2013 Patriots Draft Contacts

The Patriots have had pre-draft contact with the following 2013 NFL Draft Prospects.

PW – Private Workout
OV – Official Visit
CI – Combine Interview
U – Unconfirmed Contact (Interview, Workout, Etc…)

Jeff Tuel, QB, Washington State (PW)
Dayne Crist, QB, Kansas (PW)

Running Backs
Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina (OV, CI)
Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama (OV)
Spencer Ware, RB, LSU (OV, PW)
Michael Ford, RB, LSU (PW)
Washaun Ealey, RB, Jacksonville State (PW)
Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook (PW)
Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas (PW)
Derrick Washington, RB, Tuskegee (PW)
Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson (PW)
Sam McGuffie, RB, Rice (PW)
Robbie Rouse, RB, Fresno State (U)

Wide Receivers
Quinton Patton, WR, La Tech (OV, CI)
Kenny Stills, WR, Oklahoma (OV)
Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State (OV)
Robert Woods, WR, USC (OV, CI)
Josh Boyce, WR, TCU (OV)
Keenan Allen, WR, California (OV)
Deandre Hopkins, WR, Clemson (PW, CI)
Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall (PW)
Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia (PW)
Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State (PW)
Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia (PW)
Courtney Gardner, WR, Sierra (PW)
Russell Shepard, WR, LSU (PW)
Keenan Davis, WR, Iowa (PW)
Mark Harrison, WR, Rutgers (PW)
Jasper Collins, WR, Mount Union (PW)
Charles Johnson, WR, Grand Valley State (PW)
Reshad Ross, WR, Arizona State (PW)
Anthony Amos, Middle Tennessee State (PW)
Tyrone Goard, WR, Eastern Kentucky (PW)
Kenny Dorsey, WR, Maryland (PW)
Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee (CI)

Tight Ends
Travis Tannahill, TE, Kansas State (PW)
Hubie Graham, TE, Pitt (PW)
Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati (CI)

Offensive Line
Luke Marquardt, OT, Asuza-Pacific (OV, PW)
Chris Faulk, OT, LSU (OV)
Dallas Thomas, OL, Tennessee (OV)
DJ Fluker, OT, Alabama (OV)
Reid Fragel, OT, Ohio State (OV)
Ryan Jensen, OT, Colorado State-Pueblo (PW)
Patrick Lewis, OC, Texas A&M (PW)
Matt Tobin, OG, Iowa (PW)
Mike Farrell, OT, Penn State (PW)
Mark Popek, OT, South Florida (PW)
David Bahktiari, OT, Colorado (CI)
Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisconsin (CI)
Justin Pugh, OT, Syracuse (CI)

Defensive Line
Tank Carradine, DE, Florida State (OV)
Datone Jones, DL, UCLA (OV)
Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU (PW)
David Bass, DE, Missouri Western (PW)
Jared Smith, DL, UNH (PW)
Michael Brooks, DT, East Carolina (PW)
Earl Okine, DE, Florida (PW)
Toben Opurum, DE, Kansas (PW)
Lerentee McCray, DE, Florida (PW)
Corey Lemonier, DE, Auburn (CI)
Margus Hunt, DE, SMU (CI)

Kiko Alonso, LB, Oregon (OV)
Dion Jordan, LB, Oregon (OV)
Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas STate (OV)
Sam Barrington, LB, South Florida (PW)
Jamie Collins, LB, Southern Miss (PW w/ Belichick)
Sean Porter, LB, Texas A&M (PW)
Zaviar Gooden, LB, Missouri (PW)
Jon Bostic, LB, Florida (PW)
Jelani Jenkins, LB, Florida (PW)
Uona Kaveinga, LB, BYU (PW)
Brandon Ogletree, LB, BYU (PW)
Khaseem Greene, LB, Rutguers (U)

Defensive Backs
Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU (CI, OV)
Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington (OV)
Duke Williams, CB/S, Nevada (OV, PW)
Alonzo Tweedy, S, Virginia Tech (PW)
Marc Anthony, CB, California (PW)
Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia (PW)
Reggie Topps, CB/S, Utah (PW)
Kayvon Webster, CB, South Florida (PW)
Don Jones, S, Arkansas State (PW)
Jordan Kovacs, S, Michigan (PW)
Bradley McDougald, S, Kansas (PW)
Josh Evans, S, Florida (PW)
Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno State (PW)

Sean Sellwood, P, Utah (PW)
Brandon McManus, K/P, Temple (PW)

10 Responses to “2013 Patriots Draft Contacts”

  1. @brass4321 says:

    Justin Hunter WR Tenn had an official visit.

  2. @brass4321 says:

    Charles Johnson WR GVSU also had an official visit.

  3. Geo says:

    Dissapointed no Jason Hunter WR Tenn….6’4″ 200 4.4 40 good hands and speed…

  4. dslave says:

    I ‘ m a huge fan of Stedman Bailey. His ability to work the deep outs, and the sideline make him valuable in our offense. He has very nimble feet, a very good set of hands and the type of toughness they covet. Playing in the shadow of Austin to me, make him the type of pick that will want to PROVE something all the time. Played in a spread offense.

  5. Dc says:

    Man I hope the Pats draft Hopkins/Allen/Patton in the first. Surprised that they haven’t looked at any DTs…maybe it’s coming up soon.

  6. sco508 says:

    Wow no DT ? and only the Honey Badger and the rest are no name DB?

    OL prospects are Meh” only spot i see worth noting are WR with

    1. Woods

    2. Nuke [my Fav on the list anyways]

    3. Cordarelle Patterson

    4. Q. Patton

    I myself Prefer A. Dobson wr Mash and grab Banks or God willing X-man at CB never going to happen but i can Dream right ?

  7. Nathan Conley says:

    Would love for Tavon Austin to somehow fall to the Patriots in 1st round, although it’s unlikely, and then grab Mathieu in the 2nd or 3rd. Wouldn’t mind seeing them take flier on Lattimore late in the draft, either.

    • sco508 says:

      Could care less about all that but +1 on the Lattimore rb SC maybe Bray qb Tenn in the 3rd they fall no futher then that.

    • sco508 says:

      The Honey Badger in the 2nd are you Drinking Whiskey because it ain’t the Kool-Aid lol he’s a bottom of the 3rd round prospect..

      Any team selecting the Honey Badger in the 2nd round should get an auto F- for their draft he’s a Slot guy nothing more can return kicks but that is not enough for a 2nd round selection unless your the 49rs and have 100 picks and need a return guy !

      I’m starting to become a Very big fan of a D. Jones DE UCLA it’s starting to make sense more in more to me Pass Russ is are problem and he could slide inside in a Hybrid D on passing downs .

      That said i still take X.Rhodes cb or K. Allen wr if they fall that far but i myself am not The Hooded One so we take some Punter/D-line/CB out of a Div 3 school to play Fs / WR and he fit s 😛

    • J H TARBORO says:

      Nathan you and i both, if BB wants Tavon Austin, i would trade next years 1st round pick for him.

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