2013 Senior Bowl: 15 Thoughts from Day Two (South Practice)

9. I thought Louisiana Tech OT Jordan Mills handled his first day fairly well for being thrown into the mix at the last minute. He was matched up vs. Ezekial Ansah twice really won those two battles handily. He anchored at the line and got his hands into Ansah’s chest. He had a number of scouts in the lobby scrambling to get interviews after his impressive debut today.

10. None of the Georgia defensive backs stood out for the positive today, but one thing that did surprise me was that Sanders Commings was the most physical of the bunch. In 7 on 7 drills Shawn Williams struggled to cover and Baccari Rambo was inconsistent. Commings is a big cornerback weighing in at 223 pounds, so he will definitely have to drop 10-15 pounds and that will help with his hips and change of direction. Otherwise he might be limited to safety in the NFL.

11. Baylor WR Terrance Williams wasn’t able to get the separation I thought he would be able to get vs. some of the South corners. Even when running vertical routes he was covered very well by William & Mary CB B.W. Webb. Williams also had a couple drops today, and was being coached up by the Lions WR coach on some of the footwork on comeback routes.

Tomorrow will need to be a more productive day for Williams if he wants to catch Patton and Wheaton as best WRs of the week.

12. Alabama TE Michael Williams has been a favorite of mine for a long time and I thought he moved very well today. Seeing him in person you really get an appreciation for how big he is and the way he sets up as a pass blocker.

As a receiver I thought he ran better than I expected and didn’t lumber and appeared to out run some linebacker coverage. Over the middle of the field and in the red zone he will be a big time threat just due to his shear size – not to mention his blocking ability.

13. Florida State LB Vince Williams made a nice interception of  Tyler Wilson at the end of team drills. He is one of the more athletic linebackers here and although he missed some tackles in the run game, made a couple plays to take notice of.

14. Kentucky OG Larry Warford is an old school guard. He’s strong, physical and a big man. He’s a very good run blocker, but I feel like he needs to get in better shape because he was pretty winded at times throughout the day.

15. Other things that caught my eye today: Cobi Hamilton’s ability to go up and catch the ball in traffic is evident. He made plays today just like he did at Arkansas and his rapport with Tyler Wilson is evident.

Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson flipped between LT and RT, I thought he looked about as expected today and didn’t stand out for anything negative.

Tennessee TE Mychal Rivera made a sick catch over the middle, catching the ball away from his body and getting up field. He’s got a thick build that can handle contact of a movable TE in the NFL.

Lots of players pulled out for various reasons including Andre Ellington, Dallas Thomas and Onterio McCalebb.

One guy to keep an eye on is Cal CB Marc Anthony. He had a pretty good day today and a source close to the Cal program said it was a huge week for him, because he didn’t have a great season.

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