Desmond Trufant Scouting Report

Desmond Trufant Senior Bowl

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Prospect: Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190
Grade: 7.5 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Trufant possesses the ideal build for an NFL cornerback.
+He stands almost six feet tall with good arm length. Good bulk and thickness, exhibiting a strong upper-body.
+Fluid throughout the mid-section can open his hips smoothly and break out of his backpedal without hesitation.
+Can change direction suddenly and smoothly, which is a reason he is able to play slot corner.
+Is able to keep up with the fastest receivers showing above average vertical speed.
+Trufant shows very good acceleration and burst, able to break on routes in front of him as well as undercut the crossing receiver.
+Body control appears sound, can high point the ball and make adjustments while in the air.
-Physically Trufant can stand to get stronger, which will help in press coverage and against the bigger more physical receivers.

Zone Coverage
+In zone coverage Trufant is smart, aggressive and sudden.
+Reads his keys well and breaks on the ball with sudden burst.
+Has top notch zone instincts, anticipates the developing play and gets himself in the right position quickly.
+Trufant takes aggressive angles flying to the ball with the attempt to make the big play, yet maintains discipline in coverage, doesn’t freelance.
+Experienced and battle tested, Trufant can play in almost any zone coverage and impact the game.
+Has good ball skills, high points the deep ball and fights his way to the ball. Understands the use of leverage and knows where and when his help is coming from.
+Does a very good job of reading the QB.
-When in off zone coverage he could do a better job of tackling in the open field.

Man Coverage
+Has experience playing both off man coverage and press man to man coverage.
+As a man cover corner I believe he can play outside or move inside to cover the slot.
+Athletic stance, sinks hips and flips his hips well.
+Does a good job of mirroring the receiver and running either laterally or vertically with him.
+Tracks the ball nicely in the air and does a good job of battling for position while the ball is one the way.
+At the Senior Bowl showed the ability bait QB into making throws.
+Doesn’t give up easy throws, contests every route and plays more physical than you would think.
+Does a good job of reaching around or through the receiver to knock down passes.
+Has the potential to develop into solid press corner, does a good job of routing the receiver and forcing him to the sideline.
-Needs to stay engaged longer and use his lower body strength to sustain his jams.

Vs. the Run
+Recognizes run/pass quickly.
+Doesn’t shy away from making tackles in run support and will fight way through blocks.
+Does a nice job of fighting under blocks to blow up screen passes or keep contain on outside runs.
-Lacks power when tackling, mostly because of poor technique.
-Likes to tackle with his arms or throw a shoulder.

+Trufant is a very smart and instinctive corner.
+He has experience playing in a wide variety of coverages and has shown the ability to be effective in each one.
+Vocal leader on the practice field.
+Competed extremely hard on every repetition and made sure he didn’t give up the easy completion.
+Is a scheme/system fit for almost any team in the NFL.
+It’s rare to find a corner who is almost six feet tall who has the fluidity and quickness to play in the slot, but Trufant can.
+Four year player at Washington, wanted to stay home and “help build a program”.
+Has NFL talent in his blood, he is the brother of former first round pick and current Seahawk Marcus Trufant and his other brother Isaiah is a slot corner on the New York Jets.

Trufant is one of the elite cornerback prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft. As a defender Trufant is athletic and instinctual. He’s one of the most versatile corners with the ability to play in a wide variety of zone and man coverages, including press. His experience as both and outside and slot corner should translate to the NFL. In coverage he is fluid, smooth and aggressive, the bigger the challenge the better Trufant seems to play. As a run defender Trufant can set the edge, get off blocks and make tackles. He’s got the complete package as a cover corner and might be the most talented of the Trufant brothers.

Aside from his ability on the field, Trufant showed impressive leadership skills while at Washington and the Senior Bowl. He practiced hard, pushed his teammates and held himself accountable. Overall, Trufant is a mid to late first round draft pick, he can make an impact right away and is a fit for any of the 32 NFL teams.

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