2013 NFL Draft: New Projections after Free Agency’s First Waves

33. Jacksonville Jaguars: Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

As Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley had success with big, physical cornerbacks. He could get another one in this scenario with Florida State’s Xavier Rhodes.

Rhodes is no Richard Sherman, but he does have great size and length for a cornerback, and has big upside. He is good value as a second-round selection, and would address one of the Jaguars’ greatest positions of need.

34. San Francisco 49ers: Eric Reid, FS, LSU

Following the free-agent departure of Dashon Goldson, the 49ers need to find a new starting free safety with one of their many draft picks. The best fit of any safety in the draft class would be LSU’s Eric Reid.

While Reid isn’t quite the playmaker or striker that Goldson is, he is an athletic safety who can be an upgrade in deep pass coverage. He needs to become a more consistent tackler, but he has good instincts and is active in run support.

35. Philadelphia Eagles: Larry Warford, G, Kentucky

2011 first-round pick Danny Watkins has been a bust, leaving the Eagles in need of an upgrade at right guard. Kentucky’s Larry Warford fits the bill.

Warford is a massive interior lineman who can be a real road-grader in run blocking, but also has the feet to pick up blocks outside and be an effective pass-protector.

36. Detroit Lions: Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M

Having lost Cliff Avril to the Seattle Seahawks, the Detroit Lions have a major need for a pass-rushing defensive end.

Texas A&M’s Damontre Moore has falling draft stock, but he would still be a terrific value choice in Round 2. A skilled edge rusher who uses his hands well, has a great motor and is also very sound against the run, he can be an immediate starter where the Lions have an immediate need.

37. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland Raiders): Matt Elam, SS, Florida

The Cincinnati Bengals need to upgrade over Taylor Mays at strong safety. Florida’s Matt Elam is an aggressive enforcer and the draft class’ hardest hitter, but is also a fluid athlete with good ball skills and who makes plays happen on the back end. He needs to become more consistent in coverage, but could be a very good addition as a second-round pick.

38. Arizona Cardinals: Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

The Arizona Cardinals desperately need to upgrade at quarterback, and head coach Bruce Arians will be looking for a quarterback with a big arm and some athletic ability.

Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib isn’t quite Ben Roethlisberger or Andrew Luck, but he has some similar traits in his game and could potentially develop into a very good starter at the next level.

Cleveland Browns Pick Forfeited in Supplemental Draft (WR Josh Gordon)

39. New York Jets: Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

For whoever the New York Jets quarterback will be in 2013, the Jets can help him out by giving him more passing weapons to work with. The New York Jets need a replacement at tight end for departed free agent Dustin Keller, and Notre Dame’s Tyler Eifert would be tough to pass up at the No. 39 overall pick.

Eifert is a first-round talent who would be a steal in Round 2. With great size, vertical athleticism and catching ability, Eifert has all the tools to be a major downfield playmaker in the middle of an NFL passing offense.

40. Tennessee Titans: Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia

The Tennessee Titans could draft a linebacker in Round 2 for the third consecutive year if Georgia’s Alec Ogletree is still available at the No. 40 overall pick.

Ogletree could fall steeply down the draft board due to serious off-field concerns, but he is a first-round talent. He is a great athlete who is both an aggressive blitzer and a very good coverage linebacker, and could play any linebacker spot. For the Titans, he could be worth the risk as an upgrade over Colin McCarthy at middle linebacker.

41. Buffalo Bills: Robert Woods, WR, USC

If the Buffalo Bills draft Barkley at the No. 8 overall pick, the absolute ideal scenario would be for one of his go-to receivers at USC, Robert Woods, to fall to the No. 41 overall selection.

Woods is a first-round talent who would be great value at this point in Round 2. He is an exceptional route-runner with great hands, and can immediately increase Barkley’s comfort level in the Bills offense while giving them another playmaker in the passing game.

42. Cleveland Browns (from Miami Dolphins): Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech

The Cleveland Browns should be in the market for another playmaker at wide receiver, and Louisiana Tech’s Quinton Patton would fit the bill. Patton is a great route-runner with fantastic body control and consistent hands, and could give the Browns another reliable passing weapon opposite Josh Gordon or in the slot.

43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: E.J. Manuel, QB, Florida State

Josh Freeman is entering the final year of his contract, and is coming off back-to-back seasons of underwhelming quarterback play. Drafting a quarterback to develop next season as a potential successor in 2014 would be a smart decision on Day 2 of the draft, and Florida State’s E.J. Manuel makes great sense.

A pro-style quarterback with a strong arm plus good footwork and athleticism, Manuel has the potential to be one of the best quarterbacks from the 2013 draft class. With proper time to develop, Manuel could be a very good franchise quarterback for the Buccaneers if they decide to move on from Freeman next offseason.

44. Carolina Panthers: Keenan Allen, WR, California

The Carolina Panthers should be in the market for another playmaker at wide receiver, and they could be in position to take a shot on California’s Keenan Allen in Round 2.

Allen would be a good fit as an upgrade opposite Steve Smith as a big, athletic possession receiver. He is good value in the middle of Round 2, and already has an established connection with the Panthers, holding his personal pro day at Panthers wide receivers coach Ricky Proehl’s facility in Greensboro, N.C. on April 9.

New Orleans Saints Pick Forfeited Due to Bountygate

The New Orleans Saints lost their second-round pick as part of their punishment for operating a bounty system.

45. San Diego Chargers: Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers

Even with a big free-agent signing of Derek Cox, another cornerback would be a smart investment early in the draft for the San Diego Chargers. Rutgers’ Logan Ryan is a well-rounded with good athleticism and ball skills, and is a great choice to team up with Cox and Marcus Gilchrist to form the Chargers’ top cornerback trio next season.

46. St. Louis Rams: Dallas Thomas, G/OT, Tennessee

The St. Louis Rams improved their offensive line by signing Jake Long, but still need their offensive line with talent and depth. Tennessee’s Dallas Thomas would be a great choice in the second round, as he has the versatility to play both guard and right tackle, both areas where the Rams could use competition and depth.

47. Dallas Cowboys: Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina

As the Dallas Cowboys switch to a Tampa 2 defense, they could really use another defensive tackle who can add quickness as an interior penetrator.

That is exactly what they could get from North Carolina’s Sylvester Williams, an explosive defensive tackle who is terrific value in the middle of Round 2 and has the combination of size and athleticism to form a strong rotation with Jason Hatcher and Jay Ratliff.


48. Pittsburgh Steelers: Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

The Pittsburgh Steelers need to upgrade at running back, and Alabama’s Eddie Lacy runs like a classic Steelers back. Lacy is a physical, powerful, between-the-tackles runner but also has good speed and moves in the open field. He is outstanding value in the middle of Round 2, and would address one of the Steelers’ biggest positions of need.

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27 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft: New Projections after Free Agency’s First Waves”

  1. Mark says:

    I think Miami would grab Milliner instead of Lane Johnson. If they thought Milliner would be there at 12 why trade?

  2. J H TARBORO says:

    According to the NFL network the (49er, Bengals, Patriots, and Miami) are briging in Tavon Austin for a workout, why should we do that, if we can’t or have no chance to get him? He’s a personal favorite.

    • acm says:

      just doing their due diligence – obviously he is a player they are interested in and should he somehow fall to the Pats, they want to know if he indeed would be worth a 1st round pick.

      I can see the Pats move up to maybe 26 (Packers) if they really, really like Austin and he miraculously falls there … and that way they would also prevent Denver and Houston from taking him. For that to happen, however, you’d need at least 5-6 teams that would be interested in Austin to pass on him. To make matters worse, two such team – the Rams and the Vikings have 2 picks in the 1st, well before 29 or even 26.

      I just hope the 49ers don’t decide to trade up for him as they have a whole lot of picks they can’t use anyway. Wouldn’t be shocked if they used 3-4 and even 5 of those picks to move up 10-12 spots should Austin made it past Miami and St Louis (their 1st pick in the 1st round).

      • J H TARBORO says:

        ACM You of all people know how i feel about this one, i would be sick if the 49ers got him! when he we get him here for a workout, we shouldn’t let him leave. lol

      • J H TARBORO says:

        thanks for the glimmer hope, acm i appreciate you. thanks !

        • acm says:

          lol, you are welcome, JHT 🙂

          I know you like Austin a lot and I share those sentiments but would be best for your overall health to just forget about him.

          My biggest hope regarding this guy is that he goes to an average team as that way at least he won’t be strengthening a contender and a direct Patriots rival.

          The Rams or Minny still look like the most likely destinations for this guy and I am fine with that.

          How ’bout that glimmer of hope now? 🙂

  3. steve earle says:

    This would be a very good draft for the Patriots though I do think it is a little optomistic to thing Rhodes, Trufant, and Banks will be all an option at 29. Still I can find little to complain about the selections otherwise as it covers all three of the most critical needs with good prospects.

    Russell Easterbrooks lists several very good players who could be options if BB trades back as Russell and others believe he will. I would add Alex Okafor to that list if I were Russell.

    There is still a chance that Mallett could be the subject of some trade talks the closer we get to draft day. I would not expect any deal to be made there until the draft is underway how ever. If that should come about I’d expect no more then a couple mid round choices this year but given the depth of talent it could mean another couple of talented prospects.

    • cc says:

      A dull murmur coming from Cleveland, bit nothing solid….as long as we get “better” than the equivalent 3rd rounder + “anything” more than that was spent on em’…I send Mallet anywhere!
      & I’d squeeze anything else I could in the deal, such as J. Cunningham, B. Deaderick or another.

      Just getting this 3rd rounder back for Mallet is just the extra draft ammo that we need in order to add some 3rd round listed like maybe a Da’Rick Rogers WR. Kwame Geathers DT/NT. Travis Frederick C/G or a Justin Pugh G/ROT.

      Which means either one of the first slated 3 picks will be just that much better!

      Trade Mallet+….check!

      Then use a next year pick and toss the two this year seventh rounders in too make it that much better for “MORE SERIOUS IMPACT PLAYERS NOW”…..check!

      *****that gives the Patriots “5” 2013 Draft Picks!

      • steve earle says:

        I like your positive attitude about some kind of trade for Mallett, cc. I’m now more open to a trade for something like a 3rd and a 5th then I was a few weeks ago. The more research I do the deeper the draft talent pool looks. BB says he would want a 1st or 2nd but I’d be surprised if that happened. Most likely though I think Bill will keep him around for at least this year. Just my gut feeling.

        • J H TARBORO says:

          Steve E. Mallett trade might still be on the table, Tampa made a run at Cassell and they aren’t sure about Josh Freeman, that wasn’t their guy, and BB and Greg Schiano are friends.

      • J H TARBORO says:

        The Patriots should be shopping Mallett hard right now!

        • steve earle says:

          From what I’ve heard Bill is “listening” to any offers but want’s at least a 2nd rd pick for Mallett. Not sure that’s very realistic. Looks like Clev is off the short list now so it may be as you say that TBay might be the last chance. QB’s are being shuffled all around right now so the dust is hard to see through. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mallett still with us this year but who knows?

  4. kdog says:

    Interesting Mock.

    I feel more and more that LBs who can run, like Minter and Arthur Brown, will shoot up the board. So I agree with you there.

    Personally I don’t think Banks is a good value at 29, though. Short at 59? Yes. But Banks belongs in a group o 2nd-3rd round CBs.

  5. Thrilloreilly says:

    Not a fan of this draft, Patriots are lacking at DT/WR/CB

    WR corps is lacking big time and they should trade back for more picks

    Id ideally like to see them draft a WR early second and third and also double dip at CB in 2nd and 4th. Utilize a 3rd on DT position.

    • cc says:

      I’ll take this draft & be good. You say your not a fan…yet you state the biggest 3 needs and they are all met within the third round ( using 3rd with the Steelers or in Draft).
      Round 1 pick.
      (top tier pick at Corner; a massive need, “now” & “1st thing next year”).
      Round 2 pick.
      A decent piece VS re-treads/UFA/and later slim pickings to go next to Big Vince- A Glaring need.

      Round 3.
      & AWide Out either way, using less than what was used on…..Taylor Price
      Bethall Johnson
      Brandon Tate
      OR the Chad Jackson 2006 debacle instead of Gregg Jennings.

      * As far as the thinking of still being low on another Wide Out? Just use a next year pick ( Either 1st, 2nd or 3rd rounder), & use it for the best Wide Out for TB12 “Anywhere” in between our #91 and UP.

    • cc says:

      You say your not a fan of the mock – bu it address ALL 3 of your stated lacking needs. DT. CB. & WR!

      + you specify WR is lacking big time(as in more than the otherpositions), yet double dip on CB’s not at the Wide Out?

      Id do this draft as is and be good with it:
      *But id specifically insert a next year pick/use it this year & specifically target
      & add Robert Woods (WR) – USC!

      Top Teir wide receiver talant. + I make sure hes not playing for an AFC Division Rival like Buffalo knowing Matt Barkley is a round earlier target for them as well. No need to give any synergy to Buffalo.

  6. patsfan says:

    Would be happy with Banks and Short in the first 2 rounds but would much rather Da’Rick Rogers than Bailey. I think the Pats need to get bigger at WR and drafting another 5 10 guy just doesnt cut it.

    This is kind of off topic but anyone have any thoughts around Jake Bequette and what he will do this year? He put up really good #s in college and I am hoping for a 2nd year jump in his play time/development.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      I like Bequette more as a DE/LB than just DE. I know he has worked hard in the weight room. I see him getting more time this year.

    • steve earle says:

      Been thinking about this. They say bigest jump is between 1st and 2nd year so there is some hope but we saw so little of Bequette last season how do we judge where he may be this season?

  7. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Interesting Mock draft ! Of course it is easy to look at players who were not taken by the Patriots, and then make your picks. I feel BB will target players he would like to draft, who the Patriots have a good chance to get.
    My draft board for the Patriots, has guys I think fit with the Patriots/BB type players/system. These are the 16 players I have narrow my draft board down to, knowing the Patriots only have 5 picks.

    OG/C Barrett Jones CB Jordan Poyer WR Markus Wheaton
    OG/T Brian Winters CB Logan Ryan WR Terrance Williams
    DT Jesse Williams CB Micah Hyde WR Mark Harrison
    DT Brandon Williams CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson

    DE/LB Cornelius Washington RB Derrick Washington
    DE/LB John Simon LB DaVonte Holloman
    DE Cornellius Carradine

    Now these player’s except of a couple of guys , will be in the first three rounds. Barrett Jones, and Cornellius Carradine would most likely be on the PUP list for half the coming season, which may offer roster flexiblity, for the Patriots. Cornellius Washington, played out of position (DE) at Georgia, and will be a developing player at LB over the coming season. I feel the same about John Simon, as a developing player at LB. DaVonte Holloman has better size, for a cover LB at 6’2″ 246, and played S and LB at South Carolina, giving him good cover skills.
    Jesse Williams will most likely be gone when the Patriots pick.
    If BB trades back, many of these players will be available, and of course many more on the draft board. I feel three of these guys will be on the Patriot team next year.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      I have watched tape on each of these players, studied interviews, and watched two in person. There are many other great players, but you just can’t have them all. Last year I had 3 Patriot player’s ,draft picks correct. The year before just two, so its very hard to narrow the players down to THE picks. BB is very interesting when it comes to, study some of the things he looks for in players, intangables/flexibility are important.

    • kdog says:

      I like your list, Russell. I’ve become convinced they will look for a 3-4 OLB who can run a bit. Washington and Simon are intriguing middle-round targets.

      I also love Jesse Williams, but think he’ll be gone. If he dropped I’d be all over him, though. They could do so much with him and Vince on the field together, and long term he would replace Vince.

    • acm says:

      that’s a pretty good board with all logical/likely options … not surprisingly I think so considering many of these players are on my board too 🙂

      Probably the main diff is that I fully expect the Pats to make some trades, with trading out of the first round being the most obvious one, and as a result I have more players left on the board for the 7-8 picks I think BB lines up this April.

      Actually, the only player up there I think that has to be taken at 29 is Jesse Williams (if he falls there at all that is). other than that, all the rest are likely to fall into the 2nd, imo.

      Only player you have up there I can’t see as a likely BB pick would be Terrance Williams. He has the deep threat speed, not blazing fast but good enough, and tracks and catches the ball well but is too one-dimensional in his route-running (not unlike Mike Wallace) and that makes him an unlikely fit in the Pats O, imo.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        OK, I feel Jesse Williams will be gone by #29, but some have him in the 2nd round (unlikely). I believe DT Brandon Williams is the guy they want, and maybe Barrett Jones. Trading the #29th pick looks likely to me, But?? I also think Micah Hyde, is a tackling machine, and high on BB want list, along with Williams.
        I’m feeling less and less likely that we draft a WR until the 3d or later.
        Tampa is my projected trade partner for the #29th pick, given thier want list. They may have interest in Mallett as well.
        When I set my Patriot draft picks (5) I will asume there will be more picks, and list guys for all of my 5 picks from rounds 2-4.

        • steve earle says:

          I like your general assessement here and agree Jesse Williams will be gone by 29. I’ve come around to the idea BB may trade out of the 1st. I would like either Brandon Williams or Alex Okafor in the second ( both if it lined up just right).
          Question, where do you see the kid from Mar’ld, Vellano, going and would Bill be looking at him somewhere?

        • Russell Easterbrooks says:

          Not sure about DT Vallano , just not enough picks. I feel DT Brandon Williams, is a targeted player by BB. I like Vallano, more as a DE than DT in the NFL.

        • steve earle says:

          Agree completely with your assessement of Vellano at DE in pro’s. Watching him on tape reminds me of Tedy Bruschi. The guy is always around the action making plays. I know, just not enough picks for us this year, but if Bill trade down as you think that could gain us 1 or 2 more and in the now more unlikely prospect of a Mallett deal another 1 or 2 Bill might have something to work with. This would be a best case scenario of course so I’ll not hold my breath.

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