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The Combine has arrived.

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

The first day of on field drills is in the books at the Combine. Saturday saw all the offensive linemen and tight ends take to the field to showcase their skills. There was plenty of information to sort through and process from the three groups who worked out. Who helped themselves? Who hurt themselves? What did we learn? What will tomorrow bring?

NEPD Editor Mike Loyko breaks down all the action in his day one combine wrap up video.

Here is my day one combine wrap up. Make sure you guys follow me on twitter: @NEPD_Loyko, as I will be breaking down everything in live time the next three days of the combine. If you have a question that needs to be answered on tomorrow’s video be sure to ask me on twitter.

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10 Responses to “Day One Combine Video Wrap-Up”

  1. Joe Blake says:

    Good crop of WRs with sub 4.5 40 times leads me to hope we use our 59th pick to get a stretch the field player. WV’s Davis is a beast! Forgetting the character issue guys, the track guys, and the position conversion guy, there are about 10 players worth further study who may last until we trigger the second round draft pick.. I’m still reserving the 29th pick for a DT to “push the pile” thus, indirectly, helping our rather weak (statistically) secondary. The gap to #91 to get a quality CB is a concern…perhaps a trade down scennario and or a Mallett trade will help by getting additional 2-3 round picks.

  2. J H TARBORO says:

    DAY 2 Tavon Austin WR/RB/KR 1st run 4.25 40yds. that’s sick!!!

  3. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Today I’m watching WR Marckus Wheaton, who I have studied a great deal. I think you will see him run a 4.3 something in the 40. I also think he is a guy the Patriots are watching.
    DeAndre Hopkins is another guy who I feel the Patriots like , who may me gone in this draft early. Another guy who has moved up the Board already, Conner Vernon, also a plaer I think the Patriots like.

    • James says:

      U think the pats like him eh? How about u think they might.. Sounds like u think ur close to the team or something lol

      • mjp says:

        Sounds like someone’s reading comprehension skills need some work. The words “I feel” and “I think” are found throughout Russel’s post and are in themselves sufficiently suggestive in nature. Your criticism of Russel for not using the word “might” is sophomoric at best, childish, ignorant, embarrassingly unnecessary.

        Did you really use “lol” in your post as well? What’s really funny, besides the junior-high tone of your post, is that anyone would even begin to think that the Patriots aren’t interested in all 3 of those players given their skill-sets and the Patriots’ needs at WR during this off-season.

        What’s even more funny and somewhat sad is that you spent the time to respond with such a failed attempt to make yourself feel better(likely due to poor self-esteem). It’s obvious you have zero knowledge to offer on these prospects and this draft because you had a chance to add to the conversation and opted instead to go all 6th grade on us.

        So the question you should ask yourself is why you bothered to post anything at all, why come to a draft website and make a such a fool of yourself when you have nothing to productive or relevant to offer.

      • Russell Easterbrooks says:

        I am a fomer try-out with the Patriots and have followed theme ever sence.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      I have followed New England for many years, after having tried out for the Patriots, as a free agent, years ago.

  4. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Great report Mike, VERY helpful thanks ! One guy I’m watching is OT Reid Fragel, a former TE playing ROT for Ohio State.

    Fragel 5.14 40, 33 bench Vertical jump 30, Broad jump 113, 3 cone 7.62, 20 yd suttle 4.68
    Compare to OT Fisher
    Fisher 5.05 40, 27 bench, Vertical jump 28.5, broad jump 116, 3 cone 7.59, 20yd suttle 4.44

    Fisher is a top 10 draft pick 1st round, Fragel is a 5th rounder WHO will move-up.
    I think the Patriots are watching this guy, with BB link to Ohio State. Fragel still needs some work with foot work, but at 6’8″ 305 331/2 inch arms ,a great value in this draft. I have moved him up my board to a 3d rounder.
    Another guy who looked good to me was, T.J. Johnson C/G South Carolina, 6’4″ 310 ran 5.33 40 331/2 inch arms did 32 on the bench.

    • td says:

      I’m sure they are watching all OLinemen, they always do. The plan around the whole NFL (except maybe a couple of teams with a lot of cap space like the Fins) are going to let their FA’s test the market and then negotiate.

      I would think his link to Ohio St is to check on Hankerson at DT.

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