Patriots Draft Preview Video: December Edition

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

NEPD’s first Patriots Draft Preview Video episode breaks down the Patriots needs going forward. What positions do they need to address, how could they be filled and what draft eligible players could the Patriots target at those positions.

We plan to bring you all the latest Patriots draft new via these videos over the next four months, from the Senior Bowl in Mobile to the 2013 NFL Draft in NYC, NEPD is here for all your draft needs.

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7 Responses to “Patriots Draft Preview Video: December Edition”

  1. ML says:

    Hey Mike, I’m wondering what your thoughts are on drafting Hightower. You spoke about getting more speed/coverage ability linebackers, and I agree. However, why do you think the Patriots moved up to get Hightower when they already had Mayo and Spikes? Seems like they should have gone for a coverage guy then, possibly a guy like Bobby Wagner (if they plan to get a coverage guy at all that is). So, I’m thinking for some reason Belichick thinks they are set there. In their sub defense, Mayo could cover a receiver out of the backfield, and perhaps they envision Tavon Wilson filling the strong safety spot, being in the box and covering the tight end. Arrington could cover the slot receiver, with the 2 corners covering the other 2 receivers, and they would seem to be good in coverage.

  2. TD says:

    What are your thoughts about Kenny Tate? He seems too big to play safety full-time, too small to play linebacker full-time, but has played both at Maryland. If they let Chung go, do you think they could draft someone like Tate to play in the box, cover the guys the LBs have trouble with and even blitz in sub-packages?
    I’d guess they would need to acquire a pick between their 3rd and 7th rd picks to be in the running for him?

    • ML says:

      I think that’s the role they envision Tavon Wilson filling after a little more development. I hope they pick another solid corner in the third round and resign Talib though, because with the nucleus they have now (and I expect Tavon Wilson to start next year) then they should have a much improved secondary. I think they could be a top 10 secondary as long as Arrington never plays outside. They also need a pass-rushing DT, maybe Sheldon Richardson. Who do you think they go after in the first round?

      • TD says:

        I’m actually hoping they trade down for more picks, which in the years past would make me scream at the TV. If they keep the first round pick I would love Barrett Jones if available. I feel the DT position is deep and they won’t necessarily need to get one in the first round, but I would like it addressed at some point. A DE to line up opposite Chandler Jones or a CB to line up outside would be a great pick

  3. STEVEN says:

    Fantastic job Mike. Not blowing smoke here Mike, i believe ur spot on here except 2 things i disagree with. Only saw 1 game with Jesse Williams n was not impressed. Maby need to c more film. Looking for more of a playmaker, put pressure on QB type. Athletic. Speed at LB. Mayo(4.54), Hightower(4.65), Fletcher(4.6), Tarpinian(4.55). Maby just the sceme, coaching? Do need dept. Spikes? Dont get me started. Love ur thoughts on WR. Keep up the good work brother. Go Pats!

  4. Kyle says:

    In terms of LB depth, it’s important to note that Dane Fletcher will be back from injury next year. I consider him to be the 4th LB in the rotation, not Tracy White nor Mike Rivera.

    I have already written off Ras’IR Dowling as a viable option at CB going forward, just cannot trust him to stay healthy. In terms of slot corners though, I am very intrigued by Tyrann Mathieu. If we could get him in the 3rd round, I would be ecstatic. Throw in his play-making ability on special teams, and you have 3 options (including Edelman and Demps) that can turn our return game into a serious threat.

  5. Ken Willoughby says:

    Great piece, I am looking forward to hearing more. I think you were spot on with the priorities. Is there an OLB that can rush and cover a TE/RB?

    Not sure how the Pats can sign Talib, Vollmer and Welker with only about $20MM to work with next year. I also think for each of the players listed above they will get a third round compensatory pick, which will help with depth.

    Keep up the good work, as you said the picture will get clearer after free agency.

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