Rob Gronkowski No Es Fiesta: Will Need a Fourth Surgery

Training Camp Rob Gronkowski

Gronkowski no es fiesta. (Photo: US Presswire)

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

Rob Gronkowski will indeed face yet another setback in rehabbing his twice-broken forearm.

Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald reported Tuesday morning that New England’s two-time All Pro tight end will need a fourth operation on his left forearm:

According to a source familiar with the case, Gronkowski is going to need a fourth operation to change the plate that’s securing the broken bone in the forearm

According to the report, there was some hope that Gronkowski wouldn’t have to go in for his fourth surgery, but as Guregian reports, the plate inside Gronkowski’s arm needs to be switched as well as the surrounding tissue has to be tested.

The surgery shouldn’t be looked at as a major problem, but it is a setback—there isn’t anyway around it.

Gronk broke his left forearm in Week 11 of this past season against the Indianapolis Colts and then returned to action for the team’s season finale against the Miami Dolphins, as he recorded two receptions for 42 yards and one touchdown. Gronk then suited up for the team’s divisional playoff battle against the Houston Texans, and on his first target of the game, Gronk broke his forearm yet again.

According to Guregian, returning to the start of the 2013 season remains in jeopardy for the 23-year-old tight end.

The Patriots still have the likes of Daniel Fells, Michael Hoomanawanui, Jake Ballard and newly acquired Zach Sudfeld, but none of those players will be able to replace the dynamic game that Gronkowski possesses.

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14 Responses to “Rob Gronkowski No Es Fiesta: Will Need a Fourth Surgery”

  1. DaveM says:

    I’m sure by the 2nd half of the season Gronk will have a different injury.

  2. J H TARBORO says:

    Watch out for the 2 UDFA TE’s Zach Sudfield and Brandon Ford, i have a good feeling about both players making the squad.

  3. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Patriots brought in RB Felix Jones for a visit.

  4. AM says:

    The bigger issue isn’t the fourth surgery, but the infection. If the infection has cleared, and the plate can be changed, rehab can begin immediately. If the infection hasn’t cleared, then the plate change will have to wait for a future surgery, and rehab will be delayed correspondingly.

    At this point, it might make sense to start him on the PUP list, just to make sure he’s back to full strength. The schedule is tough, but better to have him healthy late than at-risk early.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      PUP list for sure, then reserve PUP list, so Bill can carry another player. TE Sudfeld??

  5. Joe Blake says:

    Wonder if there will be a malpractice claim filed? Seems unusual that the plate is causing the infection and needs replacement. Grok is great talent and will be missed. Hopefully not for too long. What a medical mess!

    • AM says:

      There could be, but it would be tough to prove. Infections are a typical complication of any surgery, and can be exacerbated by excessive wear (Brady got one after his ACL tear from playing with his son). Antibiotics to clear an infection can be counteracted by alcohol consumption. Given Gronkowski’s offseason, he may have contributed on both counts.

    • psw says:

      Unfortunately even the best best doctors and hospitals have patients with post op infections. And on top of that super bugs are getting tougher to treat with antibiotics. At least in Gronks case they isolated the infection.
      My dad got a post op infection, they couldn’t isolate it, he was in bad shape to begin with. It killed him. But it wasn’t the Dr’s fault, dad just wasn’t strong enough to fight through it.
      Gronk won’t have that problem.

  6. Trevor M. says:

    He will be OK and start Game 1.

    Worst Case Scenario: He starts by Game 3.

    • CC says:

      Honestly, unless he came back real early like, id point blank trade his ass for a Mac-Offensive or Defensive Jewl. Let his 4arm, meathead antics and the “show” head on out to another realm.
      Kick him 2 Arizona fand squeeze out a Calias Campbell.
      Why not Gronk for Dwayne Bowe….
      Hell, I’d go Gronk for Dustin Keller +Draft Stock!

  7. Neal says:

    AND Jake Ballard. Why does everyone leave this guy out of the loop? He’s a talented TE.

    • MaineMan says:

      Ballard has had only the ONE decent season, blew up his knee and has been out of football for a year. He’s not even close to being a “proven” performer. He DID show great potential before getting hurt, but that and $1.25 only gets you a cuppa coffee at the gas station.

      Counting on him to be something special in the Pats offense in 2013 is being very optimistic.

      • CC says:

        One decent season & a blow out injury makes Jake Ballard a top line Patriot?????
        Optimism has NOTHING2DO with it. BB has licked his lips at Ballard. Probably wants to lick more than just lick while staring…..Ballard is fixin to continue. Regardless of the Value losses on both A-Hern & Gronk regarding injuries and time off thus far added up VS contract price…..
        Ballard is gonna CONTINUE Staying, Continue doing nothing, Continue getting paid( which means he’s continuing to take up roster & cap space)…..for nothing!
        Alot of players like that around here after a certain type of time frame. ………just sayin.

        Just tie another potato to a string and drag it around the streets of Boston screaming thanks for coming out!

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