2015 Patriots NFL Draft Picks

These are the 2015 NFL Draft Picks currently owned by the New England Patriots:

1st Round (32nd Overall) – Malcom Brown (DL, Texas)
2nd Round (64th Overall) – Jordan Richards (DB, Stanford)
3rd Round (97th Overall, Compensatory) – Geneo Grissom (DE, Oklahoma)
4th Round (101st Overall, Via TB – Logan Mankins) – Trey Flowers (DE, Arkansas)
4th Round (111st Overall, Via CLE) – Tre’ Jackson (OL, Florida State)
4th Round (131st Overall) – Shaq Mason (OL, Georgia Tech)
5th Round (166th Overall, Via GB) – Joe Cardona (LS, Navy)
6th Round (177th Overall, Via TB – Jonathan Casillas) – Matthew Wells (LB, Miss State)
6th Round (202nd Overall, Via CLE) – AJ Derby (TE, Arkansas)
7th Round (247th Overall, Via GB) – Darryl Roberts (CB, Marshall)
7th Round (253rd Overall, Compensatory) – Xzavier Dickson (DE/LB, Alabama)

The following pick have been traded away:
3rd Round (96th Overall – Traded to CLE)
5th Round (147th Overall, Via CLE – Traded to GB)
5th Round (Jonathan Casillas)
6th Round (Akeem Ayers)
7th Round (219th Overall, Via TEN – Akeem Ayers, Traded to CLE)
7th Round (Greg Salas)

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127 Responses to “2015 Patriots NFL Draft Picks”

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  2. Dan Sullivan says:

    My top 10 players to have a strong year for Patriots.
    1 Rob Ninkovich
    2 Jamie Collins
    3 Tom Brady
    4 Cameron Fleming
    5 Brian Tyms
    6 Scott Chandler
    7 Jabaal Sheard
    8 Geneo Grissom
    9 AJ Derby
    10 David Andrews

    Some surprises I am sure but there always is.

    By Dan Sullivan

  3. rooney says:

    It is awesome team and it will win again…

  4. john says:

    Still think we should’ve picked up Coleman at the end of the second and Hardy in the third. Richards could’ve waited til round 5

  5. Dan Sullivan says:

    My grades for Patriots draft and UDFA.
    1 Malcolm Brown A
    2 Jordan Richards B
    3 Geneo Grissom A
    4 Trey Flowers B+
    5 Tre Jackson A+
    6 Shaq Mason A-
    7 Joe Cardona C+
    8 Matthew Wells B
    9 AJ Derby B+
    10 Daryl Roberts C+
    11 Xazier Dickson B+

    David Andrews A
    Devin Gardner A
    Chris Harper C+
    Jimmy Jean C-
    Brandon King C-

    Best Patriots draft in last 5 years!

  6. jim says:

    You guys crying about a corner, we just got huge QB rushing ability, look, Vince is gone, but we havd a young stud in Malcom Brown and with Sheard and Trey Flowers at DE the Patriots wont need a shut down corner, plus we added depth at OLB, CB, S, and CB…while I must admit we didnt geg a deep threat WR, we won the superbowl against the Seattle Freaggin Seahawks with the same group of Wide Recievers last year……

  7. Andrew says:

    I was thinking that it was some bad choose but he did not fail us. In bill we trust

  8. John Gray says:

    Hope the Patriots draft Le’Al Collins. Could be the stele of the draft if innocent.

    Be a great “nose in air” to Goodell, Opponents and Patriots haters.

    Hope Kraft & Belichick have the courage to draft him.

    Then they would have exclusive negotiating rights for a year. Could easily cut if guilty or trade for nice 2016 draft picks.

    No guts…no glory !!! Draft Le’Al Collins !!!

  9. Richie says:

    Two wide receiver heavy drafts and the Patriots haven’t even attempted to bring in anyone. How good could Brady have been with a true deep threat or number one receiver?

  10. Uncle Drew says:

    Correction. .

    Josh Shaw CB instead of Henry Anderson

  11. Uncle Drew says:

    Patriots Mock draft 7.0
    Pats trade 32nd(1st), 96th(3rd), 101st (4th) pick, 2016 3rd round pick and Aaron Dobson to the Saints for the 44th(2nd), 75th(3rd) and 79th(3rd) pick. Pats trade 2016 1st round pick to Bucs for the for the 34th pick.

    2. Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma
    2. Shaq Thompson SS Washington
    2. Sammie Coates WR Auburn
    3. Tre Jackson OG FSU
    3. Henry Anderson DE Stanford
    4. Cody Prewitt FS Ole Miss
    6. Tray Walker CB Texas Southern
    7. Jordan Taylor WR Rice
    7. Sage Harold OLB James Madison

    • Ruben says:

      i like the idea of trading down but i think to trade the next year 1st is not good especialy if you dont get a Player who worth to trade up like perters or Goldman for exemple.

  12. Uncle Drew says:

     Ultimate Patriots Mock draft 7.0
    Pats trade 32nd(1st), 96th(3rd), 101st (4th) pick, 2016 3rd round pick and Aaron Dobson to the Saints for the 44th(2nd), 75th(3rd) and 79th(3rd) pick. Pats trade 2016 1st round pick to Bucs for the for the 34th pick.

    2. Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma
    2. Shaq Thompson SS Washington
    2. Sammie Coates WR Auburn
    3. Tre Jackson OG FSU
    3. Henry Anderson DE Stanford
    4. Cody Prewitt FS Ole Miss
    6. Tray Walker CB Texas Southern
    7. Jordan Taylor WR Rice
    7. Sage Harold OLB James Madison

    • matt says:

      That trade doesn’t make any sense to the Pats from a value perspective. *I know it’s hypothetical at this point anyway. But it’s like saying the Celtics would trade their 17 pick or whatever they have for the Hawks 32. Wouldn’t make sense.

  13. NEM says:

    The Pats can draft, and sign, as many cornerbacks as they can, but if they don’t do it along with removing the cancer of the defensive backfield, Kyle Arrington, they will have gained nothing. Arrington is the weak link on the defense, has no coverage skills, and is the most pitiful cornerback in the entire national football league. ARRINGTON MUST GO

    • Ruben says:

      Patriots have 7 cornerbacks

      Arrington, Kyle
      Butler, Malcolm
      Chekwa, Chimdi
      Dennard, Alfonzo
      Fletcher, Bradley
      McClain, Robert
      Ryan, Logan

      another big Problem is that we no Corner over 6′ foot
      Bradley Fletcher is the biggest and don’t now if we can troust him on the outside.

      • chris says:

        This is true Ruben but we do have a number of dbs who are 6’0 and Duron Harmon is listed as 6’1 with a 36 inch vertical. The CBs will likely be needing more safety help over the top against big receivers this year unless they can find someone in free agency or trade between now and then.

    • bags says:

      Ridiculous. Arrington is a well above average slot corner. A year earlier he was top 10. It wasn’t his fault he was used before that in a role he’s not suited for. Try watching more film.

    • jared says:

      You are a genius. Kyle arrington is the worst player on our roster. Period.

  14. NEM says:

    Pats first round pick needs to be a corner, while at the same time they must eliminate the weakest link on the defense Kyle “I can’t cover anyone” Arrington. He is pitiful, totally useless and hurts the Pats defense whenever he is on the field. ARRINGTON MUST GO…….

  15. Ruben says:

    Trade 2nd(64th),3rd(96th),2016 4th Round and 7th(219) Picks to any Team with a pick in the middle of the first Round.
    1st Round (20th-30th Overall) – Marcus Peters – CB – Washington…Starting Cornerback
    1st Round (32nd Overall) – Eddie Goldman – DT – Florida State…Starting DT next to Easley
    3rd Round (97th Overall, Compensatory) – Max Garcia – OL – Florida…Starting Guard
    4th Round (101st Overall) – David Johnson – RB – Northern Iowa…Backup RB/3rd down RB
    4th Round (131st Overall) – Jordan Hicks – LB – Texas…Backup OLB/Special Teamer
    6th Round (177th Overall) – Kenny Bell – WR – Nebraska…Backup Outside Receiver
    7th Round (253rd Overall, Compensatory) – Marcus Murphy – RB – Missouri…3rd down RB

    • Mike Allen says:

      Pats first round pick needs to be a corner, while at the same time they must eliminate the weakest link on the defense Kyle “I can’t cover anyone” Arrington. He is pitiful, totally useless and hurts the Pats defense whenever he is on the field. ARRINGTON MUST GO…….

      • Ruben says:

        i think that you and other fans go now crazy after arrington. he is a Slot Corner not an outside Corner and also the matchup in the super bowl against matthews is a Coaching mistake. i don’t mean by that, that he is the best we have but he is good in the Slot when he is playing against Players like welker or hilton.

  16. Dan Sullivan says:

    My final Mock Draft. Good Luck to BB and his staff.
    1 Traded for 2nd and 3rd round picks.
    2 Eric Rowe CB Utah
    2 Eli Harold OLB Virginia
    2 Trey Flowers DE Arkansas
    3 Traded for 2nd round choice.
    3 Devin Funchess WR Michigan
    3 Henry Anderson DL Stanford
    4 Traded for 2nd round pick.
    4 Sean Hickey OT/G Syracuse
    6 Brandon Ivory DT Alabama
    7 Jamon Brown OT Louisville
    7 Jimmay Mundine RB Kansas

    Enjoy the Draft.

  17. bob 62 says:

    Patriots trade 1st round pick to Cleveland for 2nd and 4th round picks and swap 3rd round picks

  18. Justin says:

    1st Round (32nd Overall) – Kevin Johnson CB
    2nd Round (64th Overall) – Grady Jarrett DT
    3rd Round (96th Overall) -James Sample S
    3rd Round (97th Overall) – David Johnson RB
    4th Round (101st Overall) – Jarvis Harrison G
    4th Round (131st Overall) – Chris Conley WR
    6th Round (177th Overall) – Mycole Pruitt TE
    7th Round (219th Overall) – Ben Heeney LB
    7th Round (253rd Overall) – Laurence Gibson T

  19. Mike S says:

    My picks have been described as having lots of football smarts, discipline, and production…all qualities important to BB.
    Assuming no trades
    1. CB Jalen Collins LSU
    2. ILB Eric Kendricks UCLA
    3. #96 – TE Mycole Pruitt Southern Illinois
    3 compensatory – G Laken Tomlinson Duke
    4 #1 – DT Xavier Williams Northern Iowa
    4 #2 – OLB Kyle Emmanuel North Dakota State
    6 RB Karlos Williams FSU
    7 #1 special teams ILB Bryce Hager Baylor
    7 #2 special teams ILB Phil Dawson TCU

  20. Uncle Drew says:

            Patriots Mock Draft 6.5
    Pats trade 1st and 4th round pick for a 2nd and 3rd round pick. (38-44) Pats trade 2016 1st round pick for an early 2nd round pick.  *Based on the latest draft board* Pats trade down if Eddie Goldman and Melvin Gordon gets taken..

    2nd. Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma
    2nd. Shaq Thompson LB Washington
    2nd. Tre Jackson OL FSU
    3rd. Josh Shaw CB USC
    3rd. Chris Conley WR Georgia
    4th. Cody Prewitt SS Ole Miss
    5th. Stefon Diggs WR Maryland
    6th. Andrew Donnal OL Iowa
    7th. Tray Walker CB Texas Southern
    7th. Sage Harold OLB James Madison

    • Jeff says:

      I would like to see the Patriots use the 32nd, 64th, 96th, 101st, 177th, and 219th to trade up for 2 high picks 1st and 2nd round. then that leaves them with a 3rd #97th, 4th 131st, and 7th 253rd. If the Patriots draft more then 5 players there is no place for them but two high picks top 40 or so and the 97th and 131st they all make it and the 253rd you take a flyer on someone.

      • Uncle Drew says:

        That wouldn’t be bad either. I think this is the year where Bill should buy in like in recent years. 2 top 40 picks would be great especially if Eddie Goldman falls to the Pats.No matter what we do, we have to be aggressive this year.

  21. Matthew says:

    1st Round (32nd Overall)- Marcus Peters Cornerback
    2nd Round (64th Overall)- Tre’ Jackson OG
    3rd Round (96th Overall)- Michael Bennet DT
    3rd Round (97th Overall, Compensatory)- Lorenzo Mauldin OLB
    4th Round (101st Overall, Via TB – Logan Mankins)- Za’ Darius Smith DE
    4th Round (131st Overall)- Ben Heeney ILB
    6th Round (177th Overall, Via TB – Jonathan Casillas)- Ty Montgomery
    7th Round (219th Overall, Via TEN – Akeem Ayers)- Josh Robinson
    7th Round (253rd Overall, Compensatory)- Bobby Mcain CB
    undrafted- Antwan Goodley WR
    undrafted- Darius Philon DT

  22. Matthew says:

    1st Round (32nd Overall)- Marcus Peters Cornerback
    2nd Round (64th Overall)- Michael Bennet DT
    3rd Round (96th Overall)- Lorenzo Mauldin OLB
    3rd Round (97th Overall, Compensatory)- Za’ Darius Smith DE
    4th Round (101st Overall, Via TB – Logan Mankins)- John Miller OG
    4th Round (131st Overall)- Ben Heeney ILB
    6th Round (177th Overall, Via TB – Jonathan Casillas)- Titus Davis/ Ty Montgomery both WR could choose either or
    7th Round (219th Overall, Via TEN – Akeem Ayers)- Akeem Hunt RB
    7th Round (253rd Overall, Compensatory)- Bobby Mcain CB
    undrafted- Antwan Goodley WR
    undrafted- Darius Philon DT
    undrafted- Cedric Reed DE
    Undrafted- Devante Davis WR

    • Matthew says:

      scratch cedric reed form the draft picks and devante davis

    • Matthew says:

      Also if Josh Robinson RB slides to 215 pick him up there instead of Akeem Hunt RB

    • Ryan says:

      And nobody thinks that we need a big time receiver at all we should snag a big 6″5 guy kinda like the moss Brady connection someone like green beckham or Funchess out of Michican

  23. bmp1113 says:

    Id love to see the pats trade and really get the players they want. This many players arent going to make the roster. Id like Byron jones in the first, trade up in the second to grab grady Jarrett. Agholor would make a great fit too. kevin white or garry petters would be great steals later in the draft. add in some oline help and the pats win the superbowl

  24. BJohnson says:

    *Patriots trade CB Kyle Arrington to the Saints for the (2015) 187th Overall Pick (6th round)

    *Patriots trade WR Danny Amendola to the Panthers for the (2015) 201st Overall Pick (6th round)

    1st Round (32nd Overall) Jalen Collins – CB – LSU
    2nd Round (64th Overall) Tre Jackson – OG – Florida State
    3rd Round (96th Overall) David Johnson – RB – Northern Iowa
    3rd Round (97th Overall) (Compensatory) Gabe Jackson – DT – Auburn
    4th Round (101st Overall) (Via Buccaneers – Logan Mankins) Davis Tull – OLB – Chattanooga
    4th Round (131st Overall) Xavier Williams – DT – Northern Iowa
    6th Round (178th Overall) (Via Buccaneers– Jonathan Casillas) Robert Myers – OG – Tenn State
    *6th Round (187th Overall) (Via Saints – Kyle Arrington) Darren Walker – WR – Georgia Tech
    *6th Round (201st Overall) (Via Panthers – Danny Amendola) Ronald Martin – SS – LSU
    7th Round (219th Overall) (Via Titans – Akeem Ayers) Matt Huffer – OT – South Dakota State
    7th Round (253rd Overall) (Compensatory) AJ Tarpley – ILB – Stanford

    • Tim Fortier says:

      Amendola for a pick in the 6th round? Seriously? A decent and serviceable albeit overpaid contributing player for a likely Longshot ….makes little sense to me.

  25. Uncle Drew says:

                 Pats Mock Draft 6.0

    Pats receive a 3rd round swap and 5th round pick from the Jets for tampering. Pats also trade 3rd comp pick and Nate Solder for a 2nd round pick.

    1. Shaq Thompson LB Washington
    2. Jalen Collins CB LSU
    2. Carl Davis DT Iowa
    3. Tre Jackson OG FSU
    4. Tony Lippett WR Michigan State
    4. Tyrus Thompson OT Oklahoma
    5. Durrell Eskridge SS Syracuse
    6. Ladarius Gunter CB Miami (Fla.)
    7. Sage Harold OLB James Madison
    7. Donald Celiscar CB Western Mich.

  26. JVlach says:

    1st Shaq Thompson- SS/OLB/Special teams ace. We cannot miss this kid. They said Cam Chancellor couldn’t play safety in the NFL running a 4.6 forty. Can you say perrenial pro bowler. Thompson can be used in the box, in coverage to allow Hightower and Collins to be used to rush the passer more. It is a passing league, and shureing up the back end is our biggest need. Not Corner and Not DT!!! 2nd Devon Funchess WR/move tight end. 3rd Ifo Ekpre Olamu CB -next Darrel revis. Olamu is a ball hawk can read routes and QBs really well.Becomes the reciever on the deep pass. 3rd comp-Corey Robinson OT South Carolina or Daryl Williams OT Oklahoma. Both maulers with good fee, and if you look at our O line they all played tackle in college aside from Stork. 4th rd Jeff Luc ILB Cincinnati. A five star recruit transferred from Florida state, would give you leverage for Jerod Mayo to restructure his 10 million a season contract, and Luc could be a stud special teamer. 4th rd Tony Lippett WR/CB michigan st. 6th rd Tyrell Williams WR Western Oregon. 6.55 three cone, 4.4 forty at 6’4″ 210, and is a physical blocker. (Don’t forget about Aaron Dobson)7th rd Michael Dyer RB Loisville/Auburn transfer, won national title at auburn 5’9 225 lb bowling ball.7th rd Nick Marshall CB auburn 6’1″ 210. An SEC project, with upside.UDFA Cameron Clear TE T A&M. Blackson & Whitaker DT Auburn.

  27. KNOWLEDGE says:

    It appears that Bill has done the unthinkable, fall in love with a WR in Devante Parker. I have had Parker #1 all year. He is big, fast, great hands, runs great routes and has good hands. He won’t get past Minnesota or Cleveland so BB would have to give up next year’s 1st, the 32nd, the 96th, one of the 4ths, and one of the 7th rounders.

    But regardless, it looks like they will draft a WR early. I like Jalean Strong and his NFL body and plug and play ability. It will take far less to move up 10 spots rather than all the way to pick 11.

    Nelson Aghular would be a steal at 32. He is a different player than Brandin Cooks, but his stock is rising likes Cook’s did last year

    Then there is the enigmatic Dorial Green-Beckham. He could be a superstar in this league at 6’5 235. Risky pick, but if he can pickup the playbook then Brady would make him a star.

    I love Ameer Abdullah and he is great pass catcher and runs hard between the the tackles. I also like Duke Johnson if Abdullah isn’t there in the 2nd round.

    This year is weak on the offensive line and you can draft an all American guard like 3 year starter Tre Jackson from FSU that can play any position on the line, but would a great pick in the 3rd round. Laken Tomlinson is another all Americans that could fall to the 3rd round. There are a ton of guys on days 3 that will be 10 year starting interior offensive lineman.

    As for defensive tackle, it’s a top heavy position. Is Carl Davis really worth picking at 32 rather than Grady Jarrett or Tyelar Davison from Fresno State? Those would be great 3rd -4th round picks to get some beef up front. I like 6’6 330lb Jordan Phillips, 5 star recruit #1 in the nation. Huge upside! But he won’t be there at 32, either would Malcolm Brown, or Armstead .

    This is the year the Pats shock us all and move up and get a STUD!

    • Ryan says:

      Love your ideas but instead of America Abdullah all though he is a great back I think That Duke Johnson will fit our scheme and offense better then him Id like to see that and also getting Green-Beckham….

      I Feel as if that would be a great ideal plan for the Pats

  28. Tristan says:

    As we get closer to the draft the players the Patriots may be targeting have become more apparent. here are two mock drafts on players I think the patriots could target and I think could meet the current holes for the team

    Round 1: Jake Fisher G/OT Oregon
    Round 2: Henry Anderson DE/Pass rusher Stanford
    Round 3: Ali Marpet G Hobart
    Round 3 comp: Kevin White CB TCU
    Round 4: Brian Heeney LB Kansas
    Round 4: Deon Simon DT Northwestern State
    Round 6: Tony Lippett WR/CB Michigan State
    Round 7: Zach Zenner RB/FB South Dakota State
    Round 7 comp: Courtland Clavette LS Brown

    Round 1: Stephone Anthony LB Clemson
    Round 2: Laken Tomlinson G Duke
    Round 3: Grady Jarrett DT/NT
    Round 3 comp: Chris Conley WR Georgia
    Round 4: Steven Nelson CB Oregon State
    Round 4: Mike Davis RB South Carolina
    Round 6: Anthony Chickillo DE Miami
    Round 7: Randall Telfer TE USC
    Round 7 comp: Jaxon Shipley WR Texas

  29. john says:

    New England Patriots Mock 2.0

    1st Round (32nd Overall) – CB Kevin Johnson (Wake Forrest)
    2nd Round (64th Overall) – OL Tre Jackson (Florida State)
    3rd Round (96th Overall) – RB Javorious “Buck” Allen (USC)
    3rd Round (97th Overall, Compensatory) – WR Justin Hardy (East Carolina)
    4th Round (101st Overall, Via TB) – DL Gabe Wright (Auburn)
    4th Round (131st Overall) – LB Davis Tull (Chattanooga)
    6th Round (177th Overall, Via TB ) – WR Vince Mayle (Washington State)
    7th Round (219th Overall, Via Ten) – CB Nick Marshall (Auburn)
    7th Round (253rd Overall, Compensatory) – TE Eric Tomlinson (Texas El-Paso)

  30. Matthew says:

    New England Patriots Mock Draft

    1. Marcus Peters CB
    2. Tre’ Jackson OG
    3. Marcus Hardison DT
    3. Za’ Darius Smith DE
    4. Kwon Alexander OLB
    4. Ben Heeney ILB
    6. Ty Montgomery WR
    7. Jeremiah Poutasi OG
    7. Martin Ifedi DE
    8. Undrafted Devante Davis WR

  31. Billy O says:

    Rd. # Position School Name
    1 32 OL Florida State Cameron Erving
    2 64 CB Stanford Alex Carter
    3 96 DL Washington St. Xavier Cooper
    3 97 RB Nebraska Ameer Abdullah
    4 101 OLB Chattanooga Davis Tull
    4 131 TE Florida State Nick O’Leary
    6 177 LB Michigan St. Taiwan Jones
    7 219 DT Houston Joey Mbu
    7 253 WR Rice Jordan Taylor

    I see Cam Erving starting as the guard opposite of Marcus Cannon this year. Call it a hunch. He can slide into tackle year 2+ as needed depending on injuries and contracts (Solder)
    Alex Carter is a smart, big, hard-working corner who’s father was a 1st round DB. Would make a great Patriots
    Xavier Cooper could fall because of his short arms. If he does, the Patriots could upgrade Chris Jones and provide insurance for Easley.
    If Ameer Abdullah is available at this junction, I think we all know the Patriots would pick him up.
    Davis Tull is a Three-time Southern Conference Defensive Player of the Year! Oh, and at 250 pounds he just ran a 4.57 at his Pro Day. Could be a special teams star with smarts and toughness to contribute his sophomore season.
    Nick O’Leary, once considered the best TE in the draft, did not have the measurables of an elite NFL player. I see him taking the spot of (one of my favorite Patriots) James Develin, or at least as injury insurance. He is a hard-nosed play-maker.
    Taiwan Jones is a Brandon Spikes-like player who can give the patriots a thumper in the middle to allow for the flexibility to push Hightower outside to rush the passer.
    Joey Mbu will have to be red-shirted but would be a steal either way. Potential NT of the future. Excellent character
    Jordan Taylor is a productive practice squad candidate who needs to build strength for the next level. But a 6’5″ WR in the 7th round makes him a solid pickup.

  32. Saviae says:

    1st- Jalen Collins CB, LSU
    2nd – A J Cann G, S Car
    3rd – Tyler Lockett WR, K State
    3rd- Tyler Kroft TE, Rutgers
    4th- Ekpre-Olomu CB, Oregon
    6th – Austin Shepherd, Ala
    7th – Erick Durgan S, Oregon
    7th- Joey Mbu NT, Houston

    Keep it simple this year BB.

  33. Jesus says:

    Pats would be wise to package the #32 pick & one of their back to back third rounders to move up in the first and let Bill nab some stud he really wants.

  34. john says:

    New England Patriots Mock 2.0

    1st Round (32nd Overall) – DT Eddie Goldman (Florida State)
    2nd Round (64th Overall) – RB Tevin Coleman (Indiana)
    3rd Round (96th Overall) – OL Ali Marpet (Hobart)
    3rd Round (97th Overall, Compensatory) – WR Justin Hardy (East Carolina)
    4th Round (101st Overall, Via TB) – CB Kevin White (TCU)
    4th Round (131st Overall) – LB Davis Tull (Chattanooga)
    6th Round (177th Overall, Via TB ) – WR Vince Mayle (Washington State)
    7th Round (219th Overall, Via Ten) – CB Nick Marshall (Auburn)
    7th Round (253rd Overall, Compensatory) – RB Michael Dyer (Louisville)

  35. Aaron C says:

    When have the Pats ever drafted a wr for their #
    1?…maybe it’s time…Honestly, not that our CB’s are bad, buT really need 1st round corner. Scott Chandler should be good with Gronk and Tim W…maybe someone to fill Vince’s shoes…or try to but believe CB should be taken first…if nobe left by 32 take top WR. I even think running back should be set…always want to get better but don’T want to have 2-3 guys deep in a position and only have average in others. Of course this may change again during training camp if someone stands out or someone’s expectations are less than par.

  36. Uncle Drew says:

                   Pats Mock Draft 5.5
        *The Patriots trade Jerod Mayo for a 2nd round pick. Patriots trade 1st round pick for a 2nd round pick. I expect to see a 3rd round swap and 5th round pick from the Jets for tampering.*

    2nd. Carl Davis DT Iowa
    2nd. Ameer Abdullah RB Nebraska
    2nd. Tre Jackson OG FSU
    3rd. Ronald Darby CB FSU
    3rd. Eric Rowe CB Utah
    4th. Za’Darius Smith DE Kentucky
    4th. Josue Matias OG FSU
    4th. Darren Waller WR Georgia Tech
    5th. Durrell Eskridge SS Syracuse
    6th. Devin Gardner WR Michigan
    7th. Sage Harold OLB James Madison
    7th. Jordan Taylor WR Rice

    • Mark S says:

      I can’t see a team giving up a 2d round pick for Mayo who is coming off two straight seasons w/season ending injuries.

  37. Victor Tran says:

    Instead of Drafting a CB, I think they should draft a Safety. It is common sense. Devin Mccourty can play Corner and Pat and the rook/Harmon can play safety.

  38. andrew says:

    need to clear up that the pats should have an 7th rd. comp. pick for dane fletcher.

  39. Catalyst XL says:

    NE 2015 Draft

    RD 1 (32) – G/T Cameron Irving FSU
    RD 2 (64) – T Jake Fisher Oregon
    *RD 3 – DT David Parry Stanford
    **RD 3 (96) – TRADE AWAY
    RD 3 COMP – CB/S Byron Jones UConn
    ***RD 4 (TB) – TRADE AWAY
    **RD 4 – DE/DT Louis Trinca-Pasat Iowa
    *** RD 4 – WR Antwan Goodley Baylor
    RD 4 – CB/S Josh Shaw USC
    * RD 5 – ILB Terrence Plummer UCF
    **** RD 5 – HB/FB Mark Weisman Iowa
    RD 6 (TB) – G Audrey Walker USC
    ** RD 6 – WR/TE – Darren Waller GT
    RD 7 (TEN) – LS Andrew East Vanderbilt

    * Trade Mayo for RD 3 & 5 (’15) & RD 3 (’16)
    ** Trade away for RD 4 & 6 (’15) & RD 4 (’16)
    *** Trade away for RD 4 (’15) & RD 3 (’16)
    **** Trade Dobson for RD 5 (’15) & RD 5 (’16)

    I know BB is damn hard to predict but I feel he will try to stock up on as much young talent he can considering the next few years contract and free agency situations. I also took into consideration that the Pats have a fair amount of cap space the next few years. As of right now, per overthecap.com, the Pats only have 14 players contracted through 2017.

    • Catalyst XL says:

      I kinda feel like this can lead to some good extensions and aggressive free agency in 2016 and 2017 offseasons.

  40. Uncle Drew says:

                   Pats Mock Draft 5.0
        *The Patriots trade Jerod Mayo for a 2nd round pick. Pats get Jets 2nd and 4th round pick for tampering*

    1st. Carl Davis DT Iowa
    2nd. Ameer Abdullah RB Nebraska
    2nd. Tre Jackson OG FSU
    3rd.  Ronald Darby CB FSU 
    3rd. Ifo-Ekpre Olomu CB Oregon
    4th. Daryl Williams OT Oklahoma
    4th. Rakeem Nunez-Roches DT USM
    4th. Justin Cox CB Mississippi State
    6th. Mario Alford WR WVU
    7th. Sage Harold OLB James Madison

    Pats take Jordan Phillips or Eddie Goldman.

    • Joe says:

      in your latest mock 5.0, you have the Pats picking up 2 2nd rders that would give them 3 total. You only have them using 2.

      • Joe says:

        BTW, would love to see BB target his guy and move up like he did with Jones and Hightower. Would love to see that target guy be Jalen Collins. Thinking we’d need to get ahead of Pittsburgh so either 21 Cincy or 20 SF. Maybe trade the 32 and 64 to Cincy for #21 and #117?

    • john says:

      What’s tampering

      • Victor Tran says:

        Patriots should trade down 1st pick for 2nd round and 4th rounder
        2(via trade). Jordan Phillips DT
        2. Ameer Abullah RB
        3.(Compensary) Cedric Ogbuehi OL
        4(Via trade TB). Ifo Ekpre CB
        4(VIA trade).
        4. Tyler Lockett WR
        6(VIA TRADE TN).
        7(VIA TRADE TB).

      • Uncle Drew says:

        Basically the Jets owner decided to start illegally recruiting Revis to come back to the Jets in December. 2 months before the legal tampering period.

        • Outwest says:

          Usually tampering charges end up in a loss of a pick (late rounds) and a swapping of a mid round pick like a 4th. You don’t usually get the other teams pick outright.

  41. SKOOGA says:

    Eddie Goldman DT Florida State 6’4″ 336
    Byron Jones CB Connecticut 6’1″ 199
    Jaquiski Tartt SS Samford 6’1″ 221
    Anthony Chickillo DE Miami (Fla.) 6’3″ 267
    Josue Matias OG Florida State 6’5″ 309
    Donovan Smith OT Penn State 6’6″ 338
    Dominique Brown RB Louisville 6’2″ 234
    Shaquille Riddick DE West Virginia 6’6″ 236

  42. john says:

    This could be the Patriots greatest draft ever if they follow this mock I made.

    1st Round (32nd Overall) – Todd Gurley (Georgia)
    2nd Round (64th Overall) – Michael Bennett (Ohio State)
    3rd Round (96th Overall) – Justin Hardy (East Carolina)
    3rd Round (Compensatory, Projected) – Ali Marpet (Hobart)
    4th Round (Via TB – Logan Mankins) – Tyler Kroft (Rutgers)
    4th Round (Assigned) – Kevin White (TCU)
    6th Round (Via TB – Jonathan Casillas) – Vince Mayle (Washington State)
    7th Round (Via TEN – Akeem Ayers) – Michael Dyer (Louisville)

  43. Uncle Drew says:

             Patriots Mock Draft 4.0
     1st. Sammie Coates WR Auburn
    2nd. Devin Funchess TE Michigan
    2nd. Tre Jackson OL FSU
     3rd. Gabe Wright DT Auburn
     3rd. Donovan Smith OL Penn State
     4th. Justin Cox SS Mississippi St.
     4th. Stephone Anthony LB Clemson
     6th. Edmond Robinson DE Newberry
     7th. Mario Alford WR West Virginia

    Thoughts: I think the Pats should trade Mayo and Dobson so we can trade up for Abdullah RB, Jalen Collins CB, Carl Davis DT, Nate Orchard DE or Devin Funchess TE. Depends on how negotiations are going with Vereen or how much faith they have in Tim Wright being Gronk’s partner in crime. So I just put one of those guys on the list.


  44. Jobear says:

    #1 Dorial Green-Beckham
    #2 Laken Tomlinson
    #3 Hau’oli Kikahah

  45. Mike says:

    Not going to draft a WR at 32, no Pat WR draft that high has ever worked out, and our best are usually found in late rounds (4 and on). Look for OL/DT at 32 ILB to follow at 64 trades for 96 and probably a 4th round WR and depth SS/FS/CB in the middle. RB looks solid, release Ridley, resign Vereen. WR really isnt that bad (THEY WON THE SUPER BOWL AND WRs WERENT A HINDRANCE), main concerns are OL, Pass Rush, and depth at LB. Mayo needs a restructure or a cut, too many injuries and for the money you can get youth that will perform o.k.. look for Ayers to stick around, Cassillas maybe as a STer.

    Big thing is available value. OL and DT/DE quality goes quick, you can pick up decent value at skill positions later on (and Bill has proven he likes to do so).

    • Robb says:

      What about Terry Glenn, pick 7, was one of the best rookie WR ever. Had a pretty good patriot career as well.

  46. Jvlachey says:

    32-Dorial Green- Beckum. 64-

  47. Abhi says:

    My Mock:
    1st Round (32nd Overall): Trade away to a team like Bears for early 2nd and next years 1st
    2nd Round (early pick from trade): DT Jordan Phillips
    2nd Round (64th Overall): WR Devin Funchess
    3rd Round (96th Overall): OG Tre Jackson or Arie Kouadijo
    3rd Round (Compensatory, Projected): TE Clive Walford or Tyler Kroft
    4th Round (Via TB – Logan Mankins): RB Jeremy Langford
    4th Round (Assigned): ILB Taiwan Jones
    6th Round (Via TB – Jonathan Casillas): OG Adam Shead
    7th Round (Via TEN – Akeem Ayers): K Justin Manton
    7th Round (Via HOU – Ryan Mallett): TE Jean Sifrin

  48. Lin says:

    1 Cameron Erving OG
    2 Devin Funchess WR
    3 Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB
    4 Kwon Alexander OLB
    4 Jeremy Langford RB
    6 Chris Conley WR
    7 Deon Simon DT

  49. jkbn says:

    1st – running back (gordon, gurley, coleman)
    2nd – we (strong, green beckham)
    3rd – justin hardy

  50. Juan De Fuca says:

    1st Round (32nd Overall): Tre Jackson – OG – FSU
    2nd Round (64th Overall): Benardrick McKinney – LB – Mississippi State
    3rd Round (96th Overall): Traded for a 4th and 5th
    3rd Round (Compensatory, Projected): Javorius Allen – RB – USC
    4th Round (Via TB – Logan Mankins): Xavier Cooper – DT – Washington State
    4th Round (Assigned) Tre McBride – WR – William & Mary
    6th Round (Via TB – Jonathan Casillas): Jean Sifrin – TE – UMass
    7th Round (Via TEN – Akeem Ayers): Shaquille Riddick – DE – WV
    7th Round (Via HOU – Ryan Mallett): Isaiah Shelton – OG – Shepherd

    In Exchange for the 96th
    4th Rd: Tony Lippett – WR – Michigan State
    5th Rd: Sam Carter – S – TCU

  51. Lamonte from Philly says:

    I’m not a salary cap genius but If they keep what they have just improve that pass rush I see repeat. ..green Florida state im telling you always can get OL DB LB FOR DEPT

  52. Russell says:

    The Ryan Mallett draft pick is for the 2016 draft, NOT the 2015 draft.

    • Mike says:

      No it’s a 7th rounder for 2015 (played less than the required number of snaps to be a 6th rounder) If the Pats kept Mallett this year then they likely would have received the compensatory pick in the 2016 draft.

  53. Chrisa4532 says:

    I thought Chung had a good year,he has certainly improved since his last stop in New England. Gostkowski is A must keep he has been The best kicker in the league over the last few years

  54. Uncle Drew says:

             Patriots Mock 2015 Draft
                      (Defense First)
      Key Notes: Patriots trade LB Jerrod Mayo and Aaron Dobson to Tampa Bay for a second round pick.

    32th. Eli Harold DE/OLB Virginia
    33rd. Cody Prewitt FS Ole Miss
    64th. Nick O’Leary TE FSU
      3rd. Breshad Perriman WR UCF
      4th. Donovan Smith OT Penn St.
      4th. Ellis McCarthy DT UCLA
      6th. Ben Beckwith OG Miss St.
      7th. Kenny Hilliard RB LSU (Sleeper)
      7th. Ronald Martin SS LSU

  55. joe says:

    Sorry auto correct spelling but dogging belichek not doing

  56. joe says:

    I here everyone doing belichek drafting but this is the youngest team to win super bowl ever EVER they had 2 O lineman play this year they stole akem ayers a first rd talent. Theirs not many spots available. But DT and corner. You watch last year’s pick easly will be a starter this coming year then look brilliant. Every team has misses. He’s done just as well as every other team in league. Period

  57. Tristan says:

    Sorry Reggie Ragland Returning to Alabama so sub out him and put in Jake Ryan OLB Michigan

  58. Tristan says:

    Great Season!! Super bowl was epic and great win. It was a good assessment on where we could use improvements and what areas we are solid in. The areas I see as areas to add depth is Pass Rusher, Interior OL, Linebacker, Tight End, and DT in order of importance. All other areas I see as minor needs obviously based on current roster neglecting free agency. No real blatant holes on this team right now. Here are my first two mock drafts highlighting players that could be good fits with PATS. (potential Rolls on Football team if made it)

    Round 1: La’el Collins G/OT LSU (starting interior)
    Round 2: Eli Harold DE Virginia (sub in pash rusher for nink and jones and ayers)
    Round 3: Ow Odighizuma DE/OLB UCLA (mix in linebacker and on line)
    Round 3 Comp: Jake Fisher OT Oregon (backup tackle)
    Round 4: Tyler Kroft TE Rutgers (back up true tight end for Gronk)
    Round 4: Reggie Ragland ILB Alabama (could start LB with collins and hightower if mayo is cut)
    Round 6: Chucky Hunter DT TCU (rotational DT)
    Round 7: Jaxon Shipley WR Texas (Next edelman/welker/amedola)
    Round 7: Ladarius Gunter CB Miami (depth in secondary)

    Mock Draft 2
    Round 1: Maxx Williams TE Minnesota (have legit 3 starting TE with Gronk, Williams and Wright)
    Round 2: Arik Armstead DE/DT Oregon (Starting DT)
    Round 3: Marcus Peters CB Washington (Sub corner)
    Round 3 comp: TJ Yeldon RB Alabama (join rotation with RBs good in pass and rushing)
    Round 4: Jake Ryan OLB Michigan (could be a starting LB or backup)
    Round 4: Laken Tomlinson G Duke (back up guard)
    Round 6: Anothony Chickillo DE Miami (gamble play at DE)
    Round 7: Jaxon Shipley WR Texas (Rotational receiver or edelman backup take dobson off team)
    Round 7: Nick Boyle TE/FB Delaware (could play similar role to Homan if cut him)

  59. Roddy says:

    This year the Pat won the SB without any contribution from a high draft pick!

    Stork was a fourth roud, now we have 1 first, 1 second, 2 thirds and the first pick from the fourth round. That’s 5 picks!

    Lets just hope they do an average job drafting this time…

    And then we can repeat!!!

    Go Pats!!!

  60. Matthew says:

    Patriots Mock Draft after Super Bowl
    1. Jalean Strong WR
    2. A.j. Cann OG
    3. John Miller OG
    3. Grady Jarret DT
    4. Devante Fields DE
    4. Kwan Alexander OLB
    6. Mike Hull ILB
    7. Clayton Geathers SS
    7. Andrew East LS

  61. John says:

    And another thing, the Pats have a terrible track record drafting WRs in the first few rds. Worse, their last 2 draft classes have seen two players make impacts, Collins and Stork, that is very poor scouting and then selecting of players. Ideally you want all your picks to make an impact, but front office personnel consider it a win if they get 2 starters and 2 other rotation players per class. They need to do a better job this year.

  62. John says:

    Ummmm really folks??? Bill is not drafting a WR in the first round – no shot. Would not be surprised if he trades it for a 2nd/3rd and the trading partners 1st rounder next year. If they do select this team needs OFF and DEF linemen. Their O-line was above average after Stork got healthy, but certainly not a top 5 O-line, and oh yeah, for the most part they still have no pass rush. Perhaps if they did not waste last years 1st rd selection on a guy that already had 2 knee surgeries and made zero impact this season. LBer is also a need, would not mind taking the best LB on the board at that 32.

    • Uncle Drew says:

      I doubt Bill is taking a RB in the first round. We have plenty of RBs and he’s not gonna let all those guys walk. We can afford to lose Ridley. Sign Blount and Vereen. Don’t forget we have James White, Tyler Gaffney and Jonas Gray will probably be back for cheap. If not we can get Kenny Hilliard who is better than Ridley and highly underrated.

  63. Uncle Drew says:

               Patriots Mock Draft 2.0
    32th. Devin Funchess WR Michigan

    64th. Hau’oli Kikaha LB Washington

    3rd. Cedric Ogbuehi OG Texas A&M

    4th. Preston Smith DE Mississippi St

    4th. Durell Eskridge SS Syracuse

    6th. Tayo Fabuluje OT TCU

    7th. Kenny Hilliard RB LSU (Sleeper!!)
            6’0 230 lbs Power Back

    7th. Devin Mahina TE BYU

    • Uncle Drew says:

      My first round pick will change from time to time. Funchess is rising in stock. Coates would be the next guy

      I like Maxx Williams, Danielle Hunter or Jordan Phillips. But if we wanna stop hoping for play makers we gotta get a WR in the first round. Everybody can’t be Edelman.

      I like Tony Lippett as a sleeper WR.

  64. RR says:

    Pats know what they have and need better than anyone….that being said i can just list the best player per position that will REALISTICALLY be available…the only way they would get Fowler is if they trade up which they NEVER do (he is the real deal too)…RB Todd Gurley (might fall, but pray hes not injury prone) IF they don’t resign Ridley…L Blount hasn’t had the best scouting report when sharing RB duties but is DEF able to handle it on his own. Then again he rushed for over a thousand w 17td splitting time w his former roommate at Oregon in 08-09. Maybe the Pats discipline is what he needs, who knows. DEs Nate Orchard, Danielle Hunter (Both aggressive, quick, and heads up) WRs Devin Smith OSU (BEST deep threat in ncaa football), Phillip Dorsett MIAMI, Tyler Lockett KSU IF they need another Wes Welker-like slot receiver. Im not a Devin Funchess fan for the simple reason he drops a lot of big play needed grabs…yes hes huge and doubles as a TE, maybe with a little faith and some polishing….CBs I cant stress TCUs Kevin White as this years biggest sleeper, if not PJ Williams FSU/ Ifo ORE with a little faith and some discipline/polishing….SS/FS TCUs Chris Hackett…..this all depends on their needs, the suspense is killing mee! (the draft analyzing continues)

  65. 12 says:

    My Mock
    1 Devin Funchess WR Michigan
    2 Josue Matias OG Florida ST
    3 Daryl Williams OT Oklahoma
    4 Kwon Alexander OLB LSU
    4 Nick Marshall CB/S Auburn
    6 Devin Gardner WR/QB Michigan
    7 Leterrius Walton DT Central Mchigan

  66. 12 says:

    My Mock
    1 Devin Funchess WR Michigan
    2 Josue Matias OG Florida ST
    3 Daryl Williams OT Oklahoma
    4 Kwon Alexander OLB LSU
    4 Nick Marshall CB/S Auburn
    6 Devin Gardner WR/QB Michigan
    7 Eterrius Walton DT Central Mchigan

  67. Aidan says:

    I want them to get Andre Davis from USF(WR) OR Austin Hill from Arizona(WR)

  68. Nathan says:

    We need sum depth at WR. We should get a sort of “big body” Bolden type of WR. For this draft I want a DB that can play CB and S and can get down hill and hit something. I want a versatile OL. Last a nice run stopping LB.

  69. David Jones says:

    What about FSU’s Nick O’leary

  70. acm says:

    The 7th round pick from Houston, as part of the Ryan Mallett trade, is in the 2016 draft.

  71. Uncle Drew says:

    I like your 3rd and both 4 round picks. I don’t think Fowler or Coates. Will be there. Fowler is projected to be the 14th pick and Coates at 40th. Which means we would have to take him in the first. I wouldn’t mind that as long as we get a 1st talent WR.

  72. Uncle Drew says:

    I really like Denzel Perryman though lol. He’s a beast !! Could be a nice ILB replacement for Mayo

  73. Uncle Drew says:

    Goodbye Dobson or Tyms. I don’t think both will make it. I have Lippett gong to the Practice squad unless they drop both lol.

    Preston Smith isn’t really known for his pass rushing skills, but he’s great at that too. He’s versatile, I chose him because v of the way he can stop the run. He can play 4-3 or 3-4. But him on the line with Vince Siliga and Branch and we’ll be stout on the line

  74. TOM SJ says:

    CB Darrelle Rivis
    FS Devin McCourty
    K Steohen Gostkoski
    RB Shane Vereen
    SS Patrick Chung
    LB Akeem Ayers

    • nflgenius says:

      Please, please do not re-sign Chung, even at league minimum. He is just awful; must be a great guy, though,since coach kept him on the team this year despite poor play.
      Keep Ayers, for sure, though.
      I’d let Gostkowski go if he gets a big offer.

      • Mike says:

        Chung had a good year man; without him we dont beat the ravens IMO. Hes solid in run support (a massive hole for us this year) and his covr. on TEs is commendable…no team asks their SS to cover top tier WRs and most teams understand a SS will struggle with avg WRs…Chung is good, good value at SS

    • Lamonte from Philly says:

      I think the Patriots need to keep secondary in” tack” resign all …pick up Most dominate DT to improve pass rush take chance on Florida state receiver perfect for Tom….ax Amendola. ..then super bowl L IS BEAN TOWN BOUND

  75. TOM SJ says:

    New my opinion
    1 Kevin White WR West Virginia Goodbye Dobson
    2 Tre’ Jackson OG Florida St C Stork will be glad He also from Florida ST
    3 Durrell Eskridge FS Syracuse could move SS and replace Patrick Chung Goodbye Tavon Wilson
    4 Dary Williams OT Oklahoma Versatile OL
    4 Jace Ryan OLB Michigan Move LB
    6 Devin Gardner ATH Michigan could move WR, RB or QB?
    7 Garry Perters CB Clemson Special team
    7 Leon Orr DT Florida could move DE Belichick loves Florida Gaters

    • Uncle Drew says:

      That’s not bad at all !! I know I will change mine later. I think we need to add depth to our linebackers. Just in case we don’t resign Mayo. I’d be willing to trade our 2nd and 4th round pick and a player for a top 5-10 second round pick… So for now with the in mind. My first two picks are.

      First Pick: WR, by availability. Devin Funchess, Jaelen Strong, Sammie Coates..

      Second pick. LB. Denzel Perryman !!

      I don’t want to have problems in the run game next year because Mayo, who I love as a player, can’t stay healthy. But this guy Perryman is a BEAST. Hightower, Collins, Ayers and Perryman would be the best linebacker core in the league. We need this guy lol. Then we could get a Olineman in the 3rd and still be able to pick up Eskridge in the 4th as long as we keep our 4th round pick from the Buccaneers

  76. TOM SJ says:

    It’s 2016 pick isn’t it?

  77. Uncle Drew says:

        *Patriots 2015 Mock Draft*

    1. Devin Funchess WR 6’5 Michigan
    2. Josue Matias OG 6’6 FSU
    3. Tony Lippett WR 6’3 MSU
    4. Durrell Eskridge FS 6’3 Syracuse
    4. Preston Smith DE 6’5 Miss St.
    6. Blake Bell TE 6’6 Oklahoma
    7. Devin Gardner ATH 6’4 Michigan
    7. Tayo Fabuluje OT 6’7 TCU

    • TOM SJ says:

      Wow, u choose 2 WRs. Goodbey Amendola? I think he doesn’t need anymore
      My 2015 WR unit
      slater (special team)
      Reggie wayne? FA If colts does not resing with him. Bill belichick loves him

  78. Marc says:

    Here’s my 2 cents

    1st-Cameron Irving-OL-Florida State…could move to G
    2nd-Stefon Diggs-WR-Maryland…..Amendola replacement
    3rd-Eric Striker-OLB/SS-Oklahoma…..LB depth possible SS
    4th-Jake Fisher-OL-Oregon….OL depth
    4th-Breshad Perriman-WR-Central Florida….Big Deep threat Tyms replacement
    6th-DJ Foster-RB-Arizona State…..Versatile RB….Vereen replacement
    7th-Kevin White-CB-TCU……slot CB
    7th-Clay Burton-TR-Florida……blocking TE…..Hooman replacement

  79. Eddie says:

    What about the 7th round pick we’re getting from Houston for Mallett?

  80. TOM SJ says:

    1st Donte Fowlers Jr. DE Florida
    2nd Samiie Coates WR Auburn
    3rd Jarvis Harrison OG Texas A&M
    4th Durrell Eskridge S Syracuse
    4th Crey Robinson OT USC
    5th Trey Depriest ILB Alabama
    7th Hunter Jover FB Florida

    How do u think?

    • Uncle Drew says:

      I like Eskridge. Him over the top of Browner would be great. I chose Devin Funchess because he gets off the line faster than Coates at 6’5 and he’s a willing blocker.

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