Datone Jones Scouting Report

2013 NFL Draft Datone Jones

QB / RB / WR / TE / OT / OG / OC / DT / DE / OLB / ILB / CB / SAF

Prospect: Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 280
Grade:  7.2 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+ Muscle Bound, athletic and NFL ready frame
+ Thick lower body, has the trunk to put on 10-15 more pounds if needed
+ Upper Body strength is above average, bench presses 225 around 32 times
+ Exhibits strong lower body, able to drive through blockers
+ Core strength appears very good, shows good balance and power distribution
+ Above average straight line speed for a 280+ pound player
+ Accelerates quickly, when motor is going 100% can get to top speed quickly
+ Quick first step with the ability to beat blockers to inside gap
– Exhibits some stiffness in the mid-section, not the most fluid edge rusher
– Not a natural bender, likes to use a power-speed move more than turn the corner

Pass Rush
+ Powerfully pass rushers, with the ability to convert the power to speed at times
+ Showcases the strength/power at point of attack to get the OL off balance
+ Strong enough to win with a straight bull rush and quick enough to win off first step
+ Compact stance, fires out low, exerting a lot of power on initial contact
+ Has more speed rush than he showed, system limited his outside rush ability
+ When he keeps his legs driving at worst he is going to drive the OT into the backfield
+ Has surprising suddenness at times and can close quick when QB is in sight
+ Showed improved hand use at Senior Bowl, using a punch to club move to win inside
+ Has the ability to rush from the 4-3 End, 3-Tech or NT positions
+ Good quickness/power on inside stunts, tough to pick up on twists
– Not great at running the wheel and turning the corner
– Stops his leg drive too often, which allows OL to regain leverage
– Loses gap discipline when pass rushing at times, getting his shoulders turned
– Hand use needs to become more consistent and more violent

Vs. The Run
+ Has experience lining up at every position along the defensive line
+ Good quickness and penetration to the inside gap
+ Disengages with power and inside rip more to create penetration
+ Has experience dropping into pass coverage, even covering running back out of the backfield
+ Was asked to read and react a lot at UCLA — maintain gap discipline, read the play and get to the ball
+ Can set the outside edge with power when he plays with leverage, keeps outside shoulder free
+ Good balance and playing strength, doesn’t go to ground much or get pushed off the ball
+ Is able to penetrate or at least create disruption from interior line position
+ Powerful and sudden tackler, can swallow up ball carriers
– Inconsistent “get offs”, doesn’t always show same first step
– Needs to do better job of using his hands and getting extension
– Has trouble locating the ball and will over run the ball carrier at times
– Struggles to disengage at times, which leads him to getting “sealed off” too much

+ Stays quick and low coming off the snap
+ Good footwork, doesn’t get over-extended or off-balance
+ Showed a well developed, punch to the chest, club inside pass rush move at Senior Bowl
– Needs to get more extension with his arms, relies to much on power, not extension
– Has trouble shedding once OL has hands in his chest

+ High character individual, extremely hard worker who has overcome very tough surroundings
+ Well spoken and football savvy, knew about each teams needs, personnel and where he would fit
+ In conversation, Jones was able to break down each position he played and the responsibilities
+ Passionate about the game of football, willing to do what it takes to be successful
+ Fits multiple schemes and can play multiple positions, willing to play any position on the line
+ Extremely hard worker off the field and in the weight room, set example for younger UCLA players
– Motor was questioned at times and at times was inconsistent
– Still a bit raw overall, a lot of room for refinement
– Awareness on the field could stand to be improved

Datone Jones is one of the top Defensive Linemen available in this year’s draft. He possesses an NFL ready frame, with excellent playing strength and bulk. He can play multiple positions along the defensive line and exhibits power pass rush moves from all of them. He has good quickness for his size, but his strength is his best tool. He plays with good leverage and is able to simply out muscle and overpower linemen.

At the Senior Bowl he showed much more violent hands which led to him being the most dominate defender in Mobile. Jones is still a bit raw as a pass rusher and will get better as he develops more pass rush moves. If needed he could add 10-15 pounds and move inside to 3-Tech where I believe he could develop into a stud as a pass rushing defensive tackle. Jones is a high-character individual, overcoming tough surroundings and circumstances to become a top prospect.

He is a focused and driven person, understanding schemes and defensive philosophies very well. As a prospect Jones’ combination of power, speed and pass rush potential will make him a top five defensive end prospect for the 2013 draft.

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