2013 NFL Mock Draft: James Christensen (12/10)

33. Kansas City Chiefs
Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama (SCOUTING NOTES)
Williams and Poe on the interior would be a force to be reckoned with.

34. Jacksonville Jaguars
Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma (Scouting Notes)
Johnson is a smooth pass blocker that could give Gabbert / Henne more time to operate.

35. Cincinnati Bengals (via OAK)
Giovani Bernard, RB, North Carolina
Bernard would bring a dynamic to the Bengals that they just don’t have in the solid BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

36. Carolina Panthers
Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State (SCOUTING NOTES)
Rhodes isn’t a polished prospect, but his physical gifts are going to be tempting to NFL teams looking for help at cornerback.

XX. Cleveland Browns
The Browns forfeit this pick due to the supplemental draft selection of Josh Gordon

37. Philadelphia Eagles
Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia (SCOUTING NOTES)
Ogletree is a beast of an athlete that is still learning the tricks of the trade at linebacker after converting from safety. Once the light switches on, look out – he could be a steal.

38. San Diego Chargers
Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee (SCOUTING NOTES)
Depth at the receiver spot is starting to thin out for Green Bay. Hunter is a big target that can get down the field and create mis-matches. The Chargers need to hit on a receiver here after so many busted picks and signings as of late.

39. Detroit Lions
The Lions safety corps with Louis Delmas, Amari Spievey and company just haven’t been getting the job done. Adding the presence of Reid to the backfield would be a step in the right direction.

40. Arizona Cardinals
Mike Glennon, QB, NC State (SCOUTING NOTES)
Mike Glennon isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but some NFL team will fall in love with him within the first fifty picks. Some nights, he looks like a first rounder – sometimes he looks like a career backup.

41. Tennessee Titans
Minter is a savvy, athletic linebacker that has flown under the radar of his more media-friendly teammates. He is a football player’s football player.

42. Miami Dolphins
Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
If Roby declares, Miami would be getting a young corner with loads of promise to put on the other side of Sean Smith.

43. Buffalo Bills
Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor (SCOUTING NOTES)
Pairing the speedy and athletic Williams with Stevie Johnson and the running game might lead to something special in Buffalo – a team that strikes fear into the hearts of AFC defenses.

XX. New Orleans Saints
The Saints have forfeited their second round pick due to the “Bountygate” scandal.

44. New York Jets
The Jets have had some mild success with one year rentals like Laron Landry. McDonald brings some athleticism and a big body as well, although he isn’t true coverage safety.

45. St. Louis Rams
Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson (SCOUTING NOTES)
The Rams nearly traded Steven Jackson this season – Andre Ellington would bring a dynamic presence to the Rams backfield.

46. Dallas Cowboys
Cordarelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee (SCOUTING NOTES)
Patterson has the size, speed and athleticism that the NFL craves. He isn’t a polished receiver at this point, but that hasn’t stopped Dallas in the past.

47. Washington Redskins
Shariff Floyd, DL, Florida (SCOUTING NOTES)
When he wants to be, Floyd is a dominating presence on the defensive line for the Gators. With good workouts and interviews, he could vault into the first round.


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6 Responses to “2013 NFL Mock Draft: James Christensen (12/10)”

  1. Jon says:

    When is the Tavon Austin infatuation going to end? He’s a good player, but after watching Lloyd, and to a lesser extent Stallworth, I think a player bigger than Austin is in order if you go WR in the first. I think both Welker and Edelman are back. Welker because they can’t afford to let him walk. Edelman because his value has probably been diminished by injury.

  2. Jim R says:

    Patriots will start trading back again this year. They will start to accumulate picks again

  3. Ajm says:

    I really don’t like either of the patriots’ picks you chose. I believe both Welker and Edelman will be back next season. Edelman’s injury will force him to accept a much smaller amount of money. And I think Welker’s remarkable season further cemented the patriots’ need for him and they have the cap space to keep him.

    A stronger, taller receiver like Terrance Williams or Cobi Hamilton would be a better choice at wide receiver. I also believe a pass rushing Defensive tackle like Kawaan Short or Will Sutton is needed much more than a backup offensive lineman as both McDonald and Thomas have stepped up admirably though they are both free agents after this season if I recall correctly. Once more, the pats have the cap room to keep both around.

    Those 2 needs along with those 4 players would be most ideally be chosen after the first round. I believe this would be a perfect draft for the patriots to trade back and acquire more choices. The rest of the patriots’ picks should be spent on a Defensive back (Tyrann Mathieu?) and a backup linebacker. After that, I couldn’t care less.

  4. Jagsman says:

    id go with rhodes instead of lane johnson. we need corners on this team(3 of the 4 top guys are free agents and i dont expect 2 of them to return and aaron ross is a scrub).

  5. SirA says:

    The Saints lost their 2nd Rounder in the Bountygate scandal.

    The Players are the only ones getting any of their penalties reduced due to appeals.

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