New England Patriots vs New York Jets: Three Takeaways from a Narrow Victory

Chandler Jones Dance

Chandler Jones has been a menace so far in 2013. (USA Today Sports)

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Survive and advance. Wait for reinforcements. They don’t ask for a picture.

You can repeat any cliche that you want, but the Patriots are 2-0.


Rookies are going to be rookies. Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson had their moments against the New York Jets – some sublime and some sub-prime.

Thompkins and Dobson each had multiple drops. A few would have been great catches, but Thompkins continues to let the ball get into his body. Dobson, on the other hand, was trying to pluck the ball with his hands but just couldn’t get the job done.

Dobson, however, also had flashes where you could see why the Patriots drafted him. He made a great catch on a ball thrown behind him, and got open seemingly at will. While I give most of the credit to the fantastic play-design and up-tempo offense, he also scored the only Patriots touchdown in the game.

Dobson also looked good blocking down the field on screen and run plays – sustaining blocks and securing extra yardage for the likes of Julian Edelman.

Keep in mind, this is week two. You can’t make a final judgment on rookie receivers – especially rookie receivers in the Patriots system – after just two games. What the New England coaches need to see is improvement. Add in a healthy dose of Gronkowski and these receivers are going to be even more open.


Moving Chandler Jones around using different alignments – Jones played both defensive tackle and defensive end – and a variety of twist stunts created havoc in the Jets backfield. Tallying two sacks in the first half, Jones was a big part of holding the Jets to only ten points in the game.

I’d like to see much more of Michael Buchanan on the edge and Jones on the interior on third down. Jones’ strength and length are magnified with his quickness on the interior. Buchanan has looked decent for a rookie on the edge and will only get better as he gets more reps.

Look for Jones to have a monster season.


Julian Edelman earned his money tonight.

With Danny Amendola out with a groin injury, Rob Gronkowski still healing, Aaron Hernandez in jail and Wes Welker in Denver, Julian Edelman is Brady’s go-to guy.

Brady should buy him his own ice-tub after this game.

A week after Danny Amendola caught ten balls from Brady, Julian Edelman also hauled in double-digit catches. Edelman was also busy returning punts on the night.

Add it all together and you’ve got one sore football player. Once Amendola and Gronkowski regain their health and position in the lineup, Edelman can finally get some rest, because Hoomanawanui and Mulligan have been non-existent in the passing game.


-The Patriots defense continues to create turnovers. Defensive backs are getting their hands on the ball and making interceptions, stripping the ball, and rooting the ball out to prevent catches.

-It is a hidden play, but Stephen Hill coming up about 3 inches short of a first down was the direct result of a great jam at the line by Dont’a Hightower and a great open-field tackle by Kyle Arrington. That was a huge play.

-Stevan Ridley held on to the ball, but was unable to get anything going against the stout Jets defensive line. Wilkerson and Richardson are for real.

-Watching the defense close out a game in early 2000’s style was a sight for sore eyes.

-Just drop to a knee Aqib.

-Despite a couple of poor bounces, Ryan Allen looked good punting the ball. I was very confused by the Jets strategy of not using a returner.

-I thought Vince Wilfork was out-played by the Jets offensive line tonight at first glance.

-The Patriots only had one first down running the ball – that is shocking.

-Mike Loyko addressed it during the game and Tom Brady did afterwards – Brady has to become a mentor to these receivers if they are going to make the gains that he and the Patriots as a whole need. According to Brady, his body language “isn’t one of [his] strong points right now.”

-Geno Smith, like the Patriots receivers, has obvious talent, but is still going through some growing pains.

-The Patriots are 2-0 in the AFC East – already helping themselves in the potential tie-breaker department.

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22 Responses to “New England Patriots vs New York Jets: Three Takeaways from a Narrow Victory”

  1. rich says:

    where is josh boyce in all of this, haven’t seen him on the field. He is supposed to be fast, smart good hands and crisp route runner. Makes me wonder about coaching sometimes

  2. Hello??? says:

    The patriots biggest problem is the same as its been since they lost to the the Giants in the SB the first time – essentially ZERO pass rush. That’s why average QBs have looked like Hall of Famers against the Pats over the past several seasons. That’s the reason why Eli Manning – at best a better than average QB has 2 rings at our expense – he was able to stand statuesque in the pocket for the entirety of 2 SBs. And why as Pats fans we have to listen the insufferable commentary on how Eli “outplayed” TB in both games and how Couglin out-coached BB twice. The Giants pass rush is why Eli has 2 rings, and our lack of one is likely why Brady will not get another. Don’t let this Jets game fool you – Smith had abominable pocket presence and some of the sacks were coverage sacks more than the Patriots D line beating their counterparts.

  3. mjp says:

    Chandler Jones was practically non existent versus Buffalo’s Cordy Glenn and when he’s on the outside he’s simply not dynamic enough to be a consistent threat to beat the LT to the outside shoulder, only if he sneaks those giraffe like arms past the LT can he slip by, but rarely if ever is it clean, you can see him unwinding those limbs.

    I’ve been an advocate of moving him into that JPP role since we drafted him, in fact I hated the idea of taking him in round-1 as an edge rusher (especially when we were running the 3-4)…luckily we moved to the 4-3 and he’s been decent but this idea that he’s a stud edge rusher is way off, he struggles to be a consistent threat on an island vs LT’s.

    It’s no coincidence that of the 5-6/pressures/hits/sacks he’s had thus far a very high percentage of them (almost all) have come from that hybrid DT position with Buchanan taking on the LT.

  4. Ralph says:

    I say the Pats should cut Amendola, hes a good player but he will NEVER be able to finish a full season. Better to save the money. Even if he comes back and plays well, missing the next 4-5 games will make the FA signing a failure.

    • AM says:

      If he plays twelve games this year, and reproduces the Buffalo performance each game, that’s 120 catches for 1200+ yards. Even if he only gets 80% of that production, he’s well worth the investment.

    • Nuf Ced says:

      It’s obvious you don’t understand salary cap…

      Why not cut Gronk while you’re at it… When has he played a full season?

    • steve earle says:

      Little to early to give up on Amendola and as AM says he could have an impact on the year yet. To cut a player without a replacement onboard seems foolish.
      Ralph says, is right about Wilkerson and Richardson and if it’s the Jets that draft Clowney next spring, oh shit!

  5. Ralph says:

    Hate the Jets but Wilkerson and Richardson are going to give the Pats fits for the next 5 years, those cats can ball. Good news for the Pats is that Chandler Jones is a beast out there and Michael Buchanan is following his steps.

  6. gatorade says:

    Brady may be slipping a little. We will see as season progresses. Geno has already slipped. He looks like a junior varsity player. Brady acts like a spoiled brat when things don’t go his way- lousy leadership for a veteran, star nfl qb. Fans seem to get it and seem patient, but Tommy looks and acts like a sunshine patriot. I don’t care how great a qb he is, if he acts like impatient kid when things don’t go his way then he is just another nfl bum.

  7. Breazy says:

    I hope we’ll look back on the early part of the season where all the rookies had to undergo trial by fire, and appreciate how much that helped them come up to speed in the Pats’ system.

    Seriously, how could you script a better way for Dobson, Thompkins, Boyce, and Sudfeld to get reps, coaching attention and NFL experience than to force the understudies on to the stage, all the while, hopefully, preserving your veterans for the late season run.

    It’s also a great way for the Defense, which has been largely retooled in the last couple years, to redefine itself as the sturdy game saving unit of yore.

  8. Joey says:

    2-0 to start the season with 2 division wins is a great start.
    We all have been spoiled the last couple of years with a great offense. Now it’s a completely different situation and this team needs time to grow to the level of offense ‘we are used to’.

    What hurt us against the Jets was that we didn’t have a TE to catch the ball, no 3rd down back who could catch the ball from the backfield and no push in the running game. The Jets could just stack the line and double Edelman, that’s all the offense we had.
    The playcalling wasn’t helping us either. Running on 1st and going for deep balls on 3rd and 1 instead of going for a quick throw to get the 1st down.
    Where were the screen passes?

    Brady needs to do a better job to build the confidence of his rookies and not constantly burning them, even though he had the right to do so on some drops.

    It’s not the football we are used to but with the rookies progressing and injured players coming back we can only get better.

  9. pat says:

    Great observations, but I’m worried that this O-line can’t get any push.We need a running game NOW. Also is it me or does McCourty seem out of position more often than not. 40 yard floaters should be knocked down or picked.

  10. Trevor M. says:

    Brady had every right to be pissed off and show his anger. I think he was angry with himself on some of those plays too for not putting the ball exactly where it needed to be.

    However, he does need to help the young receivers. He cannot crush their confidence by screaming at them like an angry father. He needs to mentor them the best he can.

    • J H TARBORO says:

      I agree!

    • Alex says:

      I think the shouting is overblown.
      It would be good if it was toned down, but we have no idea what he’s telling them on the sideline, or during the week.

      He’s a competitor, and a perfectionist, and hates it when things go wrong, but it’s clear he’s working hard with these guys, and supporting them during practise and to the media.

  11. AM says:

    Nice observations. My biggest concerns are actually with the run defense, which looked shaky early on. But as messy as it was, it’s fantastic to win a game like this, on a short week, with half the team’s skill players injured. And it has to be a huge shot of confidence for the defense.

    • Steve says:

      Agreed – this should be their strong point & where the hell is Wilfork?
      Was a non-factor in both games & was dominated in the Jet game

  12. Jack says:

    Good points as usual. JH – I really enjoyed Maycock’s commentary – the guy know the game inside and out is due to his draft analysis is completely familiar with all the players on the Pats roster, unlike most national broadcasters? So what if he made a bad prediction? They all make bad prognostications/decisions, including Belichick.

    Speaking of bad decisions by Belichick, does anyone wish they still had Welker? Make no mistake, he was driven out of town by Belichick, who just took a dislike to him. The Pats could have had both Welker and Amendola if they felt like it, it didn’t have to be one or the other. But, if I could take one, it would be Welker, because of Amendola’s injury history.

    Also, I wish Tom Brady would shut the f*ck up and stop screaming at his receivers. It’s not like they’re trying to be bad Tom. I hate bosses who are pr*cks, no matter how talented they are. Anyone like to get yelled at at work? How about being yelled at in front of a national audience? Get a grip, Tom.

    I was really worried about this game, and rightfully so. Having cut Lloyd, and kicked Welker to the curb (I was ok with Woodhead leaving since they had Vereen), and with Gronk banged up, they were really rolling the dice that they could come up with some dependable receivers. That may still be the case, but as of yesterday, they were inexcusably thin at the receiving positions.

    The Pats scraped though and hopefully Gronk will come to the rescue by week 4. Amendola, who knows when injury-boy will be back? Vereen back in 8 weeks. Sudfeld comes back and starts making receptions, hopefully. The rookies get more on the same page, hopefully.

    • Alex says:

      “Make no mistake, he was driven out of town by Belichick, who just took a dislike to him.”

      You just made a big one.

      • Nuf Ced says:

        Yep, if I recall Wes had a better offer on the table than the one he signed in Denver… Pats weren’t going to wait one free agency period opened. They signed DA and Wes learned there wasn’t a better deal and then asked the Pats for the earlier deal but at that point DA was already signed…

        Everything would have been fine if Hernandez wasn’t a complete idiot

  13. J H TARBORO says:

    James C. nice observations our boys are 2-0, the Jets defense weren’t any slouches either. Dobson, Thompkins, and Brady all had their problems but where was J. Boyce? and why is the FB Devlin underutilized? Also Mike Mayock should not commentate a Patriots game, the guy who rated Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder over Cam Newton, still upset about that one..

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