2014 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Select Cameron Fleming

Cameron Fleming is your newest Patriots offensive lineman.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The Patriots have so far picked up Dominique Easley (DL, Florida), Jimmy Garoppolo (QB, Eastern Illinois), Bryan Stork (C, Florida State) and James White (RB, Wisconsin). They added to their haul by drafting
Stanford offensive tackle Cameron Fleming.

The Patriots didn’t pick an offensive lineman in 2012 or 2013, but are making up for that in 2014 having drafted two linemen in the fourth round.

Fleming is one of the smartest players in the 2014 NFL Draft—majoring in aeronautics and astronautics—and is a 6’5″ and 330 pound blocker that stay outside at right tackle or make a move inside. He describes himself as both a “science nerd” and a “football nerd”. Perhaps he can hang out with the brilliant defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

Fleming will benefit by interacting with some of the nastier blockers on the Patriots team. He didn’t always sustain and finish his blocks at Stanford, even when he had a player physically over-matched. He isn’t the quickest guy on the edge, but uses his size and length to steer rushers out of harm’s way.

With Sebastian Vollmer’s back a long-term concern, Fleming could be seen as the right tackle of the future. That would allow Marcus Cannon to concentrate on being a guard. The New England Patriots could do the opposite as well, moving Fleming to guard and keeping Cannon at tackle.

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16 Responses to “2014 NFL Draft: New England Patriots Select Cameron Fleming”

  1. gymrat says:

    Peeps like kevan would like a pick that had a wooden leg. Bellichick deserves this criticism. He has been given more free passes for drafting head scratching busts than anybody ever. Its not like he ignores key positions of need for pro bowlers,he is doing it for outright busts and most of the time early round reaches for seventh round talent. It would b acceptable if some of these reaches worked out but they don’t EVER. He should have changed his approach long ago,b humble and admit he needs help evaluating talent. He botched totally 2 straight drafts 2006-2007. Most GMs power of drafting would have been decreased or removed right there. But his disastrous drafting continued with 9 more busts in the first 80 or so draftpicks over the next 3 drafts.Then in 05 and 08 he found a first rd guard and lb with a top 10 pick. Both very good starters but not game changers. Then vollmer in 09 and every other pick was a bust. That’s just 3 very good starters in5 drafts, Nearly 50 picks. With zero impact game breakers or dominators. His defense loaded with his genius draft picks has ranked last or near last for 6 straight seasons now. He has also failed to draft a single we that remotely worries a defense. Without the best qb ever his offense would b as bad as his atrocious defense. Brady has saved his a$$. This would be a 6-10 team at best with even a solid qb. The colts went 2-14 without manning due to a below average being carried by a top 3 all time qb. No backup qb would have won more than 6 games packers lost 4straight without Rodgers. Another shitty team with an elite qb. Their wr’s r decent at least but nobody that strikes fear in dB’s but good enough to worry them and win on 3rd and 10. Odds r he is nothing special ever n won’t ever make n impact. Backup qbs r easy to find cheap, they can b had for much cheaper than second rd draft currency. Qbs that’s so called former first rd busts make best backups. They r usually decent qbs thrown to wolves on bad teams expected to carry a bad team. Qbs that can carry bad teams r rare and expecting to find one never ends well for a team. The pats have now wasted 3 early picks on backups since 08. The answer to winning without Brady isn’t wasting picks on backup qbs its surrounding the future qb with quality wr’s a dominant oline and a good defense. Notice all the young qbs thriving r surrounded by talent n playing in good systems. With that said the Garappolo pick should have been a quality olinemen or traded up for one of the talented second rd wrr’s. Instead we get the leftover nerds of olineman n another ewok wr and were supposed to win a championship with that crap. If Brady can’t then no backup will. Look at files. Dominant online talented online n he thrives. The key is build the team with very good wr’s and dominant oline then get a couple young qbs after that who can compete to see who consistently get the ball in playmakers hands like with foles. Can’t do that with no playmakers. When dB’s r longer faster stronger than your wr’s. Edelman nor amendola are #1 or #2 wr’s

  2. acm says:

    Didn’t expect two OL-men in the 4th but OL Fleming, OC Stork and RB White are 3 solid picks. Not exactly picks to gets overly excited about but very solid and all good fits, imo, with what the Pats need and do.
    I was hoping to see the Pats go different direction here but these 3 picks would do.

  3. DRM says:

    I’m glad we were able to steal that 292 overall rated O-Line prospect instead of taking the TE, SS or 6-05″+ wideout that we really could’ve used. So, who do we have playing TE until Gronk comes back, and once he is again injured? I guess they’re banking on the Rutgers corner drafted last year transitioning to SS.

    Looks like pass rush can be put off another season. And Brady has spent most of his career without a solid receiving corps. No reason to surround him with some talent at this stage of his career.

  4. DRM says:

    I wonder if Savage or McCarron in the 6th would have been a better decision than Garopolo in the second.

    • Ken W says:

      Both gone. Savage 4th and McCarron just went in the 5th.

      • DRM says:

        Well, so much for trading mallet to Houston. They got the qb we should have gotten, and did so much later.

  5. Ryan says:

    Absolutely atrocious. I have seen this guy play because he agreed to come to a tryout in my backyard. He just sat on his ass and drank my Arnold Palmer the whole time, then injured his knee and murdered a few people. How much more senile can Bleaghicheck get? Meanwhile all 31 other teams as well as every CFL and every Arena Football team have beefed up with future Hall of Fame first-balloters at every known position as well as two unknown positions. It would be better to draft my SISTER! I have been a Patriots fan for all my life, man, but I just can’t take it anymore. BBBBBB is just taking a shit in our faces and telling us to deal with it, and I’ve had enough.

  6. DRM says:

    If you ecognize the need for TE, as many of us here do, you’ll lament the fact that the only play maker remaining at the position is Colty Lyerla.

    In more positive news, Craig Losto is inexplicably still available.

  7. Duky says:

    Good pick! Now, TE, S and DL Depth!

  8. Joey NL says:

    Good pick up but how many OL’s are we going to keep on our roster? OL is pretty stacked, at least numbers wise. I hoped for a cover LB as we are thin at the LB position. SS is also a position we need some help at.

    • Joey NL says:

      Sure….just when you’re questioning the number of of OL’s they add another one…..
      Still no LB and Safety added…

  9. Kevan says:

    I like the pick. I’m sure they’ll be some people on here crying like a little kid.

  10. J H TARBORO says:

    Very good pick, I just hope he’s versatile and can play inside, but good pick.

    • acm says:

      I see him as a RG/RT swing player – a replacement for Cannon next year, for all it’s worth.

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