Jonathan Cooper Scouting Report

Jonathan Cooper Scouting Report

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Prospect: Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina
Height: 6’3
Weight: 310
Grade: 7.6 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Cooper has a typical offensive guard build, not very tall, but thick throughout and carries his weight well.
+Quick, agile and athletic guard.
+Moves much faster than many lineman, displays excellent movement skills and maneuvers his frame easily to stay in good blocking position.
+Plays light on his feet, moves smoothly and with effortlessness.
-Limited to OG only due to lack of height and length.

Run Blocking 
+Extremely mobile for the Guard position.
+Quick first step when pulling.
+Displays quickness and flexibility when pulling, gets out in front on run plays and is very good at picking up blocks in the open field.
+Powerful at point of contact, piled up pancake blocks due to initial power.
+Can get to the second level with ease and maintains his leverage once there.
+Keeps hands inside.
+Anticipates where defender will be, takes good angles getting to the second level and when pulling.
+Doesn’t always get movement off the line, but turns butt to the hole creating running lane.
+Able to get low and pick up smaller, quicker players while on the run and in space.
+Ability to play in space is rare for a OG.
+Finishes his blocks with technique and positioning.
-Uses cut blocks often, many times not getting far enough into the defenders base.
-Lacks power to drive block and get consistent movement off the line, but gets the job done.

Pass Blocking
+Cooper displays excellent athleticism when pass blocking.
+Gets out of his stance quickly and gets into position to take on pass rusher.
+Plays with excellent leverage by keeping his knees bent and his hips low.
+Very quick feet, continues to move them and can slide them laterally to pick up free rusher.
+Keeps a wide base, takes short choppy steps, not overextending upper body.
+Delivers a punishing punch, often knocking rusher off balance or to the ground.
+Displays quickness when pulling playside, looks back to find first free rusher.
+Agile and balanced when sliding, but also strong enough in the lower body to anchor.
+Very rare to have breakdowns in pass protection, in the right spot.

+Cooper exhibits excellent technique in vs. both the run and base.
+Keeps a wide and balanced base.
+Shoots his hands to the chest with power.
+Footwork is very sound – short, quick steps doesn’t cross over and doesn’t overextend.
+Sound when pulling, gets out fast, stays low and looks inside.
+Knows when to come off his blocks and get to the second level.
+Head placement is usually good and turns his back to the hole.

+Four year starter at OG for North Carolina.
+Experienced and battle tested.
+Shows very good awareness to recognize blitzes pre-snap and adjust his blocks.
+Very smart player, knows his assignment and is always in the right position.
+Plays to the whistle and consistently finishes his blocks.
+Ideal fit in a zone blocking system due to his ability to move, get to the second level and play in space – but not limited to only a ZBS team.

Cooper is a rare athlete for his position. His ability to move, pull and get to the second level is excellent. He can play in space and pick up smaller, quicker players while pulling. Cooper displays excellent technique, with quick feet and proper hand use. He finishes his blocks and puts himself in position to make the correct block. Aside from the athleticism and ability to move Cooper shows a powerful punch and finishes his blocks with positioning/leverage.

While it’s unlikely he can pass Chance Warmack for the #1 OG spot, Cooper will not get out of the first round of April’s draft. While he will be highly sought after by zone-blocking teams, he is not limited to that scheme.

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