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Terrance Williams Baylor WR

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Prospect: Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 201
Grade:  (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

Williams is a tall and well put together vertical threat. He’s got good straight line and vertical speed with the ability to run by defenders. Takes long, quick strides covering a lot of ground. Shows very good body control to adjust to the deep ball and maintain balance to come down with it. Quick off the line can get up to speed quickly and change speeds based on coverage. Once he catches the ball he can turn it on immediately showing very good acceleration. Has a solid vertical leap and presents large target. Has the frame to put on more weight and develop into a more physical specimen.

Despite tall frame, his arms measured in at less than 31″ and has small hand (8″6/8). Not real sudden or fluid through the midsection, doesn’t possess the ability to make people miss with elusiveness in open field.

Route Running
At this point Williams is not a polished or refined route runner, but he does do a couple things real good. First, he can stretch the field vertically with good speed and uses his height/body control to adjust to vertical throws. Williams is able to create separation in the final steps with an extra gear and will drift/fade towards the throw to haul it in. Williams only runs a few routes, but is successful in the ones he does run. Used on a lot of comeback routes, shows burst out of his break and works back to the ball. Also, runs a nice fade route in the endzone and presents a good red zone threat with his ability to track the ball and catch the ball in corner of the endzone. He can separate on Dig routes and works his way through traffic with speed on crossing routes. The “9” route is his bread and butter, comes off the ball quickly and uses deceptive speed to run by defenders. After the catch he turns it up field quickly to create extra yardage. When the play breaks down Williams continues to work finding a way to get open. Williams is true big play receiver and can create downfield after the catch due to his ability to separate at top speed.

Doesn’t have a well developed route tree, only has experience running a few routes and not much experienced with option routes. I question his ability to adjust his routes on his own based on coverage and his ability to run clean, quick break routes.

Ball Skills
Williams tracks the ball extremely well, especially down field. He can adjust his body to the poorly thrown ball and still come down with it. Catches the ball over his shoulder and shows good concentration when in tight coverage to keep eyes on the ball. Can catch the ball when leaving his feet and adjusting. Will come back to the ball and attack it on comeback routes. Shows an average ability to shield defender from the ball and can be more physical when fighting for the ball.

Doesn’t always extend away from his body, will allow the ball to get into his pads. Works the sideline well and get his feet down when working along it. Dropped a couple catchable balls on tape as well at the Senior Bowl. Doesn’t snatch the ball out of the air, but puts it away quickly after the catch. Doesn’t break many tackles in the open field as he isn’t very elusive.

Shows good strength when blocking. Will get out in front to block for other receivers in the open field and also holds his blocks well on screen passes.

Lacks technique and doesn’t use his lower body much when blocking. Effort level when blocking varies from time to time. Can be a better edge block on outside run plays. Doesn’t sell the run/pass well and allows the defender to get in position to make the play.

Stepped up big time with the loss of RG3 and Kendall Wright to be “the guy” on the Baylor offense. Took his game to another level showing more consistency and focus. Named All-American as a Senior. Concentration throughout the game waivers and results in dropped balls and blown assignments. Seems to “do his own thing” on some plays, which he won’t get away with in the NFL. Spent his first two years at Baylor returning kicks and punts, so he can offer special teams ability.

Doesn’t offer much versatility in terms of a receiver, comfortable playing outside the numbers.

Williams is a big play threat and one of the only true vertical threats in this year’s draft class. He’s got good height, size and deep speed. He’s not real quick or sudden, but builds up his speed with his long legs and can seperate down the field. He tracks the deep ball well, can haul it in with defender on his hip pocket and finish the play. Williams is the type of receier where the QB will throw it out there and see if he can come down with it. He also presents a good red zone target with his ability to run the fade route and catch the ball on the sideline.

He does have some major question marks, including a limited route tree, inconsistent hand catching and lapses in concentration. When everything is taken into account, Williams is a big play, high upside player, who presents some risk due to his rawness in terms of the finer points of being a WR.

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