Open Thread: Patriots Nightmare Pick

Patriots Draft WR

Oh dear god.

NEPD Editor: James Christensen

Taylor Price. Darius Butler. Terrence Wheatley. Bethel Johnson. Chad Jackson.

Hindsight is 20/20 with the NFL Draft, what we’re going to try here is foresight.

That leads me to my nightmare first round pick for the Patriots, and it is a name that a lot of you would like to see in a Patriots uniform next year.

Margus Hunt (DE, SMU) is a prospect that makes me very nervous.

First of all, he will be a 26-year old rookie at the start of training camp, older than almost 20 other players on the Patriots roster. The Patriots are starting to get younger on defense – spending a 1st-round pick that might not be around for a second contract isn’t the way to go.

Hunt is long on size and athleticism, but he is still short on tangible football skills. At 26 years of age, he can’t really be labeled a developmental prospect either.

If you can get Hunt’s pad level down and awareness up, he could be a very good player in the NFL – that said, I don’t want the Patriots to be the team to take that risk.

You can read more in Margus Hunt’s Scouting Report.

Your turn: Whose name will make you cringe if they are the Patriots first round pick this April?

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26 Responses to “Open Thread: Patriots Nightmare Pick”

  1. AM says:

    I’m not so worried about Hunt–he’s definitely a boom-or-bust type of prospect, and the first round might be a little rich, but he also represents the kind of athleticism that the team is missing. I’d be fine with him as a pick.

    As to a choice for nightmare first-rounder, it says a lot about this year’s depth that it’s hard to pick one. There are players I don’t really like (Matt Elam, Jonathan Hankins), but not many that send me running for the hills.

  2. FTClip says:

    well I’m really torn on this years draft !

    We have very little picks & if your relying on a Rookie to bring you over the top your in Big Big trouble!

    It is stacked with talent just not top end and they all scare me except maybe Floyd /Cooper

    That being said we will be no where close to that high X-Man gets me excited but is he Smart ? enough to play here and i doubt he’s anywhere around 29

    Tavon Awsome he’s 153 pound smurf granted speed kills but we have demps for that! yes yes i know he want’s to run track but track ain’t gonna pay the bills.

    BB is trading out of 29 i put my Life on it we need a Justin Hunter type maybe Arron Dobson depends on his 40 time

    But i think Robert Woods is the Receiver that can help now! Great route runner “Smart” kid good at makeing things happen on intermediate routes .

    Hunter is a top 5 pick if he never blows out his knee D. Rogers is a Possbilty atleast to me.

    Now D-line eh hem Vince ain’t playing for ever we need to start giveing him a Blow.

    K-Love is Garbage shouldn’t be starting Maybe we add Ogeltree and put Hightower at LE I don’t know but the DE in this draft except for maybe soom late rounders the kid from SC real athletic good burst !

    Now my Knightmare J. Hankins OSU umm T-Awsome WVU Short PU, or Fluker/Barret ALA Elm UF Hunt SMU

    Now my picks if their even their still X. Rodes FSU or M. Turfant WU
    or the kid from Boise state who’s name i can not remeber right now.

    Floyd we won’t see or Star Maybe Richardson Mizzo but i doubht it!

    My guess is we trade back .

  3. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    DT Jenkins and Hankins are the two that scare me. SS Elam and SS Reid are guys I dislike. WR Marquess Wilson is another guy who I think spells trouble.

    • AM says:

      Agreed on all points. I wouldn’t want to see any of them picked, unless they had fallen to the point where it was an indisputable value.

  4. Ken W says:

    My nightmare picks would be the following:

    Any LB that isn’t a pass rushing beast – last thing we need is a LB that lacks speed. Im ok with a Dion Jordan, Ezekiel Ansah or other DE/OLB hybrid, as long and they can help get to the QB.

    Any WR besides Tavon Austin – Pats aren’t good at picking WR, but Austin looks like Welker just with better speed and explosion.

    I agree with several posts about Elam, kinda scares me. Plus I think there are better values in the 2-3 round like TJ McDonald and DJ Swearinger.

  5. CoachLarry says:

    It all depends of free agency. BB went as far as the CFL twice to give his Defense some firepower, adding Hightower, Francis and Cjones to the mix w/ a year to develop and they shouldnt be in the hunt for anything Dline early in the draft.
    At the end of the day they should have a young wr, S, CB to work with. Superbowl teams hardly rely on rookies to win it anyway so if you are counting on a superbowl next season dont hold your breathe if all these rookies are starters. Maybe in another 2 yrs but its worth having.
    I personally would try to get the offense that deep threat then trade all over the place to get those unique talents on my defense but it all starts w/ FA. In 3 years teams will be looking for the next Dion Jordan, rare passrusher..

  6. Speedster81 says:

    Johnathan Banks CB Missisipi St – Slow and hence lacks recovery speed when beat . His lean frame would also be a liability when asked to press against NFL Receivers. I would rather they went the free agent route for a CB. I want a CB that is really good at press man.

    Cordarelle Patterson – The Pats have had zero luck picking receivers with big time physical attributes but no polish to their game. Our WR coaching seems to have a hard time developing tese guys. Think of Bethel Johnson, Chad Jackson etc. I would rather they got someone who was already a good route runner and showed consistency catching the ball and had some physical upside.

    Any DT

    • STEVEN says:

      Im a believer in JB. Watch game film…plenty of length n speed. C him running away from SEC players on punt n kickoff returns. Football speed. Hope he is there at 29.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I like Banks too, but he will drop some maybe to #59, along with Poyer, which could be a great value for BB. Trufant, Slay and Logan will be gone I think, as I DON”T see the Patriots taking a CB 1st. After some trade moves, hard to know where 1st pick will be.

  7. Ray Foley says:

    Jenkins, the big fatty from Georgia.

  8. Kyle says:

    Matt Elam scares me. I feel he is Patrick Chung 2.0… an undersized liability in coverage is the last thing the Patriots’ defense needs.

    • Nick says:

      I used to like the idea of Elam to the pats, but now that I think about it, you are right. He is just like Chung.

  9. Alex says:

    a WR in the first round scares me as well as Short, Hunt, Richardson from Mizzou.

  10. Trev says:

    Te’o would be the ultimate nightmare pick.

    • Kyle says:

      Brandon Spikes always makes fun of him on Twitter now because of that whole catfish situation. Those two on the same team would be an interesting dynamic to say the least! I don’t want it!

  11. acm says:

    good point – not many people factor in or are even ware of Hunt’s age. If the Pats had a good amount of picks this year, he’d would have been worth a shot in late 2nd to mid 3rd. Since that’s not the case, I think it would be wise to stay away from him.

    He’s a great athlete, no doubt about it, and would be great to have on special teams for his kick-blocking ability. However he is not well suited to be an edge rusher, at least not an elite one, and tends to have issues with change of direction and play awareness too. At 26 yo, Pats should look elsewhere, imo.

  12. Billy C. says:

    That’s the first time I heard his age was 26 ( I never knew). I suddenly like him less than before. I’d still take him in the second if he was available but not the first anymore.

  13. Thrilloreilly says:

    Would love to see jesse williams

  14. AJ says:

    Any ILB.

  15. Aaron says:

    I tend to agree with you. From what I’ve seen on tape, he’ll make a play here and there and then look lost. And you’re right, he plays way too high.

  16. George Fitzgerald says:

    I was just thinking this exact thing this morning! I’ve seen a few mocks with us getting Hunt. He would definitely be the worst nightmare round 1 pick. Agree with everything you wrote about him. Older, project etc.

  17. Jim says:

    You stole my thunder. Hunt scares me. I would also avoid Jenkins. We need a penetrating DT. Have enough wide space eaters already.

    • carlo says:

      Jonathan jenkis and his teammate Gaetters at DT/NT
      Matt Elam at S
      Hunt and Ansah at DE

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