Greg Robinson Scouting Report

Prospect: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 320
Grade: 7.95 (Grading Scale)

Complete Scouting Reports and Breakdowns will be available in “Mike Loyko’s Draft Guide”, which will be released in late April.


Athletic and powerful OT prospect… Long arms and massive lower half… Rare combination of strength and mobility… Can use his power to road-grade or block in space… Displays incredible power on initial contact… Can knock pass rusher off balance with initial hand punch and devastate DL when engaging as a run blocker… Creates movement off the line or out the hole easily once hands on with DL. Latches on and sustains blocks to control his space… Uses weight to finish…

Plays with knee bend and uses powerful lower half to drive defenders out… Keeps feet moving after initial contact… Stays in strong position to deal with counter moves… Shows the mobility to get out in space to pick up open field blocks… Has the flexibility and agility to adjust on the move to engage quicker defenders…. Sets up his blocks in space using angles and quickness… Loves to uncoil and shoot his hands to engage in defenders in space… In the NFL will be dominate when pulling or trapping due to quick feet and power…

Quick enough to slide with outside speed rush and ride them out of play… Mirrors outside rushers, staying in front of rushers and creating long distance to the QB…. Flexible, easy agility… Explosive off the ball…. Gets defender on their heels and tries to finish… Seals run lane at 1st level and always moves on looking for 2nd man to block…

First two run steps are sound. Maintains wide base, playing with balance and patience. Keeps proper position to the hole… Sinks hips and can anchor with strong power step… Doesn’t allow defender to get hands on him, uses length to keep body “clean”… Impressive burst to come off 1st level blocks and engage free defender or rusher… Coordination and timing on double teams or when leading screens…

Still a bit raw… His technique will improve with time, but sometime gets caught bending at the waist… Can be a bit slow to counter… Tends to lean on a defender, leaving himself susceptible to counter moves at the next level… Still makes a few mental mistakes each game… Doesn’t have the quickest feet when sliding… Uses his length to make up for lack of foot speed at the college level… Anticipation and recognition is average

Robinson entered the season as a relative unknown and literally elevated his draft stock more than any other player. Robinson has a rare combination of strength, mobility, and athleticism for an NFL Left Tackle. He can essentially devastate a defender with his initial punch, jolting them off balance and gaining control. When he uses his long arms to latch on he can move the defender where ever he wants. Massive, strong lower body, he displays leg drive and power when firing off the ball and on initial contact. Keeps feet moving after contact and tries to finish blocks. Has the athleticism to pick up blocks in space and adjust to his mad while on the move.

Robinson might be the most talented prospect in the draft when it’s all said and done. A surefire top 8 selection with All-Pro potential.

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7 Responses to “Greg Robinson Scouting Report”

  1. Daniel R. Martin says:

    “Surefire Top 8” and we Patriots fans are reading about it here for some reason. Perhaps this should have been filed under the “Draft Sites Network” tab, sub-tab Atlanta Falcons. Surely, the contributing journalists on this site can find some interesting Patriots franchise related topics about which they can write. There are a lot of things effecting the Patriots franchise that haven’t yet been explored, or, at least, to sufficient depth.

    • Alex (freemanator) says:

      They are releasing scouting reports of all the top players.
      Starting from the top and working down. We’ve got ages to go until the draft, and it won’t be long before we get to the 20th prospect and guys we have a shot at.
      It is good to get a handle on the marque guys too.

    • TD says:

      He just might get arrested smoking marijuana or punch a cop and all of a sudden here he comes a tumbling down. Long time for a prospect to get into trouble.

      • Daniel R. Martin says:

        HA! Good point. In that case, would it be selfish and/or of poor taste to say “fingers crossed?”

        • Alex (freemanator) says:

          Yes, and no.
          I like to imagine a hooded figure stalking the hotel bar every year during the combine, offering ‘fat cigarettes’ for free to talented prospects, with a quick application of the force. The same one who started a bit of argy bargy down in Nebraska a couple of years back.

  2. Jeff says:

    How bout we get scouting reports of potential patriots..

    QBs. Top 3 pick DEs. Top 10 LT? Really?

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