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Mike Glennon NC State

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Prospect: Mike Glennon, QB, North Carolina State
Height: 6’6″
Weight: 232
Grade: 6.9 (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+ Prototypical Pocket QB Size – 6’6″/232 pounds
+ Stands tall in the pocket with enough bulk to absorb hits
+ Has shown the ability to roll out on design and throw on the run
– Extremely slow runner and struggles to elude pass rushers in the pocket
– Needs to add another 10 pounds to his frame, looks too lanky
– Feet are slow and has such limited mobility (reminds me some of Drew Bledsoe in the pocket)

Arm Talent
+ Good enough arm strength, can certainly make all the throws at times
+ Can throw his receiver open and fit it into tight spots with his fastball
+ Clean delivery, with 3/4 quarter release, the ball comes off the hand nice with tight spiral
+ Works the middle of the field well and finds his check down receivers
+ Changes velocity and arc depending on the throw, good touch at times
+ Throws a nice deep ball, can drop it in and lead receiver to space
– Accuracy wanes at times depending on pass rush and if pocket is intact
– Mechanics and footwork will break down causing erratic passes, especially outside the numbers
– When internal clock gets sped up he will rush throws, making bad decisions and turnovers
– Thinks his arm is stronger than it is and relies on it at times

Pocket Presence
+ Stands tall in the pocket with his eyes downfield
+ His size allows him to see the whole field and survey the defense
+ Takes time to go through his progressions and can move defenders with his eyes
+ Can take a hit and occasionally shrug off defender to get the ball completed
– His biggest weakness, feet are slow and rarely steps up into the pocket to buy time
– Has tendency to throw off his back foot, which is leading cause to his inaccuracy
– Doesn’t understand how to manipulate the pocket with his feet, instead stands in as long as he can
– Will open up the front side completely at times and try to throw it all with his arm
– Completely different passer with a clean pocket vs. pass rush

Command of Offense
+ Goes through his reads and doesn’t lock onto one guy – not afraid to take a short gain
+ Pro style system, experience both under center and from the shot gun
+ When given time he will find the open receiver and can make the tough throws
+ Showed the ability to lead the two minute drill many times to the endzone, including vs. FSU in big game
– Poor decisions, especially under pressure – number of INT rose as a Senior
– Lack of pocket mobility and ability to step up in pocket is root of a lot of problems
– Is prone to fumbles and turnovers in the pocket because he holds the ball too long

+ Had little help around him, WR dropped lots of balls, no running game, but he continued to make plays
+ By all accounts a hard worker in the film room, and teammates respect him
+ Has already graduated and was and All-ACC Academic member
– Not fiery or vocal, some have questioned his passion for the game

Mike Glennon’s name has been brought up as a possible high first round pick due to the lack of a clear-cut #1 QB this year. While he possesses the prototypical size, NFL arm and ability to run an offense, I see enough holes in his game that would make me very hesitant about drafting him in the first round. His lack of mobility in the pocket and inability to step up vs. the rush is a big concern for me. When he has a clean pocket and time he can make any throw and “wow” you at times. However, when faced with a rush he breaks down and will throw off his back foot, or speed things up usually ending up in a mistake.

Glennon absolutely has talent, but he doesn’t have Matthew Stafford’s arm, he is severely limited athletically and struggles in the pocket. As a 2nd-3rd round pick with adequate time to develop and grow he could be an NFL starter. But, he’s not ready to be “the guy” in the NFL yet and to rush him would likely inhibit his development and limit his ceiling.

Scouting Notes

NC State vs Tennessee
-Scrambles from pressure and finds wide open WR
-Really has zip on his passes over the middle, throwing into windows with ease
-Throws dangerous pass over the middle and its nearly picked off
-Wonderful touch to put the ball over the LB’s head and right into Carter’s hands

Full scouting notes for Glennon vs Tennessee.

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