surprised if the Patriots draft one of these prospects, over bigger guys like Phillips, Davis, Goldman, etc.

  31. Jeff says:

    1st: WR- Jaelen Strong – I know a lot of readers at this site want a lineman, but I think Strong will offer the best upside at the end of the first, with teams waiting until the second and third to grab wideouts. O-lineman who can play tackle and are worth a first will be gone by the end of the first. I’d look at Owamagbe Odighizuwa or Danielle Hunter here as well, but as I expect Nink and Jones to hold down the starting DE positions for another 2 years, the timing might not be right for a 1st round pick at the position.

    2nd: OG – Laken Tomlinson – pure guards often seem to drop a bit from draft board projections (see Larry Warford and Gabe Jackson), and I think Tomlinson might just be available. There should be options at guard at the end of the second, depending on who the Pats like.

    3rd: DE – Za’Darius Smith – Could rotate in and has some upside to potentially replace Ninkovich in a couple of years.

    3rd (comp): LB – Kwon Alexander – Depth at Mike and Will to fill in for injuries among the “top 3”, and enough talent to potentially replace Mayo if his contract situation leads to a split in the future.

    4th (Tampa): OG – John Miller – Good player to compete with Wendell or a signed veteran for a starting spot or offer some higher upside depth than Kline and Devey.

    4th: LB – Mike Hull – The Pats could stand to upgrade their LB depth with the departure of Casillas, Ayers, and White. Hull could work his way in on special teams and only be expected to play a few snaps here and there on defense as he develops his rookie season.

    6th (Tampa): OL – Jeremiah Poutasi – A player with enough upside to compete – the Pats should look to increase competition along the offensive line and make players like Wendell and Kline really prove they deserve a spot or make room for some younger guys with more upside.

    7th (TEN): DT – Tyeler Davison – A potential nose tackle can compete to back up Wilfork and Siliga and potentially break through in run-stopping game plans in a Branch-type role.

    • steve earle says:

      I understand that pure OG’s tend to slide out of the first round Jeff but having the #32 pick can hardly be very much different then being in the 2nd round so taking a top interior o-linemen could hardly compare with wasting a higher 1st rd pick. I feel a dominate OG , whether pure or converted RT, who can be an early starter will have far more long term impact then a WR no matter who. I like Tomlinson but can you be sure he will be there at #64? I feel 3 to 5 interior linemen will at #32. WR is not a critical need O-line is.

      • Jeff says:

        I’m with you on that and won’t be disappointed if they pick a guard, but I think there may be a couple of players, like Strong, who are legitimate first round talents rather than top of the second round talents. Guard is probably the safest and best short-term impact pick to make there, but if a legitimate 1st round talent at OT, CB, WR, or DE is available, I could see it making a bigger impact in the long run. Tomlinson may not be available at the end of the second, but I think a quality guard will be, and if not, it’s much less costly to trade up in the second round than in the first.

        • steve earle says:

          Agree with concept but not sure Strong would fit that description or for that matter any of the CB’c WR’s or such. I’d be fine with moving up in the 2nd for a true value pick though I’d really want to see DE, DT and a second o-linemen who could start early taken somewhere before the 3rd day. Makes it hard to decide but I tend to be the careful type.

    • Jim R says:

      I would be surprised if they pick a wr before day 3. I do like that you have looked at depth with D front 7 and OL. I think that is the way to go with top 5 picks in this draft OL/DF7

  32. J H TARBORO says:

    Auburn pro day televised on the SEC Network Tuesday 11:30am-1:30pm EST, also check your listings for re-airings.

  33. J H TARBORO says:

    FSU TE Nick O’Leary reminds me of last years Oregon’s TE Colt Lyerla without the speed and less baggage, he runs like a FB, and he likes “trucking” LBs and DBs, and has the best hand. O’Leary would be a good complementary piece teamed Gronk and would add more toughness to the offense. just thinking out loud!

    • Philip says:

      could be used as a FB/TE hybrid like Hooman is, but with more upside.

      • Dylan.C says:

        I like OLeary allot as a 4th rounder, pretty average size and speed but he is a very good route runner, reads coverage’s well, blocks well, and has very good hands. Basically a very heady player who doesn’t jump off the charts from a physical perspective but makes up for it mentally. Plus he is jack nicklaus’s grandson!

        • steve earle says:

          Don’t know? O’Leary does seem very average to me. Really can’t see any upgrade over who we already have.

    • Jeff says:

      What about Ben Koyack at TE? Seems like an athlete who could develop into a decent player.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        Jeff, i agree! but i think they can use a different body type than just a 6’5 or 6’6 TE to create balance.

  34. J H TARBORO says:

    Wood Johnson wants Revis back in New York and Cromartie wants to comeback home to the Jets from Arizona. We can’t sleep on the AFC east next year, i do know that 2 teams don’t have great QB situations but we also don’t know if these QBs takes steps forward with their regimes. We have the pieces to back to a Superbowl, but this draft has to be a good one, we can’t be naive, from the first game of preseason, we have the bullseye on our backs more than ever.

    • steve earle says:

      Really hope BB is not going to be stiff necked about a contract with Revis. He made all the difference on def last season. He and McCourty should be prioritys.

  35. Russell says:

    Andre Johnson 34 yr.old WR in Houston is about to be cut or traded.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Johnson has 2yrs. 21m remaining on his current contract, the Texans told him that he would have a reduced role in 2015. If there’s no trade partners, then he is to be released.
      The Titans released S Bernard Pollard, possible for McCourty?

      • Dylan.C says:

        Pollard and McCourty are two completely different kinds of players

      • Russell says:

        Pollard was been kicking around the league on many teams, but with McCourty;s brother playing in Tenn. I’d say its a very high likely hood place for Devin to end up. I’m Sure the Patriots make him an Offer in the next 10 days, but more like, 4 yrs. 26 mil.

    • steve earle says:

      Another big bucks FA? On the down side, I think it would be a bad deal.

  36. Russell says:

    UT-Chattanooga pro day, Davis Tull bad hamstring an all ran; 4.55 and 4.59 40yd. at 6’2″ 245lbs.

    • Russell says:

      Patriots attended Virginia’s and Minnesota College pro days. Steelers were at Wake Forest and spent alot of time with CB Kevin Johnson, and his parents.

      • Russell says:

        At Virgina’s proday the patriots were watching Eli Harold and S Anthony Harris. At Minnedota they were watching S cedric thompson, 4.36-4.42 40yd. 40.5 vertical.

        • Russell says:

          Cedric Thompson is a very interesting prospect, 5’11” 208 lbs, academic all-big ten, interviews very well, limited game tape, good tackler, moves very well, leader on the field.

        • Russell says:

          Cedric Thmpson is an interesting prospect, 5’11” 208 lbs academic all-big ten, not on most Mocks.

    • steve earle says:

      That’s good time so how bad could that Hammy be? Never mind With that size and combine included he moves up on my board. Yes you said it first, nice eye.

  37. J H TARBORO says:

    Virginia pro day Eli Harold gave a boost to his draft stock today!

  38. Ryan says:

    In this mock I consider a scenario where the Patriots trade up to get Ibraheim Campbell in the third round because of his potential at the safety position. The Patriots would trade picks 97 (Bucs), 161 (Bucs), and 194 (Titans) to the Eagles for pick 84.

    Round 1 (own): DE/OLB Nate Orchard
    Round 2 (own): OG Laken Tomlinson
    Round 3 (Eagles): SS Ibraheim Campbell
    Round 3 (own): CB/FS Eric Rowe
    Round 4 (own): OT/OG Jeremiah Poutasi
    Round 4 (comp): DT Joey Mbu
    Round 6 (own): ILB Trey DePriest
    Round 6 (comp): WR Davaris Daniels

    I find it likely that we trade away some of our later picks in order to move in the draft because most players taken later in the draft would only be practice squad hopefuls due to our roster depth. 8 picks seems like plenty to fulfill our draft needs, so I see this year as a possibility for a trade-up scenario.

  39. dslave says:

    I love the Cameron Erving pick. I’m very impressed with the first two picks. Tyler Emanul has the Pats written all over the place. They really need to address the issue of a coverage linebacker. I’m looking at Kwon Alexander in the early third and a TE and another OL ending the fourth round picks,as it stands. Tyler Gaffney is an interesting prospect moving forward. I watched twice last year when he was at Stanford and was excited once Carolina wavered him and we picked him up. With he and James White under the system for a year, they won’t, I believe, draft a rbuntil the later rounds. Russel E. is the DOES A GREAT JOB of researching the draft and understanding their concepts.

  40. J H TARBORO says:

    The Patriots just franchise tagged K Gostkowski, I said this over a month ago on NEPD, that they let McCourty go!

    • Oppitz says:

      I dont think he’s coming back, he’s gonna explore the market and Belichick wont wait for it, just like it happen to Welker, by the time he’s ready to sign the contract we’ve probably already moved on.

      So safety becomes a priority for us, even if they plan to start Harmon or even Logan Ryan, we’re gonna need at least a capable backup.

      Anyone has some names?

      • ReneKicker says:

        Logan Ryan

      • Russell says:

        Here’s a name, tho he comes with some bagage. Karlos Williams Florida State played safty in 2012 (great tape) played RB this past year. 6’1/2″ 230 runs a 4.48 40yd, 33″ arms!!!, 7.16 3cone drill. Right now a 4th-5th round guy.

        • J H TARBORO says:

          Great choice, i spoke about his versatility some article ago, but you mentioned safety,i had forgotten until you reminded me!

        • Russell says:

          A very improtant item scouts look for in a S is long arms, 32″ to 34″ are a real plus even if thier speed is 4.6.

      • Ryan says:

        Stevie Brown, Kendrick Lewis and Dwight Lowery all look like veteran stopgaps who we could sign. I’m not convinced that there is an NFL-ready coverage safety in the draft after Cody Prewitt, who will undoubtedly be gone by our second-round pick. Eric Rowe looks like a great candidate to be converted to a free safety but he is not ready to start.

        Things look grim with McCourty at the moment but I hope Belicheck makes him an offer he can’t refuse. This guy is too good and too important to our team based on how ineffective our pass rush is at times.

      • GM-in-Training says:

        The difference was, Welker we older, had just muffed a big game, and had taken a lot of hits. McCourty seems to have a lot of good years left. McCourty also really likes New England and will give them a fair chance to make him a decent long-term offer. He might go, but he might stay.

      • Philip says:

        IF D-Mac leaves … I think Ryan will take over the job at FS and we will draft an CB/SAF hybrid as understudy in the earlier rounds (Josh Shaw, Andre Carter, Byron Jones).

        The “pure” SAF class is not to deep and I hope BB won’t make the mistake to overdraft a guy (T.Wilson) again. Options in the 4th round are Drummond, Eskridge or Carter (TCU).

        With Revis more likly leaving, I see a possibilty that we could take Marcus Peters with our first pick.
        And I hope BB is ore aggressive in the draft regarding trading up and not down.

  41. john says:

    I am OK with this draft. I would like to take Todd Gurley if available at 32 or tevin Coleman at 64 if he’s there. Dorsett will not be there in the third round. I think David Johnson will be gone by the end of the third.

  42. Philip says:

    I don’t know if Bobby Hart OG/OT (better suited at OG in NFL) has declaired or not … but why not drafting another OL-player from Flordia State?
    Could be availabe in the later rounds. 5 to 7.

  43. Russell says:

    Always interesting to see early mocks and watch how prospects move. Thanks Mike for your efforts on all the Combine Numbers a great resorce!
    I’m watching Kenny Bell as a WR the Patriots may like. 4.42 speed, 6.66 3 cone drill, and considered one of the better blockers at the WR position. Not somthing you often hear about.
    I like LB Anthony and it sounds like Denver and Green Bay maybe interested as well. I also like David Johnson RB solid prospect with TE type skills. No DT in your Mock, I wonder if a prospect like Xavier Williams (same school as David Johnson) maybe a outstand pick 4th round or so.
    I’m also watching Charles Davis Tull,and Kyle Emanuel. Both played DE and are better fits at the next level at OLB. Tull could start day one on speical teams.
    lastly with a mock in mind, the undrafted prospect’s that could be signed may play a big role in the roster. guy’s i’m watching are; OL Brey Cook, OL Shaquille Mason, DE Dezmond Johnson, TE Faysal Shafaat, CB Benard Blake, WR Kevin Vereen jr. 6′ 3″ 205 4.56 40yd(same school as David Johnson) and OL Laurence Gibson (who had a nice Combine so maybe drafted)

    • Philip says:

      I don’t see them drafting a WR or RB earlier than 6/7 round as long as they have D.Amendola and the backfield is solid. Only if there is great value.

      As you mentioned … no DT.
      I see there a bigger need than at WR.
      And to be honest … with their Wr-draft success … better don’t waste a high pick and take a under-the-radar FA like LaFell was last year.

    • steve earle says:

      The guy I like on d-line is Hardison. He can play DE set an edge and rush the passer or move inside for the run. X Williams not quite as flexable imo.

    • tes says:

      Russell, regarding Kenny Bell, I think it’s odd that he is considered a good run blocker (obviously the pats value that) but he only put up 7 reps at the combine, wonder if there is anything to that…seems like a guy with that (lack of) strength could have potential to struggle blocking pro corners…here’s hoping he proves that comment wrong. Obviously his other measurables match up well with what the pats look for in the draft for WR, as other commenters have pointed out in recent articles.

      I just wanted to point out that potential concern. It seems that there are a few commenters here that are supporters of his and you can include me in there, but just want to make sure that the negatives are pointed out too…

  44. Russell says:

    Mocks are always interesting this time of year, thanks Mike. You did a great job with all the numbers at the Combine also, thanks a great resorce!! The WR I’m watching in this draft is Kenny Bell. Good speed at 4.42 but considered a strong blocker, a point not often spoken of with WR’s. Runs good routes but is on a running type team at Nebraska.
    I like LB Anthony alot, and hear Denver and Green Bay are interested as well. OLB Eli Harold looks like a strong prospect for the Patriots to consider. His numbers are very close to or go beyond Jamie Collins.
    Two prospects I like as well are Charles Davis Tull , and Kyle Emanuel. Both prospects played DE and are far better at OLB’s at the next level.
    Lastly I think the undrafted prospect who maybe avaliable to the Patriots will again play a role on the roster , guys I’m watching are; OL Brey Cook, DE Dezmond Johnson, TE Faysal Shafaat, CB Benard Blake, WR Kevin Vereen jr. OL Shaquille Mason and OL Laurence Gibson (maybe drafted now after his Combine) .

  45. Tim D says:

    Nice mock Mike. If the Pats kept all their picks I would be happy with this draft… As a whole I am underwhelmed by this draft class. Maybe it is the lack of underclassman that bring upside and untapped potential to make the draft feel deeper, I don’t know. I am hoping the Patriots trade up for someone they feel is their guy, as you mentioned, or even trade out of this draft all together. I know there is the value chart for trades within the same draft, but is there some type of algorithm or at least a general rule of thumb for trading picks for future picks?

    • Jeff says:

      I don’t know about an algorithm, but there have been trades where a pick is basically discounted 1 round if it is a future pick. Of course, there are additional complication because you don’t know where in the round those picks will come a full year ahead of time.

    • steve earle says:

      Good point, the talent takes a drop off in many areas after the 3rd. I would welcome moving up in the 2nd and 3rd even 4th if a true value pick slid into range.

  46. Matt says:

    Honestly, I don’t see a lot of room on their roster depending if free agency works out well. Considering that Dobson/Easley are back, I view this is as a potential trade up draft to fill holes like in 2012, but who knows?

    • Jim R says:

      Would make sense they could have @9 draft picks. They all will not make the team.

  47. Ryan says:

    In my opinion: Dorsett will not be there in the third, Campbell will not be there in the sixth, and Glowinski will not be there at the end of the sixth. Dorsett’s raw numbers are too appealing, Campbell’s skill set will be highly valued in a draft where safeties are hard to come by, and Glowinski had good enough numbers at the combine to eliminate his chances of being a sleeper. I see Dorsett as a candidate for our second-round pick, Campbell as a pick for our late third- or early fourth-round pick, and Glowinski as a candidate for our late fourth- or early sixth-round pick.

    Just my two cents here; I’m sure you had a good reason for slotting each player as you did.

  48. acm says:

    Pretty good mock, Mike L. – would love Erving in the 1st. Have some issues with it though:

    1) the value you find with Dorsett, Anthony and Johnson in late 3rd, early 4th range is just too good to be true, imo. Not sure any of those players would be on board in that range of the draft, especially the first two.

    2) I think the Pats would do well to find an interior DL in this draft – Wilfork and Branch may well be off the roaster, not to mention they are both long in the tooth, while Siliga is yet to be resigned as a RFA. That leaves them with Cris Jones and a questionable Easley at DT.
    A player like Hardison and/or X. Williams could go a long way, later in the draft imo, assuming Wilfork and Siliga are back.

    3) The lack of a 3rd big, physical corner to match vs the opposition’s 3rd WR has come up big in some key games this year, none of which more important than the SB. As is, Patriots have one too many smaller CBs and not enough secondary guys in the 6′ 200 range. There are quite a few players in this draft that fit that bill.
    On top of everything, Dennard’s cap hit is projected to vitrually triple in the 2015 season, making him an unlikely candidate t make the roster and a potential valuable trade bait.

    4)The pass rush isn’t being improved one bit, imo – DE Smith doesn’t bring to the table anything they don’t already have in players like Moore or Buchanan and same goes for pass-rush thru the interior.

    • Michael says:

      You just move Browner to that #3 physical guy and play Butler against the #2.

      • acm says:

        That’s assuming Butler isn’t a flash int he pan but the real thing and that he’d match up favorably against the 3rd WRs. Don’t think you can take half a game of 50-50 success in Butler’s match-ups with Kearse as the rule going forward.

        Issue still remains and it was apparent vs Green bay too. the problem is that the Pats have only two physical DBs – Revis and Browner. Furthermore, Browner is limited to the type of WRs he can match-up against – big, tall, physical guys; he isn’t universal in that aspect as he suffers vs faster, more agile WRs.
        Because of Browner’s match-up limitations and Revis being the only other DB capable of dealing with physical WRs (big or small-ish), there will always be the possibility for opposing teams to create favorable for them mismatches as long as they have the right guys on their WR corps e.g. GB and Seahawks.

        Just imagine what an injury to Browner (forget about Revis) would do to the backfield. And Browner may well be matched up vs TEs and RBs going forward anyway. Another physical CB/FS tweener would do very nicely for the Pats. Not saying they should have ONLY big CBs but that having 3 physical CBs and 3 guys of the usual 5’10 variety would allow for more flexibility in their defensive schemes.

        • ReneKicker says:

          In the other side i think Pats need to upgrade the passrush, you can have great corners but if Rodgers has 5-6 seconds to throw every CB will be exposed

        • acm says:

          upgrading the pass-rush is what I consider an obvious need, both on the edges and the interior. If Easly pans out, that should help out improving on the latter but they need to get another legitimate edge rusher to spare Ninko and Jones having to play 90+% of the snaps, creating both good depth and improving their efficiency deep into games.
          This being said, I think they need to go a bit smaller, more explosive on the edge. Adding yet another 6’5″-6’6″ guy is highly unlikely to bring anything new to the table.

      • Brian says:

        I could not agree more. I have wanted a pass rush for a decade and find it frustrating as hell when year after year we give flacco 5+ seconds to lob his prayers downfield.

        It was nice seeing our secondary improve so much in one year with our two CB signings, but I’m now in the mindset that we have to part with either revis or mccourty. I know this is not a popular opinion, but hear me out.

        It’s going to cost way to much to retain both, and in my amateur mind, it seems redundant to have such an amazing FS covering for the best secondary in football. If we could flip Mccourty to one of the safety hungry teams, I think we could come out with a pretty nice return of picks. Or if we let revis walk, we could use that $15 million and potentially sign a couple of really good players. Imagine being able to grab Hlati Ngata and Brandon Marshall, in the event that they get released. Not many teams could run on a line of wilfork, ngata and siliga.

        With this being said, I really like this draft mike. I could happily slide DJ Humphries into the Irving slot. And would be much happier if we grabbed danielle hunter instead of Preston smith. The latter seems maxed out as a player while hunter looks to have immense potential. I know the tape doesn’t show much on hunter, but like someone said earlier, he was playing to LSU’s system.

    • joe says:

      Acm how many teams have 3 good big physical corners none but I do think butler will pan out seeing his preseason games he was great and I think easly will be a starter next year and a good starter at that. The pats should trade garapalo to qb needy teams like the titans and their 1st round pick jump way up board. This year QB class is awful and Jimmy G has shown something trade while iron is hot or it will be another mallat and they could get a sick pass rusher like fowler jr

      • steve earle says:

        Yea but then who do we get as a backup, one of the cast offs with zero future let alone present? Look, I was less then pleased with his selection in the 2nd last year but now that we have him we should keep him as he looks like a viable Brady replacement down the road.

  49. Ryan says:

    Love most of these picks, though I do think Smith is off the board a bit early. Really like Dorsett, Anthony, and Johnson, and Heeney has been someone I’ve looked at a lot in later rounds for the Patriots. He was a tackling machine for Kansas. Also, the Bell pick could turn out to be a very good one. I’d think he could at least reach Tim Wright’s level.

    • Ryan says:

      Oh great, another Ryan.

      At least I agree with you about Preston Smith; I’d rather have a guy like Lorenzo Mauldin or Hau’oli Kikaha at the #64 slot.

      For future reference, I’m the one who stubbornly believes Stephone Anthony will go in the third round, loves Ibraheim Campbell and Josue Matias no matter what they do in workouts, and thinks we should actually trade up this year.

      • Ryan says:

        Well this is a mess. Haha. I think if we’re going to trade up this year would be the year. Also, Matias didn’t impress, Stephone did, and I haven’t looked at Campbell but considering the safeties this year he could be an intriguing prospect. Very excited for the end of April.

        • steve earle says:

          Ok ok so how do I know who I’m talking to? May I suggest the new Ryan reply as Ryan2 just to keep my old brain from exploding?

  50. Mike Gerken says:

    Great work. These exercises are difficult this time of year. I really like your day 3 picks, they are all on my radar as well. Not as high on Smith, so give me Hunter and I could live with this draft.

    • Ryan says:

      I watched some film on Hunter and wasn’t impressed. Seemed very late to get off the ball and didn’t get through a lot. I think someone like Lynden Trail or Hau’oli Kikaha could be a good pick up in the 4th, and take Yeldon in the second.

      • Mike Loyko says:

        In his role in the LSU defense he’s often late off the ball on purpose to read, contain, set edge vs. run.

        • Michael says:

          Took me 3-4 times through that tape to realize that. 1st time I thought he was slow off the line, but after watching it again I realized instead of firing forward he is playing an edge contain. Since the only tape available is Miss St and Dak Prescott is known for mobility, so he was playing for of a contain role. No question he is a great athlete on the edge and has the length to play it too. IIRC he led the country in run stuffs with 17. Patriots have a lot of options with their 1st rd pick this year, this year’s draft is going to be great to watch unfold.

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