2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: Poinsettia Bowl (BYU vs San Diego State)

Kyle Van Noy BYU

Kyle Van Noy was an under the radar linebacker prospect… not anymore. (USA Today Sports Images)


NEPD Editor: James Christensen

The Poinsettia Bowl featured four of my favorite draft-eligible prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft, including the first round pick for the Patriots in our latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft.

Here are how the players from BYU and San Diego State performed. Spoiler alter: Kyle Van Noy was quite impressive.

BYU Cougars

#47 Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU
-Lining up at DE, DT and NT, two and three point stances
-Immediately double-teamed, shows a good anchor.
-Big punch, but gets off balance and is knocked to the ground.
-Tries to shed block, gets held from behind.
-Gets too high out of his stance, blocked easily by double team.
-Stays active, finds a tipped ball and hauls it in for the gift interception.
-Slips block, can’t wrap up on ankle tackle.
-Active hands, trying to keep himself clean.
-Horrible tackling effort, looked like a soccer “slide tackle” attempt.
-Winded, subbed out of the game.
-Double teamed, jolted off balance and pushed to the ground.
-Stoned by guard on pass rush, tried to counter but couldn’t get by.
-Routinely allowing linemen to get into his pads – too high out of his stance.
-Throws fullback to the ground after being slowed momentarily – needs to just bull rush right through him.
-Looks really gassed rushing the passer, pad level getting worse.
-Blown back by powerful Embernate from SDSU.
-Better power on next play, anchors and is able to disengage and make an arm tackle.
-Extends arms through contact on bull rush and pressures the quarterback.
-Pursuing well down the line and down the field, gets in on consecutive tackles.
-Quick first step, slips by blocker and blows up RB in the backfield.
-Slow developing inside move, gets some pressure in the face of the QB.

Overview: San Diego State guard Nik Embernate had his way with Ansah at times tonight, overpowering him and wearing him down. “Ziggy” did flash his athleticism occasionally, but he is as raw as we remembered him. Many are giving him the “JPP” comparison, but we see more of a Chandler Jones comparison – a somewhat awkward prospect that could develop into something special.

#3 Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU
-Lining up at OLB – two point stance.
-Shows a quick first step rushing off the edge.
-Bends around the edge and catches the RB in the backfield.
-Doubled on the edge, out-positioned by two tight ends.
-Drops into coverage on zone exchange, disrupts catch and helps cause interception.
-Takes on block, keeps outside arm free, drives through contact for a form tackle.
-Follows Escobar out of his zone, blocked out of the play after the catch.
-Slips block and then blows up the fullback – made the play without touching the ball-carrier.
-Pursues across the field, cleans up 15 yards down the field.
-Closes quickly and pressures the QB, accelerates well.
-Changes direction well, stops and starts on a dime.
-Unreal athleticism, supermans over RB to disrupt the throwing lane.
-Run blitz from the inside, splits a gap and wraps up for a tackle for loss.
-Can’t get around guard, countered with spin move, stoned.
-Tips the ball on punt, unblocked, layed out and got a piece.
-Pancaked by fullback, tried to anchor but got a bit off balance.
-In coverage, finds QB running, chases him down with excellent speed.
-Club/arm-over move beats tackle, closes on QB, strips the ball and recovers for a TD.
-Swim move, gets in on the QB and causes intentional grounding.
-Side steps block on blitz, pressures QB again.
-Snags interception in zone coverage, nice leaping ability – takes it back for a touchdown.
-Trail coverage on slot WR on drag route, can’t chase him down.

Overview: Van Noy was the best prospect on the field. His blend of speed, power and explosion is easy to see. He sells out on every play and is willing to sacrifice his body, really leaving everything on the field. I’m taking Van Noy in the top fifty picks of the 2013 NFL Draft if he declares.

#2 Cody Hoffman, WR, BYU
-Lining up at a variety of receiver positions.
-Trips coming out of his break, falls to the ground.
-A bit of a long strider, looks like a high 4.5 guy.
-Easy hands catch on screen play, stumbles immediately and is tackled easily.
-Willing to throw a block down the field.
-Square out, long arms pluck the ball out of the air – perfect depth on route.
-Doesn’t sell out for the catch, could have dove for it.
-Catches slant in traffic, cradled and protected the ball.
-Nice catch, adjusting to the ball thrown behind him while going to the ground.
-Easy catch on drag route, turns up the field for simple first down.
-Nice seam route from the slot, goes down and snags the ball.
-Lazy jerk route, didn’t get any separation on McFadden.
-Easy catch on post, nifty moves and power after the reception to pick up some extra yards.
-Another catch on slant, really has been the only offense BYU can muster.
-Drops the touchdown catch on slant route, was a bit behind him but should have been caught.

Overview: Hoffman is the best weapon that BYU has on offense. He isn’t going to beat you down the field, but he showed good hands other than the one huge drop that led to an interception and isn’t fun to try and bring down after he has caught the ball. If he declares for the 2013 NFL Draft, he could be a fringe top 100 player.

Aztec draft prospects can be found on page two.

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  1. prime says:

    i was at the game and Ezekiel Ansah,Kyle Van Noy are very versicle player on D & Cody Hoffman is a tall fast WR with grate hands & run’s crisp routs

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