2014 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Select Jeremy Gallon (WR, Michigan)

Jeremy Gallon has a tough road to a wide receiver roster spot.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

With the 244th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots have selected Jeremy Gallon (WR, Michigan) with the 244th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. Read on for analysis.

Gallon will join a crowded group of slot receivers on the New England Patriots’ roster. At 5’8″ and only 183 pounds, he is going to need to be smart moving across the middle of the field or he won’t last long in the NFL. That didn’t stop him from dominating in the Big Ten.

Gallon is a good route-runner that excels finding the soft-spot in zones. He has good hands and just enough speed to uncover. He also has enough elusiveness in the open field to contribute as a returner.

If Danny Amendola or Julian Edelman go down with an injury, Gallon will be ready to pick up their production.

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38 Responses to “2014 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Select Jeremy Gallon (WR, Michigan)”

  1. Dan Sullivan says:

    I gave the Patriots a C after two days of drafting after 3rd I give them a B+ as Tom Brady
    has gotten great help for the Offensive Line and two big play makers in White and Gallon.
    Still some excellent UDFA out there especially at Tight End and Defensive End.

    Great job BB and staff looking forward to coming year the team has improved greatly.

  2. Bob says:

    Patriots undrafted rookie free agents they have signed so far:

    Tyler Beck, TE, Bowling Green
    Deylan Buntyn, DL, N.C. State
    Joe Don Duncan, TE, Dixie State
    Cameron Gordon, OLB, Michigan
    Roy Finch, RB, Oklahoma
    Travis Hawkins, CB, Delaware
    Justin Jones, TE, East Carolina
    James Morris, LB, Iowa
    Tyler Ott, LS, Harvard
    Micajah Reynolds, DL, Michigan State
    Asa Watson, TE, N.C. State

  3. Lynn Alex says:

    Gallon is a great kid that will fight for his position. His all out courage against men almost twice his size deserves respect. Wish my team Seattle had taken a good look at him.

  4. DRM says:

    Well, forget Coleman. he was signed by the Saints.

    Top to bottom, this draft has been hallmarked by wasted opportunities.

  5. J H TARBORO says:

    UDFA RB Roy Finch jr. Oklahoma is a Patriot and TE Justin Jones E. Carolina 6’8 265 is a ex-basketball player is also a Patriot.

    • GM-In-Training says:

      Thaaaat’s interesting. Jones’ 4.9 second 40 time is not much, but his 6.88 3-cone is surprisingly agile for a big man. His 37″ vertical jump on top of that height and, we assume, long arms suggests a tasty red-zone jump-ball threat. I wonder if he can block?

  6. Bill Vermont says:

    There’s a lot of guys out there that can still play. All types of TE and Pats should have the upperhand in signing a TE who wants minimal competition. Anothe rRB would be nice and Christian Jones, Quarles, Zack kerr, bruce Gaston, went undrafted. Amazing!

    Wonder what next year will be like with all the underclassmen already gone

    Sign a TE , Christian Jones, and Kelsey Quarles and this will be a very nice draft year

    • DRM says:

      Quarles went to our nemesis, the Giants. The Jaguars got the SS we needed (Loston.) Shayne Skov is gone. We whiffed on Antonio Richardson. Lokombo, Lyerla and Coleman are about all we can hope for now. Unless Trey Millard also went undrafted. There are no decent TE’s left, aside from Lyerla, who seems to be an athema to every franchise. That’s why we need to get the wideout who is nealry as big as a TE.

      I just can’t believe we didn’t addres pass rush and we are going to pin our TE hopes to the health of Gronk (again.) Hooman and that other guy probably aren’t going to be adequate to reinvent our 2 TE set.

      The worst part is drafting a 3rd string backup qb from a non-fbs school with our second pick. If they wanted a backup, Shaw as anUDFA or Mettenberger in the 6th should have been the highest we went. Why? Because there aren’t any franchise caliber qb’s in this draft (unless your franchise is Jax or Oakland.)

      Most improved team? Houston. They will have the front seven to be even scarier than the legion of boom.

  7. Ryan says:

    I’m really surprised that Kelcy Quarles went undrafted. He fed off of double-teams on Clowney, sure, but he still seems like a very good player. He’s definitely worth a look. Some other guys that I think the Pats should look into are Craig Loston, Dion Bailey, Hakeem Smith, James Gayle, Morgan Breslin, Adrian Hubbard, James Morris, Calvin Barnett, Josh Mauro, Brandon Coleman, Trey Burton, Joe Don Duncan and Marcel Jensen.

  8. DRM says:

    Yeah. Great. This is much better than the 6′-05″+ Coleman.

    Seems like Connor Shaw, who played well in the SEC, would have been a better value as an UDFA than Garopolo, who didn’t even play FBS ball.

    I had all I could stomach before the sixth round. But the last I checked many of the players I had hoped wopuld be selected for some inexplicable reason had not been, by any team. Can someone tell me if the following players are still unsigned?

    Shane Skov, Craig Loston, Ahmad Dixon, Brandon Coleman, Boseko lokombo, Seantrel Henderson, that Dri Archer type back from Oregon, Colt Lyerla

    • JB says:

      The ‘ denotes feet and the ” denotes inches. You do not need to use the hyphen. You also don’t need to post the same whiny comment on every single post today.

      • Daniel R. Martin says:

        There are a great many things that I do not need to do. Yet I gladly choose to do them anyway. Thanks for the lesson on how to properly type a persons’ height there chief. I’m glad you feel like you really put me in my place.

        I see you borrowed Kevan’s buzzword of the day, “whiney.” Here goes one more time for the night in your honor JB; this draft sucked and your ill informed if you honestly think otherwise. That holds true no matter how many inane grammar lessons you and the other turds try to give me.

        • Kevan says:

          Look Danny boy stole my word- terd. You really think you got this stuff figured out, it’s hilarious. Look man you do not know what is true because these players haven’t played a down in the nfl. You obviously think a lot and have strong opinions and thats cool and all but quit trying to pretend you know cuz you don’t. None of us do. If your older than 15 I feel bad for you. I’ll say it again let’s look at these draft picks a couple years from now, ok falcons fan.

    • Blake says:

      How is it “inexplicable” that Lyerla went undrafted and unsigned to this point?

      • Daniel R. Martin says:

        Great point! Of the nine or so players I mentioned, you are absolutely correct that reasons abound to explain why Lyerla wasn’t drafted. Good for you!

  9. J H TARBORO says:

    I like the pick, this was my late round WR and don’t be suprised if he pushes Amendola and Edelman in camp, giving he gets some reps, remember this year that nobody is safe in their respective positions.

  10. Kevan says:

    No linebacker or tight end. Really surprising. On to the undrafted guys. Maybe ninko can play lb again when needed.

    • acm says:

      Shayne Skov went undrafted, I think. Maybe they prioritize him as an UDFA.

      • acm says:

        same with Christian Jones, Max Bulough, James Moris, Morgan Breslin, Brock Coyle, to name the more notable names at the LB position.

    • acm says:

      some of the more notable UDFAs at TE (players I can see the Pats go for):

      Blake Annen, Jacob Pedersen, Marcel Jensen, Xavier Grimble, Tony Denham among others.

      • emblum says:

        What do you think about Joe Don Duncan TE from Dixie State or Isaiah Crowell RB from Alabama State?

      • Ryan says:

        Don’t forget Joe Don Duncan. His combine numbers were impressive.

        • acm says:

          don’t think he did anything at the combine except the bench press. He’s also an option but don’t think he translates well to the NFL as a TE, more of a FB, tbh. Lacks explosiveness/suddenness in his game to be a diff-maker at TE.

    • bmp1113 says:

      nink played a lot of olb this year. I would be good to see beauharnias play good. I cant believe they didnt bring dane back.

  11. acm says:

    Really good pick, Gallon is a baller. I had him and John Brown as likely Patriots targets at WR in the 6/7th rd range. Brown went in the 3rd to the cards, so Gallon in the 7th is a really good value imo.
    Hope he sticks on the roster; should give Boyce a run for his money.

  12. Pat says:

    Doubtful he could make this team as yet another slot receiver. Really wonder if he has a chance to be a 5th running back in a pass-catching, Danny Woodhead mode.

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