2013 NFL Mock Draft: Latest Projections Following NFL Wild Card Weekend

49. New York Giants: Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers (Jr.)

The New York Giants have invested numerous draft picks in cornerbacks in recent years, but the position continued to be a major problem area for them this season. The Giants should be looking to add another defensive back who can hopefully improve their pass defense early in the draft, and Rutgers’ Logan Ryan is a good cover corner worth a second-round selection.

50. Chicago Bears: Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford (Jr.)

The Chicago Bears’ head coaching search is focused upon offensive coordinators according to Yahoo! Sports, and a new offensive-minded head coach will almost certainly want to add something the Bears currently don’t have: a receiving playmaker at tight end. Stanford’s Zach Ertz is a very good all-around tight end who is both an effective receiver and a strong in-line blocker, and could be a huge asset in Chicago.

51. Washington Redskins: Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

The Washington Redskins offensive line made major strides this season, but still needs to be upgraded at right tackle, where Tyler Polumbus struggled and Jammal Brown is unlikely to return. Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson is a long, athletic and strong offensive tackle who could be a significant upgrade on the right side of an offensive line whose performance is absolutely critical to the success of the Redskins’ offensive scheme.

52. Minnesota Vikings: Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee (Jr.)

The Minnesota Vikings desperately need to improve at wide receiver to give Christian Ponder legitimate weapons to work with in the passing offense, and have some great options still available in the second round.

Justin Hunter may be the best receiver available, but it would come as no surprise if his Tennessee teammate, quickly-rising prospect Cordarrelle Patterson, ends up being the first Volunteer wideout off the board. Patterson is a dynamic playmaker who can be the downfield threat the Vikings currently do not have among their wide receivers.

53. Cincinnati Bengals: Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers

The Cincinnati Bengals will likely let unrestricted free agent Rey Maualuga walk after a disappointing season, leaving them with very little at linebacker outside of Vontaze Burfict. Rutgers’ Khaseem Greene is an athletic playmaker who has terrific instincts and the speed ot make plays all over the field.

54. Miami Dolphins (from Indianapolis Colts): Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU (Jr.)

LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery would be an absolute steal if he falls until late in the second round, and the Dolphins could use an upgrade at the position across from Cameron Wake. Montgomery is a very athletic defensive end who can really bring pressure but is also a solid run-stopper, and his value would be too good to pass up at this point.

55. Baltimore Ravens: Robert Lester, S, Alabama

Standout safety Ed Reed’s contract expires at the end of the season, and he could end up joining Ray Lewis in retirement. Regardless of whether Reed comes back or not, the Ravens lack depth at the safety position, and would be smart to address the position early in the 2013 draft.

Alabama’s Robert Lester is a talented defensive back who can play both free and strong safety, and while his senior season has been littered with inconsistency, he is solid both in coverage and in the box.

56. Green Bay Packers: Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin

DuJuan Harris has emerged in recent weeks as a talent in the Green Bay Packers’ backfield, but they still lack a player they can count on as a feature back. They could potentially find one with in-state ties by drafting Wisconsin’s Montee Ball, a very good all-around running back who can be the durable, productive and dynamic between-the-tackles ballcarrier that the Packers do not have.

57. Houston Texans: David Amerson, CB, North Carolina State (Jr.)

The Houston Texans have some talented defensive backs, yet have had trouble with giving up deep passing plays this season. The Texans should look to add more playmakers to their secondary, and North Carolina State’s David Amerson is well worth taking a shot on late in the second round.

Once graded as the top defensive back in the draft class, Amerson’s stock has dipped sharply in a disappointing junior season, but he is still a cornerback with great size, athleticism and ball skills with huge upside, and could end up being a steal if he falls this far on the board.

58. Atlanta Falcons: Bennie Logan, DT, LSU (Jr.)

The Atlanta Falcons should be looking for talent both inside and outside on their defensive line in the 2013 draft, as they are fairly weak at defensive tackle aside from Jonathan Babineaux. LSU’s Bennie Logan is an athletic defensive tackle with big upside as a penetrating under tackle, could be a very good complement to Babineaux inside, and is very good value late in the second round.

59. Seattle Seahawks: Dominique Easley, DE, Florida (Jr.)

If Florida defensive end Dominique Easley ends up declaring for the draft, he could be a great addition for the Seattle Seahawks with their second-round pick. As a run-stopping defensive end, Easley could be an upgrade over Red Bryant, while he can also line up inside as a pass-rusher and replace unrestricted free agents Alan Branch and Jason Jones should they go elsewhere.

60. Denver Broncos: Travis Frederick, C/G, Wisconsin (Jr.)

The Denver Broncos could be looking for upgrades at both center and right guard, and Wisconsin’s Travis Frederick could play either position. Frederick is a massive and powerful lineman, but he also has very good feet and is a good snapper at center. His versatility to take over or provide depth at multiple interior line positions makes him an attractive choice for the Broncos here.

61. New England Patriots: John Simon, DE, Ohio State

The New England Patriots still need to add more talent on the defensive line, and Ohio State’s John Simon seems like a great fit for the Patriots if available at their second-round pick.

Simon does not have great measurables, but is a good pass-rusher from both inside and outside with a relentless motor. Simon’s hard-working and unselfish attitude make him a Belichick-type player, while Belichick also has connections with OSU head coach Urban Meyer and defensive line coach Mike Vrabel.

62. San Francisco 49ers: Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State

Cornerback play has been the San Francisco 49ers’ biggest weakness this season, which should have the 49ers looking for some young talent at the position early in the 2013 draft. Oregon State’s Jordan Poyer does not have great measurables, but had an outstanding senior season and could be a very solid No. 2 or nickel cornerback in the 49ers’ secondary.


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17 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: Latest Projections Following NFL Wild Card Weekend”

  1. chieftiger says:

    Tyler Wilson to KC. ARE YOU CRAZY!!! NO WAY!! Geno Smith is still the best QB in the draft. Get a clue.

  2. russell Easterbrooks says:

    Dallas will draft a QB ,but not here, the oline is the pick here. Don’t be suprised if Dallas trades up with New England for its 1st pick. Sending thier 2nd, 4th , and 4th next year to the Pats. This would improve Dallas’s pick by 18 spots, and alow for two starting players. Then the 3d pick will be a QB with promise, unless The Cowboys go for a free agent QB (Smith from SF)

  3. russell Easterbrooks says:

    I also think the Pats are in need of depth, at LB. If one of the starting three goes down with injury, they are in trouble. Dane Fletcher is on injured R, who they like, but my quess is thay grab one later in the draft. Bruce Taylor is someone they like, listed as a 4-5 round pick, could take as 3d or a 4th (if a pick can be traded for.)

  4. russell Easterbrooks says:

    No question Pats trade back thier 1st pick, to a mid-round team, Dallas, Tampa?? And get 2nd, 4th and 4th next year.
    with two 2nd round picks Pats take;
    OG -Alvin Bailey
    S/CB D.J. Swearinger
    3d round, WR Ryan Swopes
    4th pick from trade,-LB Bruce Taylor
    Compensatory pick 5th ??? WR Conner Vernon

    • russell Easterbrooks says:

      This is one of the better Mocks I have seen ! John Simon to the Pats looks very good, as a (Ninkovich) type player. Tho, D.J. Swearinger is VERY likely in the 2nd round as well. Pats will take Two WR’s in this draft, some were, Not sure they are to high on Austin. WR Conner Vernon late, sounds Very good. Maybe WR Wheaton, Hamilton, Swopes. OG Alvin Bailey is someone the Pats like VERY much to replace Mankins in the future.
      I think they offer , Welker a deal , two years 5 mill.a year. If he wants more they let him go, which will bring a great Compensatory pick (s) in 2014, seeing he has the Franchise tag this year.

  5. cc says:

    1st of all signing Welker is a clear and cut need. The only way to solidify what we have now and let them keep gelling nevermind the insert any “new”, is to have that guarantee. … and that guarantee has a name.
    It’s Wes Welker!
    3 years IMO.
    We’ll do fine as long as we look to Replace Arrington and get a F.A. to sit beside V. WILFOFK for now. Arrington’s replacement is what the use of a 1st pick should be used on.

    • Jim R says:

      Yes cb, first pick. I do however think that pick will be in the second round. They will trade out to stockpile again.

  6. Billy c says:

    The guy who can line up next to Wilfork and rush the passer is still there at 31. His name is Margus Hunt and he’s a steal at the 31st pick. The problem is after the combine he’ll be long gone before the 31st.

  7. Patsman says:

    i am going to get sick if i see the pats taking tavon austin in another mock. The guy is over rated and there is much better value in receivers late in the draft. Sylvester williams is an interior pass rush threat right? why not pick him up.

    • russell easterbrooks says:

      Great point, Pats are not high on Tavon Austin. They like WR Conner Vernon , Ryan Swope, Cobi Hamilton,in a later round. I think DT Sylvester Williams maybe gone when the Pats Pick. The Pats WILL trade back, sending thier 1st pick to a mid-round team , Dallas, Tampa, Pitts, … for a 2nd,4th and 4th next year. There are also Rumors that Cleveland wants Pats QB Ryan Moffitt , for a 4th pick this year and a 3d pick in 2014. IF the Pats do that they will be watching for a late round QB with a future for the Pats, Sean Renfree, from Duke ??Colin Klien??

  8. Alex says:

    Where do you have Ezekiel Ansah going? I haven’t heard him saying that he will be staying in college.

    Given the way this draft falls, I would take Dion Jordan in the first, as a Von Miller style 4-3 OLB pass rusher, but also for his ability to cover tight ends, and the for the scheme versatility he would give us with being a great fit as a 3-4 OLB. If not him then Margus Hunt, and then take Ansah with the second, (they would both be great as prospects for either 4-3 or 3-4 end, and to move inside to provide interior rush on passing downs), or a DT, or a tall pacy wide receiver.
    Welker is great, and a hugely important cog in this offense, but we have other guys that can play through the middle, so instead of signing a ‘replacement’, why not sign something we are missing.
    Then we can vary Brandon Lloyd’s route tree a bit more, and maybe bring back Branch to play in the slot and Edelman, or Demps.

  9. floridated says:

    No way Pats keep first round pick. Austin would be a great addition but this pick will be traded to a team that wants that qb in the top of the second round and are affraid of not getting their top choice. Pats need a top flight olineman to protect Brady his window is closing. They need a big physical corner look what Seattle did to the Pats with the big corners. Then we need a burner at wr with some height, and another pass rusher if available. Long list but can be done.

    • cc says:

      I say, go for the 3rd rounder and one of the 7th rounders & trade for a nicer next year 2nd and an upgrade of the 7th to a betterment whether it be a betterment now or next.
      Next year’s stock will be nice and we’ll want and need alot next year!!
      Right now, replace Arrington and get a F.A. to sit next 2 Big V.
      Resign: Woody, Welker, Vollmer, J. Ed……and Talib.
      I’d also look hard at Marcus Cannon. ….??
      He and a pick actually look like a nice trade.

  10. Jagsman says:

    so wait a second here. a guy you work with says hes the 17th best player. the scouting report linked to him has a grade of 7.41. just looking at some of the other scouting report grades of defenders and Werner has a 7.7 grade. that means hes the better prospect or player.
    lol thats probably the worse pick you can make for the jags. with his Spinal stenosis its a very risky 1st round pick especially at pick 2. i mean werner, moore, joeckel, matthews, star, richardson, milliner would all be better picks.

    Werner and moore would upgrade the pass rush which seems to be what you think the jags need to do. they also have definitive positions in the 4-3. moore probably could even play OLB the same way jarvis does.

    Joeckel and Matthews would be good rts for the jags and give the qb arguebly among the best ot pair in the NFL if they develop.

    star and Richardson would both improve the DT position. Alualu has been a huge dissapoinment and doesnt provide any push up the pocket. Knighton was benched this year. mosley is a solid but unspectacular player.

    Milliner would be a strict need pick with 3 of our top 4 corners being Free agents. Mathis and Middleton are bad cover guys. Cox is good when healthy. Aaron ross is a complete bum at corner. Mike harris is strictly a slot corner.

    • Jagsman says:

      as for the 2nd round pick its pretty bad as well. sure LG and RT are needs. so is our Defense and is a much bigger need as mentioned by you.

      Margus hunt and dion jordan would both better picks becuase of the potential they have. i like Jordan better for us as a 4-3 OLB in the mold of Manny Lawson.

      Xavier Rhodes would be a hell of a pick as well for reasons noted above.

      • CC says:

        My only reply 2 ur post….is the word ” potential”.

        The pats have gone on 2 much possable potential and even though it may help em get out cheaper…..and under a cap scenario. …
        The pats DO NOT NEED POTENTIAL now, they need playmakers.

        Get straight up solid known commodities inserted in the place of guy’s like Arrington and a “cpl” others. Stock pile as best YES(next year’s draft will/should ROCK), but the only picks this year need be Solid……not potential!
        All others should be traded and transfered, and that includes using as many posssble actual players involved as possable in order 2 better next years picks….

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