Open Thread: Who Should the Patriots Target in the 2013 NFL Draft?

This guy would look good at Foxboro next year. Who do you want?

NEPD Editor: Mike Loyko

With more underclassmen declaring for the 2013 NFL Draft each day, it’s becoming more clear that the NFL Draft season is about to begin. The Patriots are in the midst of another very successful season, one in which some young players have played key roles.

Despite that, there are still some very clear needs on the team and we want to hear from our readers on who you think the Patriots should pick at this point in time.

In my opinion the biggest needs facing the team are Defensive Tackle, LB Depth, WR, OG and CB. It looks quite certain that the Patriots will be picking in the final 5-6 picks of the first round.

In the comments section below, let us know what you feel the Patriots need and who they realistically be targeting in the drafts first couple rounds.

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34 Responses to “Open Thread: Who Should the Patriots Target in the 2013 NFL Draft?”

  1. Phil says:

    I think right now the biggest need we need to address in the first round would be WR. I am a fan of Tavon Austin, BUT I think he is to similar to Demps/Vereen/Edelman. I would prefer it if they snagged a big receiver with 4.4 speed maybe 4.5. A couple I like: Terrance Williams, Da’rick Rogers, DeAndre Hopkins, Cordarrelle Patterson. Maybe Robert Woods if available?

    Safety is obvious. My favorite safety in this whole draft class is Matt Elam by far. Tenacious player. Smart footballer. I think he can cover pretty well actually. I like how he reads and diagnoses plays even before the snap. He is always around the ball. He has great range. Just a fantastic football player. Only knock is his height. But he has a very high ceiling and we all know BB loves Gators. Others: Tony Jefferson, Robert Lester…and a deep sleeper Ray Ray Armstrong…very high ceiling but fell due to off-field issues.

    Corner…we need some depth there but my favorite is Logan Ryan from Rutgers. Fantastic in run support and I like his coverage ability. Shows very fluid hips. A few others: Xavier Rhodes, Jordan Poyer, Bradley Roby. Sleeper would be Tyrann Mathieu for a slot corner.

    Maybe a kicker? I don’t think BB will switch Gostkowski but I do like Dustin Hopkins and his strong leg.

    DT…I really like Sharrif Floyd. Gets good leverage on offensive linemen. I don’t think any other ones would be serviceable as a first round pick from where the Patriots are picking however. I absolutely hate Jesse Williams as a first round pick. We need guys that can get after the quarterback. Sure he can play great in run defense but getting after the passer is of our biggest concern and Williams is not the guy.

    LB…some depth there would be nice. I despise Dane Fletcher because he just can’t stay on the field. I like Khaseem Greene. Maybe me being from Conn. has some say in this but I like Trevardo Williams from UCONN. He can get after the passer consistently. I also like Jake Knott. Like his instincts.

    DE…Ezekiel Ansah, Alex Okafor

  2. iceman says:

    Shariff Floyd and Tank Carradine. That would solve DT and DE

  3. Jim R says:

    Defense in Draft. Adress WR and Oline in free agency

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      I totally agree here. Get an additional wide out in Free Agencey. NE is Terrible at drafting WRs

  4. Edge says:

    I guess I would call this my dream draft and I have it unfolding 3 different ways depending on who falls to them and if they sign Wes Welker to a long term contract. Note that some of these picks may involve the Pats moving up in the draft.

    If Welker signs a long term contract:

    1. Cornerback – Xavier Rhodes, Johnthan Banks, DeMarcus Milliner

    2. Safety – Eric Reid, Matt Elam, Kenny Vaccaro

    3. Wide Receiver – Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Cordarrelle Patterson, Cobi Hamilton, Ryan Swope

    4. Later rounds – G, OT, C, DT

    If Welker doesn’t sign a long term contract:

    1. Corner back – Xavier Rhodes, Johnthan Banks, DeMarcus Milliner

    2. Wide Receiver – Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Cordarrelle Patterson, Cobi Hamilton, Ryan Swope

    3. Safety – Robert Lester, T.J. McDonald

    4. Later rounds – G,OT, C, DT

    And lastly if this guy falls to us I think the Pats should grab him:

    1. Offensive Guard – Chance Warmack

    2. Corner back – Xavier Rhodes, Johnthan Banks, DeMarcus Milliner

    3. Wide Receiver – Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Cordarrelle Patterson, Cobi Hamilton, Ryan Swope

    4. Safety – Robert Lester, T.J. McDonald

    5. Later rounds – G,OT, C, DT

    I know that a lot of you might be screaming for a DT or DE pick, but think about those positional picks for a second.

    1. Which is an easier position to find quality talent for? A DE/DT or Safety/CB?

    2. We have DE Jake Bequette on the sidelines and we really don’t know what he is capable of yet

    3. Look at the free agency list for 2013 for DE and DT – Dwight Freeney, Henry Melton, Cliff Avril, Terrance Knighton, Osi Umenyiora, Michael Johnson, Glenn Dorsey

    4. Now DT is definitely a concern but if the Pats can sign one of these free agents in the off season and get a later round pick on a DT, I think they should be all set.

  5. RF says:

    Continue focus on defense such as:

    Jesse Williams
    Tony Jefferson
    Jason Elam

  6. Alex says:

    I hope that we can sign Talib up for the long term. Assuming that we agree with him, and Vollmer, and Edelman, but let Welker and Chung go this is what I’d like to see:
    1st round, Either Dion Jordan or Ezekiel Ansah. Get another athletic freak, to pair with Chandler Jones, and be able to move one inside on passing downs, and join a solid rotation with Nink. Would be happy to trade up to make sure we get one of them.
    2nd round, best DT available. Could be either a big space eater, to be groomed behind Wilfork, but ideally someone who can provide some penetration.

    After that a Wide Receiver (or 2), depth defensive back, double dip on interior, or given the depth end, of the D line, a coverage linebacker and a backup OT.

    • Big Dan From Maine says:

      I dont think NE needs another “space eater” at DT, they have Love and Wilfork. They need a penetrating DT that can get push up the middle. I would rather let teams run on us and not be able to pass in this day and age of the NFL

      • Alex says:

        True. But Wilfork is getting up their in age, and ifwe could get a premier talent, it might be worth it. Maybe ‘Pocket-pusher’ is a better phrase than space eater.
        I am imagining being able to have two good edge rushers, and pair that with a pair of Wilfork’s in the middle, who both need doubling, reckon it collapses the pocket and frees it up for the edge rushers.

  7. vic says:

    1st tavon austin
    2nd barrett jones
    3rd tyrann mathieu
    7th denard robinson

    • Anthony says:

      That would be a horrible draft. and I doubt Jones makes i to the 2nd or Robinson makes it to the 7th

  8. Adam says:

    Tyler Eifert…then a trade for Vernon Davis. Why waste a pick on a WR that they can’t develop? Go to a 4 TE spread set with Woodhead and watch DCs across the league pee themselves.

  9. LB says:

    CB Rhodes first, best available 25-32.
    G Warford in the second
    DT or DE 3rd and 4th, more talent in DT and DE .

  10. Kyle says:

    In the first round, I would like to see another pass rusher, even if it is more of a speed/specialist guy who could rotate in or even start over Ninkovich.

    In the second round, I want to see a DT. There is a big drop off in talent after Vince Wilfork, that must be taken care of. I would say best DT available here, though preferably a guy who is more of a pass rusher.

    In the later rounds, I would like to see a few more areas taken care of.

    A smaller linebacker good in coverage would be ideal since the current LB’s are too big and slow to consistently cover dynamic threats.

    A corner/safety would be nice as well, since Chung will likely be gone and Talib may or may not be back next year. It is pivotal that Kyle Arrington does not have to play outside ever again. We’ve seen what happens when he does, and it is never a pretty sight.

    Another OL won’t hurt things either, as you can never have too much depth there. Vollmer is injury prone and in the last year of his contract. Connolly and Mankins have also had injury woes this year.

  11. Aaron says:

    With needs at DT, DE, S, WR and C, I’d like to see BB go “best available”. I’d also like to BB take a chance on developmental player with a big upside.

  12. Jason says:

    It all depends how many roster spots are going to be available for ’13 rookies…you need to draft, but I’m all for trading out of as many spots as possible for future considerations

  13. qazmlpgh says:

    I think they need a linebacker who can come in for sub packages and help cover TEs.

    Some names: Gerald Hodges, Zaviar Gooden

    • Dan says:

      Do you think they could use Tavon Wilson to cover TE’s? He has good speed, and a good build for coverage.

  14. STEVEN says:

    People. Imagine a young stud, or 2, wr playing in this offence. 2nd choice would be a playmaking dt next to Vince. 1a-WR Williama (Baylor) 1b-DT Richardson (Missouri).

  15. Ajm says:

    NOT Tavon Austin lol

  16. Yesares says:

    We need a DT that can rush the passer.

    Nowadays Pats have Forston (an unproven and undrafted rookie, now in practice squad) and Pryor (a clear prone injury player in his final contract year, now in IR) in this role so is a glaring need that was intendend to be adressed last offseason with the addition of Fanene, with a non desired ill-result.

    Names: Sheldon Richardson, Sharrif Floyd, Kawann Short.

    Also, we need a good coverage LB. Perhaps Arthur Brown, in spite to play ILB, could be that player. I like also CJ Mosley, Alec Ogletree, Gerald Hodges and Kasheem Greene.

    We need another good Defensive Back, but in this case I will prefer getting in free agency, because the unit need more veterane presence.

    In Offense, we need a big and speedy WR and perhaps, if Welker is gone, a slot receiver.

    Names for big&spedy WR: Terrance Williams, Cobi Hamilton, Aaron Dobson, Aaron Mellete.

    Names for slot receiver: Stedman Bailey, Ryan Swope, Conner Vernon.

    Also, tought can`t describe them neither big WR nor slot receiver, I would like Robert Woods, Quinton Patton or Cordarrelle Patterson.

  17. Ajm says:

    A big outside receiver like Terrance Williams from Baylor or Cobi Hamilton from Arkansas

  18. Jim says:

    I’d target Mingo from LSU or Richardson from Missouri. We need a deeper, stronger front seven and they would help. I’d also target a smaller coverage linebacker, in the mould of a Sean Lee. Not sure who is out there that fits the bill.

    • NEPD says:

      Jake Knott (LB, Iowa State) is great in coverage. Thought about having the Patriots grabbing him in the 2nd round of our last mock draft, but opted for K. Short instead.

  19. Lloyd Braun says:

    I want a stud DT. Jesse Williams would be a nice addition, vs the run & pass. He & Vince would be a wall.

    • Ajm says:

      I agree, I think Jesse might be a bit too similar to Wilfork though. A quicker, pass rushing DT like Will Sutton or Kawaan Short would do the defense wonders.

      • CC says:

        Key is packaging current players in trade garnering another needed pick or making a current pick even better…even if it meant flipping that pick UP.
        Arrington, Verren, Brace and Cunningham all IMO(and the “m” stands for MANY not MY in that), all need 2 go respectively.

        Ask yourself what key piece could be gotten….what key piece could we jump up for if we packaged these 4 up?

        • Billy C says:

          A bag of corn chips and a bottle of Miller 64

        • Ajm says:

          How is that the opinion of many? Vereen and Cunningham have both shown promise this year, I wouldn’t advise trading either of them. Brace is garbage though. Arrington is a slot corner and that’s it. He’s on his way out anyway, I doubt we’d get anything for him lol

      • JMayo_51 says:

        I do like Kawaan Short’s skill set and what it would bring to the Pats’ D, but I’m afraid he’s too inconsistent week in/week out and during games to be a BB’s draft pick.

        • Ajm says:

          I think he could get coached up to be a great player. A strong locker room like the Patriots’ might encourage him to play hard. Being a part of a winning organization can do wonders for a player.

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