2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: West Virginia vs. Texas


#4 Kenny Vaccaro, SAF
– Misses RB Buie in the open field, doesn’t break down tries to tackle him up to high with all arms
– Flies up into the box and shoots the gap, making tackle at line of scrimmage
– Good coverage over the top vs. Austin, in position to intercept the ball
– Lines up in the box, recognizes play and shoots the gap, makes solid tackle behind the line of scrimmage
– Has displayed really good closing burst and agility, perfect build for SAF as well
– Lines up in slot, opens hips very well and runs with Austin across middle of the field
– Since he has moved into the slot to cover Austin, Tavon hasn’t been heard from. Done a great job shadowing such a dynamic slot WR
– Solid open field tackle in middle of the field, last line of defense would have gone for big gain
– Solid coverage in flat vs. Austin, makes open field tackle, otherwise he’s gone
– GREAT play to track down Austin on reverse, takes perfect angle and is able to arm tackle him before huge gain. Came all the way across the field to make the play. Hustle play

#23 Carrington Byndom, CB (Jr.)
– Beat across his face on 3 step slant, which allows Bailey to walk-in for TD
– Playing bail technique, indecisive in run game, hesitant and then can’t get off block vs. Bailey
– Gets partial block on punt
– Misses tackle at line of scrimmage, when Bailey spins out
– Big open field tackle vs. Bailey on WR screen
– Beaten across his face inside again vs. Bailey. Stays in his hip pocket but, he lays out for the touchdown
– Too tentative vs. Bailey again in RZ. Had been beaten twice failed to disrupt timing, and Bailey gets easy release across the middle for his third touchdown. Not completely Byndoms fault but, he didn’t stop it.

#44 Jackson Jeffcoat, DE (Jr.)
– Starts out of two point stance, splits double team and keeps edge leverage, makes tackle at line of scrimmage
– Beats OT with speed off the edge, hits Smith from behind just as he released the ball
– On the very next play, he gets into OT pads and drives him back into Smith forcing him to step up
– Gets great penetrator and push on fourth down, pushes the OT in the backfield, forcing RB to cut it up
– Split double team vs. pass rush, beat them off the ball and then overpowered, closes in on Smith
– Gets off the ball great on 4th down, gets around the edge, but gets held before getting Smith
– Comes up field way to fast, leaves gaping hole for WVU to run the draw through, over-committing to the pass rush after the 4th down conversion by WVU
– Beats OT and then beats the RB, works his way to QB and finally gets to Smith after near misses tonight
– Next play, stays home reads draw, gets off block and forces punt – dominate series
– Recovers fumble forced by Okafor on goal line for touchdown
– Stunts inside and sheds block brings down RB in backfield, drew holding call as well

#80 Alex Okafor, DE
– Doesn’t take bait on the speed draw, closes on Smith who take off running
– Blocks FG attempt, big momentum play for the defense/ST
– Getting off the ball quickly, but not turning the corner vs. the OT like he should be
– Excellent leverage and bend around the corner, OT can’t contain him, strip-sack at the goal line
– Getting off the ball very quick and getting his hands up in passing lanes, Smith is looking to throw screens and Okafor making him lob them over top, disrupting the timing
– Countermove inside and beats OT cleanly gets to Smith and strips the ball inside the 15 yard line. Biggest play of the game
– Coming up field way too far and leaving huge running lanes on final drive. WVU gashing them
– Been very active on pass rush all night, getting pressure even when blocked. Awareness in the run game can improve though

#84 Marquise Goodwin, WR
– Working as kick returner, shows explosive burst, sees a crease and explodes through first and second wave
– On very next play, take WR screen, goes full speed into contact and gets knocked out – Looks bad
– Returns from being knocked out, able to make another big play in return game returning ball some 45 yards after the touchdown.
– Has been a non-factor in the offensive game plan besides a reverse and a quick WR screen pass
– Scores late touchdown, working open in the endzone, does great job getting his feet in bounds

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3 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: West Virginia vs. Texas”

  1. Chris says:

    @Mike Loyko

    Who is the better prospect between Austin and Bailey? Who do you see as a better fit for the Patriots?

  2. Stephen S says:

    Who would you like to see as a Patriot Okafor Vaccaro or Austin

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