Arthur Brown Scouting Report

Arthur Brown Scouting Report

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Prospect: Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 230
Grade: 7.3 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+Shows great speed for the position, could clock in in the low 4.5’s at the NFL combine.
+Fantastic balance, able to start and stop, changes directions fluidly.
+Good overall strength profile in upper and lower body, powerful through his mid-section.
+Shows plus leaping ability, explosive athlete both vertically and laterally.
-At barely 230 pounds, will be a bit undersized at linebacker.

Run Support
+Solid tackling fundamentals, wraps up and finishes.
+Reads the play as quick as any player in this draft class.
+Takes excellent angles to the ball, able to make up for bad ones with his athleticism.
+Stacks and sheds better than his size should allow – doesn’t stay blocked.
+Keeps clean by using strong, violent hands.
+Speed and instincts get him to the spot before blockers are in position.
+Keeps his pad level down and isn’t afraid of taking on lead blockers in the hole.
-Will occasionally try to tackle ball-carriers too high.

+Smooth back-pedal, can flip, turn and run.
+Reads the eyes of the quarterback, breaks quickly in zone.
+Used as a “spy” on multiple occasions against very mobile QB’s – Robert Griffin III for example.
+Fluid hips, able to stick with TE in coverage.
+Decent ball skills, makes the catches he should.
-Sucks up in play action at times, but often uses athleticism to get back into position.

+Has shown the ability to bull-rush much bigger linemen.
-Not asked to rush the passer on a consistent basis.

+One of the most instinctual linebackers I’ve scouted – seems to recognize the play instantly.
+Two time team-captain for the Wildcats.
+Disciplined player, rarely out of position or caught freelancing.
+Renowned film room junkie, coaches praise his work ethic.

Arthur Brown, despite weighing less than some wide receivers at 230 pounds, is one of the most physically impressive prospects that we’ve seen. His speed, acceleration and burst allow him to make up for small mistakes in an angle or a read that other linebackers just can’t get away with.

Brown could be scheme-limited in the NFL. I don’t see a place for him on a pure 3-4 team, while some 4-3 teams might only look at him as a weakside “Will” linebacker unless they have some massive defensive tackles. He flows well to the ball and has speed to cover the whole field, so I do think the outside linebacker spot will work for him in the NFL.

That said, I don’t think you can discount what Brown has done at the inside linebacker position. He is undersized, but he plays like he weighs 250. He gets off blocks, blows up lead blockers, and refuses to back down from players 100 pounds his senior.

Add in some above average coverage skills and you have a three-down linebacker that will come in and contribute as a rookie. I will be shocked if Brown makes it out of the top fifty picks come the 2013 NFL Draft, and won’t be surprised at all if he is the first linebacker chosen over Manti Te’o, Alec Ogletree or Kevin Minter.

Scouting Notes

Kansas State vs Oklahoma State
-Angled out of the play by center, couldn’t fight off the block.
-Initially fooled my misdirection, but recovers and assists on tackle.
-Sucks up on play-action, leaves wide open passing lane.
-Slips a block, flows to the ball-carrier and delivers the hit.

Full scouting notes for Brown vs OSU.

Kansas State vs Miami
-Flows to the outside, tracks the ball well.
-So fast to the ball, perfect angle gets him the tackle for loss.
-Flying to the ball on every play – in on a ton of tackles.
-Pump faked by QB off his feet, allows his escape from the backfield.

Full scouting notes for Brown vs Miami.

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