Jarvis Jones Scouting Report

Jarvis Jones 2013 NFL Draft

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Prospect: Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 240
Grade: 7.4I (Grading Scale)

Scouting Report:

+ Explosive pass rusher with elite straight line speed for the position
+ Tremendous burst, especially off the ball, quick-twitch athlete with good short area quickness
+ Explosive and fluid change of direction. Has the ability to stop, start and turn on a dime and explode out of cuts
+ Not a physical specimen, but has good playing strength, can take on/fight off blocks with power
+ Impressive acceleration, first one off the ball and reaches top speed quicker than anyone on the field
+ Perfect combo of size/power/speed for an NFL OLB, despite needing to add 5-10 pounds of bulk
– Arm length is a question mark, has short arms for a pass rusher and could effect him at next level
– Has a condition called “spinal stenosis”, which could limit his longevity in the league. Will definitely have to be checked out and passed by medical personnel. Reportedly wasn’t cleared by USC prior to transferring to Georgia.

+ Plus motor as a pass rusher, won’t give up a sack and consistently chases the ball, doesnt’t give up on the play
+ Run/Pass awareness is much better than other pass rushers in the class
+ Has above-average recognition skills, reads misdirection and draw plays well
+ Usually disciplined and will stick to his assignment. Ex. will take the dive back instead of going for sack on read-option plays
+ Played special teams early on at USC and made an impact as a freshman
– Due to size lacks the versatility to play both DE/OLB and thus doesn’t every play our of a 3 point stance, however he does have all the skills to play either 3-4 or 4-3 OLB

Pass Rush Ability
+ Ideal speed rush OLB, plays with intensity and fire, consistently disruptive
+ Relies on his incredible burst off the line of scrimmage to gain advantage over slower OT
+ Can “run the wheel” and turn the corner at high speed, shortening the distance to the QB
+ Times the snap very well, almost looks like he cheats the snap at times
+ Impressive closing ability, when he gains advantage over blocker he is usually able to finish the play, as reflected by his impressive sack and TFL numbers
+ Combines some functional strength with his speed rush tendencies, rarely overpowered and has the ability withstand the initial “pop” of stronger lineman
+ Tremendous pass rush motor, goes full bore and will not give up on the QB until the play is over
+ Has a quick and decisive spin move
– Love to rush off tackle too much, can take himself out of plays by looping too far outside and creating huge lanes
– Short arms will allow OT to get into his body, may struggle to get extension and shed blocks
– Doesn’t use his hands well enough as a rusher, needs to develop a rip move to get inside

VS.the Run
+ Makes his share of plays in the run game, totaled 77 tackles as a junior
+ Has the strength to withstand blocks at the point of attack and can hold his ground vs. stronger OL/double teams
+ Has the speed to make a lot of plays from the backside, when unblocked he crashes down the line of scrimmage well
+ Plays off instincts, reads his keys and reacts to plays quickly giving him ability to get position
+ Seems to close holes quickly and can close in on ball carrier
+ Sound and physical tackler
– Over-Aggressiveness creates running lanes and can be susceptible to runs right at him at times
– Can be engulfed by bigger and stronger linemen and turned too easily away from the hole
– Gets too upright after an amount of time, which really limits his ability to disengage and move

+ Is utlized on twists and stunts, from which he will rush from the inside
+ Due to his ability to drop into coverage, can be used on zone blitzes
+ His combination of instincts, burst and speed will make him a nightmare to pick up on blitzes
+ Can blitz and rush from both sides of the line and can even move to inside linebacker and blitz from there
+ His ability to time the snap and get the first step gives him big advantage

Jones possesses the ideal skill set to be an elite pass rushing OLB at the NFL level. His combination of speed, burst and playing strength will make him a match-up nightmare for OL in the NFL. He has the ability to play in either a 3-4 or 4-3 with the ability to make an impact in the run game due to his instincts and motor.

In the 2013 draft class he is one of the most complete and the most disruptive player available. In a league that is becoming increasingly pass oriented his pass rushing skills are at a premium. As long as his spinal stenosis diagnosis and his arm length checks out he will be in the discussion for the number one overall pick. Until those things are confirmed, he could be picked anywhere in the first round.

Scouting Notes

Georgia vs Florida
-Crashing down off edge and taking down Gilislee for small gain
-Dips his shoulder and rips past Nixon to the outside
-Never gives up on the play and even though Driskell moved up in the pocket he still gets the sack and strip
-Throws Jordan Reed’s block off of him and tackles Gillislee for no gain

Full scouting notes for Jones vs Florida.

Georgia vs Alabama
-Is being targeted on running plays and he has nothing
-Does not have the strength to get off the blocks and make plays
-Nice stunt blitz inside but gets picked up well by Yeldon
-Works up-field and around Williams before coming back down field to get his 2nd sack of the game

Full scouting notes for Jones vs Alabama.

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