Scouting Report: Preston Smith, DL

Could Smith be a defensive lineman on the Patriots radar?

Could Smith be a defensive lineman on the Patriots radar?

NEPD Staff Writer: Mike Gerken

If you are reading this, it probably means you love football, or me (hi mom!) That means you were probably glued to the TV to watch the NFL combine over the past several days.  It really is a sickness when you get excited to watch guys running, jumping, and doing various drills to see if someone will catch your eye or they do something to confirm what you saw when watching them actually playing in games.  There were some unexpected results, both good and bad, but for the most part, we saw players do what they were supposed to do.  One guy I had heard of, but had not watched, was Preston Smith, and his numbers were intriguing, so I decided to give him a look and see if he could be on the Patriots radar. Here is what I saw.

Name: Preston Smith

School: Mississippi State

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 271 Lbs.



Smith had a great combine.  Among the defensive lineman only, not including the hybrid players, he ranked 5th in the 40 yard dash(4.71), 3rd in the broad jump(10’1″), eighth in the vertical jump(34″), 3rd in the 20 yard shuttle (7.07), and 5th in the 3-cone(4.28). He also boasts long arms and huge hands.  On tape, Smith uses his long arms and active hands to his advantage.  He is technically sound with his hand placement and he uses a variety of moves when rushing the passer.  Smith also holds up well in the run game.  He does a nice job anchoring his lower body against double teams, rarely giving up any ground.  Smith also does a nice job setting the edge on outside runs.  Smith has position flexibility as well, playing inside and out in both a 4-3 and 3-4.  He even dropped into coverage on a few occasions as well. Smith plays with a good motor throughout the game and shows good discipline and awareness.



Despite boasting such great numbers at the combine, it didn’t always translate on film.  He is stiff and does not possess the quick movement skills to be drafted as a pass rusher from a 4-3 defensive end position.  On tape, he is a little slow in his change of direction as well, which was unexpected considering his 3 cone and short shuttle.  I also noticed that his momentum can me slowed or stopped at contact and he ends up just “dancing” with opposing lineman too often.  Smith has build up speed but not short area speed to win on the edge.



When I saw Smith’s combine numbers, I was excited to go watch his tape. A man that big who moves as well as he does should be an exciting player to watch.  I will be honest, I was a little disappointed.  Maybe disappointed is the wrong word, but I was expecting something different I guess.  Smith plays with great power and effort.  He has great hand use in the run game and in the pass game.  I like that he has developed a nice variety of pass rush moves.  I think he could be a great option as a 5 tech in a base 3-4 defense. Where I really liked him as a pass rusher was when they kicked him inside on clear passing downs in their 4-3 defense, but at his size, I don’t think he can hold up inside consistently.   From just the tape, I give him a 3rd round grade.

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  1. Russell says:

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Spock , All things grow old, and you did live long and prosper.

  2. Jeff says:

    Mike Pollack (G) was recently cut. A good player when healthy, could help the Pats transition to some draft picks and give them flexibility to not re-sign Connolly. Also, he won’t hurt them in the draft compensation pick formula for next year, so similar to when the Pats let Talib go and then signed the freshly cut Revis, they could end up gaining a draft pick (albeit a lower round) by letting Connolly walk and picking up Pollack, who I would also view as an upgrade. If they can get him on a reasonable 2-year deal, I’d love the acquisition. Any thoughts?

    • acm says:

      MP an upgrade on Connolly? In Madden?
      Let’s not joke around here – Pollack brings the same questions (of advanced age, durability and possible retirement) that put resigning Connolly into question. Even worse – Connolly has been infinitely more durable during his career and is a well established vet in the system, while the money they’d require is unlikely to be much different.

      If they are gonna upgrade at OG, playing high-risk switcheroo is hardly the way to go about it.

    • Russell says:

      The only way to go with the Oline at this point is youth, a solid prospect at a 4yr. contract low cost, with the future in mind. Vollmer is 30, and Solder 27, so build te inide of the line with Youth.

    • Oppitz says:

      Well… The Falcons just cutted Justin Blalock, I always liked him and he was probably the best OL in Atlanta for at least the last couple of seasons. For the right price I would love to see him in New England, just a very consistent guy, you know what you will be getting from him every week.

      • Ryan says:

        Yeah, I’d like to think that he could bring something like what Brian Waters brought to the team for 2-3 years at a low salary.

      • acm says:

        As you said, if the price is right, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Pats uniform either. Would be a good way to add a seasoned, consistent power-blocker to the OL on the cheap-ish (presumably).
        Adding a player like Blalock would be even more important if they can’t bring back Connolly.

  3. Russell says:

    I would watch for Wifork to be cut if he does not retire. Mayo needs to redo his contract by a lot to stay around. Revis stays I think signing a 2yr. deal 14 mil. per yr.

    • acm says:

      Revis would get a 5/80-85mil deal out there without even breaking a sweat. Pats would have to do a lot better than 2 years, 14 per to keep him.

      • Russell says:

        To much money, and to long term for the best interest of the team. Draft a CB early, and start building for the future.

        • Jeff says:

          I have no problem with Revis on 4 year deal, and would even consider 5, especially if the last couple of years don’t carry too much of a cap hit if he’s released/traded. You won’t find a player in the draft that will be better than Revis for the next 3 years at least, IMO. It might end up taking too much for the Pats to keep him, but I hope they’re willing to go further than 2 years to retain him.

        • acm says:

          ultimately, it’s about what part of that is guaranteed and what isn’t. The guaranteed part could well be the equivalent of a 3 year, 14-15 mil/year deal (all guaranteed). Adding additional years plays to the tune of Revis’ ego, who’s never shied from betting on himself. And would also allow the Pats to spread out the signing bonus, which is likely to be big, very big (this is where Brady reworking his deal a couple of months ago to give the Pats an extra 24mil of cash flow, not cap room, would come into play).

          4-5 years, 14-15 mil/year average, 40-45 mil guaranteed (basically 3 years of that contract is guaranteed) with the signing bonus being a big part of that guaranteed money (at least 50%, I’d think).

        • Mike Gerken says:

          For Revis, I think you have to be in the ball park closer to 16 per year to have a chance to get him to resign. I look at a 5 year deal so you can spread out the money, lots of guaranteed money in the first 3 and go from there.

  4. Stephen J says:

    Brian Hartline has been released by the Dolphins any interest or would he be too similar to B Lafell

    • Russell says:

      I will bet you BB brings in Brian Hartline for a look, 28yr.old 6’2″ 200, runs a 4.52 40yd. Maybe 2 yrs 2.9 mil.

    • acm says:

      I think Hartline has lost his ability to separate on the outside, doesn’t do much in the slot and isn’t a red-zone threat. I wouldn’t mind them kicking Hartline’s tires in camp on a team friendly contract but think he is young enough to be looking for more money than the Pats would be willing to invest in him.
      A free agent I think would fit better in the Pats system and cap is a chain-mover like Harry Douglas.

      • Russell says:

        Could be right tho Douglas is 30 at 6″ 185lbs. but cheaper then Hartline maybe.

        • acm says:

          That was the point indeed. Plus HD has excellent hands, is a savvy route-runner, offers more scheme flexibility than Hartline and doesn’t shy away from the big moments in the big games, something I can’t say about Hartline.

        • Russell says:

          BB sees Hartline twice every year, and knows what he’s getting. qualitiy guy if you get him for about 1.5mil per yr. to play wr with Lafell.

        • acm says:

          That argument would work to justify BB actually going after Hartline over any other WR in free agency. That is yet to happen.

        • Ryan says:

          With Edelman and Amendola both guarantees to makes the roster for different reasons, do we really need another chain-mover? Especially considering that we could get Vereen back.

          Personally, I’d rather go for a high-upside player like Shorts, Nicks or Britt and see what they can do.

        • acm says:

          Amendola a guarantee to make the roster? Since when? If he doesn’t rework his deal, the only thing he is a guarantee for would be getting cut.

          H. Douglas is a player who fits what the Pats do at the position. If Amendola stays, obviously there won’t be a roster spot for another such player. The point of mentioning Douglas was as a contingency plan in case Danny A is gone.

          Shorts can’t stay healthy – if it’s not a concussion, it’s the hammy. In a year he was supposed to prove he still had it, Nicks looked washed up and seemed to be in the way of Moncrief’s development by season’s end. Britt just don’t fit the Pats system.

  5. J H TARBORO says:

    I really would’ve liked to have seen DT Xaivier Williams-N.Iowa at the combine, he got snubbed but i haven’t forgotten about him. Also QB/WR/ATH Devin Gardner- Michigan
    At the East/West Shrine he played WR and special teams but i noticed the commentators talking about how much of an athlete he really is, this could be an UDFA gem that can do many things, maybe mold the guy into a FS. He’s 6’4 218lbs.

    • Russell says:

      I think Xavier Williams is a great prospect, and had him on my Mock back in Nov. He is a hard worker and a student of the game.

  6. acm says:

    Speaking of Easley, I don’t think OL DJ Humphries is getting enough love here as a possible 1st round pick for the Pats – a Gator with checkered medical past … need I say more?

  7. Dylan.C says:

    Easley flashed a few plays but looked pretty over-matched most of the time. Not sure why they had him two gaping at NT, he is definitely much better suited as a 3tech or even DE. I am still holding out hope that he will be better next year after a full off season of training. However, the first few players taken in the second round last year are looking pretty nice right about now….

    Xavier Su’a-Filo
    DeMarcuss Lawrence
    Joel Bitonio

    I have a feeling the Pats were trying to trade back but that’s not always as easy as people on this board make it seem. Good chance the SeaHawks were willing to trade their pick for a little bit less.

    • Russell says:

      You could be right that BB was wanting to trade back last year. I had them taking a QB with the 1st pick, and QB Garoppolo was surely part of the plan, the question was when. It seems BB believed Garoppolo would be on the board with the 2nd pick. So IF that was the thought, trading the 1st pick to move back was the plan, and then Garoppolo was to be the pick in the second round.
      When the trade did not happen, they went for a prospect they had rated high on thier draft board, with the 1st pick. I would ask why was Easley rated so high?
      It would seem you would move Garoppolo up and take him 1st, and then check your draft board for rated prospects, for the 2nd pick , which opened up with Garoppolo going earlier than you planned.

      • Russell says:

        looking back and second quessing is always easy, but here are the Dlinemem in the second round;
        Demarcus Lawrence
        RaShede Hageman
        Stephen Tuitt
        Timmy Jernigan
        Ego Ferguson
        kony Ealy
        Not sure anybody on this list jumps out at me. Hmmm
        We could look at Detroit who picked TE Ebron, when they could have picked Odell Beckham.
        I’m sure someone got fired over that move.

      • Dylan.C says:

        I think I read somewhere that the Pats would have drafted Collins with their first rounder in 2013 if they couldn’t trade back. They must have been pumped when they traded back and still got their guy.

      • Mike Gerken says:

        I had Easley as the #4 prospect in the entire class last year, so needless to was high on him and still am. Remember, this is the Patriots team that just won the Super Bowl, so expecting a draft pick, even a #1 to come in and have a huge impact is tough to do. I agree he was played out of position a bit in his short time on the field. I envision him as the under tackle when running the 4-3 or 4-2-5 that the Patriots like to run. Easley 2 gapping is not his strong suit. He is a penetrating disruptor from the inside and I hope that is how he is used next year.

  8. J H TARBORO says:

    These mocks and rankings aren’t the gospel, as we’ve seen in the last couple years, the 1st 4-5 picks are usually right and then all hell breaks loose, some teams get anxious and pull the trigger too fast and some not fast enough, i notice on our combine list of interviews, the players are either early round- late round/UDFA, which means our draft maybe about best available player within the given pick.
    I’ve said it before, we all have our favorites and opinions about what they should and can do, but at the end of day they’re going to what they want to do. Last years draft was disappointing! I wish some of the player personel staff would look at this website to at least get some ideas, since they started the process rather late. Silver lining- We are Superbowl Champs!!!!

    • Russell says:

      I think the interviews at the Combine take in alot more info then we are awear. Interviews of prospect that will be off the board at #32, seems a waste of time, however trades are a BIG part of the draft. If a Prospect like OT Scherff for example drops from 1-8 picks into the 9-18 range he maybe reachable to trade up to get. I’m sure BB knows how high up on the draft board he can trade up, and which teams will make that move.
      In this years draft IMO, I think New Orleans #13 is has high as the Patriots can/are willing to move up, which would be costly. (1st,2nd,and a 6th)
      Interviewing mid round prospects, is more about extra picks a team may get by moving back with a trade.
      In this years draft IMO, I think Kansas City COULD be a willing partner. It would be a good value based on what K.C. wants to do in this draft, to give the Patriots a 2nd (#49) and 3d (80) for the # 32 pick. This would allow K.C. to pick a S, OL, or WR combination with the #18 and #32 pick. This would benifit the Patriots with prospects on thier board who may fall in the 2nd-3d round, and the lack of a prospect they want at #32 given the value of an extra prospect with the trade.
      Just some thoughts…..

      • J H TARBORO says:

        Russell, well thought out. If you don’t find what you looking for at 32 it makes a lot of sense to trade down, the meat of this draft will be the 2nd-6th round and the difference between 32-33 the 2nd round is 1 position. We could come away from this draft with a lot of accumulated talent if we trade down, and i know they had talks with teams at the combine, thats only good business. If look at this from a business standpoint it makes sense to keep upgrading your roster, from a fan perspective, some us would like to keep the players that have grown to like but thats not how the business aspect works.

  9. Russell says:

    Another Prospect Im watching closely is; DE/OLB Kyle Emanuel , small school guy like Davis Tull. 6’3″ 255 lbs 4.77 40yd 27Bench, 7.10 3 cone Had a 3.66 GPA, and is the 2014 Buchanan award winner.

  10. J H TARBORO says:

    3 notable cuts today.
    WR/KR Jacoby Jones-Ravens
    LB A.J. Hawk-Packers
    RB Reggie Bush- Lions

  11. Ryan says:

    I think that there is a very short list of players that the Pats are considering for the 32nd pick. The D-Line and pass rush need help, as does the interior O-Line, but beyond that there are few reasons to pick at #32 if a great deal is offered to us. Fringe concerns include a #1 wideout and an enforcer at strong safety. That said, realistic candidates for the Pats first-round pick appear to be, in no particular order:

    OT/OG La’el Collins
    OT/OG Brandon Scherff
    OT/C Nate Erving
    OT/OG T.J. Clemmings
    WR Jaelen Strong
    SS/OLB Shaq Thompson
    DE Owamagbe Odighizuwa
    DE/OLB Nate Orchard
    DT Malcolm Brown
    DE/OLB Ha’uoli Kikaha
    DE/OLB Alvin Dupree

    This could change if the Pats fail to hang on to Revis and McCourty, but I am in the camp that believes that they will be back at the required cost. Overall, I don’t see the Pats drafting a pure guard like A.J. McCann because that is not very good value in the first round, especially when this draft looks to have good second and third round options. These 11 players will be the ones that I will really pay attention to as pro days roll around, because there is a very high chance that one of them becomes a Patriot if we keep this pick.

    • Markus says:

      I’d add Eli Harold and Jordan Phillips to that list. I could see a Phillips pick similar to Easley last year, first-round potential but slipping due to durability concerns.
      Apart from that I think Scherff and Collins are the only guys worth trading up for because they would fill an immediate need at (probably) a high level.

      • Ryan says:

        I would add rather consider Arik Armstead and Eddie Goldman, honestly. Harold’s production is concerning and Philips’ seems a bit too risky overall for a first-rounder. Armstead and Goldman seem like safer picks, but I would prefer to trade down rather than take them.

    • Jeff says:

      End of the first might be a sweet spot to grab an athletic DE. With Nink and Jones around for a couple of years, there won’t be too much pressure to start immediately. A lot of pass rushers from last year’s draft didn’t make a big year 1 impact, so it makes sense to grab one of these guys a year or 2 before they are needed unless you’re picking in the top 10, which the Pats don’t project to do for a few seasons at least. Would Danielle Hunter be another guy on the list?
      I’m not sold on Shaq, but Strong at the end of the first would be fantastic, especially after a solid combine showing. With a number of talented tackle/guards in the draft, one of the good ones could be potentially available. I’d be happy with any of the picks on your list.

      • Ryan says:

        Hunter is not someone I am too high on, but that’s more of my personal opinion. I find that Shaq’s value as a versatile backer or safety is tantalizing, so he makes my personal list.

    • acm says:

      Not sure Scherff, L. Collins, M. Brown and Dupree belong on that list – imo, bar unforeseeable circumstances from now till the draft, they’d be long gone by the time the Pats are on the clock. Same probably could be said about Clemmings too even if there is the outside chance he falls a bit, depending on how teams see his lack of extensive experience at the position.
      Dupree reportedly scored 13 on the wonderlic, so I am guessing he is off BB’s shopping list already.

      • Ryan says:

        I think that these guys will go in the 15-20 range, which means that a good drop could possibly get them to the Pats. It’s more likely, however, that they would have to trade up about 5 spots to snag one of these guys.

  12. J H TARBORO says:

    Mike Gerken, good article! Wouldn’t be mad if they drafted him.
    Not to change the subject, Guys if you’re interested, remember they’re NFL regional combines and some coverage on youtube.
    Recently at Denver regional CB Willie Creear- E.Michigan just beat CB Byron Jones-Uconn record with a vert. jump 47″. Don’t sleep on the regionals, every year players make NFL rosters from the regionals.

  13. Jeff says:

    Any thoughts on Ben Heeney as a backup linebacker/ST player? How high will he go in the draft?

    • Mike Gerken says:

      I live in Lawrence, and sadly, have sat through some KU football games. Everything that Heeney did at the combine translates onto the field. He moves well forward and back as well as laterally. Clearly their best athlete and player.
      Here is the problem though, he struggles to tackle, especially in the open field. He misses tackles, takes bad angles, and sometimes just bounces off or doesn’t wrap up. I need my undersized MLB’s to tackle.
      Intriguing athlete though that could help out as a later round guy who could be good with some technique and tackling development

  14. Dan Sullivan says:

    Patriots I think will have strong years in 2015.
    1 Cameron Fleming OT
    2 James White RB
    3 Tyler Gaffney RB

    Free Agents that could help the Patriots.
    Buster Skrine CB Browns
    David Harris ILB Jets
    Mike Adams S Colts
    Dan William DT Arizona

    Patriots Mock Draft
    1 Carl Davis DL Iowa
    2 Quinten Rollins CB Miami Ohio
    3 Phillip Dorsett WR Miami Fla
    3 D.J. Humpries OT Floria
    4 Tre’ Jackson G Florida St.
    4 Anthony Chickillo DE Miami Fla
    6 Eric Tomlinson TE Texas El-Paso
    7 Xzavier Dickson LB Alabama

  15. Andy says:

    The patriots have just established themselves as the best team in the NFL I can’t imagine them not bringing back their top free agents especially Revis! Which means there won’t be many spots available for next season. This is the year to move up in the draft and load up on the defensive side of the ball! Shaquille Thompson is a perfect fit as are a handful of DT’s. There’s no bigger statement then going back to back AGAIN!!! They can find OL in free agency relatively cheap.

  16. Jeff says:

    Assuming as most of us are that McCourty is brought back for the foreseeable future, you have your 2 starters at safety penciled in. The contract that Chung signed is not a backup safety contract. Without a need for a starting safety, I don’t see the Pats going after the positions in the first couple of rounds. They also seem comfortable with Harmon as a backup FS, and with Wilson showing a bit as a 4th safety option, you don’t really need a mid-round safety either. With Wilson and Ebner both special team standout players, you also don’t really need a late-round safety, which are almost always special teams guys that maybe have a chance to be a decent rotational safety if you get lucky. With 5 players that the Patriots like at the position, this is a case where it is very unlikely the Patriots draft a player unless someone really falls into their lap whose value is just too good to pass up.

    • Philip says:

      I’d still keep an eye on Shaw.
      A jacked CB with SAF experience.
      He could be a very good SS for the PATS in a year.

      Wilson and Ebner are in their contract years.

      • Oppitz says:

        Also, Chung’s contract has little garanteed, we could easily cut him next year without a lot of dead cap, so we could definitely get new safety to first backup him and then next year take over the position.

      • Jeff says:

        True about the contract years, but does that mean you carry 6 safeties? Why not draft or sign a 4th safety next season? I don’t think you need a year of grooming to make sure a guy can fill the 4th or 5th safety spot on the roster. Again, not impossible, but based on the current roster construction, picks will be more productive for the Patriots at other positions.

        • Oppitz says:

          Yes, I agree with you there, I rather see those picks on the OL or DL too.
          That was just a possibility that could happen if they see some value at the end of first or second round that they can project as a starter for the future. I wouldnt rule it out, just that.

        • Philip says:

          T.Wilson is expandable…. he was in “cut-talks” last season and probably will be in cut-talks again.
          With Shaw we would have a back-up CB and back-up SAF…. so two pos. // one roster-spot

    • acm says:

      While Chung is coming off his most relevant year as a Patriot, that doesn’t mean he can’t be improved upon, if they think the right player is on board. The Pats have a ton of questionable depth at the SAF position beyond the two starters and are an injury away from that position becoming a problem.
      And, as mentioned, Chung’s contract is more of a prove-it-as-you-go type deal, while some rookie contracts are up next year (and those are players they may well let go of even earlier).

    • Ryan says:

      Two players who I am targeting in the fourth round are Jaquiski Tartt of Samford and Ibraheim Campbell of Northwestern. They would both play a more traditional SS role as neither is exceptional in coverage. Campbell is a natural leader who can play in the box and hits hard, while Tartt is a guy who will play in the box and hits harder. My plan for them would be to release either Tavon Wilson or Duron Harmon based on training camp and preseason performance and keep Tartt or Campbell and groom them as the SS of the future.

      We don’t need a starter and depth is unnecessary, but a future upgrade over Chung is a worthwhile goal in the middle rounds.

  17. Dylan.C says:

    I actually meant that I liked Ali Marpet at guard not Hennrry Anderson. I also prefer Hardison, could play any position on the line and is scheme versatile. 4-3 DE, 4-3 DT, or 3-4 DE.

  18. Bobby says:

    we def don’t need to draft a running back.\
    Assume we don’t resign Vereen(we need to tho), we have Blount, Bolden, Gray, White, and everyone forgets, Tyler Gaffney, pretty much a free redshirted draft pick. Blount and Gaffney are big 6’0+, and Gray runs with power. Bolden is more of a ST player but a talented runner. If White can turn into that Vereen receiving role, he can be the third down back. Although retaining Vereen should be our top priority behind Revis, D-Mac and Gostowski, he’s the best receiving back in the league and one of the biggest mismatches.

  19. Mike Gerken says:

    I have to give you props. You have been all over Davis Tull since day 1 and he had a very good combine. If I could find some more tape on him I would do a report on him.

    • acm says:

      I think that’s Russell you are thinking of, Mike G.

    • Russell says:

      Patriots tried-out Kevin Dorsey WR 6’1″ 207, ran a 4.48 40yd ,7.08 3 cone drill at his pro-day.
      Charles Davis Tull is a great prospect who played DE (out of position) he wil be an OLB. Some Tape can be found on the Tennessee-Chatanooga web-site. His College 40 time is 4.58 40yd.., at 6’21/2″ 245lbs. He was a walk on, VERY high IQ 3.58 GPA, hard worker with his work-out program off the field.

      • Russell says:

        The Tennessee-Chanttanooga pro day is Monday March 2 at Scrappy Moore Field.
        Prospect to watch;
        DE/OLB-Charles Davis Tull
        TE – Faysal Shafaat
        DT-Derrick Lott

    • Russell says:

      OLB Davis Tull has moved up draft boards into the 3d round!!

    • steve earle says:

      Sorry about the belated reply my PC refuses to post any reply’s here. Currently at library.
      Thanks for the shout out Mike but afraid it’s undeserved it was Russell who spotted Davis Tull.

  20. steve earle says:

    The combine is in the books and we saw a lot of guys move up and many who would fit our Pat’s including DB’s, LB’s even WR’s and RB’s but my draft philosophy has not changed very much. I’m still intent on fixing our weakness’ with the best prospects we can get. Even if BB should trade down #32 for a high 2nd and 3rd It won’t effect most of the guys on my short list, so here goes.
    1) La’el Collins OG LSU or AJ Cann OG S Car or Arie Kouandjio OG Ala ( 2 of should be there.
    2 Pkg with 4a to move up) Arie Kouandjio or AJ Cann ( fill critical needs right op top.)
    3) Marcus Golden DE/OLB Missu (Fast 1st step, gets off blocks, rush, sets edge, disruptive)
    3 comp) Marcus Hardison DE/DT Arz St. ( played all across d-line)
    4a Pkg with 2nd to move up into top half of rd.
    4b) Terry Williams DT/NG E Car. ( penetrating disruptive)
    5 traded
    6) Davis Tull OLB Chatt. ( developmental guy high upside early contribute ST ?)
    7) Kayshone Jarrett SS Vig Tec ( no small size for SS, lb for lb hard hitter, good coverage, returns kicks, good character)
    Told you I didn’t change much and this is what I would do not predicting what BB will.

    • steve earle says:

      Correction: Jarrett is small for SS, 5-11 198. Sorry for the typo.

    • acm says:

      Kouandjio is a below average prospect, Steve, andhe’ll likely still be there in the 4th. Scratch that, it’s very likely there will still be better prospects left on board in the 4th.

      • steve earle says:

        Disagree, Kouandjio is very strong run blocker gets to 2nd level, quick feet and has improved as pass blocker over the season. But if you don’t like him take Daryl Williams, AJ Cann, Jake Fisher but for heavens sake fix the o-line.

        • acm says:

          In the aspects of OL play where sheer mass is required, he’s more than all right. His technique, footwork and coordination, however, range from average to abysmal. Such shortcomings are much easier to hide at the college level but get exposed at the pros.
          When you put it all together, he just doesn’t have what it takes to warrant a high pick. Quite frankly, I’d rather see them keep Devey than spend any pick on AK.

        • PSW says:

          You would rather keep DEVEY than ANYBODY! Harsh man really harsh!

    • jim r says:

      Outstanding, needs and depth addressed and no friggin rb”s and wr’s. I like it

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Good stuff Steve E., Free Agency is about to change the the landscape of this draft, lot of teams are up to limit or over the cap, players have been released everyday this month.

  21. Roxy Bob says:

    Also Mr.Harold!!! I’m not having a good day

  22. Roxy Bob says:

    Excuse me Mr. Marpet. My bad!!!

  23. Roxy Bob says:

    1ST MOCK DRAFT of 2015: 2a.David Johnson RB 2b.Eli Howard DE 3a.Ali Mopet OL 3b.Eric Rowe DB 4a.Tre’ McBride WR 4b.Xavier Cooper DT 5.Byron Jones DB 6.Edmond Robinson LB 7.Shaq Mason OL. The Patriots trade down their 1st rd pick(32)to Oakland for their 2nd(36) and 5th(132). Johnson fills two needs in the backfield with Riddick and Vereen likely gone. He is a converted WR and a bruising RB ; a Leveon Bell clone!!!

    • steve earle says:

      Backfield looks pretty well set to me. Blount, Gray, Boulden, power backs and White and the other kid on P-sqd. We don’t need more RBs.

      • Philip says:

        Agree … backfield is solid and WR is IMO not as a glaring need as everybody talks.

        We need to fix O-Line and DB (if Revis is not re-signed).
        D-Line in the 3-4 round pick area … as long we have Vince, Siliger, Easley and Jones at DT… we can pick a player who develops behind them.
        On DE .. I’m still high on Moore and Buchanan.

  24. Dylan.C says:

    and by Henry Anderson I mean Ali Marpet! whoops

  25. Dan says:

    I guess your evaluation answers its own question…no fit. He sounds like a tweener…too small for DT and too unathletic to go outside.

  26. Russell says:

    Interesting mr. Gerken, glad your Mom, told me about your articles. :0)
    Here is my After Combine Mock Draft:
    I think along with Daniel, that BB trades back out of the first round. My trade partner is K.C.
    K.C.’s 1st pick 18 may go toward S-Collins, or an Olineman Peat, Flowers. By trading with the Patriots K.C. can pick a WR at #32, Strong, Green-Beckham etc. that would be gone at #49.
    So K.C. sents its 2nd #49, and 3d #80 to the Patriots for #32.

    2nd (K.C.)- LB Stephone Anthony
    2nd——– OL Ali Marpet
    3d (K.C.)- DE Henry Anderson
    3d——— WR Kenny Bell
    3d (Comp)- DT Xaiver Williams
    4th(Tampa)- LB Charles Davis Tull
    4th- ——- RB/S/KR Karlos Williams
    6th (tampa)- OL Laurence Gibson
    7th (Tenn.) – OL Shaquille Mason

    undrafted guys to sign;
    OL Brey Cook
    DE Dezmond Johnson
    CB Benard Blake
    WR Kevin Vereen jr.
    TE Faysal Shafaat

    • Dylan.C says:

      I am definitely a big proponent of trading back from pick #32, the second and third rounds are looking like the “sweet spot” for the types of players I envision the Pats targeting. Also, it always seems like a team with an early/mid second rounder pick falls in love with someone still on the board at the end of the first and wants to trade up.

      Henry Anderson will definitely be jumping up draft boards.

    • Russell says:

      I think Karlos Williams maybe a real solid prospect. His 2012 tape has him playing S and he looked very good, at 6’1″ 230lb running a 4.48 40yd. 7.15 3 cone drill. I can see BB playing him at S , and returning kick-offs.

    • steve earle says:

      You may or may not be right about Anderson DE, still he looks to me like a 3-4 DE not a 4-3, unless you think BB is going to revert back to that base D. I feel there are better fits at 3rd. like Hardison who can move inside or out. jmo.

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