Patriots Resign CB Aqib Talib to 1 year Deal

Aqib Talib will be back in Foxboro for at least one more season.

NEPD Staff Writer: Tony Santorsa

In a matter of 24 hours, the New England Patriots secondary is finally appearing to be shaping up.

Friday afternoon we saw the Patriots re-sign cornerback Kyle Arrington to a four-year, $16 million contract and then later Friday night, the team had agreed to terms on a three-year contract with 33-year-old safety Adrian Wilson.

The most recent signing in New England’s secondary was announced Saturday morning, per Adam Schefter:

The one-year deal is reportedly worth $5 million, according to Albert Breer:

A one-year, $5 million contract for Talib is quite the bargain, if you ask me. According to Breer, Talib was also offered a five-year deal from the Patriots, but with the way the cornerback market is playing out, he rightly thinks he can get more next off-season.

Talib was acquired by the Patriots back on November 1 of last season and appeared in six games for New England. In his first game as a Patriot, he intercepted Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck  and returned it 59 yards for a touchdown.

There’s no debating that Talib plays at the level of a No. 1 cornerback, but it’s just a matter of keeping him in check as he’s had some character issues in the past with one of them resulting in a four-game suspension.

In Talib’s six games with the Patriots, he recorded 19 tackles, one interception and recorded two pass deflections. Talib’s presence in New England’s secondary certainly solidified everyone’s role, especially Devin McCourty at safety.

As this is only Day 5 of free agency, it appears that the Patriots have solidified their starting players in their secondary.

I wouldn’t doubt to see the Patriots draft Talib’s eventual replacement this April – here are our top cornerbacks in the 2013 NFL Draft.

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18 Responses to “Patriots Resign CB Aqib Talib to 1 year Deal”

  1. td says:

    Guess the owners got what they really wanted-drive down wages. Except for the elite QB’s and young, fast skill players, the contracts just are not there and may be the case next year also.

    That makes for signing our guys likely to happen, unless Bill really low balls them. I’m sure Vollmer is getting a low offer(s) $4-5mil and was hoping for $6-7mil, but he is not elite, is not a LT and has past injury history.

    I would look for Edelman next, unless he wants to go to California. Then possibly Abraham or Freeney take a low, one year offer ala Andre Carter.

  2. MaineMan says:

    For those of you who asked…

    After the signing of Talib and the release of Lloyd, the Pats had just under $11.5M in cap space left, plus the $5.6M in rollover money.

    The 2013 cap hits for Arrington and Adrian Wilson have not yet been deducted from the $11.5M since those details haven’t been announced yet. And, of course, Vollmer hasn’t been resolved yet. Those three might take another $7M off the $11.5M.

    And, then, the Pats’ draft picks in the first three rounds will likely cost another $3M, or thereabouts.

    On the good news side, finally cutting Brian Waters (yes, he’s still officially on the roster since his 2012 contract “tolled” into 2013) would get back $2.25M, and cutting Daniel Fells would net another $1.3M.

    Still, things are getting pretty tight, cap-wise.

    • acm says:

      thanks for the effort – it’s tough eeping track of these things. There was a website that was doing this for all NFL teams but forgot which one it was.

      If the Pats win their second appeal for the Fanene bonus money, that might add another 2.5 mil or so but it’s still unclear what happens with it in that case – does it get rolled over into this year’s cap or what.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      Thankyou, the Cap info is by far the hardest thing to understand, and think about with drafting etc.

    • acm says:

      this is the website I mentioned earlier:

      if you click on a particular team, you can get detaled cap allocations for the entire roster. Here is the one for the Pats (with some contract details still not accounted for):

  3. Gezzy16 says:

    We need Darrius heyward-bey

  4. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Patriots let Lloyd go today, as they were unable to work out a new deal.

  5. munchkin says:

    I wonder what the five year deal looked like? A good sign that Talib believes he can stay on the straight and narrow. Dennard,Talib and Arrington should be solid. Now if Ras I can show something the CB l position could have some flexibility.

  6. Billy C. says:

    Lloyd was just let go. Maybe the Sanders deal will take place after all.

    • cc says:

      And thus we shall walk into the draft with a simple late 1st & late 2nd…….? Oh, and 2 semi-useless 7th rounders?
      I do agree that Sanders “should” be better than most late 3rd round WR’s……but who says they should use it on a WR?
      Now the: I’m afraid that the 1st & 2nd will be dropped back for lesser quality personal picked up with lesser ranked picks that will ultimately be practice squad player’s thought comes to mind.

      • brian says:

        The 1st and 2nd are near the ends of the rounds, as is the third. Why would those picks be looked at as impact possibilites, yet trading back at all would result in practice squad players? Assuming they don’t make an absurd value deal (and generally trading back results in net positive value even if you’re spreading a greater assets into multiple assets and diversifying risk) the difference in talent isn’t significant. If they had a top 5 pick in the draft and were able to target a specific fit fine, but either way they’ll have to wait and see how the board unfolds even if they stay put.

  7. td says:

    They have to have at least $15mil in cap space left.

    The perplexing thing about Welker other than the age thing is that the Pat’s usually have $5-10mil left at the end of the season.

    For lack of a better slogan: Belichick had to let the system be da system

  8. ActonBob says:

    Can someone update the cap room? Just hoping they can keep Seabass and get DT in Round 1…

  9. Jim R says:

    Another good day

  10. Nick says:


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