Jadeveon Clowney Scouting Report

Prospect: Jadeveon Clowney
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 274
Grade: 8.1  (Grading Scale)

Complete Scouting Reports and Breakdowns will be available in “Mike Loyko’s Draft Guide”, which will be released in late April. 

Scouting Report:


A rare athlete… Possesses the ideal combination of height, length, and weight for a defensive end… Combines rare physical traits with freakish natural athletic ability and explosion… Explosive “get off” fires off the ball with strong leverage and accelerates to top speed within his first few steps… Able to gain advantage on OT immediately with his sudden explosion… Displays the ability to convert speed to power when rushing, along with tremendous individual speed or power…

Wins in a variery of ways (speed, power, hands)… Loves to use a sudden and poweful swim move to win inside… Will set up and vary his attack to keep the OL off-balance… Explosive inside rush ability, can counter across the Tackle’s face suddenly… Fluid for his size, changes direction with ease… Burst to collapse on inside runs… Stacks and sheds with ease at POA to set the edge… Very quick to diagnose and react to run plays… Often beats blockers to the spot, defeating traps and pulling OL with speed and agility…

Powerful hand usage. Uses arm extension to lock out OT and overwhelms with his power and length. Sheds blocks by using different hand techniques… Instinctive and fast to diagnose plays. Finds way to shed or overcome blocks to locate ball. Explosive closing ability and a punishing tackler… Rare agility for his size… Can bend, dip, or contort frame around outside arc… Explosive on stunt/loops through inside gaps… Tough to square up… Faces constant double and triple teams… Opposing teams game-plan around him, often run or boot QB away… Combines rare physical ability with football instincts and technique. Will only get better… Has frame to play multiple positions along the DL… Epitome of a game changer.


Effort and motor level has constantly been questioned, especially as a Junior… Didn’t play to the same level during his Junior Season… Drew a lot of criticism as a Junior for lack of intensity, interest, and motivation… Disappears for too long… Makes incredible splash play and won’t be heard from for awhile… Want to see same aggression on every play… Needs to bring same energy and emotion when being neutralized… Realize he can impact the game in multiple ways… Can he handle the expectations?


The definition of a rare prospect. Possesses the size, strength, and explosiveness to be a franchise changing defender. Can affect the game with his dominating pass rush ability and shows impressive instincts to identify run plays. Displays the ability to convert speed to power and terrorize opposing linemen.

The type of player opposing teams always account for and can change the game solely with his presence. Shows the explosion to collapse on inside run plays and the speed to track down the ball anywhere on the field. Explosive closing ability and crushing finishing power. When he has his sights on the QB, rarely does he not finish. Clowney has been highly touted since high school. The type of defensive player that can be an All-Pro as a rookie. He should be the #1 overall pick and won’t last past pick #3.

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9 Responses to “Jadeveon Clowney Scouting Report”

  1. Daniel R. Martin says:

    Why would this article be published on a site dedicated to the Patriots franchise. Maybe the author thinks Bill is going to give up his 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th round picks plus his first next year to get him.

    • Pete H. says:

      As much as it will never happen, it is kind of fun to think about a 3-4 with Jones, Wilfork, and Clowney in the front and Collins, Mayo, Hightower, and Ninkovich behind them. Wouldn’t be worth it to move up, but still fun to imagine.

    • Mike Loyko says:

      This site is much much more than a Patriots website. It’s grown to one of the biggest and most respected draft websites in the industry. We’ve been doing scouting reports on the top 100-200 players for years now. Not everything on this site is all patrtiots all the time.

      • Daniel R. Martin says:

        With consideration of the name of this website, the nearly 90+% of Patriot focused articles published here, and that the few articles that aren’t Patriot related are accessed through links redirecting readers to other sites, I won’t apologize for the mistake.

        However, I am quite sure your website is a well established, reputable and far read source of sports journalism. The articles are almost invariable well written and informative, and the fans who post here are knowledgeable as well.

  2. Russell says:

    I bet Atlanta moves up to take him.

    • Matt says:

      More then likely they will. I know Jacksonville needs a QB I wonder what they would give up to get one. There is a lot of talk about the Pats trading Mallet but I think the odds of that is a long shot.

    • Accuan says:

      Still not impressed with him. He’s a Gholston IMO.

      • steve earle says:

        That’s my impression too. Seems a sunshine type player, when things are easy he shines if things get tough he goes through the motions. Just my gut talking.

    • steve earle says:

      Atlanta and Cleveland could be bidding for St Louis’ pick come draft day. That will be fun to see what happens.

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