Eric Ebron Scouting Report

Prospect: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 245
Grade: 7.9 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:


A rare athlete for the Tight End position… Features exciting speed, acceleration, and fluidity… Position versatile with the ability to line-up In-Line, split out, in the slot, or even in the backfield… Explodes off the line displaying rapid acceleration…. Has no trouble separating from man to man coverage, winning at all levels of the field… Wins clean release off the line with his quickness and body control… Sets up defenders with juke and headfake at the top of his stem… Shows burst and speed out of his breaks to separate.. Keeps defenders off balance by using different speeds and head-fakes throughout his route…

Possesses large catch radius and a very good vertical leap… Gives the QB a large area to place the throw… Separates easily on vertical and seam routes… Tough to cover in the middle of the field… Runs like a WR in a Tight End’s body… Make sudden adjustments to poorly thrown balls…. Strong hands to make the difficult catch…. Impressive balance when route running… A mismatch for LB to cover… A willing blocker…. Can deliver solid initial contact and can get hands in good spot… Works very hard to sustain blocks and re-engage if he loses…. Fluid athlete…. Makes cuts and double moves smoothly… Demonstrates great flexibility getting in and out of routes… Wins position battle vs. man coverage… Tracks ball vertical throws well… Can out jump defenders for 50/50 chances….

Creates big YAC with speed and broken arm tackles. Not just a finesse TE…. Extends from his body with out breaking stride, running through the catch point.. Turns upfield immediately, showing exciting run after the catch promise.

Still very raw and undeveloped as a blocker… Gets over-extended and lunges after initial contact… Goes to the ground or gets off balance… Routes and footwork in/out of his breaks requires work… Wins with his natural ability right now… Needs to idenitfy coverages better… Has a number of drops on film, including some bad ones (VT)… Appears to try and get upfield before ball is secured…

Can improve his focus… Adding additional strength to his frame will help… Against more physical defenders he gets pushed off catch point… Effort level varies on film.


Eric Ebron is a rare tight end prospect. He possesses wide receiver like quickness, acceleration, speed, and fluidity in a tight ends body. Ebron can line up in slot, in the backfield or in-line. He wins off the line of scrimmage with speed and quickness. Runs away from coverage, he has no problem separating down the seam, over the middle, or in zone coverage. Very fluid and flexible getting in and out of his breaks. He doesn’t need to slow down to make cuts. Can make some incedibly athletic catches and adjustments when at full speed.

At the NFL level he will be a constant mismatch for opposing teams because he is too fast for LB and simply to long/big for safeties. One NFL GM called him the “Jadeveon Clowney of offensive skill position players in this draft.” Tight Ends don’t usually go high in the draft, but I’ll be shocked if Eric Ebron last past pick 15 in May.

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7 Responses to “Eric Ebron Scouting Report”

  1. Russell says:

    I have thought right along that TE Arthur Lynch 6’5″ 258lbs, 4.8 40yd, 28 bench, 3 cone 7.38, is the best fit for the Patriots at say 3d-4th round. He has hands at 10 1/8″ as well, interviews well, and is a smart, hard worker off the field. A solid blocker in the Georgia run game, and ran good routes in the pass game.

    • Pete H. says:

      I could see the Pats going for Lynch in the 4th, signing Scott Chandler, bringing back Hooman or Mulligan on the cheap, and grabbing a guy like Blanchflower in the 6th along with an undrafted guy. Might be a way to upgrade the TE position and give options in case of injury without using a high pick or spending too much cash.

  2. Joe Blake says:

    Belichick may pattern his draft picks based upon the draft picks of other AFC East teams. He’s an outside the box thinker (probably has aspergers syndrome). If the Jets were to draft Evans or Ebron at 15, Belichick may then draft a long db. Depending on which team ( Jets, Bills, Fish) he thinks is the biggest threat. 6 wins are at stake. Just a thought in trying to figure out why his drafting is so puzzling.

  3. Bill says:

    Everybody loves this guy. Probably won’t get past the Jets.

    Getting back to Aaron Hernandez, what kind of rep did heave as a blocker. I do not remember anyone ever talking about his blocking skills? I say thatas I am thinking about TreyBurton, who is also in that 6-2 range buti is 20 Lbs lighter. He seems to have the versatility,speed, and backfield skills to be a very valuable pickup

    As far as TE are concerned, Fiedorowicz would be a nice fit and allow Gronk to be the move guy. Quite a pair of red zone targets

    • GM-In-Training says:

      Hernandez had measurables that nobody in the 2014 draft has. His 3-cone was .27 seconds faster than the fastest 2014 TE. He did 30 reps in bench press, which very few 245 pounders can do. He had precise routes, which few of the 2014 TE summaries mention. Hernandez was also considered the nation’s top TE coming out of college, but his draft status was a later round because of character AND because TE wasn’t considered a position you had to draft high back then, especially for a “move” tight end.

    • TD says:

      Yes, Hernandez’s agility drills were off the charts then for all the TE’s & his 40 time was 4.7 to Gronk’s 4.75 and JGraham’s 4.56. His niche was route running and YAC that most likely came from his early days as a RB. How sweet was that move of his where he hit the brakes and cut back while a defender went screaming past with an outstretched arm.

      To my memory, none of the TE’s back then even came close to Gronk’s huge sophmore year and his blocking ability….nor his back injury history.

      It took BB at least 10 yrs to find a TE like Gronk, not gonna find one any time soon either. They do need one that could become a matchup nightmare AND stay healthy.

    • Accuan says:

      Hernandez was a strong powerful player, he just didn’t have the same grip and impact as Gronk because Gronk has huge arms and hands. I love Ebron, but the only way to snag is to trade up if he somehow is still on the board at the 20th pick. That’s a huge risk. If he turns out to be AH, worth the risk. But he’s nowhere close to AH’s talent, only Gronk is a better TE than AH was.

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