David Fales Scouting Report

David Fales

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Prospect: David Fales, QB, San Jose State
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 220
Grade: 7.4 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:


Size is a good place to start for an NFL quarterback and at 6’1″ / 220 is close to being dinged for being too short. I’m sure NFL talent evaluators would love to see him magically grow an inch or two.

Fales exhibits the toughness and bulk necessary to hold up in today’s NFL. He shrugs off big hits and goes right back into the fray.

Fales has good enough speed to run the zone read in college and is even adept at setting up blocks at the second level when in space. That said, he isn’t going to be a running quarterback in the NFL. Even with his above average agility and vision – for the position anyway – his future is in the pocket.

Arm Talent:

Fales has a solid throwing motion. His shoulders stay quiet through his quick motion, although I think his elbow drops a bit too much at times. He can be a bit “pat happy” before finally unleashing the throw.

The best aspect of Fales’ game is his accuracy (72.1%). He is money throwing to the back shoulder, to the tight end up the seam and is able to fit the ball into Favre-ish windows. He has exhibited good touch on “bucket throws”, clocking in at 75% in the five games that I watched.

Fales doesn’t have a rocket arm by any means, but he has enough power to get the job done in the NFL. You can see a small dip in the ball when delivering throws outside of the numbers, but Fales’ accuracy and timing have been able to negate that issue. It will be harder in the NFL, but still possible. Consistent body alignment could a bit more zip to his throws.

When on the run, Fales did have a tendency to throw the ball behind his target, but was still able to complete the ball.

Pocket Presence:

Fales has a quick drop and isn’t afraid to climb the pocket to deliver a throw.

His “eye discipline” is adequate, but will need to improve before making the jump to the NFL. His inconsistency in that area – staring down receivers – was certainly evident against BYU in 2012.

Fales does have the habit of drifting back in the pocket at times like a new Madden player. This led to a few “back-foot special” interceptions that could have been avoided.

Another area where Fales can improve is on his ball-handling. He will need to be more consistent getting the ball out quickly on “smoke” routes. His small hands (8 3/4″) might play a part in that.


Fales has worked under center, from the pistol and from the shotgun, although he only has one year of experience coming into this season after bouncing around a few colleges.

Having trouble with his college decision is one of the only times he has wavered. Fales makes quick decisions and is adept at reading the defense pre-snap and adjusting the play to get his team in the right situation.

Fales is reportedly a very coachable player, always prepared and exhibits a strong work-ethic and desire to improve.

If Fales can add a few more MPH to his fastball, while cleaning up some details in the pocket, there is no reason that he couldn’t be an early pick in 2014. At this point, however, he is certainly behind fellow college quarterbacks like Teddy Bridgewater.

I see Fales as an ideal fit for a west-coast style offense that focuses on quick decisions and a passer that can put the ball in a position for his weapons to make plays.

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