2013 NFL Mock Draft: Senior Bowl Edition

49. New York Giants
Reid has athleticism to spare. If he can refine the mental aspects of the game, he can be a star.

50. Chicago Bears
Manti Te’o, LB, Notre Dame (SCOUTING REPORT)
Depending on how his story continues to play out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Te’o “regain” his late first-round position or fall completely off some draft boards. Football-wise, this is a great value for the Bears to continue replacing their aging defense.

51. Cincinnati Bengals
David Amerson, CB/S, NC State (SCOUTING NOTES)
This might be a bit high for the ball-hawking corner, but if the Bengals see a potential safety convert, they could snatch him up here. His 40 time might push him deeper into the draft.

52. Washington Redskins
Kawann Short, DT, Purdue (SCOUTING REPORT)
Short makes a lot of splash plays and his inconsistent motor has improved this year. For 30-35 snaps a game, he could be a monster.

53. Minnesota Vikings
Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina (SCOUTING REPORT)
Next to Jared Allen, Williams could provide a huge impact for the Vikings. When he decides to, he is incredibly tough to block.

54. Miami Dolphins (via IND)
Khaseem Greene, LB, Rutgers (SCOUTING REPORT)

55. Seattle Seahawks
Jordan Reed, TE, Florida
A top-notch “Joker” tight end, Reed is going to get snatched up by a team that can use his explosive athleticism.

56. Green Bay Packers
Travis Frederick, OG/OC, Wisconsin (SCOUTING NOTES)
Frederick should be right at home playing in Wisconsin as either a guard or center. People as big as Frederick shouldn’t move like he does.

57. Houston Texans
Matt Elam, S, Florida* (SCOUTING NOTES)
Elam loves hitting people. He isn’t as bad in coverage as some make out, but he isn’t a guy you want singled on receivers. If you can hide his faults, he will be a great hitter in the NFL.

58. Denver Broncos
DJ Swearinger, CB/S, South Carolina (SCOUTING NOTES)
Adding some youth and savvy to the defensive backfield is definitely a priority after seeing the playoff loss to the Ravens. Swearinger can play a lot of positions and has a lot of talent.

59. New England Patriots
Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall (SCOUTING REPORT)
With Wes Welker, Julian Edelman possibilities to be re-signed and Jeff Demps and Jeremy Ebert waiting in the wings, you could argue that the slot receiver position is stocked. If so, outside receiver becomes a priority with Deion Branch continuing to age. Dobson has incredible hands and can separate vertically down the field and in the red zone.

60. Atlanta Falcons
Alex Okafor, DE, Texas (SCOUTING REPORT)
If John Abraham is done, Alex Okafor could step in and contribute as a rookie for the Falcons. He isn’t an explosive athlete, but he is a very good football player that understands the game and makes a lot of plays.

61. Baltimore Ravens
Denard Robinson, WR/RB/CB/QB, Michigan (SCOUTING NOTES)
Robinson is a jack-of-all-trades player that could add another dimension to the Ravens offense. Being able to contribute from the backfield or split out wide would aid in Joe Flacco’s development.

62. San Francisco 49ers
Adding some additional depth to a defense that only plays 12 players seems to be a good idea. Jones can fit into a lot of what the 49ers attacking defense tries to do.



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26 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Senior Bowl Edition”

  1. Dano S says:

    Here is what I would do for Pats offseason moves
    Pats free agents sign Vollmer,Edelman and Woodhead.
    NFL free agents Starks DT, Smith CB and Hartline WR
    all from Miami.
    Draft 1 BB takes chane on Manti Te’o
    2 Jawan Jamison RB Rutgers
    3 Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB Connecticut

  2. sid says:

    i want terrance williams in the draft i also think that marcus hunt will be available by the end of second round we also can take into acount if the patriots trade away ryan mallet they could get a late first rount pick to early second round pick so if they could get a pass rusher a widereceiver in the first 2 round we would be in perfect position to make another run at a super bowl

    • steve earle says:

      You’ll never see a high pick for Mallett at this point because he has shown nothing as yet to attract that kind of interest. As for Hunt it’s highly doubtful he would be around at the bottom of the second but it’s alright to want.

  3. BG23 says:

    Look for Arizona to pick either Chance Warmack or Eric Fisher at #7.

    The only wrench in that could be Jarvis Jones.

    They then would trade back into the late 1st if a QB they like is there.

    • russell easterbrooks says:

      OT Eric Fisher maybe the best T in the draft so Arizona takes him for sure! They could also trade with New England getting thier 1st pick (29) for the Cards 2nd pick (38) and thier 4th pick (100).

  4. harry b. says:

    The Bengals are picking Giovanni Bernard AND Montee Ball?

  5. clammy says:

    with their 2nd pick in the 2nd round, the Bengals would take Okefor, not a 2nd db this early. Also either Bernard or Ball, no way they take 2 RB’s in their first four picks

  6. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    I don’t see Sharrif Floyd being on the board when ever the Pats get thier 1st pick considering a trade. A guy who my be is Datone Jones, DE/DT at 6’4″ 280. This guys stock is moving up the draft board from a 4th rounder. Very strong guy,smart, high motor, and has played all over the D-Line.

  7. Jay says:

    Don’t see anyway possible that the Dolphins use their first two picks on WRs especially if they acquire one in FA(Jennings, Bowe, or Wallace). Patterson is a bit overrated to me and it’ll show at the combine in my opinion. It’ll probably go
    1. CB
    2. WR
    2a. DE
    3. OT
    3a. TE
    I do like Stedman Bailey in the 2nd though.

  8. 2.0 says:

    I certainly hope the Patriots don’t go this way. These selections are horrible. Aaron Dobson over all the other receivers in this draft? Micah Hyde over other dbs? Those are both Tavon Wilson-esque picks. Sadly that means they’re possible but hopefully not as neither of those guys are very good players.

  9. Nick says:

    SD also just spent a early round pick last year on a TE. Do you really think they’ll use another early pick on another TE? However they do need someone to play along side Weddle. If TJ McDonald is somehow there in the mid 3rd I think he’ll follow in his fathers footsteps to the Chargers. Weedle and McDonald would be a great pair

    1. Fisher
    2. Hunt
    3. McDonald
    4. Robey (back to back USC)
    5. Uzzi
    6. Honey Badger
    7. best RB available

  10. Nick says:

    Chargers take Blaine Gabbert 11 in the 2nd, hell no! I can see them taking a flyer on a QB later but Rivers is a top notch QB who needs to trust a line. Which is what the Chargers will build through the 1st few rounds. I just don’t get the hype on strong arm QB’s who can’t throw. He struggled terrible day one of senior bowl practice and I just don’t see a team with a proven QB (granted he is struggling) taking a risk QB pick so early. Let the Jags take him. SD goes defense in round 2 and I think Margus Hunt may be their man, Okafor or if Te’o really falls that far I think they grab him to pair with Butler

  11. McTash says:

    I know teams tgend to fall overly in love with QB’s butI think the chancesof that many going that high is beyond remote. I’m not sure any of them belong in top 0 never mind top ten. Perhaps not even in 1st rd at all.

  12. qazmlpgh says:

    I would like to see Belichick double up on WRs this draft like he’s done with TE and RB in recent drafts.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      Bill may do that, he has a history of taking two players for a position. Tho I think he needs TWO CB’s late.

      • steve earle says:

        No, no cb early. Question of being able to keep Talib is real concern plus after he and Dennard position is very weak. Next priority would be d-line. WR’s are down the list unless BB is foolish enough to let Welker go.

  13. Matt says:

    The Lions are not going to reach for a DL who was unable to produce on a regular basis in the Big Ten against average OL. Nobody even has him in the first round let alone the top 5. Star will not be going later then the 6th pick in the draft and seeing how the Eagles DL is in shambles will go their. The Lions in your scenario will trade back and take Warmack, or stay and take Mingo or Warmack or Milner. But I don’t agree with Geno going first over all it will be either Joeckel or Moore or WIlson or Star in the first spot. you can’t reall argue with Thomas in the second, but if they don’t take Milner in the first they might take a CB in the third or the best OL or OLB available.

    • Detroit 313 says:

      Detroit Lions need go down and get Byu de, get a pick or two for that second round a fs, de from msu with that exra pick on second rb out of unc then oslb, ot, wr. honey bager lsu, punter

  14. Jagsman says:

    i like the draft except the 3rd round pick. i feel thomas is alot like Marshall Newhouse of the packers which is a tweener. id go John jenkins instead because we likely need to add more talent at DT and with Bradleys scheme u need ton of big DTs.

  15. Nick says:

    Pats need to grab Margus Hunt.

    • STEVEN says:

      Im starting to think that way also Nick. Add 20-25 lbs n move him next to Wilfolk. A lesser JJ Watt. Interesting. Also, WE NEED WR’s!

      • Nick says:

        Hunt just looks like he could be an animal in the NFL. They just need to coach him up a bit. He seemed pretty versatile, lining up at DT and DE at different times. I am not really sure he even needs to add weight. He is already about 280. He also blocks a lot of field goals, so give him time, and he may start batting passes like Watt. 82 inch wingspan is pretty crazy. About the same as Watt, I think. Him, Jones, Wilfork, and Ninkovich could be pretty crazy.

    • Russell Easterbrooks says:

      Margus hunt is an interesting prospect, and if the Pats were going to a 4-3 D all the time he would be a great choice. Tho I think you will see his stock rise into the mid-first round, unless his Combine is not good, where the Pats could not get him.
      I think our D will continue to play a 3-4 look with a rusher from some where, attacking or dropping into coverage at other times.
      My guess is Bill trade’s that 1st pick, for a mid-round team’s 2nd or 3d and other choices 4th-5-6th. Bill loves to get value with his picks, last year it was trade up, this year maybe trade back and look for value. There are some GREAT players out there in th 3d round on that can contribute to the team.

      • Alex says:

        Think he could play end in the 4-3 and kick inside on passing downs, but he could be beastly (JJ Watt like) as an attacking 3-4 End

      • Nick says:

        I hope BB does not trade down. He had his best draft in years last year by trading up. I hope he just stays where he is this year. His stock could rise to mid-first round, but with the depth of pass rushers this year, I doubt it. Werner, Jordan, Mingo, Ansah, Damontre Moore, Jarvis Jones, Alex Okafor, Datonte Jones, Corey Lemonier, William Gholston, and Michael Buchanan. Probably 8-9 of those guys could go before Hunt. Dion Jordan will probably be considered the combine athlete of the year. WR’s will also be in very high demand, as there are not many good ones this year. I just hope Hunt falls to the pats. It would be so awesome.

    • steve earle says:

      I like Hunt too but rather see him as bookend to jones at lde. But by this mock I’d take Jesse Williams with our 29 then look for a cb in our 2nd. WRs can wait.

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