2013 NFL Mock Draft: James Christensen (12/10)

48. Tampa Bay Bucs
Jake Knott, LB, Iowa State (SCOUTING REPORT)
Knott might be one of the best linebackers you haven’t heard of. While he isn’t much of a pass-rusher, his instincts, coverage ability and athleticism will earn him a day two pick.

49. Minnesota Vikings
Stedman Bailey, WR, West Virginia (SCOUTING NOTES)
One of Geno Smith’s favorite targets, Bailey can win vertically and really stretch the field. If Percy Harvin isn’t back with the Vikings, expect their scheme to change drastically.

50. Cincinnati Bengals
David Amerson, CB/S, NC State (SCOUTING NOTES)
Amerson didn’t live up to his billing after an unreal 2011 season, but his size and ball skills could translate into an NFL safety job.

51. Pittsburgh Steelers
Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State
The Steelers have the best pass defense in the league, but adding Poyer would give their backfield some youth and athleticism.

52. Seattle Seahawks
Christian Jones, OLB, Florida State (SCOUTING NOTES)
Over-shadowed by many of his teammates on Florida State, Jones is an impressive 4-3 OLB talent. If he declares, he’d be a steal on day two.

53. New York Giants
Baccari Rambo, S, Georgia (SCOUTING NOTES)
There are two Baccari Rambo’s. One of them is a first round prospect with insane range and a Pro Bowl skill set. The other is a late-round guy with effort and tackling issues. I’d average that out logarithmicaly and take him somewhere on day two.

54. Miami Dolphins (via IND)
Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall (SCOUTING REPORT)
Dobson was our #1 senior receiver coming into this season, and while he didn’t have a breakout season, I think he will be better in the NFL than he was at Marshall.

55. Green Bay Packers
Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford (SCOUTING NOTES)
Jermichael Finley has been a disappointment – Ertz is an all-around tight end that would instantly become one of Aaron Rodgers’ favorite targets.

56. San Francisco 49ers
Kawann Short, DT, Purdue (SCOUTING REPORT)
Adding the talented Short to the San Fransisco defensive juggernaut for 30-35 snaps per game just wouldn’t be fair. When fresh, Short wreaks havoc on the interior.

57. Denver Broncos
Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina (SCOUTING NOTES)
Williams is inconsistent, but when he is at his best there aren’t many in the college ranks that can match his level of disruption.

58. Baltimore Ravens
Jones is a dynamic end that has really risen up draft boards after a strong senior season. He can play in multiple schemes at multiple positions.

59. Chicago Bears
Da’rick Rogers, WR, Tennessee Tech
Rogers and Brandon Marshall would give Jay Cutler some real targets to work with in the Windy City – as long as he has enough time from his offensive line.

60. New England Patriots
Travis Frederick, OL, Wisconsin (SCOUTING NOTES)
Frederick is a talented interior lineman that moves very well despite his 6’4″ / 330 frame. He can play all three interior line positions.

61. Atlanta Falcons
DJ Swearinger, CB/S, South Carolina (SCOUTING NOTES)
Swearinger is a versatile defensive back that can run, hit and cover. He can play deep, on the line, or in the box.

62. Houston Texans
Matt Elam, S, Florida* (SCOUTING NOTES)
Strong safety that loves hitting, Elam is a bit of a liability in coverage but makes up for it with his play-making ability.


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6 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: James Christensen (12/10)”

  1. Jon says:

    When is the Tavon Austin infatuation going to end? He’s a good player, but after watching Lloyd, and to a lesser extent Stallworth, I think a player bigger than Austin is in order if you go WR in the first. I think both Welker and Edelman are back. Welker because they can’t afford to let him walk. Edelman because his value has probably been diminished by injury.

  2. Jim R says:

    Patriots will start trading back again this year. They will start to accumulate picks again

  3. Ajm says:

    I really don’t like either of the patriots’ picks you chose. I believe both Welker and Edelman will be back next season. Edelman’s injury will force him to accept a much smaller amount of money. And I think Welker’s remarkable season further cemented the patriots’ need for him and they have the cap space to keep him.

    A stronger, taller receiver like Terrance Williams or Cobi Hamilton would be a better choice at wide receiver. I also believe a pass rushing Defensive tackle like Kawaan Short or Will Sutton is needed much more than a backup offensive lineman as both McDonald and Thomas have stepped up admirably though they are both free agents after this season if I recall correctly. Once more, the pats have the cap room to keep both around.

    Those 2 needs along with those 4 players would be most ideally be chosen after the first round. I believe this would be a perfect draft for the patriots to trade back and acquire more choices. The rest of the patriots’ picks should be spent on a Defensive back (Tyrann Mathieu?) and a backup linebacker. After that, I couldn’t care less.

  4. Jagsman says:

    id go with rhodes instead of lane johnson. we need corners on this team(3 of the 4 top guys are free agents and i dont expect 2 of them to return and aaron ross is a scrub).

  5. SirA says:

    The Saints lost their 2nd Rounder in the Bountygate scandal.

    The Players are the only ones getting any of their penalties reduced due to appeals.

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