2013 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Combine Projections

79. Pittsburgh Steelers: Brandon Jenkins, OLB, Florida State

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the market for pass-rushing help at the outside linebacker position, and could get that from Florida State’s Brandon Jenkins, a skilled edge rusher who would likely have gone in the first two rounds if not for a Lisfranc injury that cost him nearly all of his senior season.

80. Dallas Cowboys: E.J. Manuel, QB, Florida State

Tony Romo will be 33 next season and is and entering his contract year, which will give the Cowboys a tough decision to make next season on their future at the quarterback position. The Cowboys would be smart to bring in a developmental quarterback and potential successor now.

The best choice would be Florida State’s E.J. Manuel. Manuel is a project who needs to become a more accurate passer and better decision-maker, but he is an athletic passer with a big arm and the ability to make any throw on the field when he is composed.

81. New York Giants: Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers

The New York Giants need more than one addition at linebacker, and Khaseem Greene is an outstanding value choice in the latter half of Round 3. Greene is an athletic playmaker who excels at making plays all over the field and on the ball in space.

82. Miami Dolphins (from Chicago Bears): Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State

The Miami Dolphins can add even more speed and playmaking ability to their downfield passing game with the addition of skilled speed target Markus Wheaton, a good value late in Round 3.

83. Minnesota Vikings: Kevin Reddick, ILB, North Carolina

The Minnesota Vikings should be looking for an upgrade at middle linebacker over unrestricted free agent Jasper Brinkley, and North Carolina’s Kevin Reddick is one of the best available players at this point. Reddick is a very good run-stopper with great instincts, but he would also be an upgrade over Brinkley in pass coverage.

84. Cincinnati Bengals: Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU

With Michael Johnson an unrestricted free agent, the Cincinnati Bengals should be in the market for another defensive end. LSU’s Sam Montgomery is falling due to serious work ethic concerns and a disappointing junior season, but he has the talent to be a steal in Round 3.

85. Washington Redskins: T.J. McDonald, FS, USC

T.J. McDonald could be a much-needed potential upgrade for the Redskins at free safety. While McDonald has to improve in coverage, he is a terrific athlete who can make plays all over the field and is very good in run support.

86. Indianapolis Colts: Chris Jones, DT/DE, Bowling Green

The Indianapolis Colts need to add some bulk and disruptive ability to their defensive line. Chris Jones is an athletic defensive lineman sleeper who could be a good third-round choice to play as a 5-technique defensive end and bring interior pressure up front.

87. Seattle Seahawks: Alvin Bailey, G, Arkansas (Jr.)

Guard is among the weaker spots of the Seattle Seahawks’ roster. With many offensive linemen already off the board, Arkansas’ Alvin Bailey would be a good value pick late in Round 3.

88. Green Bay Packers: Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin

The Green Bay Packers still lack a feature back, and can get great value on a productive, durable with in-state ties by selecting Montee Ball in the late third round.

89. Houston Texans: Justin Pugh, OT/OG, Syracuse

The Houston Texans need to reinforce the right side of their offensive line, and could get very good value on a potential starter at either right tackle or right guard in Justin Pugh.

90. Denver Broncos: Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia

Stedman Bailey is a value selection in Round 3, who can give Peyton Manning another reliable and dynamic weapon to work with in the passing offense.

91. New England Patriots: Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State

Marquess Wilson’s stock went down sharply after he lost his spot in the starting lineup and eventually quit Washington State’s football team due to differences with coach Mike Leach. He came into the year, however, as a potential first-round pick, and is a very talented downfield receiver who could be developed into a big weapon for the Patriots’ offense.

92. Atlanta Falcons: Mike Gillislee, RB, Florida

Mike Gillislee is great value late in Round 3 who can form a very good running back tandem with Jacquizz Rodgers, with the Falcons expected to release Michael Turner this offseason.

93. San Francisco 49ers: Chase Thomas, OLB, Stanford

One of head coach Jim Harbaugh’s former players at Stanford, Chase Thomas is a great fit to provide depth at outside linebacker on the 49ers’ defense, and would be good value at the end of Round 3.

94. Baltimore Ravens: Kyle Long, OT/OG, Oregon

Left tackle Bryant McKinnie is an unrestricted free agent, and the Ravens also need depth on their offensive line. Long is an athletically-gifted offensive lineman who has potential as both a tackle and guard, and is great value at the end of Round 3.


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27 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Combine Projections”

  1. steve earle says:

    I really liked this mock better then the past few. At least it recognises our needs. If not Rhodes or Trufant at 29 maybe Cypren? Logan I’d like better as a 3rd pick then 2nd. I think the talent level will be solid through the 3rd round and into the 4th so Bill should be able to really fill some needs. Having no idea what BB is planning I’d hope for a draft that looks like this:
    1#29 Xavior Rhodes cb/s
    2#59 Markus Wheaton wr
    3#91 Kwain Gathers DT
    Yes I know, it’s just like my others. At least I’m consistant.

  2. cc says:

    I’d like to see them snag Terron Armstead OT out of Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Lots of speed and upside.
    He’s projected like a Joe Staley of the 49ers & with Dante Scar coaching him up, he should help solidify our O-line whoh’s and needs & give us maneuverability in our line.
    Vollmer is roughed up, Thomas &
    McDonald are not what we need in the wings. Cannon can stick mainly at Gaurd.

  3. Richardson at #1 would be interesting, but I still believe KC has to build it OL with a new QB. Most mocks at first-pick.com have Joeckel or Floyd going into the #1 slot, with the occasional trade. Another player to watch is obviously Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah. Projected first overall by some mocks we’ll have to see just what the cardiologist examinations show and what it may mean for his NFL future.

  4. joeisme says:

    The Packers’ gm has said even if they release Finley they will look in house for a TE since they like Williams and Crabtree a lot. There is no way they draft a TE in the first round since they have such pressing needs in so many other spots; 3-4 DE/ILB/LT/SS.

  5. JV says:

    Please stop mocking CBs to the Pats in the first rd….it make me throw up in mouth every time I see it. Bottom line…Bill sucks at drafting players in the secondary.

    • D.S.T. says:

      if you don’t try, you can’t succeed. LOL. His record drafting secondary is NO WORSE THAN ANY OTHER TEAM OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS.

    • steve earle says:

      Get a bucket man and let it all out. The problem with Bill db drafting is he kept trading down for “VALUE PICKS”. Downing had injury history from high school. What’s needed is a high ranking talent without issues who can actuall play a few seasons without being on ir. This year there is a bunch of them. We’ve seen that mid rd and fa’s arn’t doing it but no reason to pretend not drafting them will fix the problem.

  6. AM says:

    It would be absolutely stunning if Keenan Allen were to be available at the bottom of the second round–if he even falls as far as #29, the Patriots should jump on him, much less #59.

  7. John says:

    Did this site put in adds? Damn it.

  8. EccentricFan says:

    I know Jarvis Jones is incredibly talented, but even without his medical concerns, it would be hard for the Bills to pass up the top QB in the draft falling right into their laps.

    With the medical concerns, I think it’s no contest between the two. Geno has to be the choice, and having the Jets right behind the Bills ready to scoop him up would only make the decision to pass on him all the more painful.

  9. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I don’t see any way BB passes on OG/C Barrett Jones if he is on the board when we use our 1st pick. In the years to come Jones is very likely an all-pro at OG, And even tho we need other positions filled, I can’t see BB passing on Jones.
    So with this MOCK in mind I would go;
    #29 OG/C Barrett Jones
    #59 DT Brandon Williams
    #91 CB Robert Alford or CB Darius Slay

    BB will trade at some point for extra picks, then look for;

    WR Ryan Swope or WR Conner Vernon
    and /or
    SS Cooper Taylor, or SS Kenny Tate

    • JV says:

      Barret Jones to the Pats would mean an immediate upgrade at RG.

      • cc says:

        The better upgrade CLEARLY is getting an OT. *example of Terron Armstead out of Arkansas-Pine Bluff.
        Then just integrate Marcus Cannon taking over Guard duties on the regular.
        Cannon should be around 4 a while. … Sebastion Vollmer is respectfully on injured/borrowed time.
        Trade/dump Thomas and McDonald.

    • steve earle says:

      Russell, with all due respect I just can’t see taking Barrett Jones at 29. Yes he’s probably the best center/ guard prospect this year but jeeze Bill has to fix the def 1st. That means cb/s and DT. Plus more then a center we need an outside wr for the off. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and fix whats broken and if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

  10. Matt says:

    First off the biggest need for the Lions is not CB but Safety. Second although Milner proved he has speed at the combine he also proved to have tight hips and average ball skills. Even if you go back to his tape he didn’t have a lot of interceptions I believe 2 for the year. He is not a top 5 player to me that would be someone like a Patrick Peterson dynamic CB and returner. The Lions will go with either Fisher or Joeckel or Ansah, or Mingo or Warmack in the first and the Elam or Slay (CB) or the best safety available. OLB is not a priority as they have drafted several in the last two years still on the roster and they can pick one up later in the draft. In the third round look for them to take the best OG available the Kid from Wisconson had a disappointing combine but is still a tremendous ball player. If Montgomery the DE from LSU falls to them in the third they could take him. They will not take multiple DE’s in this draft. Their is talk of them trading up into the second round and taking the slot receiver from West Virginia, but I think that will depend on how much it would take and if they sign Reggie Bush.

    • Dan says:

      wow, amen to that man. Finally someone sees Milliner not being able to turn and run. even though his 40 was great, his 20 yard shuffle was terrible. those pick would be a lot better than Milliner maybe Dion Jordan too after his combine

    • Ken says:

      I could not have said it better than you just did. The Lions drafted several CB’s last year. Injuries kept them off the field. Time to see what you have got with them. Look for:

      Round 1) Fisher or Ansah, (Although a strong case can be made for Warmack)

      Round 2) Top rated safety

      Round 3) Frederick, the C from WI or next best Center or interior offensive lineman on the board.

      Anything much different than this, and Lions management heads will roll at seasons end.

  11. Hunter says:

    Everything I’ve heard has Rhodes not getting very far out of the top 10. There is no way he’s there when Pats draft. Trufant would be nice there though. The best part of these mocks is that it shows me that good prospects will still be around in round 3. Also, if we pass up on Chase Thomas for a WR that quit on the team I will be furious.

  12. floridated says:

    Pats will trade first round pick. Mallett will be traded also leaving the Pats with no back up qb.I Pts can’t trade first round pick her is another secenario BB always takes the player with the highest mark on his board who will be Barkley (qb) Ideal fit for Pats future right height, pocket passer,great stats until this year, tons of upside, 2 years under Brady and Pats system he will be ready to step right in and not miss a beat.

    • Jim R says:

      USC QB’s scare me. I think next years QB class has some real talent. at least 4 first round picks. You have Kafka as a backup if mallett is traded. Maybe Cassell gets cut and you bring him back for a couple of years. This might not be the year to draft a QB.

      • JV says:

        Kafka…LOL You must not of seen him play. He will not make the team…take it to the bank.

    • Rockdog says:

      Got news for you. Brady will be playing long past 2 more years. Brady broke every other stereotype and he’s going to break another by playing another 5-6 years. Next starting QB for Pats is currently learning Albebra I as a High School freshman.

    • steve earle says:

      Well maybe! I get kind of a chuckle when someone says Bill will do this or won’t do that. Over the years we’ve all seen Bill do what Bill wants to, to the surprise and sometimes shock of the current wisdom Plus bet you a coffee and jelly donut he doesn’t take Barkley or any qb in the first 3 rounds. They just extended Brady meaning any qb this year would have his contract expire before Brady’s.

  13. DaveM says:

    Logan in the 2nd and Wilson in the 3rd. I thought Tavon Wilson was a reach last year, but these two are ridiculous.

  14. Joe Blake says:

    Banks at 13, no way…too high. Rhodes to Pats at 29: right on. No Slay in top 94 , & Trufant at 44: way low, they will go before Banks given combine numbers. Like Geathers or B. Williams ahead of Logan (did Logan really jump only 25″: he must be carrying the coins Saban gave to recruit him!). Wilson at #91? Like Swope better. (Did Wilson put up only 7 reps! And run >4.5…answer: yes). I wonder if the player assessment test results will ever be public. We draft pundits could use that info. To help rank the players.

    • steve earle says:

      Okay Joe, sure hopy your right about Rhodes but the guy ran two 4.41’s at the conbine. Unofficial but in with the top group. Righ on! with Gathers and Williams. Another guy I like is Joe Vallano from Mar’ld. 59 may be a little early for him but watching him on tapes he remindes me of Tedy Bruscci. Slightly undersized but looks to have the fire in his belly and always making plays. Russell Easterbrooks alearted me to him awhile back.
      Did they have pockest for coins in those tights? lol!

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