April 7th Mock Draft (Matthew Jones)

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – LB Jarvis Jones, Georgia* (FRX: #12 overall prospect, $1,952)

The Steelers have shown interest in Ezekiel Ansah, but Jarvis Jones may be a more natural fit for their scheme as a pass-rushing replacement for departed linebacker James Harrison.

18. Dallas Cowboys – OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina (FRX: #16 overall prospect, $1,724)

With Sheldon Richardson off the board, Dallas has a fairly easy choice to make here in Cooper, arguably the draft’s best offensive guard prospect; he fills a major need.

19. New York Giants – DE Ezekiel Ansah, Brigham Young (FRX: #7 overall prospect, $2,678)

Ansah could easily go much higher, but his lack of experience, technique, and production could cause him to slip a bit in a draft filled with appealing pass rushers.

20. Chicago Bears – LB Alec Ogletree, Georgia* (FRX: #21 overall prospect, $1,464)

Brian Urlacher doesn’t appear likely to return, but Chicago should have the opportunity to replace him with another converted strong safety; Ogletree is an elite athlete.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – LB Kevin Minter, Louisiana St.* (FRX: #30 overall prospect, $1,065)

Surprisingly, the Bengals ended up bringing back middle linebacker Rey Maualuga, but nonetheless it’s easy to imagine them being eager to replace him.

22. St. Louis Rams (from Redskins) – WR Keenan Allen, California* (FRX: #22 overall prospect, $1,355)

After losing Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson in free agency, the Rams could really use some more talent at wide receiver; Allen is a solid value at this point.

23. Minnesota Vikings – LB Arthur Brown, Kansas St. (FRX: #28 overall prospect, $1,164)

Manti Te’o is another possibility here, but he doesn’t make splash plays with the same frequency as Brown, who could potentially play in the middle or on the weak side.

24. Indianapolis Colts – DT Jesse Williams, Alabama (FRX: #31 overall prospect, $1,059)

Chuck Pagano’s defense requires big bodies up front; Williams is a classic two-gap player who could potentially start at any of Indianapolis’ three defensive line spots.

25. Minnesota Vikings (from Seahawks) – DT Sylvester Williams, North Carolina (FRX: #40 overall prospect, $982)

Letroy Guion hasn’t developed into the type of feared run stuffer the Vikings need at nose tackle; Sylvester Williams would be an excellent complement for Kevin Williams.

26. Green Bay Packers – DE Datone Jones, UCLA (FRX: #26 overall prospect, $1,260)

Green Bay’s defensive front seven has been somewhat disappointing, which should cause them to look at upgrade possibilities there; Datone Jones has intriguing versatility.

27. Houston Texans – WR Robert Woods, Southern California* (FRX: #43 overall prospect, $838)

Houston has been seeking a number two receiver for quite some time, which could lead them towards a player such as Robert Woods, one of the draft’s most versatile players.

28. Denver Broncos – CB Desmond Trufant, Washington (FRX: #20 overall prospect, $1,565)

Champ Bailey is probably nearing the end of his storied NFL career, while Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is only on a one-year deal; Trufant is supremely athletic.

29. New England Patriots – CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Connecticut (FRX: #77 overall prospect, $555)

After running in the 4.3s at Connecticut’s pro day, Bill Belichick, who was in attendance, may have fallen in love with Wreh-Wilson, a perfect fit for New England’s organization.

30. Atlanta Falcons – DE Cornellius Carradine, Florida St. (FRX: #35 overall prospect, $1,032)

Osi Umenyiora should offer an improvement at right end, but the Falcons could still stand to upgrade over starting left end Kroy Biermann with Cornellius Carradine.

31. San Francisco 49ers – FS Eric Reid, Louisiana St.* (FRX: #44 overall prospect, $837)

Reid is being hailed as a first-round pick due to his impressive combination of size, versatility, and intangibles; San Francisco needs to replace Dashon Goldson, who left in free agency.

32. Baltimore Ravens – SS Matt Elam, Florida* (FRX: #36 overall prospect, $1,023)

James Ihedigbo is currently slated to start at strong safety following Bernard Pollard’s departure; Matt Elam, an enforcer in Pollard’s mold, would be a far superior replacement.

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28 Responses to “April 7th Mock Draft (Matthew Jones)”

  1. BBinDenial says:

    Another Reach for a No name DB ala Mccourty , dowling , butler,etc…
    NO THANKS stick with what you know draft Dline playmaker or just move down and pick up some extra picks can easily get a Db with similiar upside late in 2nd and 3rd round

  2. kdog says:

    Belichick ran a 4.3? Wow – he’s go to be the fastest HC in football.

  3. VT Bill says:

    I can’t believe the Pats would take a CB in 1st round. I would think DT and WR would be 1st priorities, and in this mock, Kawann Short and DeAndre Hopkins are still available, and I’d be on them before Wren-Wilson.
    In this draft, I’d take Short, and then pick up marcus Wheaton or Stedman Bailey in the 2nd, and then go after a coverage type OLB, like Sio Moore, Jelani Jenkins , or even a CB, S , or OL. If they get a WR and DT, they have a lot of options.

  4. floridated says:

    Bill is going to bite on another UConn corner??I don’t thinks so this pick will be traded to a team who needs a QB and fell in love with, one that they might not get if they use ther pick. Time to step up and get one of the top corners trade up Bill you have a young team missing a few pieces why use all 4 picks make a trade and get 1 top notch starting CB you won’t have to move up that much. Sometimes less is more..Smewhere in the draft look for another tight end Bill has a thing for te’s. according to him they are the best athletes on the field. Go away from Patriots thinking in the draft quatity instead of quality.

    • mjp says:

      Anyone but Blidi Wilson, he’s not worth a 1st round pick, try any of the next three players in this mock (though Reid is a fringe guy).

      • cc says:

        Yup. You never know, but I’d just assume jump up for DT Jessie Williams w/ our 1st and a next year pick.
        Go ? DE/OLB & WR with the 2nd and 3rd.
        Beefcake Up & Solidify the front and middle of the D Line right 1st.

        Wait for CB/DB’ s
        A/. By the Trade Deadline.
        B/. Free Agency. &
        C/. Next years Draft.

  5. AM says:

    Cornerback is definitely a huge need, but I’m not sure that this is the best scenario for the Patriots. Wreh-Wilson is a fine zone corner, but the Patriots have seen much better results with aggressive man coverage, and I doubt he can fill that need. I would prefer to see a trade back in this scenario. If forced to opt for a player, I would think Jamar Taylor a much better fit.

    • acm says:

      I agree with your assessment on Wreh-Wilson but one shouldn’t forget that none of these rookie CBs are the finished article yet. just because right now he is a better zone-cover CB that doesn’t mean he can’t develop into a fine well-rounded corner later on.

      But yeah, he would be quite the reach at 29 and there are probably 2-3 other CBs, likely going somewhere in the 2nd I’d consider over Wreh Wilson anyway. But it also depends where the Pats are planning to draft a CB – if it’s in late 2nd, I think Wreh-Wilson would be one of the better CBs with a chance to fall there.

      This being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pats decide to solve the CB issue by drafting a safety – Thomas, Swearinger, Evans come to mind – which would make use of Mccourty’s position flexibility. Think that may depend on value available at the time.

      • MatthewJones says:

        I think people are really underrating Wreh-Wilson, who has a very appealing combination of size, athleticism, intelligence/intangibles, polish, and versatility. He may be considered a reach in terms of where current projections have him slotted, but there aren’t any major flaws in his game and I think he could project as a quality starter on the outside. Obviously, New England’s rankings are often very different as well; they don’t seem to operate very close to the consensus opinions of where players will be drafted, especially at defensive back (Dowling at 33, Tavon Wilson and Terence Wheatley in the second, Patrick Chung in the early second), but also with guys like Logan Mankins and Ben Watson at the end of the first round.

        • AM says:

          I don’t have any objections to the qualities you listed about Wreh-Wilson, and I would agree with all of them. My problem with the assessment is that precisely the same things could be said about Devin McCourty. I love McCourty, especially at safety, but he really looks lost in man coverage. I fear the same would apply to Wreh-Wilson.

          I would also agree that the Patriots do not operate close to consensus on defensive back drafting. I think that is hardly a ringing endorsement, however, given what we have seen from Dowling, Wheatley, and Chung so far (jury being out on Wilson).

        • Russell Easterbrooks says:

          I agree with the statement that the Patriots do NOT operate close to the consensus opinions where players will be drafted. I also agree, with the appealing size, intelligence/intangables of Wreh-Wilson. I just have a hard time seeing BB drafting a CB 1st.
          I think BB goes for DT Jesse Williams or DT Brandon Williams, with the 1st pick. If he can get Wreh-Wilson at #59 yes sir, we take him. I also feel BB likes CB Brandon McGee, who is Mocked in the 4th or later, that BB could take at #91. My favorit is CB Micah Hyde at #91. I think BB will take two CB’s, alot depends on the WR Emmanuel Sanders deal, and loss of the #91 choice.

        • Russell Easterbrooks says:

          BB could have been at Conn. to see Silo Moore given the need for a cover LB.

  6. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    The Steelers are about ready to sign Ahmad Bradshaw, this will eat-up more cap money, making the WR Emmanuel Sanders deal, better for the Patriots????

    • acm says:

      iirc, the Steelers right now barely have enough cap room, if that, to even cover the new draft class … so, my guess is they have already planned on how to generate more cap room, as needed.

      I think it won’t be easy to get Sanders from them without overpaying – I expect the Pats put in an offer sheet near the deadline but the Steelers would manage to keep him, unless BB really wants Sanders and is ready to pay big for him.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        The Steelers will be getting 5mil in cap space June 1st from the displacement ,from the release of OG Willie Colon. So I think the draft picks this year will be signed after June.

  7. Jacob Prieto says:

    I honestly think dat Blidi Wreh- Wilson iz not a Guud pick Patriots needs 2 do better then dat Patriot should target Tyrann Mathieu nd Dezmond Trufant nd Tank Carrdine nd Dion Jordan

  8. JV says:

    I would throw up in my mouth if this is the pick. With all the talent on the board on the OL and DL a CB from Uconn is the last thing NE needs. See Darius Butler/terrance Wheatly/Johnathan Whilhite/Ras I downling/hell even mcCourty hasnt worked out at CB.

    Use the draft picks on OL/DL and $$$ on CBs and Safetys. I have no faith in this team drafting WRs either.

    • Bobthebuilder says:

      Why would NE take an OL before a CB? Both are depth moves now, and CB is more likely to be a future need, considering Talib is on a 1 year deal. Also, the idea that one should only draft positions they have been successful at drafting is moronic. Interesting team build with 27 O-linemen. Finally, remember when Belicheck sucked at drafting TEs? Well, if he followed your idiotic strategy, NE wouldn’t have Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

  9. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    This is an interesting Mock , Jesse Williams, Datane Jones, and Sylvester williams all gone before the Patriots pick.
    I do NOT see BB taking a CB 1st, so I would think, DT Brandon Williams would be the pick. I do not think Brandon will be on the board at #59, so #29 should be safe, tho early, however if he’s a targeted player than anytime is good to pick him.
    Another interesting idea, could be BB trading-up, by sending QB Mallett, and the #29 pick, to Tampa, for thier, 1st #13, and a 3d next year.
    This could open the door to get; DT jesse Williams, DT Sheldon Richardson, DE Datone Jones, or ????

    • MatthewJones says:

      Keep in mind that Aqib Talib is only on a one-year deal and has a history of character concerns. He was also hurt for much of his time with the team last year. Someone like Wreh-Wilson makes a lot of sense from an intangibles standpoint, and has the type of measurables that Belichick prefers. He was personally in attendance to see Wreh-Wilson at his pro day, so I could easily see the Patriots targeting Blidi in the first round.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I agree CB depth is a need, but not early in the draft. Wilfork is not getting any younger, and an injury would be hard on the Patriots. BB needs to have an eye to start working on a replacement for wilfork, as well as ,OG, the two areas we are the oldest.
        I would like Jesse Williams , 1st, but on my draft board Brandon Williams scores as high as Jesse, just for differant reasons. If BB can get one of these guys DT should be set. He can draft CB’s 2nd-3d, and 7th, to add two guys to the team. I think he will move on an OG some were, maybe early or late. Still like Barrett Jones, but don’t see him there at #59, maybe Brian Winters.

        • cc says:

          Move back with our late 1st rounder & the 2 seventh rounders for an early/early-mid 2nd rounder + “whatever”…..

          We should look 2LOCK-UP DT Short, early in the 2nd round, & DE/OLB Alex Okafor in the early to mid 2nd round .
          Nice Defensive 1-2 punch. + it adds an additional “unknown pick” back 2US for the combo of A/. Two 7th rounders & B/. Moving back a 1/4 – 1/3 round…
          *Still have the 3rd rounder for a push on Wide Out like Da’Rick Rogers in the Third Round.
          + the “whatever” additional pick for either this OR next year for moving back about a 1/4 – 1/3 of a round!

      • Jeff M says:

        I agree Pats will target Wilson, but no chance it’s in the 1st…this guy is a 3rd rounder/late 2nd at best. Bill would have to have totally lost his mind to waste a pick like that.

        Sorry…not buying it. Bill always goes BPA in the first, regardless of needs. Zero chance Wilson hears his name before the 2nd round. Bill doesn’t over draft in the 1st…

    • Bobthebuilder says:

      Why do you want Brandon Williams or Jesse Williams? NT is not a need, penetrating DT is. Neither can penetrate at all.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        Stop the Run first, and start training a guy to replace Wilfork, starting his 10th year.

        • Bobthebuilder says:

          I think the league has evolved to a point where it’s stop the pass first. Also, other teams will be passing to keep up with our offense.

        • cc says:

          Yup, get a Compliment to Big Vince Wilfork on our D-line like a Jessie Williams is “THE” priority IMO.
          Now just think,; a DL from the CFL was already added, A. Armstead and a DE from the CFL Jason Vega as well.
          All signs point to BB knowing previously that “his” D-line Sucks Major Donkey Dukie! Pass Rush is like nothing…..& has been!
          1 bad-ars DT/NT/DL first.
          Then best to continue with the “D” with our second as well.
          DE……Jermaine Cunningham is still a monumental BUST.
          Jake Bequette is obviously a late round, sub par, In-Training ROOKIE.
          Justin? Francis is what? an UFA who has some potential flashing……..that’s it. Is it a full time starter that’s on his locker tag!!? & how long will this flash last?….like Kyle LOVE has in/on the D-line???????
          Oh, wait. Chandler Jones. Thats right, the Pats actually do have an actual(ROOKIE) DE to speak of!!!
          Time for some DE help in round 2 this year!


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