2013 NFL Mock Draft: James Christensen (1/3)

33. Jacksonville Jaguars
Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State (SCOUTING NOTES)
A cornerback with size is going to be tough for the Jaguars to pass on here, even though a player like Matt Barkley might tempt them.

34. Kansas City Chiefs
Minter is a premium prospect at linebacker – he should be a top fifty pick with his blend of athleticism, strength and instincts.

35. Philadelphia Eagles
Depending on who the Eagles bring in as head coach, this pick might make little to no sense. Jon Gruden? Yes. Chip Kelly? No. Either way, I’m pretty sure that Nick Foles isn’t the answer.

36. Detroit Lions
Phillip Thomas, FS, Fresno State (SCOUTING REPORT)
Other than his open-field tackling at times, it is tough to find too many faults in Phillip Thomas’ game. The Lions would be ecstatic to find a top safety here in the second round.

37. Cincinnati Bengals (via OAK)
Giovani Bernard, RB, North Carolina
The “Law Firm” isn’t a dynamic running back, as solid as he is. Bernard brings that presence to the team, allowing BJGE to be more of a complement.

38. Arizona Cardinals
Mike Glennon, QB, NC State (SCOUTING REPORT)
Now that the Cardinals have addressed their line, they get their very own NFL caliber quarterback. Glennon’s comparison is Joe Flacco, so take that as both a good and bad thing.

XX. Cleveland Browns
The Browns forfeit this pick due to the supplemental draft selection of Josh Gordon

39. New York Jets
Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse (SCOUTING NOTES)
I don’t need to explain why the Jets need a quarterback. Nassib isn’t an NFL star on day one, but can develop into a starter by the time the rest of the Jets roster is ready.

40. Tennessee Titans
Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State (SCOUTING NOTES)
Brown is a sideline-to-sideline linebacker that is solid in every aspect of the game.

41. Buffalo Bills
Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia (SCOUTING NOTES)
Tavon Austin gets all the attention, but Bailey is a better pure receiver. He played as an “X” at West Virginia, but he is feisty enough to thrive as a “Z” in Buffalo.

42. Miami Dolphins
Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
Roby is young, but he supports the run and can cover like a veteran. Across from Sean Smith, Roby could excel as a playmaker.

43. Tampa Bay Bucs
Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee (SCOUTING NOTES)
Adding the talented Hunter to Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin would give Josh Freeman plenty of weapons to compete in 2013.

44. Carolina Panthers
Montgomery is a prospect that is long on promise and potential, but short on production. He is a typical boom/bust pick.

XX. New Orleans Saints
The Saints have forfeited their second round pick due to the “Bountygate” scandal.

45. San Diego Chargers
Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor (SCOUTING NOTES)
Whether Philip Rivers stays on with the Chargers or not, Terrance Williams would be an excellent deep threat to add to the mix.

46. St. Louis Rams
Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama (SCOUTING NOTES)
If Steven Jackson isn’t coming back, Lacy provides a nice complement to current stable of running backs in St. Louis. You have to love Lacy’s spin move.

47. Dallas Cowboys
Da’rick Rogers, WR, Tennessee Tech
Giving Tony Romo one more weapon on offense could prove enough to put him over the top – as long as the Cowboys are able to block for him.

48. Pittsburgh Steelers
Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State
Poyer plays tough. He can press at the line of scrimmage and competes on every down – he would add some youth and talent to the already great Pittsburgh secondary.


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20 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: James Christensen (1/3)”

  1. rob1965 says:

    Titans will take warmack at 10

  2. USMarine75 says:

    If I were the Pats and had a late first pick I would use it on DE Margus Hunt. He is a freak with a nonstop motor. They had to triple team him in the bowl game to stop him.

    Even better if no one pays attention to him because he went to SMU and they can steal him by trading back to the top of the 2nd.

    Am I the only one who noticed that Clowney (not elgible for this draft) separated himself from Golston as a top college DE? Golston never seems to come up big in big games, whereas Clowney seems to always make the clutch play. Unfortunately, Golston is looking more like Vernon every day…

  3. steve earle says:

    I love the first two picks but question if they would be there at 1 & 2. I’m not high on a wr and this guy Wheaton, or any 3rd rd wr leaves me with grave doubts about there ability to crack the current lineup. Rather I would much prefer to see Bill package the #1 & #3 to move up and be sure of getting Vaccaro. Rather have only two sure things then a lot of ?????

  4. Cliff says:

    They have a rookie big back from Baylor. Terrance G.

  5. Ryan says:

    I’d prefer Rhodes or Minter at 31 and Greene or OL in round 2

  6. Ryan says:

    2 DE’s with Denver’s first two picks? Doubtful. Hunter will be healthy next year, Wolfe plays DE on early downs, and Ayers has been a solid rotation guy. I get the “build on strength” argument but this is just counter productive. We are pretty deep at DE and making those picks will just force out some good, cheap depth. I’d rather bolster up the depth at LB, OL, WR, RB, or even CB. we are either too old or just have no talent behind current starters at those positions, problems we don’t have at DE.

  7. Russell Easterbrooks says:

    Pats will trade back in the draft with a mid-round team , Dallas ?? for a 2nd, 4th, and 7th. This is the way I see it , IF these Players are on the Board.
    2nd round from Dallas 47- WR DeAndre Hopkins
    2nd round Pats- C/G Travis Frederick
    3d rounds Pats- S/CB D.J. Swearinger
    4th round from Dallas- OLB Bruce Taylor
    5th round Comp. pick – OT Ried Fragel
    7th round fron Tampa- CB Kenny Okora
    7th round from Dallas- DT Brent Russell
    7th round Pats- K Calab Sturgis

    • steve earle says:

      Good grief, haven’t we had enough of this trade down and out in the past few years? Sure we have plenty of good depth players from this but far, far to few impact players. I sure hope Russell is wrong though he could be right.

      • Nick says:

        Yeah, trading down does not work as well as either staying where you are or trading up. I would rather they trade up in the first round to take Ansah. Him paired with Jones Wilfork and Francis would be fun to watch.

  8. dslave says:

    for the pats, chung, brace, and yes welker will be out. stedman baily might be their first round pick. lovethe ide of chase thomas, kawan short, or elam at ss. vaccario is really good, but in the later rounds,possibly in the 5th when they get a comp pick for bge or mark anderson, damion stafford is a fs/ss from nebraska that they could draft.

  9. Rockdog says:

    Nice mock, James. I would LOVE to see Pats find a stud Safety like Vacarro in this draft. Think I would follow-up with another CB or possibly a WR in 2nd and then like the OL idea in 3rd.

    I suspect Pats will be looking to move down the first 2 days of draft. I know a lot of people want them to move up because they don’t have a lot of holes but those same people don’t understand capology. Pats are far and away the most consistent contenders every year because 1) Tom Brady but also because they have affordable talent, not a couple high-priced players like a divisional team that has green colors.

    • steve earle says:

      Contenders is the right term however it’s been nine years since we won it all and thats with the best qb of the decade. Take a look at our def. Wolfolk, love, Jones and Ninkovich. After that who? Cunningham, Baquette, Francis, Deaderich, and Scott. Sure there afforadable but how many plays do they collectivle make? Not many. The lbs are good and depth is ok but we all know the backfield isn’t. We NEED a solid safty and a bookend to Jones. Ninkovich is better in the lb rotation so saying, as many of us do, that a couple of high rd draft picks to FIX our def is better then a dozen more afforadable non factor players. We’re not saying we want only all-pros on the team, we are saying fill the holes that are there with players that can start and do the job while we still have Brady because after he’s done it will be long cold winters before we see another like him.

  10. Jagsman says:

    i can work with the first 2 picks for the jags. rhodes and werner would be a partial solution to fixing the defense. still not sure how id feel about adding hopkins when we need more of a slot wr than another outside wr. Shorts and Blacmon almost had 1000 yards each(Shorts finished 21 yards short and Blackmon 150 but he also had blaine Gabbert throwing to him not as much as henne.

    i would look heavy at Thomas, Frederick, ryan, Okafer, Porter.

    Thomas and frederick could solve one of our oline holes at RT(bradfield needs consistency, LG(rackley unproven and Brewster the same), C(Meester is old and free agent).

    ryan would give us a quality 3rd corner on the roster if we keep cox or even give us a starting pair if we dont.

    Okafer would add even more juice to the pass rush.

    Porter would be an upgrade at OLB over allen because of his all around game and his ability to rush the passer.

    i would lean between Frederick, Ryan, porter and okafer. best bet would be ryan or frederick in my opinion.

  11. Jon says:

    I agree with DB, DL and WR being areas where I’d like to see the team target early.

  12. Billy C says:

    I’d take Margus Hunt with the first round pick but after the combine he’ll most likely be off the board by pick 30

  13. jeffrey says:

    Jeff Fisher hasn’t drafted an OL in the first round his entire career and now he drafts two?

  14. kevin says:

    Kenny would be great if we pick him up our secondary might look darn good.next year. And the the second round needs to go dline to help the rotation I would go guard at the third round for depth and development

  15. football guru says:

    Panthers will not take a DE when they have Hardy and Johnson, just spent a 4th on Alexander. could take the top ranked WR, OT , or S prospect.

  16. James says:

    YES KENNY!!!!!!!!

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